RimWorld S2 Ep 10 New recruit and a late raid | Modded Gameplay

good morning and welcome back to rim world so you can see I have sheduled a little bit of work to be done up here the idea being is I just want a few more traps up in this zone if we decide to go ahead and use this kill box it's it's purely a backup kill box not planning on using it too often but with the number of Mecca Mecca raids and that sort of thing later on it is sort of a good idea to have an alternative area to open up so I can open it from either side I've got two long lines of traps either side and then I've just put some extras in the middle so it's sort of looped around like this and our assailants will come out in this area here and our colonists will be standing there in here hopefully that'll be there if necessary I can expand it another row of these traps I'll dig up this grave ribery that body because it's always good if someone's having a mental break they can go and visit a grave so that's that's always good to have at least one grave I think what else have we've done oh we've got a new colonist forks paramedic is still quite ill but it's healing nicely of some of the injuries but yeah asthma and 73 yeah quite an old colonists unfortunately I've set up a couple of growing zones in this area and turned off planting just as a way of sort of keeping down the the plants rather than putting roofs over everything we need to get all of those potatoes hauled if we got room it might might have room yeah they call their old flag those up to get hoarding we are in fall so I think they'll be fine out there for the moment but just in case so this is foxes bed and I've put in another one here for our prisoner mandrel mandrel has no resistance now so we're just going to set about some recruit Tinh don't know how that's gonna go we might have a prison break or two we'll see but we've got a room ready and I can always put another room down here as well so that's pretty good we've got a good amount of wood Cotton's coming in we've got some heal roots we've got a mortar from last time and we've got the shelf that should work very nicely oh yeah we've got some colonists some statues coming in I've installed three new months since the last time we we played one of them is wall lights so you'll see I've dismantled all of the standing lamps well deconstructed them in fact and replace them with these lovely wall lights and they're great for this sort of situation where you've got a corner and two two workstations so both side like that but yeah they take up a lot less room so you can put them in front of stools instead of you know having to be a space that they they need to walk around so I think that's a nice little addition it lights up the place quite well I'm not sure but I think you can have them in different colors have to look at that and that might be in the mud set in this another set in another model I did is in the sculptor's table statues of colonists so yeah they're really funny you can have small medium and extra extra large I've got nowhere to put one of those at the moment but some point in the future I'm going to make a huge colonist statue and put that within sight somewhere I think that'd be abusive got wait wait for that and I think there was one more for the life of me I can't remember so soon as soon as I can remember that I'll mention it yeah so folks is healing mandrel should be being recruited we're doing okay for food got meals on the go I might need to bump up the meal counts I might make it 25 and start again at 20 and I'll do that for both of these workstations just because if we lose power at least we can use the fueled one there we go nice so I should make a few more meals because we've got that extra mouths to feed I think I might do one of those growing zones in this area so the idea with this is growing so let's just pause it while I do this that I don't accidentally get them to plants and stuff so the idea is that they'll clear an area so I'll cut plants in this area here and they'll clear it to bare soil and then it will be a sort of a designated zone like that and hopefully nothing or grow we'll see how that goes nice okay I've got plenty of foods I think we're good for resources overwinter yeah I think so oh we should we should probably do a grown zone down in here as well inspired recruitments okay groans oh right let's just get this sort of penciled in turn off so in expand zone into these little areas – now these turn off so in yep okay good it's fun zone now I don't think it'll matter if I sort of do that oh yeah that works quite nicely actually yeah that'll do I'll expand it here as well actually why not all the way to all the way to there that one hasn't copied over there settings but that should be good well oh so in hello sewing yep they're all off now and then just cut blunts so orders cut plants and let's do this whole area all along here shouldn't be anything anyway just in case let's try let's see if this works you know okay give him something to do for a few minutes anyway okay we're still trying to recruit recruitment difficulty is still 99% I don't think that's gonna go down just a matter of how well somebody goes in there and tries to persuade him to to recruit looks like forks is now fully healed of kissing folks out with a helmet it's not very good unfortunately a mace and a class stone life as a side arm because forks is a brawler so not very well not bad at ease I suppose but I've done a have good seventy-three year olds gonna be able to to be in battle anyway but see we've got plenty of wood do we not bad could do with a little bit more maybe I'll schedule a little bit of um yeah maybe a little bit of log shopping but I'll let them finish off all of this plank cut him first this area is certainly stayed clear that's good good I'll get in there um granite blocks count back up got any wooden walls left to replace yep this is all done so is this right they would come in here all the way that way do I need that son back there I could probably put another trap there is that overkill I'll leave it I could put a truck there in a truck there I don't think they would interfere on these angles but just in case I'm not gonna fiddle about too much so they'd have to come all the way through to here that's good yeah okay oh we should probably do the same in this area here I could cover this area in roofing in of course let's do another growing zone actually let's expand this so and then it'll be the same settings hopefully so hello so in way down here and we'll do plant cuts in as well here we go all right how they doing down in this area here oh did I miss that one blunt cut blunt maybe yet the zones right let's cut some some trees I think get some wood anything sort of close to the base I think it's a good idea and wonder too far in case we get a raid that should do and how good is this he'll root yeah let's office this as well get that Ward in right what have we got here sculpture normal okay so this one is called that's what the carving bears a portrayal of Cleo welcoming Carissa while gracious several artists are involved in the conversation the image is bordered by dozens of Weaver's this artwork relates to Carissa relaxing with Cleo at a party on the seventh of just so this is for Cleo Cleo let's install this in your room then I like it when they they have artwork linked to them that's pretty cool here we need our animals to really go out there and haul in some more granite I've got a lot of it flagged on the map so hopefully they're getting out there and getting that done I would like to get a little bit of a mining done I'm open this area up to about the same sort of size as what we've got here I might smooth that I might smooth that from once we've made the room inside I'm sorry situation with rubes that's okay to vent oh and research-wise we finished microelectronics and I've switched to biofuel refining once that's done I think what I'm going to do is go from mortars now the reason is but one mortar already but we only have 12 shelves so I would like to get a biofuel generator installed somewhere and we'll use probably some of the potatoes that we've got because we do have a lot and we'll get some biofuel crafted we could probably put the generator down in here and that'll be fine with that in mind let's put in the power conduit right across that way and then we're not going to be waiting when it comes to needing that to be done another plant there select similar and we cut orders cut plants yeah it doesn't seem to keep the area clear does it I suppose it depends maybe when you when you do it this is stayed clear and this is stayed clear so maybe no I can see in a little bit of grass there look really going to do what I wanted we'll see I've got anybody restricted right now no okay and animals out so they that's good okay yeah good right good how well how's this going encourage encourage mandrill to find common ground around meeting new people expressed interest in mandrels broad-mindedness 4.9 percent chance yeah let's look at work warden in who is our best warden is it still Christian it is okay seven and two so really you should be seven seven will move you down to three actually yeah what are you good at would you be new to set your um your tasks so you are a really good paramedic will pop you on the ball one then whole + yeah I don't really want you halt in warden in hand Lynn Forks you're not bad let's put you on to Fox you can cook just some extent three yeah let's let's get you doing that Forks not a good hunter no rubbish at that grow in any goods and see folks not having an awful lot to do yeah rubbish at the front cuts in I think everybody should have a bit of blunt cuts in you are three nine nine I've got enough smithing and tailoring I think you're not very good at that let's have a look at crafting folks you're a three I'll tell you what we'll put you on we'll put you on three yeah why not okay Forks all in all in and clean in yeah let's bump you up to two and two and then research you're quite intelligent so maybe we'll put you on two for that and you can be back up to the others we've got plenty of people who can research luckily all cyclic smooth smooth I was gonna say smooth I'll be funny um let's get rid of some of these notifications so we got this world with a woman who's wondered in oh and he's actually Ted what how did you die a squirrel a squirrel cut full eyes in the neck without emotion an evil squirrel well there you go okay so yet you're gone suppose we could hold that as well we've got a caravan request nearby settlement onions village that's a funny name contact you with a special trade request they would like to purchase 17 knives and they will give us oh gosh an anti grain warhead and tornado generator let's see where that is where are we oh gosh look how far that is I think that might be a little bit too far you ever could've got all the way around five point one day he's not gonna happen sorry that would have been lovely did we have the Aurora I think it might finish now and recruitment thing and yeah lovely psychic soothe not smooth okay good well that's take care of our wildwoman problem I was sort of wondering what to what to do about that wood we could do with a little bit more wood let's do some more choppin chop wood to chop wood okay it's a fair bit that's quite close to the base as well so I think it's this matter now of continuing to shore up the defences we could move this grave where would we put it maybe that's too difficult to dig there as lap event okay we really just want it somewhere nice and you know easy to go and visit I suppose maybe there would be fine and then we'll we'll dig up that some body why is everything dying what's going on here locked Oh Oh these are these are our traders that were sort of a in this area they were they were standing around here and they must have got attacked by Baal will started something with some boar or something and so I look at this fire oh gosh right okay is this is home so it should be Cleo could you come and please extinguish the fire karissa again could you do the same this is fairly out of control guys cops yeah and fixings please Cleo could you fix this as well there we go no damage done has that destroyed the lights I think it has you know maybe I'm not so so good after all well let's get them reinstalled well we'll get one one built and then we'll build the other one wants that one so maybe having two in the same areas not a good idea let's cancel that then let's grab that one and we'll put one over this table there and we'll put maybe one in the middle here yeah keep them sort of not not so close together see how that goes so what's gonna happen with you are you ever going to be ever going to be joining us when mandrill refused offered a chance for mandrel to talk about letting go expressed interest in mandrills eloquent lovely phrase it's old band rule about taming gooses well if that doesn't do it well yeah we've got no chance that's funny are we running out of power we are a little bit yeah okay might need another power generator all right we've got biofuel refining finished should we do the mortis I think that's what I said I wanted to research next year okay so do we have another station production biofuel refinery lovely and I think Danny is a good you know a good fierce that's just yeah let's just put it here they're all they're all do and we'll need to still build a copies oh trying to get used to the river keys we could probably go and turn off all of these so turn off all the haters we've got a lot of them dotted around here temperature-wise how are we doing that sort of look yes pretty cold I mean it's not too bad but it's you know could be better it's 15 in there so that's sort of the temperature the deal it should equalize out to so this is going to make biofuel for a generator that we can probably create as well can fuel power generator got room for that in here can we get around yeah we can we could build – it is a bit risky putting all of the power in one area but I think I'm going to do it for now and that's sort of the build so in here we want to add a bill to make chem fuel from wood or organics let's make it from wood and do and so we have should just say a hundred and then see how it goes okay and I think we could just drop that on the floor any work I should be able to do that yeah okay well we will need a light in there as well build a copy I do like these little lights there we go I don't think I've gone too crazy with them just enough Christian's having a little lie-down watching the Sun Rise I sense lovely so who can I get to work on this what bad temperature rename okay we'll put it we'll put on a heater in there so what are all of these set to I need them set to about 18 I'm not really sure 21 okay are you 21 yeah you are right okay so what I have set up here we've got a Mason and steel helmet high-explosive shells let's move those are again maybe we should set a target here we've got 12 shells at the moment so let's make sure that we have do until we have 50 pause when satisfied at 40 take two oh okay that will come back to take two that's something like what this is called can we rename don't think we can rename though some shells we should make another copy and put another set shells over here yeah that might be a good idea oh nice okay we've got one already it's get that stock of them shells up can we make another mortar it doesn't look like it did I'm not am i doing waters now yes I'm doing waters now okay that's good bull good Strader from the purple thicket a treaty what have you got you have I love these saddlebags you're talking about fast animals you've got some balls cave tender is passing by she's named Tommy Bell Prairie doc cool okay let's get ready to talk so who is our best talker let's just have a very quick look again Christian right Christian come and trade with this person please if you would trace thank you you'll see what they've got Wow right in the middle of nowhere we could get a class a cow a ball I didn't see the class actually some pemmican boom elope me caribou me dog me and more dog meat god it's horrific hyper weave blue fur herbal medicine and would not really an awful lot pigskin let's get rid of you light leather pants panther a football that's theirs oh look we've got a statue oh no it's still one I forgot to change the materials open that's okay it's a shame it's a normal one that's a hundred we've got a chicken one already and we've got how much money you think that's an excellent one that's probably worth me have a look at so let's go and look at this to you what is silly thing to let them do let's make sure we change that and right away there it is actually I kind of like the fact that it's out of steel that's some I don't I don't actually mind that but I'm going to turn it off we can have at least warm made out of steel good okay right so what's this statue this is a statue called a hungry expanse it's by Christian this carving bears an image of an abstracted rendering of suffering and six goblins appear behind the fog focal point the image contrasts family with agony I'll go okay well why display only hat when wearing hats what that's bizarre isn't it should we put the statue of a colonists in hey oh my God look you can rotate them around and everything they're gonna love these that's pretty right there by the door and let's make another one hang on a second should we make a bigger one look you can make a huge one yeah let's make a let's make a large one let's see what that looks like maybe we can put that in the the rec room instead of this or maybe in here that might be nice where are you going with that gun oh gosh right okay copy settings paste settings Paul urgently hey drew yo stop Griselda from removing that that's funny okay carry on this this is stage fell it's a relatively plant free hasn't it gosh Adam I should explain it's incredibly hot in this room today again oh really one right yeah let's chop some more wood so you're down here is this is a nice sort of safe time to you know come and come and chop a big batch of wood oh this is good we've got our bio bio fuel chem chem fuel generators yeah nice okay I might need some the amount here yeah I'll keep doing it out of wood I think how will we how will we offer chem fuel actually where is compelled in this list or got sixty and this bill here or we got a cold snow is to make a hundred okay well we can turn all the heaters back on toggle power and this one should be set to twenty one that's the space you I want them all sector to anyone it looks like I do do I not have a heater in here that's probably pretty chilly in there then and I've got I don't have one in here let's build a copy where could we put this heater I want to keep that area clear ideally it would have been the better best place would have been to put it there wouldn't it but I do like that colonies standing there hang on let's just get that done so we need one day in here probably wonder need one day in here as well let's just put it there that'll be fine yeah okay we've got all that extra power now so we should be safe yeah we should be okay yeah okay so let's see have a look at this one so we've got a red entitled Karissa that's the one I wanted to Sam actually is it too late for Christian to come and trade again you've got at least one sculpture to sell you so if you want it it's this one isn't it I think they want to sell us the error the one back nothing else we'll be fine thank you good so cold snaps can quickly kill by hypothermia be sure to build heat space to survive where appropriate apparel and try to harvest crops before they freeze and die okay let's get some of this harvested this could I mean we will get a poor crop out of it but it's better than letting it all die from a cold spell need warm clothes okay how many clothes how many we need to replace this with a an electric Taylor bench don't we I think let's get that installed now we'll put it over here but I'm gonna make this too kind of cluttered I think that's a good spot we'll make another one of you and then what have we got on here bill wise Parkers so what are you wearing that's a duster so just a duster and what have you got there flak jacket oh yeah you'll be cold just that's what the Parker looks like okay and you've got a parka and you've got your lovely table the jacket so I reckon we need one two three let's make four I speak four dusters at Barker's yeah okay there we go cotton plant yeah come on we need to get the all of this stuff harvested oh gosh we're gonna lose a ton of these I think we've lost all of our cotton plants too late they didn't quite get to them in time oh no yeah they're all dying oh well okay never mind he'll root lasts a bit a little bit longer I give you a cat's eye think that must be this kitty down here what's the Kitty's name they don't make a female cat age drive they get named when they get nuzzle don't they I think by EM they nuzzle with the colonists and then they name them which i think is really cute really cute idea so heated areas everywhere is heated that's fine bills so let's copy and paste copy and paste sorry we'll do this as quickly as you can I just don't want to mess it up and copy and paste good so what we'll do now is we will suspend the parker grafting over here and leave this one active because this of they will be a lot faster for us to do and we should have plenty of cloth to make that out of do you have enough n any a and any leathers we've got plain leather cloths not going to be graves and bird skins not great but you know it's got to be better than what they wearing right now everyone seems fairly happy all right how many of these do we have we have just 18 yeah okay how many we got set to be made in here 18 a 50/50 should be fine I think I'd be good Kevin fuel 125 yep that's fine they're just just got to get actually round to doing the work so hungry expands 50 Beauty we can rename it and everything that's pretty good so I think on that note we're about 3035 minutes in and this is a very quick look at some mandrel good guards we ever going to recruit you yeah I don't think this is looking too good hopefully one day oh hang on a second we've got a raids right okay let's have a look at the details on this one a group of Outlanders from allah have arrived they will prepare for a while than the Turk oh there's quite a few got any interesting weapons you've got some molotovs you have a heavy SMG and knife revolver shotgun bolt-action that's not too bad at all let's watch you for a second maybe what we'll do is we might war to you let's restrict everyone in raid I suppose and animals safe you're relaxing socially so you you're making a Parker researching you're moving so yeah I think you could come and man this steel mortar will hold fire I think that's right isn't it engineer ongoing attacks ok and that's let's watch where they set up then Mike Miller on here maybe yeah looks like it right I think drop one sort of right about there and oh oh gosh right ok sorry yeah let's let's do that again Chennai are you operating the turret the turret okay yep yep that's good get back over here we want to see if any of these get here hoping you go yep we killed form well lay that and I suppose that body they're all getting nasty debuff now from seeing their friends we've got a couple of injuries here so let's say I want to just get a little screen grab but I think a nice think well this is gonna look best probably there I'll do okay I don't want to waste too many of these shells but I think if we can take a couple of people out that would be kind of nice I think where I've got it aimed to towards is pretty spot on just we're not hitting right okay well let's stop stop that forced attack there we go and you guys have defensive positions so why don't you all head down there now why it's one of them sort of angled over here oh here we go yep you're fine this one's open nice and they're coming in down here let's slow things down a touch got one down already wait coming in in here stop that now that's rather annoying isn't it come inside you just kind of pretending that you kind of want to join in the fight because you know the straps here and you're not really keen on I'm walking through them yeah you're fleeing that's fine okay we can allow all of these things and unrestricted everyone this kill box at the moments working out quite nicely oh we can let you do anything you like by the way that's cool animals you can go back outside and you can help us haul stuff we need someone to come down here and come in there yeah come here come and take care of this person because they're they're bashing the door so be nice if you could take them out oh nice you can go out free so can you know nice okay very good so yeah that's where we'll leave this one a nice little straightforward raid so low that it went pretty well so until next time thank you so much for joining us take care and I'll see you again soon bye for now

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  1. Kill box seems to be working perfectly, they never even got a shot off! The artwork is so funny too every description makes me laugh. Quick request, can you list either here or in discord the mods you have running? I really like the new lights and I think you mentioned one before for the chat bubbles. Ty Emma, you make all the games you play so engaging and I want to play them all because you have so much fun with them. Appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing them with us, especially in this heat.

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