Riot Police in Hong Kong for China’s National Day!

The People’s Republic of China Celebrates
its Birthday With a show of military strength And Hong Kong celebrates… in its own way The Chinese Communist Party faces unprecedented challenges. The US-China trade war. An economic slowdown. And growing criticism for its human rights
atrocities. But who cares about that?! Today’s a party! A Communist Party. October 1 is China’s National Day. And this year, the People’s Republic of China is celebrating its 70th birthday. That’s right, China’s communist government is almost as old as your grandmother. In mainland China, celebrations included floats featuring China’s happy ethnic minorities— especially the Uighurs. And…whatever this is. Oh, don’t forget the giant missiles. They’re clearly compensating for their lack
of… human rights. Plus, lots of goose-stepping soldiers. And proof that China is a leader in robotics. Yeah, that shot was creepy four years ago,
too. And there was even a portrait of Xi Jinping
waving at.. .Xi Jinping! And here comes former leader Jiang Zemin, who is…possibly alive. And oh hey, it’s Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam! Clearly nothing is happening right now in
Hong Kong that would require her attention. That’s right, the Communist Party wants the world to know everything’s fine. Especially here in Hong Kong, where people love the Communist Party. I don’t care what you’ve heard! Everywhere you look, there are signs celebrating the 70th anniversary
of the Party. Mostly around all the closed shops. And empty streets. And barricaded subway stations. Why, it almost feels like martial law. They’re just not calling it that. At this point, even being outside is a form
of protest. But Hong Kong police have warned about possible
terrorism today. Police said in a recent press conference that “some demonstrators were planning to kill
officers, set fires and bomb shopping malls.” The police’s claim was partly based on social
media groups with very few followers that have sent almost
no messages… And were registered in Madarin instead of
Cantonese. Wow, Hong Kong protesters love China so much they’ve started making their secret plans
in Mandarin. This sounds like a job for China’s People’s
Armed Police! Good thing they’ve been secretly moved into
Hong Kong. Between practically shutting down the city and warning about terrorism, it seems that the message from the Hong Kong
government is: stay home and cower in fear. Which…is a pretty appropriate way to celebrate 70 years of rule under the Chinese Communist Party. But even though the police are trying to keep people off the streets, that didn’t stop Hong Kongers from coming
out and showing how they truly feel about Communism. They feel not good. Protesters are crashing the Party. Literally. “So the Hong Kong police have made it pretty
clear that they don’t want people coming out today. Why did you come out?” “The more they don’t want us to come out, ctually that makes us even more of us will
be coming out. This is their tactics, they’re trying to scare us with violence.” “Are you concerned about what might happen
today?” “Of course, that’s why I’m covering
up myself! But, ah, there must be consequences for everything that we have to do, but then I feel like I still want to fight
for what I stand for, and I’m willing to take up the consequences.” “Our government has not been respecting
for us for so long, since June, and they haven’t heard any of our demands, any of what we want. And they have keep on denying any of our human
rights. I think this is very important for us to show that we are not afraid of what they do.” “We are concerned whether there will be
more police violence, there will be more people in jail, but I think the people of Hong Kong are ready
to fight.” “Do you have a birthday message you’d
like to send to the CCP?” “If you want me, asking my feelings, I would just: ‘Screw you, Chinese government.’ That’s it.” More than a hundred thousand people protested throughout Hong Kong, the majority here on Hong Kong island. Even though it was illegal. And after crowds of citizens marched with
defiant hope, riot police showed up to ruin everything. But the celebration wasn’t over yet. It just turned into…the afterparty. It’s dance party out here. Whoo whoo! Yeah, there’s some cool new moves on the
street. Check out the police-man shuffle. The Umbrella Hop. And the please stop tear gassing us we’re
reporters and we’re the only people up here…boogie. I bet someone in Beijing right now is looking at these celebrations and thinking,
boy, since Hong Kongers love the Communist Party
so much, maybe we should just get rid of the one country, two systems policy! As the heart of Hong Kong descends into an apocalyptic hellscape, it almost seems like the Communist Party’s
authoritarian rule isn’t much to celebrate. And then elsewhere in Hong Kong, a police officer shot a teenager point blank
in the chest. I think the party’s over. So that was Hong Kong during the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. It makes you wonder if there will be a 71st. I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time. Maybe.

100 thoughts on “Riot Police in Hong Kong for China’s National Day!

  1. hey Chris , i heard CCP suggested to many of participants to wear adult diapers, due to lengthy ceremony. I heard even XIE himself was wearing one 🙂 have you checked on that that if any of the participants smell discharge in that square? even if 10% of participants could'nt hold it…will be one huge smelly party. just a thought

  2. America’s birthday: gets fat with burgers and stuff

    China’s birthday: hosts a military parade, shoots an unarmed 18 year old and showing off the cult of personality around xi jinping

  3. USSR also liked large parades and huge missiles demonstration. Then it collapsed. And the half of its former population is still poor af.

    All dictatorships end the same.

  4. Is jiang zimen a puppet that xi show case when ever he is out now??? Just look at those 2 handlers dragging poor old zimen out like a rag doll.

  5. Oh stop your western hypocrisy. US police used water cannon on DAPL protesters during sub-zero winter temperatures, flash grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper sprays, and even attack dogs.

  6. So sad the protester got shot but in the US, anyone that raises assault weapons towards an officer including guns, knives, axes, hammer, spears, rocks etc, the officer has the right to shoot to kill. From the Singapore footage here, looks like the officer was mobbed. Don't like the CCP, not at all but I don't trust the Press either, or Chris, why didn't you show us the rest of the footage

  7. I dont think it is wrong when the police shot that person for self-defense. Come on, they r
    fucking assaulting the police. Have u ever think about what would happen if u try to attack a police in the state?

  8. This is plain propaganda that edited out all the ugly scenes and beautifies violence. This video contains scene of violence, so beware before watching.
    The lone old man was hit with sticks and hammer after arguing with the mob. You note all the "reporters" surrounding him? Funny enough, none of these were shown on mainstream media because they were "China Uncensored" in Hong Kong. Yes, the situation is really that bad. The "democratic censorship" is much much worse than in mainland China. News in the internet circulated just now that the old man died in hospital because of his injury. I need to verify that before reporting here in "China Uncensored". There are many violent scenes like these by the "democratic seekers" against ordinary citizens but never got reported in mainstream media. The black shirts have in fact grown into the "brown shirts" of the Nazi Party.

  9. Thanks for your content. Now I understand much more of China's strategies and their impact worldwide than ever before.

  10. As for the scene of the shooting, which China Uncensored very immorally turned it into a scene of "police violence", see the video analysis of the full video by New York Times here. While the commentator also appears to have her own stance, but at least the video shows a much fuller picture of what in fact happened. The officer was in fact hit on his arm holding the gun by a metal rod before he fired at his attacker.
    Chris of China Uncensored, you really ought to be ashamed of your way of reporting. You can express opinions, but you must not distort facts on which you base your opinions In what way can you claim yourself better than the CCP?

  11. 3:50 They already withdrawn the bill? Thats one of the demands. And what "human right" have the HK government denied them of?

  12. Saw this video 2 days ago allegedly showing the Hong Kong Police stopping an Ambulance and arresting the injured protesters who were being transported to the hospital. In the video they carry the injured out of the Ambulance and into their Police van. I think this is worth covering.

  13. 0:51
    Have mobile suits been part of chinese culture since ancient times too?!?!?
    looks like the gundam canon will need to be rewrittwen.

  14. The only thing I like about China is their crackdown Muslims. That’s a thing the West should learn from China.

  15. Have you ever been to China? Have you seen any changes in China? Does freedom in American society permit smashing, looting and burning? I am from China, and I am responsible to say that China is very free now, but the premise is that you have to abide by the law. Now China has the largest and most comprehensive industrial and scientific research system in the world. There is no reason why the Chinese do not love their motherland, but there are always some people abroad who are trying to blacken China. But the eyes of the people are bright. We know what we really need, not what we really need. Western style so-called freedom imposed on us, we do not want to become the second Syria and Libya!

  16. People don't hate China just the CCP PLA.
    Is Hong Kong police saying what they are going to do?😶
    Terrorize the citizens!😒

  17. Time Traveller: what year is it?
    Me: it's 2019.
    Time Traveller: before the coup in China or after the coup and China finally became a free country?

  18. We have got to stop buying Chinese made goods. These brave people in Hong Kong are on the front lines of a world wide battle against tyranny and I feel helpless.

  19. Nei Ho Lun Pook Guy, but in a good way Chris – thank you China Uncensored for all the moments of levity in what is an insanity-inducing crisis. Let's get it HK!

  20. China is capitalist with a central dictatorship. There are no socialist countries (where people make policy and democratically run the factories) on planet earth. There has never been a communist country – where government disappeared.
    Using the "communist" label is nonsense. China's production is in private hands and aimed at competitive world markets. There's no communism there at all and the Chinese people don't make any policy at all.

  21. The only mainstream media I found on the google news global section that seems to cover this is the BBC. For whatever reason, mainstream media would rather discuss whatever Trump is doing, that than an authoritarian crackdown on a city full of millions of people.

  22. With everything going on, I'm going just going to complain that he shaved for the same reason my wife complains when I shave. You just look wrong. I'm sure it's probably because of all the issues there in Hong Kong and tear gas masks.

  23. This guy is such a shill pos. Let him yell out "chinks ching chong" so we can watch him get stomped out one time. Imagine a yt channel dedicated to disrespecting african americans daily by a white dweeb.

  24. Useless rioters who beat up old men and anyone who disagrees with them. Search on YouTube, you will see so many incidences.

    Yeah … fighting for freedom but beat up old men. Nice …

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