Robots Asking for Help

7 thoughts on “Robots Asking for Help

  1. Loved it and robotics from an observers perspective! Perhaps you might be in a position to tell me how this work differs from HONDA's ASIMO, NASA's ROBONAUT, and work going on in Boston? I don't know at this point if there are any similarities, but that time ASIMO fell down, could it ask for help, and how about NASAs ROBONAUT. Who would you say, in your estimate, has come closest to the autonomous humanoid robot to date? I know all these robots were designed for different purposes. Regards.

  2. Dang it! I came here to call out the rocking horse base being installed upside-down, but someone beat me to it.

  3. I don't get it? they figured out that if the robots just says "I need help" the humans don't know they mean? the next step is for the robot to be offended when the human can't understand their vague and cryptic requests, and then they'll have created the perfect female robot

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