Rockville at Met Park

you think definitely a large crowd out here and that number of people expected to grow as night falls that’s why law enforcement is telling everyone tonight if you’re headed in this area pack your patience one of the biggest rock festivals in the country taking place right here in Jacksonville’s Metro Park some of the big names in attendance this year Ozzy Osbourne and Breaking Benjamin probably Breaking Benjamin I saw them at Earth Day birthday 23 and they like they close out the show organizers attribute this year’s success to the decision to host the festival for three days with the full weekend of activities more security will be in place like they have like a metal detector now which I thought was pretty good because you know unfortunately people are crazy so yeah but that’s definitely more like secure now in addition to increased police presence and the installation of surveillance cameras festival organizers have established strict guidelines on what those attending can and cannot bring and we have a full list on our website of all the items that are restricted tonight you can go to news for Jax comm for that full list reporting live downtown of destiny McKeever channel 4 the local station

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