Roblox Family – MY FIRST JOB INTERVIEW EVER! I'M SO BAD AT THIS!! (Roblox Roleplay)

you like to have fun on the job yes I love having fun on the job that's not good so what do we need to get for rainbow again since she's sick and everything she said she ran out of potato chips she wants potato chips are you sure that's good well you know she's feeling not really happy so we should get her something she likes maybe I should get her a bunch of apples because apples are good for you if you're sick right that's true and I will get a bunch of bananas for rainbow because she always says she wants to make a banana smoothie and some grapes and blocks ade isn't good it's too sugary how about cheese no we can't get any cheese hmm water or beans gold remember what lunar said tons and tons of beans oh go too much oh wait an apple a day keeps the doctor away so yeah we'll grab more apples there we go and what else do we need that's practically it potato chips bananas beans and grapes okay let's go check out hello person not working self itself check out whoa look at this girl or the suit they look very buff Wow come on go check out let's go hey hey oh hey do you need help paying for that no we have enough money yeah well you should come work at Pizza Planet I'm the king of pizza comes a planet the police where's Pizza Planet you don't know a pizza planet is well we just moved here so we don't really know the town that well well you should come work at Pizza Planet if you apply today you get a 20 percent Pizza discount Oh 20 percent Pizza discount but I have a grocery job you know I'm a cashier here do you really like that job that much Pizza Planet jobs are so much more fun you get so many benefits so many benefits can we apply right now nope you have to wait till morning but you could meet me at Pizza Planet what okay thank you for the help so how does that sound goal should we apply it Pizza Planet yeah that'd be so cool 20% off and I would lie down there I know you love pizza but we should take the groceries and bring them home to rainbow and see how she's doing okay hurry up goals we need to save rainbow from her illness or she's sick she's like a runny nose and everything that's right her flu will go in here rainbow we are home we're going to cook what does the rainbow need to eat you guys is that you oh yeah where's she hey rainbow are you upstairs no I'm dying on the couch she's dying on the couch come in oh hey have you been watching TV all day yeah the only thing odd is news here rainbow you cannot watch TV ill it will make you rot like a potato oh speaking of potatoes did you guys get me potato chips yes gold tell her the bad news please what well you're sick and you're not supposed to eat potato chips they're not goofy look your face is swollen we're gonna cook you some delicious homemade food that's gonna make you feel better and it's not fried chicken oh yeah rainbow how about you just come over here and read a book why are you hot for the food a book they'll make you have a lot better you're welcome Gold what are we cooking for her let's see what's in the fridge let's see we could make her a hot dog or a pancake oh wait that's right if Luna was here she could cook us the best food but she's at work with Drago and they're making money's I guess hot dog it is yep good old hot dogs I can cook it on the very okay cook I won't make it raw I promise gold how about you make tea for rainbow great idea yes nice nice is it clean is a hot yep it's hot and my hot dogs are ready I mean that's the only food we can cook oh wait chicken also have okay cheese but hotdogs are better right yes we'll place hot dogs who's playing playing cards he did clean it up I don't know well it's very beautiful that they made a house of cards legit we make a mac and cheese – yes here gold let's make her hot chocolate I'll make her hot chocolate and you make her mac and cheese we'll place it right here oh my gosh she's so sick tea and I can't use the girl toast some toast for her and to Apple take tons of apples and put it on the table bill an apple and does she need coffee you know what copies always good it makes you feel a lot better at the moment we'll play some coffee here what else do we need pancakes no no no that's good I think we're great we're so good at taking care but when she's sick I agree I took canned beans out of the fridge and I'll place them on the table right here hey did we take too much food nope we maybe I don't think she'll be able to eat at all we can help her yeah that's true did you grab a banana and I will grab the last delicious thing on the list grapes cuz grapes will make you feel all better though this looks great this looks great oh and turn off some lights you know bright lights will make her yeah don't issue paper I can Yuki are you guys I can't my head feels like it's on fire it's okay rainbow can you keep that book no no okay we have some food ready for you I wish we made soup but here it is your delicious food hot chocolate car hot dog famous microwaved mac and cheese apples and coffee yeah I think he looks good I don't really have that much of a big appetite right now it's okay we can eat it for you well thank you guys so much for making it yeah welcome I think it's time for you to go to sleep rainbow okay but do you guys what are you guys up to we are actually going to get a new job today go tonight I'm gonna go work at Pizza Planet yeah there was this really nice guy he said if we work for him we'll get 20% off Pizza yeah we'll never have to buy food again I know it's gonna be so awesome let's stick this food all right we'll just leave this food here for Drago and lunar when they come home from their jobs we'll place it here and rainbow gold and I are gonna tuck you in come on come upstairs well let's see two rainbows room which is right here here you go rainbow there's still pig butts in the wall we're nice one day we won't back down this room they talk about do you want some hot coffee no thank you how am I gonna sleep with coffee gold okay I'll just take it okay you've been drinking too much coffee lately by the way energy I need to stay awake I need to be like active and making money and everything for us it's not a work never solution oh okay you're too hyper anyways rainbow here's your story time once upon a time there lived a unicorn its name was Jerry Jerry the unicorn jumped over and fell and then died tn what what well it's not a bad story you know the terrible story Harry the eunuch went to die I'm sorry I'm sorry he lives and he lives on in our hearts good you tell his story I'm bad at it I'm not good at telling stories that's just let's just let her sleep terrified oh yeah she's already asleep you can switch it off good night rainbow don't let the pig buds bite don't let the ghost next door fight can you still try to open this it's still how about tomorrow we will go buy a wrench or something next week around this week I think we need stronger and better tools to open it up that's true we should go to the hardware store anyways it's 3 a.m. and I feel energetic as ever meetings from this coffee we drink coffee coffee coffee coffee alrighty so hmm should we just call dragwon leaner I mean did Jobs look so fun what do you think they're doing right now in their job I don't know doing their job what kind of question is that let's go look for a better I don't know I'm just so bored I'll read a book Gold can you call them called Rako I'd say what's up I don't know hey Chacko it's bit past 8 hours you and Luna aren't home yet what are you guys doing oh we have to work overtime at our jobs if we want to get rid of that gross wall so yeah we're working overtime so we won't be coming home just yet okay bye Jacko bye so where are they gold they certainly have to work overtime to help us get enough money to break down that ugly one oh yeah that wall that makes us look like a jail cell well tell them we are also going to get a job at the pizza place and I'm going to drink some more coffee so I am ready whoo I'm pumped but but wait wait let me go get a job they always give us an interview and that's the worst at interview oh yeah you're right last time you almost failed at your salon job and you did because you didn't get it we smell bad we have to go we have to go take a shower to be clean I will brush my teeth for the interview I smell so bad I will brush my teeth and can I wash my hands yes keep my hands clean and washed do you think he's gonna ask us he's probably going to ask us questions like what happens if this customer is angry because you made their pizza order wrong respond goals we apologize and give the money back I would just say I didn't do it did I feel yeah you can't see that because it is not what hey actually technically it's not your fault because you're not the cooker right that's true wait no what I think we are applying for the cook job oh yeah we're gonna fail this so bad well hopefully we get trained and so it's okay come on let's go to our job it's 6:00 a.m. right now but we are going to head to the pizza place and go for it interview we really need to figure out a better way to travel in this town yeah it takes forever to walk occasion it's like already an hour – how much for a bike we should save up enough money for a bike we really should that would be much easier yeah we are ready for an interview let's go in hello may I speak to the manager please manager here hi hi are you ready for your interview yes what job will you be applying for it what type of jobs do you have we have the pizza cashier we have the pizza stalker who does storage and we have the pizza baker and the pizza delivery oh he's kind of smells oh I would like to be the pizza baker how will you go – same here I would like to join money to be the pizza Baker okay so what can you bring to the pizza baker table I am very very very good at listening to instructions and yeah that's that's practically it don't you have any other skills my skills are listening I have a good leadership I'm very responsible and some people say I make the best Hawaiian pizza you like to have fun on the job yes I love having fun on the job that's not good oh my god I'm just kidding it's super good I'm fine fill this crowd I went to work every day oh you're so funny felt okay so so what were your past jobs well my past job was you know I was a grocery person it was very very boring so I'm applying to be a pizza person now I actually am a delivery person here but I'm thinking about getting a job cooking because recently I've been watching a lot of MasterChef and I think it's taught me a lot about cooking okay so how does it sound fun Phil are we good for the job you've got the job but first you can start working today but first go home and take a bath you're kind of stinky you're stinking up the hokay hey he's the boss yes sorry about that Phil we'll go take a bath hey just pretend she's protected but we don't smell fine – I know don't tell them that okay we're going in we are ready for a job should we try the pizza here first let's actually try it oh I make a gulp for three dollars let's try this pizza mm-hmm yep I could definitely make pizza better than this let's try this drink mmm very very sweet but and we can fix it once we join this job come on let's go my pizza is too much tomato sauce yes the professional pizza bakers are coming in let's get a job at Pizza Planet whoa a new job it's that we have to wear these hair nets though yeah what do we do so we place the dough down first and I have to make pepperoni pizza so let's add tomato sauce add the cheese and a pepperoni there way to go raise the new pizza done what I did it wrong you're out of ingredients check the crate to restock tile don't you're gonna get fired if you make some I know it was an accident okay let's try to get ad sauce and cheese and then ham what am I doing wrong oh no I had it vegetables uh-oh hey can we switch what do you mean this is my station witnessed okay doh how am i doing so bad at this maybe I should go back to the cashier job this is cheese and last but not least ham I didn't get anything I've only failed a couple of well two times actually but no one needs to know about that that's a secret on to lips on to the next one tomato sauce once again some cheese and ham boom ooh this is easy tomato sauce and we need to get some more vegetables let's refill our ingredients this person just wants cheese cheese and done doh tomato sauce cheese cheese this is hard to put on cheese and we can yeah this game is pretty boring but the pizzas do get delivered so that's it much we made so far what here let's see let's see let's leave here how much money I made 28 that's not enough to break down that giant wall in front of our house now I kind of feel bad for leaving my delivery job I got paid a little more wait do you think he's still here can we ask to be the pizza delivery people instead mr. fun-filled fun Phil did you call for fun Phil OH – Phil we were just wondering can we can we please apply for the pizza job Ivete the pizza delivery job you don't like pizza making no it's like the funnest job a pizza baking is pretty boring it's not fun at all we're wondering if we could deliver sigh instead okay you can go to liver pieces the bikes are over there oh cool we get to deliver people now so Wiz the bikes down here oh yeah I always wanted to be a pizza delivery person this is my first job ever I mean my third job ever we actually changed a lot of jobs in here but I'm ready I have a moped and whoa this is really a hot streak I think I need to go home so how do we deliver pizza gold I never did this before so you are gonna grab a pizza from I almost forgot how to work because I worked as a pizza job so get off your bike over here alrighty see go grab a pizza could we grab more just one one pizza I don't think I should get a moped any time soon already so we are delivering it I'll just go crust this I hope I hope blocksberg doesn't man I Drive like this to a style oh this person wants a pizza hello sir here's your delicious Pepin heart Pizza Planet pizza excellent you're very welcome oh I kind of like this job doesn't make a lot of money yep cool I would deliver my second pizza let's drive all the way back to pizza play crazy Phil's on the roof Oh act very very very good like a good work I am let's go over here hey crazy Phil yes I think I'm doing very good right yeah welcome back to pizza wanna go to livermore pizza alrighty we are delivering our second pizza which is to that person over there need near the gym this is your delicious pizza here you go girl excellent I think I did a pretty good job hey gold where are you I have to travel so far just to deliver pizza I think I'm good for today and we don't even need bikes if we got mopeds do you wanna drive things home are we allowed to I don't think fun-filled mind that's fun isn't he hey fun Phil yes are we allowed to drive these home sure do anything you want just make sure you bring them back to work oh that's so cool oh cool we've gotta even ride them home free oh wait what's that wait what's fancy furniture is that a furniture store we don't even have enough money for furniture so we shouldn't be going home we gotta go to town with these cool new pizza pie oh you're right let's tour the town we actually never even got to try to see what the gym is first so let's check out the gym first boom I'm parked my parking skills are good oh hey you can't pipe in there oh no I lost my bike running we can run here we could also lift weights which is extremely heavy we can also punch ooh we should go work out here sometime but in the meanwhile I think it's time to head home ah after a long day's work I think it's time to finally check our mail box and see what suggestions you guys lend it to us let's go check it our first letter is from alpha werewolf they said your sink is stink change it what are you talking about are you saying our sink is disgusting let's see oh wait oh yeah it is disgusting I totally forgot about it guys I've even noticed it was gross yeah thank you alpha werewolf we will change it right now let's get rid of that sink and place it with a brand new clean sink there we go no more ratchet bathroom boom all done our toilet is replaced now our sink is all finished on to the next letter the next letter is from dog lover they said make a room better funny it's so boring okay I got it so let's see my room right now is so tiny and boring it does fit all of my junk like my pizza statues and stuff so let's blast out our room to make it a giant mansion room do you like it gold yes yes it's gonna have its own balcony and I'm gonna have a barbecue on it I'm gonna have a mini-fridge in my room it's gonna be very cool but for now let's replace my old bed with a brand new bed which is a curved double bed void batter your cardboard bag yeah yeah it's a super modern bed I actually like it there we go and we will move my computer and place it over here for now let's change the sheets on my bed let's click this lets go for blue and I really like geometric and abstract patterns so boom my bed is now blue and awesome we're left over with $54 Oh I don't think it's enough money on to the next letter last but not least our last letter is from Sakura gaming they said take away that Jill fence please yes you mean you mean this one it is pretty hideous it's time to finally remove this fence never needed to save money up for it anyway Wow there we go now we can show up up beautiful house we could take the whole fence away and boom our new house is looking a pretty awesome look at it it is pretty sweet thank you guys so much for watching this episode of roblox family if you did enjoy it make sure to smash the like button down below for more we're trying to reach 8000 likes our last video hit 18 thousand likes I'm gonna go oh my god you guys have so much support for our roblox family series and we appreciate it so much and don't forget to leave a comment down below on what else we should do with our house in the next episode who knows we might okay yes we might open that room or not I don't know leave a comment down below and we will see you all in the next video bye

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    Karen's watching this vid: it's manager time!
    Edit: Btw i just wanted to make a little joke and Karen's that are watching this vidoe please don't take offence to this, and if you do then my apologies :I

  2. I wish I had a huge house all I have is a empty plot
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