[Applause] what's going on guys is Jules here aka evil street shark so today I'm gonna make a video on my 2011 Honda Civic Si and I'm gonna post in the description below all the monsters done to this car so I'm basically do like an overview for all our the new subscribers and everyone has been watching to give an idea of exactly what's been done to this car from like the exterior the interior and the performance mods and what is tuned bikes etc so let's start right now so as you guys know I'm gonna start with the engine mode so let's go ahead and pop the hood let's see what we got underneath here oh my god the heart of the beast right here guys the heart of the seat so I'm gonna talk about everything that's been changed in this car so the car has full boat songs in tune so the bullets horns are it has a skunk – 3.5 inch intake and it has a p2r throttle body spacer and you guys probably says this is right down the side p2r and and I also have an Optima battery and the car also has headers so it has going to mega power catalyst headers so you guys can't see it from here but the headers are behind the engine and goes down so it has going to quarter into p2r throttle body spacer this Optima battery I put in there because of the bags of and then also I have other stuff connected to it so I got a newer battery and it also has the gold power 3 inch exhausts and I'll also give you guys some revs of the exhaust so you guys can hear it it's kind of windy today but I'll do some revs for you guys so you guys can hear and do like a little flyby here and there see you guys could definitely hear it a lot of people ask me where can you get this exhaust so the company that made this exhaust is out of business they've been out of business for a while now they were originally located in California is there another exhaust that I recommend that sounds good compared to this because a lot of people say they like how this exhaust sound I will say the bet if let's say this the resonator on this exhaust blows up or whatever when I go boost it or something and I guess the resonator goes bad I would definitely consider getting the accelerate three inch exhaust and I'll post the link to that exhaust in the description too but definitely hands-down out of all the exhaust in my opinion that has a deepest tone it's the gold gold power three inch exhaust and also the accelerate three inch exhaust those are the two exhausts to me that sounds the best for this car in my opinion all right so let's do some revs and some two steps and some flyby so all right so now that we got the performance out the way and what's done to the car and also the car is tuned by pit viper he's hauling like a gent Civic club for Facebook and acts what's a good tuner everyone's gonna save it Viper so he Tunes my car on bolt ons and my car is tuned with flash Pro the flash pros at home and I don't usually carry with me let's talk about the interior because I have the interns gonna be the main important thing that's gonna be going on for this winter this shift knob so the interior this shift knob I got this Mugen shift knob it looks like this and it has the chorus 1 through 6 in the reverse and has the meegan logo right and then it has this red pinstripe right around it which I thought it was cool because it matches this right here so I have that and then one of my latest installs with this was the red H emblem for the steering wheel and it looks like that looks really good and then also an interior I have this this is my airlift performance controller so if you guys don't know already you probably notice from the intro of the video my car is on bags it has the early performance 3h so it has the high sensors on the car so basically let's say I have a passenger and three more people in the backseat and I have my ride height right above the tires right so any added weight the car is gonna sink a bit but with the high sensors any weight added to it it will pump air into the bags and keep my ride height no matter how much weight I put in the car it will automatically adjust and keep my ride height that's probably one of the main important features that I really wanted out of bags so if anybody gets in my car and I don't start rubbing or anything I keep my ride height there's no problem I love it definitely so that's it for the interior just the shift knob sterile bloom bloom and this airlift performance controller with this vent mount and I'll post all of this in the description and where you could give this vent mount so yes everything is done to this car from the interior and LED lights so I did these LED lights there's one back there – all of these LED lights are done so boom LED lights so that's it for the interior and I'm gonna explain where I got these parts from – because a lot of people have been asking me oh where do you get oh em Mugen parts from Japan original parts from Japan not the ones you buy off eBay so okay let me dive into it so the parts that I have for this car is the million visors so you and I'll post everything in description so I have these new advisors they have like a little curve to it it has a kind of like that little curve to it and it also says Mugen right here it's kind of hard for you guys to see but this is Mugen right here trying to get a good angle but you guys can see it yeah there we go it's just Mugen right here so these are original Mugen largest I believe they're from the King motorsports website they sell these visors they're OEM viruses so that's where I got these from I'm gonna be doing a video soon because mine's is actually falling apart the strip right here it's actually like falling apart so I may just go ahead and buy new visors so these lasted me since what twenty twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen so seven years so other than other than that these visors have lasted me basically seven years since I had the car and put these visors on there so the only problem I had was these little piece pieces down here falling off the the visors that's about it the visor still holds up really strong from debris any little scratches or anything like that there might be like a little bit of scratches but is very unnoticeable it's very unnoticeable but definitely these are highly recommended basically like the visors are basically like rain guards so let me show you guys the purpose of these visors so let's say you get in the car right and you want to crack the window a bit so I don't have the key right now but if you crack the window a bit let me get the key so if you guys crack the window a bit you can still get air flow right you can still get air coming inside of the car but and even if it's raining so let's say it's raining the rain would not get into the car and you can drive get air flow and still drive the car without getting wet up so that's pretty dope so that's why I really like these because you can crack the window without getting soaked and you could get fresh air and it makes the car stand out and look good all together so music advisors I definitely love the look of them alright let's talk about the hood so the hood is I recently got this hood is the this racing or RF hood so it has these so for the fish racing this hood is the this racing hood so there's two companies that make this hit they're Seaborn and then there's vist racing the one that I have is this racing I like this racing because it's more of like a grayish it has more of like a grayish black carbon weave to it and then when it's Sun hits it looks kind of yellow well see ball has more of like a yellowish tint carbon compared to the this one so and then also one thing I notice is that this Racing has removable vents so if I take these four bolts out you can see actually inside of it you can take this vent cover out and you can see actually inside the engine so I thought I was pretty cool so definitely if you decide to go turbo and supercharged you could definitely take that out and you can show the piping etc Center and we also have the red H emblem for the front of the car and the rear so that's the front ready emblem that makes that matches the SI logo which it's really dope definitely looked though and then I have these retrofitted blacked-out headlights which looks really mean especially with the day running lights so it gives it kind of like a dark every look where you can't really see the retrofit of headlights you kind of have this mean little look from the day running lights and it's like a yellow tint to it so when you're cruising it kind of looks like this these are black though and it just looks like eyes for the day running life so it looks really aggressive these retrofitted headlights are pretty cool I like how they are blocked out I'm gonna probably make a video because I got to fix the headlights or leaking a little bit but yeah and also demonize on them so I can turn it on through an app so it has a so connected to the hell retrofitted headlights there's our RGB inside of it that's connected to it and has a Bluetooth controller so basically they have bluetooth on and it sees the demon eye so you just press the power button the demon eyes come out and then from there you just choose whatever color you want so you want red green yellow and then there's different functions this functions customs this functions you can choose whatever color you want if you want red and green red and blue if you want to slow down the speed you can have the demon outlook which is really aggressive so it looks really dope so definitely I love these demon on especially if you go to a car show or go to our card meet is then it just comes on you just pull out your phone and turn them on and it looks dope and people are like oh wow that's crazy and then the front lip that I have is the OEM hfp front lip so this is a front lip from Honda 400 nine through 2011 and of course my cars are 2011 this is the front lip for the US version front end so this is the H if they call it the hf p front lip Honda factory performance front lip and this is how it looks all around looks really aggressive kind of looks gives it like a shark look which I kind of get that went with the name evil street shark because I got the headlights and the front lip and then these are the OEM Mugen wheels that come with that come from the 2008 Mugen aside the limited edition version so these are how the Mugen wheels look they look pretty cool so for the museum wheels they have the mutant power logo in caps and Japanese and then they also have GP on the side and then they also have Mugen Forge as moving forward on the side and then it has up here made in Japan so that's pretty cool to be honest with you guys these bills are 80s by 7 and a half and I forget what the offset is I believe it's plus 44 or something like that these wheels are 18s my stock wheels are 17 these are 18s and these 18s are lighter than my 17 which is ridiculous so that gives you a good idea on the weight ratio Mugen forged wheels so definitely also I have these Mugen side skirts so these are the OEM you can sign screws and to order I love you been asking me where can you order these Mugen side skirts wearing wings so to be able to order them you gotta get 2008 Mugen si VIN number you have to get one look at these guys over here revin I'm just trying to film guys but anyways to get the mm to get these mutant parts from the dealership you have to go to the dealership with a 2008 Mugen si limited edition VIN number from one of the one zero to 1000 only made a thousand of them so yeah I'm trying to vlog but these guys want to race what is going on what what what these guys on sometimes your dealership may be a pain in letting you order the parts but you can go to multiple dealerships see if they allow you to order the parts the parts are expensive and I will post all the information in the description the parts are expensive so this is how the parts look and you can tell it's original because it has this weather stripping that goes all the way down and stop right here for the fenders it has a wedding stripping or weather stripping on there from rain and stop getting us out of it and it looks like that so that's how the Mugen side skirts look and then we have the OEM Mugen wing so it's a four-piece wing it's a four piece wing because it has it comes with this part that screws in here that screws in here it comes with this the other side and then the piece for the third brake light which keeps the third brake light third brake light from the factory also it has the red HDD mm bloom and I have this part that was chrome that I wrapped in a carbon fiber vinyl and it looks pretty dope it gives the car a different look for sure and if you guys want decals for to put on your car with your Instagram or if you have a youtube channel hit up my boy Phil s2k vlogs he also has a YouTube channel he has the s2000 he hooked me up with this decal so definitely if you need decals hit him up hit him up on the fam we're sticking together but definitely definitely he also has a Honda definitely hit them up hit them up if you need decals for sure I told you guys about the wing the decal it's underneath there the JDM rear emblem the vinyl that I wrapped right there and then down here we have the Mugen rear lip so the medium rare lip comes up to that curb right there and takes up the whole rear and it makes the rear even a bit lower so I believe the rear bumper stops like right here and the rear lip sits a bit lower so that's pretty cool it makes the car looks really low from the bottom then it has like these little aggressive fins at the bottom which makes the car stands out a lot so that looks really dope and then it has this third brake light and I showed you guys earlier when I was doing the revs of how it flashes and that's how a third brake light so this is how the rear ends look with the car being aired out and then last but not least we have the roof spoiler and this is how the roof spoiler looks it kind of gives it like a shark or like a dolphin kind of look they call it a wheel spoiler but this is how it looks with it it looks really dope especially when you're rolling and you see it sticking out from the back it looks really aggressive for sure so let me show you guys the trunk real quick this is how the trunk looks this is my trunk setup for the bag it's a chrome of 4.5 gallon tank two compressors um two isolator kids this is a drain plug to let any kind of water out from condensation the water trap is underneath here and I still have my spare tire so if anything happened I can pull my spirit are out change my tire and be on my way so it goes up to the right height and I can also control it through my phone so this is the app and it connects right away pretty dope so I can now have control the car through that app so let's see let's say just get back here boom so I connected already so let's say I want to air the car up right so you just double tap and the car ears up right pretty simple right if and I'm outside of the car if I want to into the car out just double tap and the car will air out as you guys can see pretty dope all straight through your phone and get back to my right height double tap that's it pretty dope I highly recommend get bags highly recommend guys so that's everything that's done to the car and on the app there's a feature called if you go to operation if you can focus and then there's a feature called show mode and you can enable show mode so what show mode does so what show mode basically does is let's say I enable show mode right turn on show mode pull my key out put in my pocket right I can still the the controller would still be on in the car and I can control the car airing up and down with the key in my pocket so let's say I need to go to the grocery store I can leave show mode on go walk in the grocery store double top of my phone leave the car arrow lock my door go inside and just air out in front of everyone like crazy stuff so you can control or yeah they cut our car show and you want to you don't want to turn your car on you can leave show mode on and you can control the phone control airing up and airing out without the car being on so that's pretty cool so definitely a dope feature but this is so that's all the stuff that's done to this car got the demon eyes going but yeah that's always something done to the car pretty dope I did a lot of stuff to this part as crazy as you guys seen so imma post all the information in the description if you guys definitely like this video of this car definitely hit the thumbs up and also if you're new to the channel you like the cars subscribe to the channel because there's gonna be more adult content and mods for this car coming this winter especially for the interior and when we hit 100k we're going to boost this car either turbo or supercharged so definitely and I'm gonna get back to you guys later because I also want to talk to you guys about something later on tonight

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  2. Theres nothing wrong buying from ebay i never had no problem with there body parts i bought same vicers and there made of good quality all never had broke

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  4. I'm new this car world. Do you just order the parts online and have any mechanic fix them up for you? or do you gotta go to special mechanics to do them? I bought a 2004 Honda civic SI Coupe and want to mod it nice

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