Rose Ozimkowski speaking at the LIHSA Dance Honor Society 2017

Hi my name is Rosie Ozimkowski and I’m the
treasurer of our chapter of the NHSDA. Although money coined the phrase a
“born leader,” the deeper we look into it, the more we realize that there is no
such thing as a born leader. Leadership is not born, it’s developed. It may be
arguable that besides ability and dance the most important thing that LIHSA has taught us is leadership. We begin the year voting for our department
student representative. Once chosen, these representatives manage fundraising
opportunities, direct the school in marketing and advertising tactics, and
ultimately guide the entire student body into becoming one strong united
collective. Furthermore the dance departments largest project of the year
is our work in progress. Giving seniors the chance to choreograph a number from
the depths of our imaginations on to our fellow peers. It’s this six-month
creative journey that establishes our upper classmen as muses for the junior
class who learn under us not only the fundamentals of how to choreograph, but
also how to motivate viewers, take control in a group setting, and how to
gain respect from other artists in our field. Lastly, it’s because of this work
in progress that students have the opportunity for their original work to
be nominated for a program by the name of stage the change. Stage the change is an
annual event that offers workshops and art for social change. If
chosen, a student piece can be performed at their conference. Held at LIU
Post’s Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. given before said workshops.
Overall the chance to present your choreography in front of hundreds of
students from all over New York enlightens not only those watching but
yourself included. Something so little as dancing on a stage could spark a fire in someone causing a chain reaction to begin, and that is exactly what
leadership is. Guidance, direction, motivation, and influence are all actions
that leaders take to invoke inspiration onto others. These are all actions that
each inductee has taken and will continue to take for as long as they live
because of the opportunities that LIHSA has given us. Leaders are not only born
they are developed. So the eight new members of the NHSDA and have the staff and a student at Lisa’s to thank for their development and leadership thank

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