Romney Adviser: Mitt’s Totally Down with an Israeli Strike on Iran!

and wilson you member and the wildly successful and i would believe was the spokesperson
for the cpa in iraq and senora said and he is uh… mit romney’s foreign policy spokesperson
because you remember mitt romney’s other foreign policy spokesman the one who was
not so heavily associated with the failure of iraq a turn out to be gay
which is apparently much worse for foreign policy when your republican and so they forced
them out dance endure said there are really two clocks and
referencing the uh… the concern that israel may be planning to attack iran they really only two clocks there’s the
clock determining the speed at which iran is developing the cut capability the capability and there is a clock that would preclude
israel from taking action also there’s a range of these estimates
around a but i think everyone understands u_s_ officials and officials
around the world that we are dealing with an inevitability at the pace of
which were going that’s not far off so the at issue here is not the actual
development of a nuclear weapon is the development
of the capability to develop a nuclear weapon revising the the doctrine that essentially was the iraq war or preventative war a preemptive because preemptive implies
something’s going to happen we’re going to stop it preventative his we’re going to stop the chance that’s something could be
happening that we would stop so uh… in just give you a sense of of there is
a difference here when we’re talking about policy regarding around and uh… romney’s jess’s bloodthirsty
as we can expect from any other republican nominee and makes no attempt to hide now i don’t think the israelis frankly can actually believe that they can
achieve anything by attacking iraq seems highly unlikely to me that they
would actually bomb iran still send over assassins with the u_s_ okayed to uh… kill some scientists but the idea of embalming in seems
absolutely ridiculous but it’s a great thing to promote if you’re looking forward to
get essentially a fellow look could uh… neck in the office i hear on me and by likud nick i mean someone who is not as early as support
of israel but a supporter of the hard right wing in israel and of course once you get a romney in
there the idea that they would be any push back on what happens with the
palestinians as if there’s any really right now is greatly diminished but that’s mit romney for it

11 thoughts on “Romney Adviser: Mitt’s Totally Down with an Israeli Strike on Iran!

  1. And that is why we must keep this dangerous man out of the White house (not that I don't think Obama might eventually give in to the Republican war monger machine soon enough)

  2. Speak…faster…Sam…without…so…many…pauses.


  3. Hypocrisy in today's politics is so unscrutinized, that no one wants to point out why the fuck someone who says they operate off of Christian faith want to avidly go to war.

  4. Mitt Romney's Bona Fides were put to the test in Israel.
    How was this accomplished you ask?
    Well, Mitty's sincerity was ASSertained, when he bent over for an entire platoon of IDF's finest and took it up the Arse…Mormon Missionary Style!

  5. * watches * the transformation of the middle east going all muzzy bro radical .. on Clinton's watch … Bin Laden crimes .. during this term .. SMMFH, bitch about Romney all u like, as usual one party is weak on gobal policy n defense

  6. Im proud to be an American because America runs this motherfucker whether you like it or not.

    U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A !!! Come on everyone say it with me!!! =D

  7. So you rather support the blood thirsty terrorist muslims? Hypocrite. You are no liberal, neither is Sam Seder, you fucks are the most iliberal subhuman pieces crap that exist on Western soil. You guys even hate America more than the terrorist do. It's not funny anymore..

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