Robot and Human Soldiers on FutureWeapons (Part 3 of 4)

16 thoughts on “Robot and Human Soldiers on FutureWeapons (Part 3 of 4)

  1. It appears xBox controllers are popular for robots.
    Google 'oc robotics nuclear case study'. Video @ 2:34

  2. @Bombur86 How are you so sure that we haven't found the right countermeasure against what you are saying?

  3. @Xxc0rrupti0nxX ROFL! I thought the same thing when i saw that! I was like "Xbox to control these things? I want in!" just like Modern Warfare 2!!:D Except this is modern warfare 3!!:D

  4. @kravkid510 actually, one of THE best ideas for future battlefields is take 1337 RTSG (Real Time Strategy Game, like the C&C series) players and put them in command centres as UV (Unmanned Vehicle) operators and battlefield coordinators, possibly even as commanders if they complete formal officer training. 1337 FPS (First Person Shooter, like the Battle Field and Call of Duty series) Players could do well as "digital soldiers" with some field training.

  5. The Apache is the king of the sky – against any enemy who has neither air support, nor flak, MANPADS or other kinds of anti air gear. Iraq has shown that it may be effective killing tanks, but is not a formidable front line bird. I think its capability (essentially shooting rockets and missiles at vehicle targets and using an autocannon against infantry) is overestimated by many. And don't attack me as if I'd say something against America, the same is true about any helicopter gunship.

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