Ron Sims Addresses the 2016 APA Florida Member Conference

Now it’s my pleasure and honor to introduce the extraordinary Ron Simms. Ron chairs the Washington Health benefit Exchange Board Which implements the affordable care Act in Washington [State] Previously he served as deputy secretary for hud for President Obama. Prior [to] that he served for 12 years as the County executive of Martin Luther King Jr. County where he was nationally recognized for his integration of environmental social equity and public health policies I? First met Ron when he spoke at our national conference in Seattle Where I was truly inspired by the work he has done on climate change Health care and Social justice I am so happy that our paths have crossed again here in Tampa [pleased] with help me welcome ron Sims It is wonderful to be here and also very very intimidating I have to thank for the Apa for their Incredible work the hospitality Organization the subject matter that was been presented I was able to sit for a little bit in the habitat group watching them and I was Recalled hearing all of that and saying wow they’ve taken habitat planning and restoration to a brand new level very very extraordinary work and I want to thank all of you for all of your work might look at planners. I have you know it’s ready when I was in High School. I Had a teacher who walked up to me, and he said You will be a master of all and a king of nothing And I went whoa Hold it a second But I didn’t know quite you know that time We were supposed to respect people, so I didn’t quite know how to engage hostility and Anger to comment, so I went and told my father you know what that teacher told me, I will be [a] master of everything and a team of nothing Dad I will never rule and my father said But you’re going to be a master of everything and a king of nothing Now my father was on a pedestal My father went to Lincoln university in Pennsylvania because Ivy league schools didn’t allow African-Americans admission so they were sent to Lincoln university on scholarship in Pennsylvania my father spoke French all of his life one of his classmates was langston hughes and So my father was on a pedestal. So now my father like my teacher was telling me that I would be a man stir of everything and not the king So I looked at planners Take this well And let me tell you why? There are a lot of things in the world that you don’t want to be but a planner is one of them And let me tell you why you? [have] to know economics Politics finance you have to be very comfortable with science You have to know a great deal of public policy you have to be engaged with other groups that are dealing with transportation interest Business interest housing interest I mean you are the place like a library with all things Descend and you must sort it out and put it out as something that is cogent is organized and Understandable there are very few occupations in life Where one person or one? Profession is given that responsibility, and you raised your hands and you have it You are I call a life determining profession the greatness of this country will depend upon your ability To move forward with the skills you have Greatness of the state will be determined by the decisions you make how you organize your work how? Collaboratively, you are which your visions are You can say no it’s going to be the public officials their own is going to be as good as you allow them to be You can create wheels called forces and limitations I was a I remember when I was a king county Executive, and we would have that the planners would come in and I used to tell that my seniors that I just say yes Just I just you know and then you can tell me how much it’s going to hurt But just you know because they’re going to talk and I’m not going to understand a word. They say because he’ll use big Birds, and they will also have this idea in their house, and they will know the code. I don’t care [about] the code They will know about you know the cost. I don’t care about just let me say yes, I Was never able to have meetings like that? But I always said yes, because it was the easiest thing [for] me to do Because even though I knew there might have been pinnacle repercussions. I knew I had intelligence on my side I knew in the end That intelligence would prevail so let me tell you about the things that now you face a complex world I have you know I have four perfect Grandchildren the My son’s always say that coming to our house Always alters how they act by the time they get home again, and I tell them that is correct This is a house of yes Because I am not raising any of them but it is their world I often think about and The planning decisions that are going to be made about their world But I’m also a reader I have decided that I my teacher and my dad were correct, and I think that anybody as a planner is going to be a reader and It’s going to be a wide topic list that you get to read from so I’ll give you some examples you know the My wife has made a decision that it is time for us to walk and ride and lose [weight] And I said to her college, and I’m losing [weight] by setting from the mirror and I’m saying where were did Where has it disappeared because it still seems to be hanging around? But I remember being asked by a friend to atTend a lecture by the Science prime Minister the Science [Adviser] to the prime Minister [of] New Zealand and he was a geneticist and He was basically a bigwig in the world health organization and then and everybody in the room was a geneticist I was just there because her friend asked me to sit and see whether Everybody who was talking was talking a laypersons term and answer was no they weren’t But I got some thrust and it was the speaker said he was kind of Rotund in some respect so he looks at me the other kind of rotund person in the meeting and he says You know sir. He said I ask you a question He said when starving babies are born What do they look like I? Don’t know. I just remember the ones I see in photographs So [I] try to use a big word and I said I believe they’re emaciated he says wrong They’re fat So I went oh I Know he’s going to explain this and he did very logically he says your jeans are elastic. I never knew that the Jeans changed all the time somewhat over short periods other Debris along Longer periods He said your chromosomes that we said would never change and actually it’s not true sixty percent will change the base level which is our primitive state and so I’m listening to him and he says so let me tell you why a baby of A Starving woman is fat He said that in the neonate is collecting the capacity to store food It has a storage Capacity, and it’s been drawing from his mother in order to live independently of her Its storage he said so sir. Have you ever tried to lose weight as yes? constantly And his argument says well, let me tell you about Americans your yo-yos You gain weight you lose with you gain weight, and you lose weight You join the y you join fitness centers you gain, and you lose and you gain you lose? But you know what happens to you every time you gain all this way every time you gain it back You increase the number of cells in your body that are bad for you? I? Didn’t know that I was going to go up I might explain the fed and he says just because your body sees weight gain weight Loss came with as starving Your genes are working really well So I went back home that night to my wife. He knows something either something about Genes I Said you know it’s epigenetics issues, and I said you know though Here’s what I said after the question. Can you tell me what does a starving baby look like? But I thought it’d be smart and she says Having been in the peace corps and seeing starving babies wow she says they’re fat so let me tell you why they’re fat So you probably said what is it that apply to you? The most significant Factor today, and there’s a lot of research being done on it, and it’s become very conclusive We plan as if there is no Determinative impact genetically on the recipient and the answer is you are wrong you influence genes of other people all the time for better or for worse and The key is whether or not we’re going to start saying how the second why should we allow for? anyone to influence genes negatively and you’re going to be the people people going to go to and say here’s what the new science says and You’re going to be the ones empowered to begin to try to articulate in laypersons terms The fact that a planning decision just is not a planning decision it Is a determinant decision? if You I’ll give you an example. I’ve been if you were about to tell you realize that kids who are poor have high Cortisol levels a kid with High Cortisol level cannot learn in school period Cortisol is a sign [of] Stress and flight that’s what we do when we will run when we’re fearful, and you can be standing still But if you fear you have those cortisol levels we have spent billions of dollars on educational reform and never altered the neighborhoods that those kids lived in they we Puts the teachers and said the teachers can’t teach the school systems don’t work we accuse them all kinds of things, but we never ever said that there was a responsibility of planners to help explain in design cities That every neighborhood was functional and worked every one of them if you look at the new affirmatively furthering fair housing standards they have to It used to be that in order to meet the civil rights standards of the fair housing act you had to provide capacity for people To move out of a neighborhood, but a lot of people said I don’t want to move out of the neighborhood These are my friends. This is my culture. There’s all kinds of reasons [the] sense of you know of I fear or less So what we said is there’s two standards now that are the body of law one body of law is you still have to provide opportunity and the second body of law is the Restoration of poor communities that is now a law requirement the people said we have to ignore it I said you can ignore, but you’re going to make a lot of litigators very wealthy Westchester’s at people who sued Westchester County that law firm got seven million dollars for being the litigators So my issue for you as planners is for you who are planning cities and looking at Neighborhoods? Well, I would tell you that it would be really Incredibly important in that planning process to begin to say you got to address Function and neighborhoods that are segregated and most of the country is and neighborhoods that are poor They should have certain features in them streets parks gardens Viewing spots collective viewing spots, they should be well lit They should have wide sidewalks all of those things that planners can influence is What turns a neighborhood from a neighborhood with kids of high cortisol to immediately kids of low cortisol and it allows? schools to work So who has to be there? I saw the second this morning? he had a session on educational planning which I thought was really really good and This is the first time I’ve been to a planning conference where he actually had school planning involved in it because school planning Actually integral to outcomes in life And so if you have school planning, and you have your neighborhood plans, and you have your transportation plans And you have all of those other elements in play You could restore a neighborhood and you will do more for less money than we have spent trying to change the lives of people who were born and Schools that have poor kids in them Because you’ve defeated the nemesis the one thing that we never discussed which is at neighborhood design Neighborhood fixtures and neighborhood look and feel is a so you can nificant Determine it and how people feel? And it isn’t because they feel that way because they want to is because they’re in jeans yell out loud It’s our survival instinct. You’re probably say odd. It’s not true. I’m going to say but no the scientific literature does It’s not ron sims as theory it is now being written about as people begin to course through and say What makes things work and what makes things not? So now you’re going to have to be a scientist as a planner as well at least Understand them and then articulate what they said to people who have the authority to make decisions But your cities in your communities will be so much better off because you’ve learned that We’ve always said that zip codes are not an address their life determinate, and we did that basically using the public health people but I’ll never forget going to Just chandler felt it was a demographer and giving him an article that had nothing to do with demographics I [datasets] he liked them he went over and talked to the planners the planners changed the world I can remember going to them and having Them tell me that zip codes are life determinants. They are not addresses We know that conclusively? All the Data runs at the federal government’s run allows us to predict life outcomes by zip code of Children and adults how long you live what you’re going to die of which educational? Achievement is going to be Whether you’re going to enter the criminal justice system are not enter it are all influenced by zIp codes Your responsibility as planners is to turn a zip code into an address And I would tell you wow you got to wake up in the morning and be excited about that who wants a dull life I? mean Why would you want a doll? Ordinary life, why don’t you want to be a life that is so close [to] being an ulcer no just joking? But unlike that is vibrant and exciting. We are the greatest nation on the face of this earth because people took risks We are the only nation on the face of this earth. They grew into a superpower with no common gene pool we all got here by boat plane and land bridge all of us and we managed to fuse this into an intense great nation and all I want to ask you to do as planners is to remember that and continue to Infuse our greatness to build upon [what] we do well which [is] to learn to challenge and to be absolutely fearless Absolutely, you don’t want to give me a plan that I could do without you And unfortunately my staff never gave me a plan that I could do they used to say well ron Go do this it’ll hurt for a while, but it’s okay You know I can tell you if your transportation Plan are working with the planet if you drive your car and the cute will commute more than one hour a day To a destination and return another hour that your likelihood your likelihood if you’re white males You’re going to have a heart attack in your between 72 and 75 So at those of us who now are trying to deal with health issues are trying to say hold a second That’s not an issue being well. That’s as you’re being stressed It’s 13 hours of stretch wake up in the morning for an hour at stressful You drive to work for an hour you go to work all day You drive back an hour you go home for an hour and one of the spouses? Wants to tell you why don’t we can we talk about money and you say no? I don’t talk about money right now talk about later It’s called the opiate our 830 on TV is [the] beginning of an open we call it? It’s the opiate our [its] families gather that [family’s] got this husband and wives gather and they just sit there and watch this TV mindlessly Identify what the characters because allows them to hide away from all kinds of other challenges our issue is then you make cities and employment tighter It’s a planning system. It’s a planning goal So we don’t have sprawl away from jobs, and that’s really hard to do But it’s fact is I’ve always said planners need to talk to other planners and begin to talk about what we call health issues That’s surrounded because our system cannot withstand the shocks that we now see today Those of ruby call very significant illnesses will break our system as we now understand it so our issue now Is that not just wellness which is really really important that you own your health decisions But the issue will be as we plan can we plan a community that is healthier? People can talk about climate change. I’m a believer in it I Remember thinking that king County [wouldn’t] it was going to be exempt from climate change That it would all of a sudden blow over king county because we had done all these measures to reduce carbon emissions And out of that And I just knew in my heart of hearts that we had done everything we were supposed to do to lower our carbon footprint Significantly and we went to the university of Washington and asked university of Washington to do a report for us what will king County look like in 50 years and they came back with this report, and I remember [telling] everybody after [reading] the report That I was looking for another place to live What would we face? We were going to be subject to climate change whether I liked it or not We were going to have more rain and less snow which meant we were going to have exacerbated flooding and we had already had flooding and ice it and it was going to be bigger in the Winter because it was no longer. We’re going to have snow it was going to just rain all winter Torrential rains So after getting this report, I said this half what I should do and I said you know you’ll think of it So I had a press conference And I said, I don’t know how I’m going to explain this so I got up in the press conference I said I’m gonna Ban all five control districts there’s only gonna be one and I break them all up and consolidate them into one had no authority by law to do that and The newspaper said sims to consolidate all front control districts and all the dishes called and said fine Do it we’re tiredness anyway? And so all [of] a sudden, I said I’m going to tax the voters to do it as well, and they agree. Why? Because we made a decision For our planning department that the only way that we could actually reduce the impacts Was to consolidate organized influence and control and target the money that we were going to use with flood control and we did Out of the planning department that wasn’t out of ron Simmons his head It wasn’t out of a person who basically they mean we wanted we had a lot of activists, but it was planning so when we have climate change all of you and I’ve seen reports they are going to be faced with that and Florida in a big way it working for that I and when you work for the federal government you said in different committees, and one of my sat on was to see Eqs [Council] [bar] Mental quality and So I was in danger tinkles group which the climate change group? And we did too one is we had to get all of this agencies that were spy agencies and satellite agencies to agree on what we were seeing on the ground and [that] was harder than you think because everybody wanted to protect their science But eventually we got through that and the issue was that we were going to see Greenland melt much faster And we were going to have sea rise So we see rised every Coastal area of the United States But that wasn’t our problem. It was storm surge and That was what people were forgetting It’s not going to be just see rice. It’s going to be storm surge as well So we said everybody tell everybody we can about the mapping because we said planners We didn’t say electeds we said planners are going to coastal areas are going to have to start planning for Storm surge, not just see rice if they wish to protect your economies and their communities, that’s the science of it That’s the science that you know in a society you’re going to be familiar with that’s going to be the science that you Have to implement So you have a science side? you also have a population side because the population is going to grow people are going to live longer and The real Challenge is that people are living longer? It used to be that we knew when people are going to die we planned for [it] that seems to be brutal But it was true. We said you know the average length of life is here So we knew our capacities on all of our computers would say this is how we’re going to grow You have two problems a lot of people don’t want to leave their communities And two people are living longer, and they’re going to live a lot longer So you’re planning processes which are going to be yours because nobody’s going to blame me? They’re not going to blame the retiree. They’re going to say why can’t you know? And you’re the ones are going to have to figure out. How [do] you house people who are retired? How do you house people who are like my son’s young? Industrious out of their cut out of college starting their families and want to buy a house or In houses and want to be in bigger ones, how do you deal with that my fight over dinner? I was looking to a discussion over this issue But who gets housing who does it what the cost of all that housing is? Was a really great discussion because it reminded me my dinner table It is you though aren’t going to be the deciders of it, and you’re saying no, it’s not me It’s Gonna be somebody else no no nobody else you will have the data and you have to be having to plan this because it will determine the future of where people locate their businesses the quality of life of Your community as a whole its economic Outcomes its social outcomes. It’s all onion But I can’t [think] of a better group I Can’t think of a better group. I wouldn’t give this to elected officials. I was 12 long one too long It’s on you So I look and say God I want this country to continue to be great So you have science you’ll have the epigenetic and it requires you to do something that you were comfortable with that other Disciplines aren’t which is getting out of your silo I? Can remember when we were predicting heart attack rates on transportation? We had [public] [health] planners land use planners and we had the Transportation planners man [is] [paid] and in a group and they will all cast just to say Whether we should continue to sprawl out and was there a health costs to it was there an environmental cost to it What did Sprawl actually mean and? They were all incredibly bright, but they couldn’t talk to each other They were talking different languages and different Concepts, and I had to go into the first meeting and encourage them say please, please please give me an answer I went in the second meeting once later because he were still arguing say you know what kyle you’re in my budget I don’t know why I said keep you there it reminds if you could just Communicate with each other. I’m not asking for a love-in I’m asking for an Understanding and they all came out with the document. They agreed to using planning language Which revised our entire transportation system in our growth system in King County? Based upon health land use and Transportation Efficiency, and it’s still in place today, and nobody wants to change it That wasn’t wrong sims county executive that was a group of planners in a room who learned to work outside of those silos? You are going to be asked to do that a lot and I would encourage you encourage you to get out of those silos and hear what other disciplines are saying so that you’re coordinating the same vision for Community or County or a state or region a Biologist will tell you that the biology of any city Determines its health That’s not talking to a sewer scientist because King County Metro scientists would always give me new Data on what people were eating and With pills they were taking and it was fun for them because waste treatment plants Gathered Sort and study all this stuff, and so they would say you know ron You know his this is what we’re seeing and I never knew why I was intrigued by those reports. I have no idea Really? I mean what medicine people were taking what new medicines people were taking. I mean there were great reports You know until we realize [that] we’re feminizing our fish or removing come as a shin from our fish, but whatever it is sometimes We were at was hazardous to call the bottom Fishery and we had notified the state department of Fisheries that we in King County were engaged in uses of various consumer products and prescription products that were actually changing the life forms on the bottom of Puget sound Just kind of we couldn’t sue us, but one of them to know that It is planners though That we went to for the solution Our issue is what could we control? He couldn’t control the discharge, but we could distro could control the surface materials cars All kinds of stuff that come from the service and flow into the sound and sure enough We decided and I said I’d always been the planners I said my planners told me I did that a lot my planners told me you know I said get mad at them at Cosco don’t get mad at me and But it was them that all of a sudden said here’s how we should format. Here’s how we should form And we were able in fact by not handling What was going in the way system? but because we found seepage from the we call the sub cephas from the system that Where water flows down streets and stuff CP into [wastewater] which gave us an interesting? Contamination issue which required us to clean sort those as well, but those are planners I’m just telling you what the power of planning is you think you’re a neutral party. I just do the plan No, you don’t just do the plan you set the [rules] for implementation you set the vision for it That’s what planners. Do you are not a neutral party you’re not a by standard You’re an implementer. You weren’t so intimate to the processor that cannot be done without you That’s what you are the master of everything, but never the king planning There are so many scales and so much needs to be done so much You will reorient this country and how we spend money if you plan correctly? because you will put us in good solid positions and responsible positions of Governance and expenditure planning I want Amina and I watch Sanaya and I an Admirer to have a better world in my planners can keep that promise It’ll be how we allow cities to grow community to grow Transportation system under where we put parks how we build our schools we get into our schools the number one way of Breaking down intergenerational poverty which has plagued us And we’ve had many as speech and many a program designed to do that is public transportation Harvard University looked at Places had done it and said oh They had really good public transportation systems if you have really good one, and you locate it. Well you can break down Intergenerational Poverty if you decide not to do that. You’ve made a decision to maintain inter generational Poverty But transportation planner can work with a land-use planner, and say this is how we should do that so you don’t have a person who’s poor having to walk three miles to catch a bus or two miles because we also know that everybody likes something that is close by It’s on you So I would watch your agenda down here, and I keep thinking you know, Florida whether you like it or not you have everybody’s attention Because people don’t know keep people’s. I’m a florida yep, northwest. We say what’s a Florida problem. Let’s see, what Florida’s doing You know what are you doing down to Florida? I mean highly dealing with climate change how they dealing with Species-change Make a Florida. It’s growing its dealing with multicultural issues the housing issues are Overwhelming to anybody but Florida people who live in Florida. I mean we look and say what are you do in Florida? So that we can take credit for them in King County when we do them Florida you have become with you wish it or not America’s grand experiment It is what [you] do and how you do it, and it is you’re planning skills That are going to be so attractive political skills Politicians do what politicians do it is the ability of planners to do all that underneath work to Lay the foundation? So that all the sudden people are making better decisions in spite of their interests and in spite of their rhetoric Who realized that they can transform and have viable and strong communities all through the 21st century? You’re not going to stop the growth here The issue is how will it grow you’re not going to stop the issues of poverty issues? How do you attack it? The issue is not where the kids can go to schools here and be great students The issue is how do we take the neighborhoods around schools? They don’t function very well and improve those neighborhoods and see those test scores and also there will be Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida Florida I Wanted to come down here because I just wanted to talk to Floridians Because we think we’re perfect in the northwest You have no idea The Arrogance in my community and I’m a part of it I took me borrow King County. We did this you know and everybody followed you know sound trance doing this seattle in this but in the end we begged and we stole other people’s ideas and We incorporated incorporated them into what we were doing? So you are under the microscope? You volunteered to be under that microscope? You were not forced nor compelled You made a decision to use the resources in the time in your life to be a planner You were not a pencil pusher You were not somebody that was supposed to be the anchor on bad idea so that it would never happen You were the people that have an innate sense of risk. You know a good plan from a bad one You know how to get data out of your discipline so you understand the consequences of the decisions that people have [to] make? So that they will be forced to make good decisions or bad ones But they will know whether they made a good one or a bad one And I can tell you most electives would rather make a good decision and take flak It is you who can narrow those choices that people make down? So we talked about Americans health care system whether you talk about epigenetic impacts If you want to reduce people in jail, just Bri builder neighborhoods if you want kids learn and rebuild their neighborhoods It is so simple you want to break into Generational Poverty you find out where the buses are I cannot talk about schools enough schools schools schools but my son’s a librarian And I would be remiss if I didn’t say [that] I hope that many of you who are planners? Or some of you are planners are talking about we rely where we should be located Access to [a] library is incredibly important When I was a kid, I was put in a remedial reading class I’ll never forget that So I was sitting there, and I remember announcing. I hope that spot runs jumps breaks his leg and drowns in a puddle and they put us in front of a machine that would click and click and click and click and click and So I watch it, and then I fill out the form that gave us for a test, and then they do it again And they do it again, and then they separated me from the other kids in the class I made me do it again and again because I said I was cheating He said he cheats Nobody can get a high score Reading that fast. I was reading 10 thousand words a minute at Ninety-two percent comprehension but a librarian came in One day But my teachers were yelling at me for cheating cuz she knew my scores and said I have books. I want you to read and I was in landlocked Spokane and My first book was a safe with Sam, and my second book was moby dick It changed my whole view of me of me There was something outside of Spokane Water and wales and fiction beauty and I never quit reading Librarians are incredibly important So it’s on you City Planners County Planners day planners you have different disciplines that you’re planning in But it’s all on you You raised your hand my father’s a minister said do not put your hands to the plough Unless You’re willing to till the field you put your hands to the plough it is time to till the field of opportunity and being extraordinary my mother I Remember my mom my mom Was just aged so beautifully. She really did she always called me Ronald She’s the only person I ever allowed to call me Ronald Ronald was not I was ronnie. I was wrong I was little siblings because my twin brother was big sims. I was never Ronald Ronald was exclusive word of my mother So she’s always had Ronald So I was talking to my mom and she said Ronald, but so softly and so wonderfully But I knew what I had to say next so I said it to her three times three Times I said Mom Donnie and James mom. Love you very much, and they’re in heaven with Daddy But they wanted you to know how much they loved you and I will be okay And I just had a kind of an odd look on her face, and I said to my mom mom Darling and James are in heaven with daddy, and they wanted you to know how much they loved you And I will be okay Henan also there was this incredibly beautiful smile, and she squeezed my hand An hour later, she joined my dad and my two brothers their life is over because her time had come a Higher authority than anybody in this room determined that their job was done, but you’ve been given [one] more day and one more month and one more year and One more career to [dream] of the lives that are here your time is not done you were woken up this morning, not because you wanted to be not because there was noise on the outside not because You know you had this gift given to you awaking up And being able to say I can make a difference Somebody thinks I count Somebody thinks I’m important somebody thinks I am great Somebody thinks I can change the course of events that we face somebody does a higher authority does It’s not the baptist in me It’s the fact that it is true. So I want you to take this day You’ve been given as a marvelous and major gift And I want you to say I can’t and I will and we will not be stopped We will figure out how to form Coalition’s work outside of our silos all of a sudden have a state of Florida that everybody’s oh Wow, that is one awesome state, so people that might they can say not never want to be a Florida I got this really cool idea out the internet, and we’re gonna do it up [here] So that we could all a sudden continue to be the greatest country in the world. I don’t want to lose to anybody We’re the world’s grand experiment, and I don’t ever want to be a second to anybody I am too proud will you but so hard But if we look planning go away, we will be second rate and dark on it That is not an option greatness is an option our future is an option. I polished my grandkids, and it’s in your hands It’s in the hands of many grandkids in this community and every community that’s what planners do They keep the promise cuz their job was [not] done. Thank you and peace Wow, um that was awesome Thank you so much ron um talk about inspiring us That was incredible um and I don’t have anything close to following that Um I have a couple of quick announcements as you walk out um We have some raffle winners and um um it seems like such a letdown after that gosh But um we do have some pretty cool gift baskets from our awesome sponsors and exhibitors um Littlejohn engineering um in booth five had a jack daniels Basket how about that and um the winner was latille Des hughes from the city of freeport? So if you go by and pick that up today, that’d be great kimley-Horn and booth [9] had a urban fold Build your own Paper City block City and the winner is dottie kitty from Lake County, Florida, so if you can go pick that up and Wade Trim head a wine and cheese basket and the winner is Corey carpenter, so if you can go pick that up Congratulations, everyone I hope the rest of your afternoon is as inspiring as our lunch figure was um and We look forward to seeing you tonight at the reception. Thank you

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