Right-Wing Promotes Edited Ilhan Omar Video

the right-wing war against representative Ilhan Omar has the number of different weapons in its arsenal lately Donald Trump has taken it just making up quotes that she supposedly said about Al Queda and things like that shouldn't say it but nobody checks anything anymore so it doesn't really matter and that's all well and good but it's not as good as video you really want to see Ilyn omar saying something and if she doesn't actually say something horrible with a bit of selective editing you can make it look kind of bad and so we're gonna show you a video it's from an interview she did with Al Jazeera last year now all of this is the interview Parker Molloy took the video and she highlighted the section that has been spread on right-wing Twitter so you're gonna see the full video but notice the section in the middle that has been edited out a lot of conservatives in particular would say that the rise in Islamophobia is a result not of hate but a fear a legitimate fear they say of quote/unquote jihadist terrorism whether it's Fort Hood or San Bernardino or the recent truck attack in New York what do you say to them I would say our country should be more fearful of white man across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country and so if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe Americans safe inside of this country we should be profiling monitoring and and and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men so if you saw the video there the entire describing what is the rhetorical point she's making was oddly cut for time I guess in making it seem like what she doesn't believe in isn't advocating for is what she's advocating for but I don't even know why was she even the deceptively editor one is that controversial so let me expand upon it so the anti-defamation league said that last year in 2018 98 percent of the attacks that led to deaths domestic terrorist attacks were done by white right-wingers 98 percent so if you want to you get all afraid of someone and and take action and profile them well you should clearly be white men okay well you say all right well look that's just one year okay and by the way that's the anti-defamation league I don't know yeah ironically they say a lot Omar's anti-semitic but I can hear right-wingers typing right now who cares about the Jews don't care about them right anyway so but let's put that aside have other FBI well Christopher rain Trump's pick for the head of the FBI testified just a couple of days ago and said yeah the majority of the attacks domestic terrorist attacks are from white supremacists now overwhelming majorities from white supremacist there's also anti-government extremists who are also white right-wing men and some from insel extremists who hate women also right-wing men white men okay now you say all right well looking it's just one year okay find our FBI agrees with the ADL so I lost an argument okay so how about if it's longer period well if you look at the decade before 2009 to 2018 well it turns out 75% of the attacks or three-quarters of the attacks again according to the idea are from right-wing extremists okay if you go all the way back to right before or right after September 11th guess what number you're gonna find this is according to the Government Accountability Office so now these are several different organizations all agreeing all across this different time line and they say about 75% of the attacks are by right-wing extremists who are white men now it is a perfectly fair point to say the country seventy five percent white so it's somewhat proportional right or completely four so now the country's fifty percent women and all of its almost every attack is by a guy so again if you wanted to be accurate and who you profiled you would profile men period you'd leave women alone completely now we're not saying profile white men and Ilhan Omar didn't go as far as I did she's definitely not saying that she's saying why are you asking a profile people who are doing a tiny percentage of the attacks as opposed to the people who are doing three quarters to one hundred percent of the attacks if you want to profile someone you would profile the people doing the great majority of the attacks but we don't want to do that we want to drive fear and hatred and that's her point it's a hundred percent accurate point backed up by data and logic so of course it drives Republicans crazy yeah I mean it was what she was saying was right on she was responding to the question honestly he asked her the question about fear she's saying really well if you look at it statistically the people who you should be afraid of is this group that's being radicalized and they're white men I mean it really is as as obvious apart as can be made yet it needs to be made over and over and over again she was making it articulately she's she is that right she's very she speaks clearly and I think she speaks calmly to the point even as she's being assailed constantly by the right yeah yeah sorry John before you have more details and thoughts on it I wanted to say just a point on what Mark said which is that the people who speak the truth get attacked more like if you were misleading you're gonna get actually attacked less it's kind of a weird irony it's the truth that bothers them the more like oh you say well the majority of the tanks are white right wing extremist Mendeley how dare you I mean they get triggered more than you could possibly imagine I once talked about how the Holocaust was done by Christians every conservative blog read the headline like they're like Christians obviously it was the Buddhist no it's obvious that it was the Christians who did it and they say no no good Christian could have possibly done it so the Christians who did do it are now no longer in hindsight Christian whereas since all the Muslims are bad when a Muslim doesn't attack all 1.6 billion Muslims are guilty and the fact that they can't see the hypocrisy and irony of that is unbelievable they have no logic at all it's stunning and and I could go on and on the other day I said progressives want everything in this country that expanded liberty including the civil war oh yeah now they're gonna think that the North was liberal and and the South was conservative outrageous so if you say something true it will trigger that more les yes and so this was a very convenient thing to put together I don't know who did put this video together who initially cut out that section but they didn't care about the people that would see it they didn't they don't care about the truth obviously they had an omission and as to just try to destroy Ilhan Omar and because it if you're a right winger it feels good to believe that she said something discriminatory against you because you go through your day just hoping that you'll get to be to pitch yourself as a victim right wingers from pundits to regular people to right-wing politicians just started tweeting it out automatically no thinking they probably didn't watch the full video let alone actually go and find the interview itself so Marco Rubio immediately I am sure the media will now hound every Democrat that announced the statement as racist right well he made the mistake of tweeting out a video that was edited to fool people like him and he helped them to do that when that was pointed out to him he took that as an opportunity to learn no he didn't he said this no you got duped into proving my point when it was pointed out my tweet wasn't about her it was about the double standard now many in the media would react okay Marco but to what to react to you tweeting out a video that has been deceptively edited she said white men but in a rhetorical point the point of which is that we should not racially or religiously profile anyone and even when it's been pointed out he's a part of the modern-day Republican Party where facts don't matter there's no accountability for anything and so why would he apologize just double down and say that you were right and indeed while it was far more there's some politicians there were so many commentators so simpletons like dave rubin instantly we're tweeting it out dana loesch she tweeted this democrat privilege so far no in the media's reporting how an elected member of congress is advocating for racial and gender profiling it might be because they watched the full video and she was explicitly not doing that dana loesch is so sure that she was right that when it was pointed out afterward after she ran the the video on her radio show she began tweeting and tweeting and tweeting and tweeting constantly varying reasons why she was still right and depending on what the moment was oh I'd totally watched the full thing oh like they're stretching that this is selectively edited does anybody really think that this was not edited in a to fool people into thinking something that's untrue plus the damage is done I mean these are there are a lot of people here when you put it all together who are then tweeting out that video and it's completely erroneous and and hacked in and an edited video and it's that old line that the Churchill line the Allah gets halfway around the world before the truth even gets it's trousers on I mean that really is what happens here that video the edited one gets out there in such a big way that the truth telling the actual video doesn't even have a chance to really knock it down or any sort of appreciable way yeah and we're really fast on that too because there are people who just instantly retweeted it or added something virtually every right-wing pundit did that they did the thing that people do whereas if something is convenient for you you don't check it you just tweet it out but there is a layer that's worse than that and that is Fox News that night because after we already knew that it had been edited Tucker Carlson used the video Laura Abram used the video all of them they like Tucker Carlson he's the thinking man's pundit right he thinks a little bit deeper you know he's not just Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity he's he's if you have to be fair to him ok no you don't have to be fair because he's not being fair to anyone because he used it knowing at that point that it was wrong because he cares more about taking out a woman of color in the US government that he does about reality so to that point look the main point she's making an interview is we should not profile anyone they all lie and say can you believe she wants a profile white men know she was using white man is an example of why not the profile right so they're like we don't care we don't care what the reality is we just want to attack her and the main point that Tucker Carlson Sean Hannity made last night work can you believe she's fearful of angry do something about it that would seem to be proving her point even if that was her point on the go don't worry we got you covered you can still listen to t whitey at our new podcast network find us on Apple podcast at Google Play Store or at TYT comm slash podcast

32 thoughts on “Right-Wing Promotes Edited Ilhan Omar Video

  1. Occam's razor beautifully explains why Right-wingers and flat-earthers are profoundly wrong about their cherished conspiracies.

  2. Wow. How fake is that'? And how can anyone believe that' . Dough boy could careless if she gets killed..Dough boy doesn't really care about anyone that is against..Now it makes sense that he KNEW about the journalist that was murdered..dough boy knew that…..Go to PBS, on utube…The full Mueller report..you will cring..Pass it to everyone you know and more if you can

  3. We should be profiling white people in the possibility that they could be radical. That’s the message. It’s still racist.

  4. You guys are ignoramuses to defend Ilhan Omar as a hero of America! That idea is asinine, she is doing absolutely nothing to bring peace & unity & helpful laws to make the US or the world a better place. Let's look at the numbers please! How many people have been killed by muslim jihadists in the US versus white wing terrorists? Oh wait, that doesn't fit your narrative, never mind…

  5. I agree with most everything Cenk Uygur says, but the over-the-top, hyper-indignant way he says it grates my nerves to the point that I can't watch TYT anymore. Please someone tell him to just let the truth of what he's saying convince us.

  6. The comments section is so incredibly disappointing: white male fragility shrouds any ounce of truth, justice, or equality. Right Wingers are today's equivalent of Puritans opposing the Enlightenment and Secularism. They are absolutely regressive and oppressive for the health of society.

  7. I'm surprised Leftists are defending this broad, terrible optics. Add to that her comments about (((certain people))). It amazes me how "strong" women feminists have completely cucked on defending the wearing of the hijab.

  8. Black men are responsible for most of the murders in this country. Black men like her brother whom she married.

  9. Oh , regressive libtards who constantly lying and using out of context Trump's quotes now crying about it. Sweet-sweet irony.

  10. Cenk didn't mention how many total deaths there were in the category of domestic terrorism. Even that is a sketchy collection of data. But Omar said white men are responsible for the most death. Clearly that is wrong. Black men are responsible for the most murders in this country, year after year. It is wildly out of proportion. But I will accept the domestic terrorism if you guys will accept that black men commit the most murders.

  11. meanwhile, far right hero cesar sayoc say's he was radicalised by fake fox , same as the weak males
    morons who troll tyt. weak losers.

  12. even the real shit me as a white dude. we're WAY MORE SCARIER than any muslim. like I'm not scared of them at all but a fellow white dude wearing a black hoodie (which is my usual attire) terrifies me x1000% more

  13. omar is a hamas suppoter. you are so srupid you voted the most evil woman to your congress. ask most of the jewis comuity what kid of person she is. i honestly cant belive you stick up for her. just to moan at the right. i with you would grown please

  14. This fretting from the fragile and resentful about a nice lady from Minnesota is funny. It really is. But some of those people would like to see harm done to her. It’s emblematic of the dumb and mean in the us going way back.

  15. Omar and her pals wouldn't know the truth if they tripped over it. That's why they never appear anywhere they aren't spoon-fed questions that are aligned with the absolute rubbish they're trying to sell. Asking a Muslim Congresswoman if she opposes FGM is not an "appalling question". That's how Omar answered that exact question from a member of the audience at the Muslim Caucus Education Collective's 2019 Conference.

  16. Cenk tell us men are bad and to leave women alone. I hope he is enjoying the $20,000,000 Hillary gave him.

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