Rubric Type: Analysis or Holistic

teacher Berber can do both analysis and holistic rubrics the primary difference being analysis is quantitative while holistic is qualitative the rubric type is made under sentence let's use this scored rubric to see the difference the performance header row at the town has both qualitative and quantitative scores as seen in the first column excellent 16 points this ring can be used with either River time processing the grade for an analysis rubric the grade will be 45 points which is a 94% using the same rubric the holistic grade is the average performance score for all the categories and the qualitative feedback is a very good 15 points the 50 points is meaningless says or the average score per category has been reported to summarize analysis will reproduce a quantitative grade as it concludes the total points scored and equal to percentage this rubric type is used to provide the students a final grade the holistic approach versus general feedback as reports the average score received for each category however using the two together can be used to show student growth and provide a student with necessary feedback admin project the teacher can provide the student with a holistic review the rubric is scored an average in aghori scores reported and the teacher can leave constructive feedback in the great table for the final grade the teacher switches over to analysis for her title then grades the result is a final letter grade and includes a visual and written documentation of the students progress both rubrics have their advantages and usually together provides a powerful teaching tool for the student

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