RoosterTeeth Going Broke? Raises Prices Over 60%! Faces MASSIVE Backlash From Community!!

well Rooster Teeth has risen the prices of their esteemed first membership you have three options now a one-month option a six-month option and an annual 12-month option but what are the customers what are rooster teeth's customers their community thinking about these changes are they happy about it are they not happy about it what are they saying that's what we're gonna take a look at in this video I will see you in just a moment all right so what better way to start covering this than with the official post from roosterteeth right here at the top reads introducing first and new pricing hey everyone today we're excited to introduce a new tier first with some amazing benefits our community has wanted for quite a while well we'll see what the comments say about that one this new annual tier is called first plus let me let me read act my introduction of the title it's actually introducing first plus my fault on that one I didn't think the plus was a part of the title but it actually was okay anyways continuing on where we left off it reads and with it you'll receive all the same great benefits of a twelvemonth first membership plus free domestic standard shipping 50% off international shipping from within the Rooster Teeth store a free copy of our new game vicious circle for Windows PC a free copy of vicious circle founders pack a unique first plus star by your name and more to come first plus will be available starting August 12th for one hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents charged on a yearly basis we'll have more fun and surprises for our first plus members later down the road so 112 bucks a year $10 a month basically in a previous journal post I also announced that we will be increasing the price of first for our existing tiers on August 12 2019 at 12 p.m. Central the following new rates will go into effect across all first membership plans the new rates beam monthly $5.99 six months 32 99 and annually $59.99 the annual plan will also include a free copy of vicious circle for Windows PC when you sign up or renew your membership at the new annual rate so vicious circle really quick let me tell you about that a little bit that is a game that roosterteeth has made it looks like it'll be out on Steam I think we just said that August 13th I'm looking at the Steam page right now now it's interesting because on a channel on YouTube called let's play don't know how affiliated air with Artie if they're directly affiliated or partners or whatever but let's play channel on YouTube made a video with vicious circle gameplay so it's interesting right it's interesting kind of hype the game up with some big channels and then try to get people that want it I guess and then you know maybe they get it in their first membership maybe they get the higher first membership to get the game as opposed to spying the game by default that's clearly kind of the marketing strategy here at least at least in my opinion but let's continue on here let's see so we left off at the very bottom we can go to the next page now the next page I have is the actual pricing to your picture for you guys take a look at here so pricing changes go live August 12th I think that's like the third time we've said that now so there you go guys pricing tier one month there you go increased $1 it looks like six months went from 1999 to $32.99 and twelve months went from thirty five nine nine to $59.99 so technically you know you're still getting a little price break if you sign up for six months or 12 months as opposed to going month by month but this is still a pretty big increase in price and people don't seem too happy about it but we'll get to the comments in a moment I shouldn't spoil you I'm sorry you also have the first plus + option excuse me betray argument over so we're not gonna we're not gonna go over that again we don't want to repeat ourselves but we'll read the first benefits here on the side support the shows you love early access to all videos live broadcast exclusive content chat with the community know pre or mineral ads 5 percent discount at the Rooster Teeth store early access to live event ticket sales gold star buy your profile name and offline viewing in the app so that's the benefits of the various tiers and now let's see what the general reception is for all of this I was actually mistaken there is one more screenshot I have here from the official post this is like the little disclaimer thing at the end not that important but we'll run through it really quick really really quick says as always have none options are interesting there are still plenty of ways to support RT and be in the community speaking of the community we want to give you a brief update on the community new site we've been working on some of you have been invited to the closed beta and have been helping immensely with development they'll be opening the site to the public later in this year and in the meantime if you want to access the beta fill out this form link right there if you have questions about pricing new rates etc check the FAQ or contact the community support team thank you for making what we do possible okay okay moving on so let's see what the community is talking about and by the way guys if you want to see everything the community's talking about I'll leave a link to this post in the description you can click that in through it yourself I just picked some of the most interesting ones in my opinion although I kind of skimmed through those as well so kind of the first time I'm actually reading them here with you guys really briefly just skim through it took screenshots but let's get started here so this one reads going from $20 a year grandfathered rate to $60 a year just as crazy at this point having a first membership isn't worth it for me as I usually end up watching everything when it is already public for all plus there isn't much first content I care about since the post shows are a waste usually and all the other shows can be binge in a month if there is even any good Condit to watch at all at some big shade right there so the person is saying you know the extra stuff isn't really that useful to them and already the early access isn't that useful to them either because they don't really watch it before it's well they don't really watch a while it's still early access if I was able to sub to just Achievement Hunter and FH forgive down his for 20 hours a year and maybe like a podcast sub then it may be worth it since all the other channels just go to waste for me unless I can get a friend to split the cost with me on a yearly I may just cancel my membership and wait the week to watch the content there really isn't much benefit anymore of having a first membership anymore so it's interesting right because we go back to we go back to like the the post here and they talk about these benefits the first Plus but that's not first benefits were first back here so you know the benefits on the side right here there we go I was looking for first benefits you get all that but this person saying that stuff isn't really useful for them let's see what the people are saying continuing on so this one's a bit longer let's get right into it one more thing it says but I don't believe this is from the previous poster like I said when I took these screenshots I really just skimmed through the post and took a bunch of screenshots I don't remember this being the same person I might be mistaken though but also given the latest person types I can already see I think it's someone else so let's just clarify that continue one more thing I wonder about how the poor labor conditions of those working in the animation studio has influenced the thinking behind this rate increase I am in strong support of the people employed arty to be making a fair and competitive wage and I can understand how this increased could provide the company with better revenue to improve those conditions however there are many ways to improve revenue and a steep price jump for first and reintroduction of a premium version of first feels like that's displacing too much of the financial burden onto the loyal community and casual audience again I am extremely supportive of the employees at RT however I think the audience has just as much of a right to voice their own needs and limitations and I hope the overall negative tone of the feedback to this announcement is taken soberly well I am sure they expected some negative feedback it would be shocking if they didn't you know but who knows maybe they maybe they didn't I don't know I don't know I'm not stating any facts just opinions my opinions and the opinions of the community here that's what this is I guess the only facts really stated are those from the post that we read there regarding the changes themselves but the rest of this is all opinions and that's interesting though I like seeing the opinions of the people in the community and how they are receptive to these changes so let's kind of break this post apart a little bit you know they start off how they they start off mentioning that they totally understand that employees RT need to make a fair and competitive wage and then they have some criticism in the middle implying that the price jump is too steep and they put it in bold letters – it does seem like a steep price jump actually why don't we do a little math hold up I'm gonna in the video let's do a little math really quick okay here is what I came up with the one-month rate has increased by 20 point oh four percent the six-month rate has increased by sixty five point zero three percent and the 12-month rate has increased by sixty six point sixty eight percent so these are some huge increases now the 20% increase for one month stands out but keep in mind if you're going one month you're paying that twenty percent increase every month and compared to $4.99 so the 20 percent increase is not better than the six month and twelve month option because you're you know if you if you pay that twenty percent every month you're gonna end up more than 65 or 66 percent but the lowest the lowest you know the lowest if you go 12-month if you go the twelve month option you get the lowest price and that's a sixty six point sixty eight percent increase so hypothetic not not ethically I take that back the lowest price assuming that my math is correct let me put it that way is a sixty six point sixty eight percent increase and that's pretty dang huge that's that's a huge huge increase people get upset with 2015 10 percent increases on things sixty six point sixty eight percent increase on the low end is pretty pretty steep that's pretty steep and then I have the actual comparison breakdown right here so if you pay the one month option for six months you're gonna be paying thirty five ninety four as opposed to the 3299 option and if you pay twelve months of the five ninety nine rate you'll end up at seventy one dollars and eighty-eight cents as opposed to the $59.99 that the 12-month option gives you for that little price break but again on the low end this is still a sixty six point sixty eight percent price increase and let's continue seeing what the people think about that another user rights I think I've just been priced out at first from this I was able to do I was able to do warrant little typo a six month plan due to the bulk discount of the price but if it's essentially the same as the monthly price plus the price increase I can't really be doing that anymore sad face especially with the lack of new first content and such I basically only use it for the for for the win at this point I guess that's a show they have or something and then they write a quote says no mid-roll ads is a funny joke too nice when RT I don't know what that's about but it seems like the implication is even if you have first you still get mineral ads I don't know I don't know I wouldn't know from experience there can't comment next post so even though I have been a member for several years I am getting screwed over by a not being grandfathered and be having a price hike yeah I already have Netflix and Hulu and prime sub and they give better in more content than you do welcome to the maybe to torrent list ooh next as a person that has been grandfathered into the service for a long time now I am very disappointed to see that you all are breaking your promise to never increase our rates I can't confirm if that's true or not this is just what the posters writing I haven't seen if they ever stated that they are gonna like never increase the price for people who are grandfathered I don't know I don't know about that maybe it's true though I cannot say that I use your service much anymore but I do love Ruby and the $15.99 every six months was worth it for that alone I'm not sure I can say the same for $32.99 I have some thinking to do and that is a good point a lot of people a lot of people only only take first membership to watch Ruby and that's a problem that roosterteeth has and I can I can understand why they would not want that problem right because they have all these other shows but it seems like roosterteeth has a problem we're on the Ruby season they get an influx of first memberships and then when the season's done those people cancel maybe they hang around for a month because they forget to cancel but they end up canceling I'm not saying they all do I don't have the stats but based off what I've seen this is a reasonable theory that I've come up with I think this is the case I do think that they really struggle to keep people signed up the first membership especially people who only sign up for Ruby that is what they want to do they want to convert these people who are only there from Ruby to enjoy their other content there are other shows and stay a first member for that so they also try giving those benefits for example you know the oh you're actually you're not seeing what I'm seeing here they give you know the other benefits like the the where is it 5% discount at the store and stuff like that little star by your name so they try to give you a little bit more incentive to also stay but not working out so well it seems I don't know for sure though just some theories alright this next one yep once my first subscription is up for the year I am going back to YouTube I don't know if it is the bad publicity that roosterteeth has gotten this year over its crunch levels on animators or any of the other stuff that is caused I need to increase ad raise on podcasts even as first members and they first membership pay increase or what it is but it doesn't seem like it's worth keeping a first membership anymore so this post is you know it is formatted a little strangely I'll be honest but the takeaway is that this person doesn't even know if they're gonna keep their first membership anymore and they mentioned something interesting about increasing address on podcasts now I don't watch arche podcast I never have so I can't really comment on this personally but the implication here seems at least that they're stating that they have noticed an increase in ads on their podcasts I don't really know what that's all about interesting though at the top it reads the name ember since 2013 I'm currently paying $15.99 per 6 months as a graduate student I can't afford an increase to 32 dollars and 99 cents I'd love Rooster Teeth content but I will switch to YouTube once my current first membership expires the other day I took a tally of my ongoing subscriptions and the lay of the land is pricy I find the timing of this increase to be really poor especially when there is so much ongoing competition from other streaming services i prioritize specific properties and where my dollars go ruby red vs. blue in gen lock are great properties but advanced access to them isn't worth eating into my small budget which has to be strategic I still have some months until my current subscription of first expires I'll wait to see what happens but unless you announce day 5 season 3 and adjust the pricing after the reasonable blowback from the community oof look at that this is where my first membership ends I'm not saying there cannot be an increase but I think it's clear from the village that this is a spike and it's generally unfavorable to the more recent members and longtime supporters and I can totally empathize with this person from the math I did assuming again that was right this is indeed a spike and that might be putting it nicely it's a huge increase it is on the caveat that I do my math right and I keep emphasizing that planks I don't want to I don't want to state misinformation so I'm in it I'm gonna keep emphasizing that look do the math yourself it might be a better idea I'm pretty sure my math is right but I'm not stating it's a 10 percent right so if you want to fact check it by all means I support that so you know it's definitely unfortunate this person is a fan of roosterteeth loves roosterteeth content to their own admittance is a fan of ruby red blue and genlock and even then it's not worth it it's in their opinion you know isn't worth eating into my small budget which has to be strategic and if you have to be strategic about your budget one of your fixed expenses going up 66% or so depending on which plan you go with not very strategic in my opinion but let's move on I think I have some work so oh boy yeah this is a this might be the last one I remember one of the biggest post I found was one of the last post I found so this might be it let's take a look starting at the top that reads oof it's hard to argue with most points that people are making here not going to lie with the pain over time or well with the pain over time or a rather lack of pain over time cancel eight or you know alleged lack of cancellation of other arty exes that time Christina got laid off because of budget cuts and now this are you guys roosterteeth strapped for cash or something cuz if you are I honestly would prefer if you would take a step back you don't need 15 animated shows a game division a music channel 78 other channels a playthrough by two world renowned VA and and who knows what else you have because I sure as heck can't keep track of it make another simple walk into Mordor like show two round-trip tickets to paychecks in the camera bring back a vlog Barbara only did like five one paycheck for the personality and one for the editor oh and a camera but Bernie has one already right audio podcast whatever happened to the bungalow audio podcast you can't tell me these are too expensive to make look these podcasts up hello internet weekly planet podcast names – adjustable not everything has to be recorded with a camera quick easy and relatively cheap content that would be perfect for first membership only make a movie audio podcasts for instance who knows if that becomes a success then maybe you can we're making a video podcast stop creating new shows that need five Plus on-screen personalities in a new set and a crew of like 10 to 15 to record the show and do for a neural in dead so I have some time to think about whether or not I'm going to renew the number one reason I have her yeah the number one reason I have is to be rid of ads but even those I can't escape who interesting so that cooperates what the other user was saying about the mineral ads interesting because they're still in the podcast and livestreams oh boy Wow other than the podcast or than the pop wait was other than the post show excuse me in last call very rarely the live show in the first only shows as far as I'm concerned this means I'm expected to pay $6 per month for less ads 30 to 40 minutes of extra content per week and maybe a show here and there I think that for the price increase we should at least get a guarantee that something will be done about the complaints about the ads and /or get a view until why the increase would be worth it PS receive a free copy of vicious circle whoa this is worthless doesn't care about the game at all doesn't care about vicious circle at all I think this user makes them very fair points I'm just gonna keep going back to the math again if it's right 60 what will be at 66 percent right hold up yeah sixty sixty six point sixty eight percent of the low-end and the little further clarification there if you go the six-month option as opposed to six one-month options you save to ninety five and if you go with the 12-month option as opposed to buying twelve one-month options you save 1189 again caveat being if I did my math correctly so that's that and that's really about it for this one guys again if you'd like to look at more examples of the community's feedback I'll link the post in the description so you can take a look yourself but let me know your thoughts on all of this do you think the price increase was too steep do you think it's fine justified not justified worth it or not let me know in the comments below all your thoughts on that and have some shout outs for the people who are so wonderfully kind as to promote my last video on Twitter my system is actually still down it doesn't tell me anymore hopefully they fixed that so what I had to do is I had to go on Twitter and type in here oh hey and because the video says takes in the title I just also searched takes and I think I have everyone here but if not I apologize that's why I missed you I'm sorry but shouts out to Joshua Boston review shy guy anim Tony mr. anim three four three rows of night 96 thank you my friends for your support I truly appreciate it you're all welcome to join the discourse server if you like link in the description we'd love to see you there open the public and if you would like to do it at the extra to support this channel consider becoming a sponsor on patreon link below or checking out the teespring store for some merch some of that goes back my way so that also supports and you get some merch patreon you get some perks either way you get some cool stuff out of it and I will see you next time

47 thoughts on “RoosterTeeth Going Broke? Raises Prices Over 60%! Faces MASSIVE Backlash From Community!!

  1. I am not an expert on money and finances. But I know the basics my parents taught me and they specifically told me that if a company raises its prices and layoffs long time employees then the company itself is dying very fast. And this is straight up proof that RT made a huge mistake on firing Vic. IT got worse and worse monthly for them after letting him go and now they are going broke too.

  2. It doesn't bother me that they are raising their prices some. Not only are they including more features, but it can be a way to keep people from stealing their videos. Too many people are taking copies of their videos like from series like RWBY and Red vs Blue and putting them on free websites. Take a show like gen:LOCK for example. It was a First Member exclusive meaning you needed to be a member to watch  episodes 2 – 8 (first episodes are free for all). Some people who had memberships were taking recordings of gen:LOCK episodes and posting them are media sites that are free to view. So basically people are taking content that Rooster Teeth is charging for and posting it so people can watch it without paying…basically stealing from Rooster Teeth. Maybe by increasing the prices, RT can weed out the people who don't actually care and are stealing their content and keep the true loyal fans who actually care and want to see RT continue to succeed and thrive as a company.

  3. Don't like Rooster Teeth anymore anyway, I'm fine with the Achievement hunter side of it, Jack is a bit of a dick but he purposely acts like that. But as long as they can survive while Rooster Teeth the main part of the company goes under, I'll be alright.

  4. As someone who has been an RT sponsor for longer than I can recall, the biggest issue with this price increase is the elimination of grandfathered rates, and that's the biggest complaint I read about on the post itself and on reddit. This is an absolutely terrible way to treat the fans who have been with you the longest.

    Raising the price and adding a new tier is fine, eliminating the grandfathered rates of the people who have supported you for the longest is not.

    Quite frankly, the only reason I've kept the sponsorship active is because I was grandfathered in to $10/6-months. RvB? Completely lost it's charm and what made it funny. There was honestly, zero reason to keep going with RvB after the Freelancer story was finished. RWBY has been awful since starting with season 4, which to my understanding was the first one made entirely without Monty's input (hopefully he is resting peacefully). I don't see this as a coincidence. Miles and Kerry aren't great writers. Which, I don't recall if they wrote Genlock, but that was terrible too.

    So, unless they decide to announce that they were wrong and that grandfathered rates will remain (unless you want to upgrade to the higher tier), I will be cancelling my sponsorship. In fact, I'll probably unsub from their yt channels as well. They honestly just do not produce any content that I find entertaining anymore. I don't know if it's because of how corporate they've become, if it's their catering to the "woke" (ie brainwashed) crowd, or something else entirely, but they have totally lost what made them special.

    BTW, just to clarify for you, yes the "LetsPlay" youtube channel is a RoosterTeeth channel.

  5. "on a YouTube channel called "Lets Play"…don't know how affiliated they are with Rooster Teeth"
    Ah, I see you took the time to be informed.

  6. The channel LetsPlay is part of Achievement Hunter which is part of Rooster Teeth so yes LetsPlay is part of Rooster Teeth

  7. And let’s not forget: no company is perfect. It’s what they do and how they handle their screw ups that makes them different. Hopefully RT takes a moment and looks over their company and makes changes that are necessary.

  8. I don’t want Rooster Teeth to die. They’re my dream company to work for, they’ve provided so much entertainment and grown so much. So really I’m not surprised they raised their prices, they’ve become a large company, it was bound to happen. Like, think about clothing stores and stuff that got big. They raised their prices as they got more popular. I really think this is just a video trying to get views by creating drama and overblowing a small change. If I raise my commission prices (because I under sell my self) would someone go and say I’m “dying out and struggling?” No, because I’m just becoming more experienced and with that, my work improves and therefore my quality goes up. So should the rate I charge.

  9. Honestly, this reminds me of the Channel Awesome situation. A company that many loved and adored turns out to be nothing more than another greedy company. I feel so sorry for the people who subscribed to Roosterteeth.

  10. I stopped watching their content in 2017 i believe it was when the whole Colin situation happened. For those that don't know Colin was a friend of Greg Miller and was apart of his channel and tweeted out a joke on women's day and the entire RT company and all their associates turned their backs on Colin for the sake of saving face and he just left. Was a pretty shitty thing and really showed everyone's true colors.

  11. It’s baffling to me that someone can be knowledgeable about Rooster Teeth and their Affairs but not know what the Let’s Play channel is to the company.

  12. Lets play is a big part of rooster teeth but I guess you don’t know that but glad to know about the raising pricing so I’m definitely not getting First

  13. I haven’t even touched their site in years. Ever since this whole early access for the paid members shit started happening I’ve been pirating everything they make that I care about. I will NOT be pressured into giving them my money, especially when they try to use the community to do it!

  14. Rooster Teeth is destroying itself. Soon we’ll watch all those loved shows be lost to time. RvB, RWBY, Camp Camp, etc

  15. I stopped supporting Rooster Teeth about 3 years ago when I noticed that they started to push SJW agenda's over plain logic.. Sad really as I was a diehard fan for around 7 years and used to really look up to them..

  16. About the ads on podcasts: they used to have three ads per podcast. Even going as far to make posts promising they wouldn’t have more than three. They have completely ignored that. They now have four per podcast.

  17. Btw Let’s Play/Achievement Hunter are owned by Rooster Teeth, they even are in the same studio lot in Texas. And that’s why you can see people from Achievement Hunter in Rooster Teeth vids like Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Jeremy Dooley, Ryan Haywood, and Jack Patillo all being in episodes of million dollars but. Or like Gus Sorola(Co founder of RT) showed up in a Let’s Play of Minecraft to officiate a wedding. Even Geoff Ramsey(Co founder of RT, Achievement Hunter, Let’s Play) is now a cast member of Achievement Hunter. Basically it’s one big company under RT and on VRV you can tell because all the shows are listed together under Rooster Teeth.

  18. I was a first member for one month just to watch the funhaus D&D show. Thought about resubbing for their new skit comedy show but now there’s no way I would do that.

  19. I think what they might be referring to, is that even if there aren't any mid-rolls, there is increasing amounts of in-video ad reads, basically they are keeping the promise of no mid-rolls with FIRST, but just moved them to INSIDE the video with ad reads. So basically, FIRST members still get their videos stopped dead by mid-rolls, their just mid-rolls read by Gus(RT) on RT Podcast, or maybe Jack(AH) or Jeremy(AH) during AHWU or a stream.

  20. Said it before, I’ll say it again.
    RoosterTeeth grew too big, too fast.
    They weren’t prepared to handle it, management has been poor, and they fail to learn from their mistakes.
    This is the beginning of the end for RoosterTeeth- when a company that was made as big as it is by their community, and they piss off their community like this… well you do the math there.

  21. I don’t follow rooster teeth just besides the podcast and animated adventures but I love achievement hunter, lets play and one of the reasons why they are doing good

  22. That thumbnail is what phyrra would probably look like if she were to return from the dead and become a villian

  23. The most frustrating thing is that I find see a way out for RT. They're sinking, and RWBY is going to sink with them.
    I thought at first instead of this huge jump, maybe packaging shows was the answer. Package shows for the consumer to watch, and sell subs for those at a little bit higher than their current prices. The current base price distributes as is, then the slight increase goes specifically into the shows in the package. They could have an animation package, gaming package, aftershow, etc. Maybe an addon for each individual show outside of the package.
    A problem with that is that it would be a lopsided system. I know my circle would pay a little higher price solely for RWBY content – the main show, chibi, after shows. Not because the content is worth it, but to support the small team production.
    Kind of like the way Crunchyroll says they do things, but without all the overseas and the bullshite.
    On the surface, if RT distributes the current base price as they've been doing and distribute the overage to the show in the package, I as a consumer would dig. To a consumer if doesn't sound like the titles you don't like aren't getting any less, and the titles you like are getting more. Win win
    But from the company standpoint it sounds like it would be littered with internal and external issues, inflation only being one of many. It's just not doable.
    I cant think of a way that saves the company, satisfies the fans, and give the staff a fair and liveable wages. But the route they took ain't it.

  24. I'm…I'm not sure where in the hell you got 66% out of the annual increase, it's 40%. 36 to 60 is a 40% jump. I think you went backwards on how far away 36 bucks is from 30 and then some.
    It's still a gigantic increase, don't get me wrong, but you got that one VERY wrong.

  25. this isnt a change at all….. I paid 59.99 for first anyway actually more if you count tax soooo theres no changes here people and plus is mostly for those losers who spend to much money

  26. They already pissed everyone off when they stabbed Vic in the back like those snakes in funi, they're going nothing but downhill, they won't recover.

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