Roya Ramezani: Designing the ideal tomorrow

My name is Roya Ramezani and I’m a Design Technologist
at JPMorgan Chase. These days, I work with universities and higher education institutions
in the U.S. to develop and build these products and platforms that would enable students to navigate this modern career path, which is not linear, like
the modern career paths are not linear, they are more complex and there are more flavors to it and we’re not equipped with the tools to navigate this new
multi-disciplinary field. Artificial Intelligence, I
believe that it’s a positive tool that enables people and adds to humans’ skillsets and takes care of the
mundane and repetitive tasks that people have to deal
with on a daily basis, today. And in the future, I believe
that the skills of the future are the skills that are true core human competencies, such as creative thinking, empathy, and creative problem solving, things that makes us human and it’s hard to augment or it’s hard to develop software for. Future is about connection. As a designer, it’s about the question of how do I design the
tools, the environments, these new ways of
recognizing and extracting the true basis of human essence and connecting them at that level? I hope that the ‘Museum
of the Future’ in Dubai creates an atmosphere and environment that enables people to
connect to each other beyond obvious levels of race, gender, nationality and color and creates a language that’s universal. (dramatic music)

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