Roblox | Flood Escape 2 | New Multiplayer Group Button!

hello there everybody welcome back to another video so Flo escape2 has just gotten a new update we have a new type of button that's been added that requires multiple people to go and press the button in order to advance into the next in order to advance further into the map I'm going to show you how exactly that works so basically you have to press like there's multiple people that have to pressed a button in order for you to go in advance through so basically what that means is about 27.5% of players that are still inside of the map that haven't lost that means that they have to go and press the button and this works for some maps not all the maps have it but in most of the maps yeah that you do have to go and press multiple buttons in order for this to work so we're gonna go and check this out and see exactly how this works and also if you didn't know when more other people go and press the buttons the group buttons it also gives you some more XP as well so this will be great for if maybe trying to go for the leaderboard or if you just want to gain more XP for whatever reason so whenever you have more people like see as you can see here about 4 people have to press this button once you press it you can actually keep progressing on throughout the map but you just have to let other people press the button as well so for this button right here this is just a normal button so it only requires one person and also I just now notice you can also hear a new sound effect for it too which is pretty cool but yeah you have to press the buttons more people have to press the buttons at the same time so you can see it's implemented into this easy map this will help to encourage more interaction with players instead of always just leaving one player to do all the work mainly and so now we have more people more individuals who will help to complete the map and so this will help everybody in the long run it will help increase everyone's skills yeah it just increases the overall interaction with each other so bad that's basically how this works all right so now we're gonna check out Orient's will grow it doesn't look like there's any button says you have to press for multiple people so far but I think we'll find that find that out later on throughout the map okay so as you can see we've just now gotten the button press right there and so however many people are left over that can press the button now have to go and activate this one so as you can see now there's two more so I press this one and out we need one more person and there we go now that we've activated that button we are now free to continue to clear the rest of the map and that's basically how this will work this will help to keep players interested and more on going into the maps and instead of like earlier like just mentioned instead of just having at least one person to do it which actually will be kind of useful and very helpful this will help everyone to increase their skills as well but it's okay because even if all the other players lose you can still press the button just by yourself on solo so like if you have like a lot of people that have to press the button like three or four people but then they all somehow happen to lose you can still press the button all by yourself solo so that you can continue to clear the rest of the map so that it doesn't become unfair and the way how this works is that these buttons the certain multiplayer buttons are placed in different parts of the map not all these buttons required to be pressed at the same time so as you can see right over there that one requires four people and since we now have more than four people it looks like who are coming to help this is what we have to do now this is what we got a we got to go and press this so I'm just gonna wait for everyone else for you guys go and we come out we gotta press this button in order for us to progress all right you guys this way yes okay so it looks like everybody's getting a hang of it and everybody's catching on so after we do that someone's gotta go and press this one and now we just go and press that button and then we can go ahead and finish clearing the rest of the map I really gotta say this is a really really cool feature and really cool idea that was implemented and I just gotta say hands down thank you so much crazy blocks for making this update because this is really gonna help a lot of people and this is gonna make things more fun and more interesting and I do you like to see the game get updates the way it does so okay someone just locked the lift – insane so let's see how we complete it in an insane type of level so as you can see we need people pressing that button right there I'm gonna go ahead and get this one over here for everyone oh there's an hour blocking my path I can't really see it's making me lag a little bit but yeah somebody's got that one that's good okay so I'm thinking in a certain part of the map once you get to it and there's still more people there that's how many people have to go and press the button in order for it to activate okay and it looks like I'm all by myself so yeah I don't think maybe there's gonna be any type of blue group type of button now that I'm just all by myself and going solo but let's see if we can find that out now so I've got net button right there I would take the shortcuts and stuff but I can't really take the shortcuts because I'm kind of lagging a bit all right so there is a blue button and it looks like this is the button that you would normally have to press for like a group if everybody didn't lose but since again like I'm the only one here I have to press it and now is going to make it to where I am the only one who has to press that button so yeah this is pretty cool and interesting it's really this is a really unique change in flux k2 that I really do like all right here we go in sedimentary temple so now we gotta go and press this button right here let's see if everybody will catch on so if you alright so everybody you have to come over here we got to press this button let me go ahead and say that we got to press all of the buttons with multiple people oh we were way too slow so nobody's gonna be able to make it past that unfortunately but yeah that's pretty much how it is that's pretty much what you gotta do and you have to be really quick so I think it's about 27.5 ya 27.5 little people who are still left in the game and who have not lost have to press the button in order for it for this to work so I'm thinking at the end of the map is when like most when you mostly get the multiplayer button yeah because that's usually when body is at the end and so everyone has to use teamwork in order to press that specific button so just like you can see right here this button is all the way over here let's see if everybody will catch on and then we can all go over here to go and press it okay this way all right so we got to go over here yes and press this button and now here comes more people we just need one more personnel anybody any volunteers oh okay so now we have to use multiple people to go and press this button over here now and we actually need to hurry up and use teamwork because the lava is gonna catch it really soon if we don't okay here comes the lava now we just need to hurry up and make it into the lift can we make it into the lift alright we just made it okay that's good and we pretty much got to be really really quick about that or else or else it won't work okay so now I want to try something out really quick I want to see how this works when you have when you're doing it insane level so I'm gonna go ahead and lock the lift right here and we're gonna play some more insane maps and we're gonna put everyone's skills to the test and see if they can complete this okay so here we are in a banded facility so I guess normally what would happen is people would stay back there and they would rely on just one specific person to go and press this button so we now we have multiple people who will go and try to press the button okay but now we all have to press this one so that we can make it through this room but now we got to do it quickly because if we don't then we're not gonna complete the rest of this map is it the same way for this one no okay it's just one person for this button right here so I'm just gonna go ahead and press this one I'm not sure if we're gonna if I'm gonna be able to make it back or not okay yeah I think the acid is gonna is gonna catch up really soon yet here it goes okay this is gonna be really close I don't think I'm gonna make this one yeah unfortunately I didn't make it past this part alright so we just not finished doing some levels and insane and a regular flood escape server so now let's go on to a pro server and see how it works there okay so we're inside of a pro server let's see exactly how this work okay so they already got the lift lock right there okay here we are in sinking ship now I guess normal I guess for this button okay so it's gonna require three people to have to go and press this one so let's see if we can get three people more than three people at least okay so we've got more than three people now we all need to get up here and press this one okay there we go nice job so now we need to get three people to press that one in there and since there are already three people inside of this room already yes they already got that one now we can hurry up and make our way to the top okay so since this is an insane level and sinking ship is a it can be a pretty difficult level for people to complete my guess is that not many people are going to be able to make it through and so as you can see the number of people that has to go and press the button has lowered a bit and that's because of how many people that are left in the map about 27.5 people who are still left in the game have to go and press the the buttons that require more people to press it so that's essentially how this works okay here we go we now have abandoned facility so I am very certain and I'm very positive that everybody's going to be able to make it through this time now let's see if we can make it to the end of the map without anybody losing so that we can get to the crazy map all right we have everybody completed it now we're going to crazy so let's do this let's see what it's like for everyone to have to go and get the buttons and crazy map so for this button right here we have to have three people do it and yeah so we have to have three people do that okay so now we have to keep on going and we have we all have used teamwork to get the buttons and sort of keep going fast all right so we got to do this really fast because you know blue moon is like a really really hard challenging map and so in order for us to do this we need to do this oh is he using the speed flip she's using the speed glitch so he can get ahead of everybody else faster Oh No okay so we need to go ahead and I need to go ahead and pick up the pace because if I was gonna catch up to me and I just messed up on that last part but I haven't quite a bit of lag in everything and I'm not too sure why I'm lagging so much but all right let's see if Alf can still make it though maybe he can beat on the level let's see if he can still beat for the map oh and he just had a hard time but anyway so that's all the time I have for today thank you guys for watching and this pretty much all the updates that we have so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more updates in the future this I know it's going to be a really good update that's gonna help a lot of people and it's gonna make it so much more fun and more interactive so thanks again crazy box with an update and I'll see you all in another video and please subscribe and also like the video if you liked it and I'll see you guys later good bye

50 thoughts on “Roblox | Flood Escape 2 | New Multiplayer Group Button!


  2. hey gentle, new update of fe2!!!
    Update: The new mode, "CHAOS MODE"
    What is Chaos Mode?
    Chaos Mode is when you enter chaos mode, it is a big server that can only have 40 players, then in fe2 can no longer the group buttons, it has moved to chaos mode

  3. I wish they got a sepereate mode where there is no group buttons or else getting to blue moon is like playing a game by EA

    2019:Wait…The Game Updated New Button Type ._.


  5. I'm actually interested to see how multiplayer will go when playing Button Chaos 😉

  6. I like the new button type, but sometimes it annoys me that there are not enough people that pressed the button and others don't wanna press it, and then we run out of time and die together lol.

  7. So basically the button works like this : Per every 3 players a group button gets 1 health so per 12 people (max player join limit) it gets up to 4 HEALTH. but thats rare but it makes multiplayer CANCEROUS to play.

  8. Well I kinda don't like the new button update (Lol) so let me give u a reason so at Lost desert when I was at the door near the button when I pressed it I had to wait for Two more people and then I just noticed everyone died and I was the only one left alive and I had to wait for the two people that died and then I died D:

  9. This helps with people being lazy, BUT people are still lazy on EVERY SERVER I GO ONTO except for that one level 19 and 13

  10. Btw what happens if nobody hits the button except u then u guys ded that’s why the new button is annoying

  11. I like the update, but in part, is more difficult to pass the maps if the server have lazy people, and i cant enjoy it :/

  12. thats lie,why?im playing multiplayer and the map is abandoned facility (the first button here is group button) and im the only one pressed it and we all die

  13. I am a rebirth level 15 that can't go to pro servers. I often press most of the buttons and survive. Now thats fine, but the group button thing really stops me from earning XP. Now MORE that 1 person has to press the button, and that means even if I press it, it still needs to be pressed. If it was in a pro server, it would stop people from being so lazy. However, most of the people in the normal servers are not very high level, and can't press the buttons. Hence, I end up died from not having all the people pressing the buttons. Now, I can't level up to get into the pro servers because there is not enough people to press the button for me to beat the level. My suggestion is to make the button types ONLY in pro servers. most people that are level 30+ CAN press the buttons, meaning that they are just lazy if they don't go for the button. In other words they have the ability to get the button, but lower level players can't get the button because they are not a. good enough player yet. For adding it to pro servers, a player who beats a level could get more XP than in a regular server. This adds more appeal to grind for pro servers. You probably won't read this but this is my opinion on this update. Im very annoyed that now I have a very low chance of beating a level like Blue moon where most of the people will die at the beginning

  14. Gentle is gonna beat all Insanes and Crazies in multiplayer. But gentle Do not give up. You almost reach 50K Subs. Wish me luck 🙂

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