Right-Wing Terrorist Blames Fox News

>> Cesar Sayoc is the man who sent pipe bombs
to Democratic members of Congress and also to CNN. And now his defence attorney is arguing that,
look, he's got mental health issues and he was persuaded by the type of language that
you hear on Fox News. So why don't we lower his sentence to ten
years, roughly ten years? Now he's already pleaded guilty to sending
the explosive devices to these individuals. And so he is gonna spend time in prison. The question is how long? And the public defender's memo is making this
case that, hey, again, he was persuaded by the type of content he was consuming both
online and also on Fox. So I'm gonna read from the public defender's
sentencing statement. It reads as follows, Mr. Sayoc began watching
Fox News religiously and following Trump supporters on social media. He became a vocal political participant on
Facebook, something he had not done previously. He was not discerning of the pro-Trump information
he received, and by the time of his arrest, he was connected to hundreds of right-wing
Facebook groups. Now this is the second day in a row where
we've covered stories involving people who clearly have mental health issues getting
persuaded by right-wing online forums or by Fox News. Yesterday's story had to do with a 24-year-old
man who gunned down a mob boss, or alleged mob boss. And he believed that there was some deep state
conspiracy theory against Donald Trump, which is why he went after this guy. Someone was murdered as a result of these
nonsense conspiracy theories online. >> Mm-hm, yeah, and the guy that said that
AOC needs a round. He said that, as he was sharing on Facebook,
right-wing fake news, that seems to be a link between them. I would take it seriously. It's interesting to say he's not a big threat. He just went crazy because the right-wing
was manipulating him. Should only give him ten years, which will
probably be fine because in that time, the right-wing media will moderate itself. And he won't be released into an atmosphere
where Jesse Watters' nephew is telling him that the deep state controls the EPA or something? >> I wanna go to an ABC News report on this,
because they give you a little more detail into how much he was radicalized by these
insane people in the right-wing media. >> He's somebody who they say lost everything
in the great recession, he lived out of his van for ten years. That van you'll remember was festooned with
stickers supporting President Trump and critical of some of the critics of President Trump. And in those circumstances, his lawyers say
in this darkness that Sayoc found light in Donald J Trump. And he developed a real obsession with President
Trump and he followed social medias postings and conservative media, conspiracy theories,
and those really sort of drove him. >> And even though there have been numerous
cases of people actually carrying out acts of violence, you're right, I mean the right-wing
media has not moderated itself and Sean Hannity's one of the highest paid people in media. >> Mm-hm. >> Right? He's on Fox pushing these conspiracy theories
on a regular basis, and that does have an impact. It does incite people, especially people who
have mental health issues. The attorneys claim Sayoc's history of severe
learning disabilities, sexual abuse in school, and dependence on steroids had drastically
affected his life, which is why he was allegedly vulnerable to this type of rhetoric. And, I mean, again, with any story, you should
take a step back and look at the bigger picture because this isn't like an isolated thing. We have so many different issues in our society
that lead to acts of violence like this. The fact that people do not have access, and
I hate the word access. People don't have the resources to afford
mental health care. Mental health care is not provided by this
country. And so you have people who are either undiagnosed
or people who do not get the treatment that they need. Then you have this added disaster of crazy
violent rhetoric on the right. Yeah, people are gonna be pushed to violence. >> Yeah, using specifically violent imagery,
telling people that your way of life is gonna be destroyed, you're gonna be destroyed, they're
coming for you, they're coming for your family. If you hear that all the time, day after day,
you might be fine, I might fine, Anna might be fine, Skip, maybe, we'll see. But there are some unbalanced people out there. And there are enough unbalanced people out
there. I'm not gonna go in-depth. I put a video yesterday on the Damage Report. It's something about the guy who wanted AOC
to be shot. But about stochastic terrorism, when you put
a message out there, and there's enough crazies that it's individually impossible to predict
who will act on it, but it's statistically predictable that somebody will. And we have Cesar Sayoc and we have people
run into churches, we had the Coast Guard Lieutenant, we have all these people, we already
have the pattern, we know that these crazies are out there. And so maybe be careful about the things that
you say. And if you're not careful at this late date,
we can look at that and say what you're doing. You must want the outcome that is assured. >> Well, also, look, I don't know if they
want that outcome, but what I do know- >> They don't mind it. >> They certainly don't moderate their behavior
regardless of how many instances of violence we've seen. But what I do know is that outrage is a very
lucrative and profitable business, and that is what they're peddling out there. There are all sorts of hate merchants, fear
merchants, people who push these, again, conspiracy theories which leads to paranoia in various
communities throughout the country. I mean, that's why you hear about people paranoid
about white genocide in America and that's what pushes someone like the person who walked
into a black church and murdered dozens of people. >> Yeah. >> It's sick, and this country is just driven
by money in the worst ways, and I don't know, I feel like it's never gonna get better.

26 thoughts on “Right-Wing Terrorist Blames Fox News

  1. I felt that last comment. Pure truth in what she said. " Country is driven by money in the worst way, feel that it's never gonna get better."
    Statement is so real cause you figure the people who pull the strings ain't in Congress. It's the Donors. The people with all the money that control everything.

  2. Hilarious to watch 99 news channels condemn someone and call the one news channel that doesn't… a bandwagon! Hilarious and historic left wing self projection. LOL

  3. So as a black man if I go into a store with a pistol and rob them I get 3 to 5 years for the robbery and year for each bullet in the gun If I'm a white man and send the pipe bomb to Congress I get 10 years I do 85 percent of that time and get out at 8 and a half years

  4. When it hits the fan the Right will throw each other under the bus and cannibalize each other for some backwards ideology.

  5. Every time there is a serious crime done by white folk. Their defence is he is retarded. But look at the black people that are locked up with mental issues. Why don't they use that defense for them?

  6. Today I saw this crazy lady who would stop in the middle of the road, open her door, and wave around 2 signs that said Trump is a genius and Trump will make America great again. She almost caused 3 accidents within 2 blocks. What is happening to these people.

  7. Is it possible for TYT to be even more stupid and clueless? I think to myself "wow, it can't get any worse," and then you say something even more stupid. You guys are f**** hateful morons.

  8. OMG did you hear what she said at the end of the video about the shooting at the black church 😲 she needs to be fired immediately that was uncalled for and please she must be let go she had no right to say that!!?

  9. Remember Tim McVeigh. He was a disillusioned combat vet from the War on Tots (ie: Iraq war)! who killed Iraqis he later suspected were just defending their homes, and Tim saw the ruin of America as fault of 'do gooder' left- he got his info from Rush Limbah-humbug and the rightwing news noise! (The truth is mcveigh was a gov. agent but that's another show)!

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