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she packed up her stuff put the kids in the car just left I didn’t even notice I couldn’t even try to stop her why I was on a raid if I would have stopped people would have died over so damn right over Seoul I just kept going and kept going and that’s when I realized that I’m it’s okay Todd you’re in a safe place I’m addicted to destiny thank you for sharing Todd that was very brave this game is no game it’s for real what anyone else like to share I would name’s Jamal hi Jamal I’ve been off the game for two months last week and I uh I relapsed you know no hey no judgments tell us what happened Jamal found out service sell an ice breaker I’ve been one in that sniper life forever it regenerates his own ammo played for days trying to get enough strange coin I didn’t even stop to use the bathroom or eat by the time I got enough sir snake face ass was gone Sunday yeah fucking Sunday I looked around and realized my dog scooter was dead I was covered in my own piss and shit not to mention I was fired from my job as a paramedic you know people died waiting for the ambulance because I was too busy fooling around in the reef what’s wrong with me you know I just want to stop I just what quit no it responds its own Apple it’s okay Jamal the Icebreaker is a good gun it might even be the best gun in the game it is the bestest like thorns that just like the Icebreaker sometimes we run out of ammo and we need to take time to regenerate it in here what anyone else like to share guess I’ll go hey guys I’m Wally pretty addicted to destiny too sometimes I’ll get home from work and I’ll play for like 45 minutes to an hour straight it’s like whoa what do you mean an hour I don’t even have time to do your bounties yeah bounties what are those the missions you get in the tower okay is that the place where you don’t really fight cuz I’ve been going there MA this meetings for real addicts easy there Jamal everyone has their own magnitude of addiction no no if he doesn’t go to the tower how does he swap weapons to his other characters we use that hey you can have multiple characters well you need to fuck off wait no judgments remember I’m gonna addict – you’re not an addict addicts lose their jobs their families their virginity to this game I fucked the game she fucked the game you out okay get out of your guy take a look you got it baby just think thorns the superior jerks let’s go to orbit you got a guardian

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  1. Seeing how small the hardcore fanbase for destiny is, I would think this would've been funnier if it were about WoW, and you made this five years ago.

  2. if he never went to the tower, he must have a ton of engrams. jamal must really be bad at this game cause 23 strange coins can be done in 3 hours especially with no bathroom breaks

  3. The last time I saw xur selling ice breaker was when I was a low level…I had the game since launch, but didn't really know what was coming up at level 32…I didn't even know what strange coins were, so I was just like "Meh…" but when I got even more addicted, I realised that ice breaker was my #1 priority to earn…the thing is, I can only play on weekends…then it got nerfed for no reason…and I still haven't got an ice breaker and will never get one up until this day…

  4. Metal GEAR bloodborne fallout 4 is out soon…the number of free to play games that actually have more content and don't charge you 60 bucks for basicly 4 hours of gameplay

  5. I am proud to say that I have been off the game for 6 months as of last week, the best break I could have ever asked for. I will no longer let this game control my life with daily challenges and bounties and raiding every weekend!! I'M FREEEEE!!!!!!

  6. I know Im a destiny nerd when I argue saying, "If youre messing around in the reef. You shouldve been doing PoE which can give you 1-5 Strange coins. Jamal, you wouldve had enough strange coins."

  7. I was like this, bounties, questing, non-stop… But then the original story ended, the purely terrible ending put me off the game… I kept coming back occasionally, lured by Xur… But whenever I went questing, I was just reminded of the terrible plot, and I eventually just got free from the game… Haven't gotten Taken King, I consider myself free!

  8. I was addicted too, until they hit me with that $40 "can't even fire a gun until you've payed" and "oh but if you're just now buying the game the whole thing's only $60" bullshit, after that I woke up and got clean real quick.

  9. Lol, I was like, WTF, when Angry Joe gave Destiny a 6 out of 10 instead of 4 out of 10, because apparently unbalanced PvP is worth an extra two points. XD And then gives Halo 5 a 6 out of 10 as well. XD At least he said that Halo 5 could get better than the 6 out of 10. I'd settle for an 8 out of 10 from him. XD

  10. Ice breaker was actually garbage. Who would honestly use icebreaker over black hammer? BH completely outclassed it.

  11. This video describes my brother epicly! He and his friends are addicted to mediocer game. It dosn't get more fun as you play it just becomes more redundant. All the games I have played on X-box one Destiny, Halo 5, Forza 6, Starwars Battlefront, all are just shels of their former selves. I am really disappointed. Especially because the new controllers hurt your hand after about 1 hour of play. Stupid microsoft.

  12. I know the cryptarch, I can't even say his name…but I know he has nothing for me, but I just keep going back with my purple and what do I get…a rock. But I can't help it…he promises 310, 320 even! Its like he knows…he….

  13. You guys need to rock out a Year 2 version! This makes me laugh every time I watch it! 
    "Zûr's snake face ass was gone"! Hahaha

  14. My friend once showed me this on Facebook and I had no idea what it was about. I thought it'd be depressing then I heard "I was on a raid", then got confused. Then I heard "Damn right oversoul"… never laughed so hard in my life.

  15. I laughed at this, but now I think I might actually need a Destiny support group. I played for hours to finish my bounties, while also completing all the daily missions for legendary marks. Not to mention farming for exotic engrams with three of coins, and I played for several more hours just to unlock Dreadfang. By the time I stopped it was 5 am. I need help.

  16. the last joke was similar to that drug support group joke where a guy went to the drug support group for being "addicted" to weed

  17. Anyone else watch this video since Destiny 2 launched? I thought I beat my Destiny addiction, but now it's come back with a vengeance….

  18. How did you guys make the ghost? was it in Cinema 4D?, Element 3D?, Maya Modeling? is there a tutorial where I can learn how to make one? any help is greatly appreciated.

  19. OH my gosh jaja classic here again rewatching and now noticed the leader of the group is the guy who now plays in Speechless. Good show there too.

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