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this is a production of Mindalia television and Mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of altruistic help through thought if there is any medical science which was researched more all over the world is in aging or in reverse the aging process not only improve it because to it in the traditional medicine is considered gerontology as the science that study the aging process but look you can read all the specialty theology books and there’s none that talks about it not aging they try to age us like slow down a bit and how to correct typical diseases but there will be nothing that talks about reversing that process is possible to reverse because of course it is possible and biologically not madness mental action that we’re going to see the importance it has and it’s not that ideologically in the last century 20th century there were 22 biologists who have already won two Nobel prizes now research on aging is reverse the first was between the 50s and many won his first Nobel prize discovered hello the key hormone of aging and then the 90s they were three biologists the gentlemen a lady who discovered good they came further on they said there is no reason for the human being to die says he has left us amazed what we have discovered because the potential human being should be eternal if it can be eternal at least meet 120 years it seems to be now that the figure that everyone is going to try to pursue at least 120 years as we are now Then, yes, I say good, you want to live 120 rivers at least as you are now a virgin man that I stayed so less as I am then yes as I am not worsened yes but and If I tell you, it is not only that we are now, it is also possible to go back a bit, of course, everyone will sign up if they have their own apartment He has people who want him around and he has economic possibilities to travel that would not aim to enjoy life until 120 years well so the first question or the first question that I’m going to ask I went back to if I did not roll up many promised that is that I always stay Short Chávez who arrived about two years ago of this one of reversing aging and I always fall short and what people want says good so tell me specific things you can point to and buy and I always have that left for the last five minutes and I say with the amount of things that can be bought and done but see if not I wrap myself so much in metaphysical lucubrations and I can tell you everything that the market for natural medicine and that should be clear because in medicine traditionally there is only to treat diseases of aging and especially what they call the chronic diseases the term chronic form really is a incorrect euphemism is an unresolved disease what happens that doctors have invented chronic disease for disguise instead of saying sickness that we can not cure that will be the word correct or do not know how to cure it and not try who can do not call me chronicle or saying this is for life and if you have hold with it this is not true there is no dynatac disease to the old age except if we can not make a joke the stupidity that is going in crescendo because people that are like that there is no way correct and with age and that says that with age we we make more and more wise says that it is the prize that life gives us to measure that we are growing every time we are wiser and we understand the universe and the beings that live is that we have taken advantage of the the existence if we do not achieve wisdom then better we took off the middle and made way for the next but the wisdom and the knowledge that you all have all of you you have to get it delivered it can not stay in you king has been a teacher of university or others in other fields I have a friend who has been a teacher and I have also been a teacher for many years We know that everything we know does not help us or give us any joy but we give it to who does not know then as you go growing to deliver the knowledge then although we are now a little bit gone out of fashion because before the children they asked us they asked the grandfather Pope ask him for advice – an organ that they say is from another time and they do not even listen to the 12-year-old friend before you good to see if we correct it that the most important thing to fulfill 120 years as we are now to see first requirement let’s see the mental requirements or purely objective is a truth of truism to meet 120 years first I have to want to be 120 years old, so first of all, if I do not I want to arrive because that kind of daily immolation I do not want to live and I I want to die when it gets old, so I do not have anything to do anymore. life because someone in us obeys us and one day does not give us a snuff and we have died and we can not complain because it is to say less abbot asking of ten years ago because they take away half since it took 10 years have you and reflected then to fulfill 120 years with fullness we have to want to reach 120 years you know everything that life can expect and you know that people 100 years good from 80 to 100 cases is a nuisance social security has to stay the pension above we are the two are the people who go to the doctor we are a burden for the children the grandchildren the help centers then we are a good species are an annoying species to spend the last 100 years on the border I started in people start dating in the television 105 years birthday I have a look my grandfather is 110 years old look and the news is already on television and everybody asks him, but like the Do you understand what you have done or what you have not already done? It happens to be an annoying person a popular character and from there the family picture comes great-grandchildren the grandfather had not seen in all his life but they all come to take the picture for going out on television is sad is not that good at least has already become popular reached popularity at 110 years hey he does not see and all those people go that became popular in also very old we do not know how old they lived but it is speculated that great longevity of 200 years on, there have been many and many, whether or not it is something else I’m going to say that now people live more that’s a statistical phrase that’s interpreting statistics incorrectly the average of life now yes it is greater that in the 50s but the average but the number of centenarians has not increased now the same as the 20th century remains in proportion as in the century 19 the only thing that statistics values ​​the average of life among children who survive birth will be born at least for six days and the dead then of a statistic and then yes it can devote to the 80 years almost reaches them anyone who is not very clueless we do not reach almost all but that is a statistic more respected because how many wars have we had the 20th century laws and has brushing half humanity of world war is there is nothing it has not been a radio in Spain we have the addition of a civil war itself outside little and other countries had also their personal wars wants say in the the the statistics came down because killed young people from 18 to 30 years old killed millions of young people therefore the statistic among those who survive then there are no tepetates that is a pretentious phrase of medicine that tries to get involved to say thanks to us to chemical medicine people live more do not forgive ml I’m going to send aa the z the physics class you know forgetting valley and know interpret a statistic no no I do not live anymore thanks to medicine and forgive me if there is a doctor we live more despite the doctors look they insist but I do not want to speak ill of them because I have a great respect I walk around the medical school as it is and although one day I decided I say this does not mention that I sought medical medicine natural medicine Well, first you want to reach 120 years of age or you expect the success wait what you have not got now if the world is so big and and West by system has to go a little bit better every time good if we do not stick to gorrazos before and we do not kill again second requirement and purely of an attitude first to be convinced does not want to reach the second is to be convinced do not have any doubt that you are going to get the do you do it if there is a great doer or there is an energy place if we do not intervene the test that never intervenes When we ask who I am, where do I go? where else brought that is going to be from me does not respond crisis there is someone out there or do not want to respond or have become deaf so what does fate decide you do and how do you do it? you day by day with our thought of our acts then you will live the time that you want to live you have to be convinced that 120 years is not bad and you can start telling your children who are thinking about the uu Basque heritage a skull video I do not have much left to walk said furniture in the buoy brush all the good inheritance third very important to have a reason to fulfill 100 years at least 120 a reason for life motivate you have to have a reason and the reason can not be the navel and everything this is look does my wellbeing is not a reason the reason is why so to help someone for pure knowledge knowledge every time I know more more more I will get the understanding of how it is life because it is life if that which is called utility being useful is a great reason is that I have the best I have a grandchild who is going to need me because parents do not care enough I have my children I have a cousin or I have my neighborhood next door in the the cultural center of my neighborhood that there are people who need my help that’s a valid reason then fate sends you that reason to say no Take away that I have many things to do and many things to do does not work dance the belly dance not only that he has also been able to dance I want to say that the is the utility we are here to be useful there is no any species that is not useful all the labels that make up that own species there is no species that is anarchic that is individual neither the human being nor is it a species that needs work in a group Another reason is to obtain a solid spiritual belief that nati to God the deformed and spiritual belief I do not speak of religions although neither excluded them is worth a spiritual belief that you think there is much more that what we see much more than what is tangible that which actually call what they are hump there is much more and to sense what you you have the habit of talking with something or with someone to continue doing it you are free to talk to communicate with those who do so trust and six in a image continue to do so and a religion was used that nobody takes that away belief that they do not get taiz each one believes in what he wants until the atheist himself with the Gnostics a belief like any other it is worth then beliefs hold those that is very important the great longevity have had a globally we could say it globally even though the word beyond I like it but in the afterlife 5th to have healthy thoughts that is a healthy thought is not in not has nothing to do with self-esteem might have something to do with the self-esteem of the other having healthy thoughts not having a grudge not having hate not to be angry, not to be aggressive, not to be envious those are healthy thoughts because feeling depressed once in a while clumsy I am good because already improve that is a thought is a thought wrong but it’s not a harmful thought unhealthy thinking those negatively projected towards the neighbor rage and resentment only almost two dogs that there are although envy you know that Spanish is considered the more in videos or the world and the one that least recognizes it when someone accuses you what happens that you envy me the first thing they say I envy you, ricky, although he said fast, or he does not finish saying that they envy stadium I said to you good well if he seems that that is a endemic evil our good envy that will cure us the social utility that I just told you and finally within the purely parts of the mind is the mental activity varied at some point fishes the school to the institute some raise the university because that’s over because it’s over in some moment of our life because it is not said is learning what it is and where it is important that there are no subjects to learn first internet gives us all the information we want and almost always free libraries especially in madrid and we are in a big city the library are there go do not tell me when was the last time it was a library because it is really that man and every now and then there is I do not know are not or do not fall rays from the ceiling or anything go to a library there is a mental activity but a mental activity is learning to dance because it is not an effort to concentrate a mental activity in biodanza the learn to paint sing or I am a choir is a mental activity against anyone but do not stay in kitchen two with especially do not put telecinco and forgiving that he does not see why we chirped pussy since telecinco then is if it would be an activity 5 pray it’s okay if it happened to me but you do not see why the humor is that you have to have it good good now let’s see the parts practices that I go well of time the first requirement already practiced a physiological aspect let’s go to and then the biology and we’re going to play it later but let’s talk about it Physiology is absolutely essential in the practical aspect of diet hypocaloric if there is nothing to do look at the experiments that have been done with rats I was very clear the network because it investigate with rats you know why the closest thing to the human being but the cycle is so short that in a short time you know everything that the human being can occur because they are so similar to us the very short biological cycles Well, two types of rats were traditionally fed, that we think the rat likes we have not asked him but good is what they like it so they do not eat because another thing they did not have and another rat was put the same but very little while the traditional relationship was this to this rat they put this good to After fifteen days many of the rats usually do that already they had sick one another had already died while others had those that had the hypocaloric diet had a huge vitality in tripled their average Chinese life says it’s tripling the average life to notice that we have 80 years of average now triple it today the figure that is not this is that short in 8 by 324 8 140 years God what I have left to do and that only it is the first step that was discovered hypocaloric diet medicine in nutrition and suffering is the achilles heel of nutrition because doctors and pediatricians of psychiatrists advise nutrition and you know that nutrition in medicine is studied in passing is a specialty if you want to know nutrition a specialty but they learn what elementary of nutrition why do I say this because when I was studying medicine I am some nutrition things that I assumed to be valid but over time it proved that the surprises that followed were wrong current in the books some of those things or many follow they keep talking about things like that the human being needs a few calories average between two thousand 203 thousand 503 thousand eight hundred and those erroneous figures still there perennial says that the fat-soluble vitamins you have to take them every day because it is eliminated no deposits are 17 the water-soluble vitamins find their deposits inside the body if one day to see if I have time to explain where they are deposited and say that the vitamins liposoluble care that are toxic that are also erroneous figures that then they tell you that we edit as many as 60 percent of carbohydrates 25 per hundred percent fat and we have 85 and that 15 percent protein remains that I have to they fear as they know but very well those figures the man who put them was not fool three talking about the postwar world but let’s compare where the people the houses were not like now the weather was unbearable because when it was cold it was cold because there was no way moisture was leaking is in the bones of people people ate badly the water was better not to drink it then they told you a little bit more clearly heat and supports more the work that people had men and women was immense women used to have a jug of children with which to the already put in energy woman why are not you going to be able to get my mother had seven children that’s why the energy she had could be seen then but that has to do with now that you put a button already have the clothes there and nothing clothes is not like before remember that you observed the clothes I had at my mother’s house beata viola the pile of scrubbing is now work and 60 percent of carbohydrates and fats and fats seem low they have to take them more than anything because the cold was immense When it’s your turn to the cold, the only way to defend land is by taking fats that you know that they protect you from the cold but it has nothing to do then the protein figure as people lived so little 45 years 50 years hopefully, why would we go to protein but this has changed in The West has nothing to do with the West and I’m telling you about almost every country already have another way of living lala the index of proteins is that change it you have to increase what proteins are used for questions because I’m leaving the vein of when I was a teacher what are the proteins that can not say, what’s the use of the clue the carbohydrates and the energy fats to tell me something happened to the tissues but all there is not even one that is not even in the DNA in the structure of DNA are the proteins then is the tissue rebuilder but every day you know how fast all the skin tissues are renewed is not against continuously renewing the interior the hormonal system the whole heart is renewed are tissues that have a continuous renewal and at a speed of vertigo and can only be renewed renew with proteins then we’ll talk a little bit about amino acids that also has a lot to do with proteins well then you have to change here we want the thanks and there is a war the fats certainly also worth for the eu thanks to the cell membrane it requires its fats and the hormones but good we are going to remove that 25 percent of fats that he does not paint we are going to leave him in 10 as with luck and s15 we want to steal fats if we put it to the proteins summarized accounts we already have a 30 protein percent good hypocaloric diet no higher than 1,800 calories and increase protein ration proteins only one requirement for proteins to drink water because it consumes a lot of water is worth and in addition how they are metabolized in a kidney because it is necessary for the child to have enough amount of water is the only requirement to drink more water than usual for proteins and your chosen ones will begin to rebuild at a great speed the process of reversing aging is noted separately from 2 years do not believe that today they take the pill and tomorrow ten 10 years less that is to say water, for example, little water because dishes that I make has a lot so be it if you take a vegetarian diet eminently undoubtedly yes undoubtedly the water you have although they say that there is nothing that can supply pure water with any food that in spite of that and another thing that lead to sound very different so less drink water with the firewood meals you know that the most amount of available energy in which we have to live where do you think it is goes to the digestive processes 80 percent of the energy available to be human is going to digest food that does not need that they are not even necessary and those foods you know the heat that is generated here the tripita not so cold are in the body’s fluids what does it remove fluids organic and it takes the digestive process and that three times a day as minimum that there are people who take five meals so hypocaloric diet does not you have what you want for dinner well nothing a decision taken is a merger or the other thing in a lettuce if you want because it also induces a little more sleep Clement does not work if it’s not something I do not know what I gave to your no no no the water can not replace the fumes because the juices are a drink concentrated the organism although you do not believe it will have to portray the to give them enough liquid and steal the water that has the center and take it to rehydrate the juice that you think is enough the zoom also has more difficulty to hydrate why because it has some elements among them the fiber all the elements that has the lavishness that through the intestinal villi has its difficulty let’s see I’m going to put an example avis done sports and I’m sweating and beige water to that water immediately sweat fixed the speed with which absorbs for blood and removes water so it does not replace the water with nothing if taking juices is still taking those that add water and preferably those meals the water that is added when vanesa people in the subway with their little bottle crossed living ahuachapán habitat and that sounded through the breathing is going to lose good hypocaloric diet eat less it’s not that hard either does not love is cheaper or yes if you are full although it has fruits to which the fructose has it has fruits except the angles thing has a series of sugars if they are not bad but it was thought that he with the fruits the pancreas just I was going to work, they were not going to have the need to take insulin if you do not notice something that is symptomatic you know that at least 50 percent of people over 60 have type 2 diabetes and as that number grows 50 was passed 710 and at 70 percent it happens that people with age have a type of diabetes that does not correspond to genetics that has been wanted genetically type 1 I shut up but what happens that half of the population already has type 2 diabetes for life that has happened to see the food we have exhausted the pancreas we believe that the digestion is exclusive of that of the stomach the intestine the pancreas is the liver and the gallbladder those that they work without stopping to do the digestive process and the pancreas runs out only for the insulin that something else makes the pancreas the good enzymes and we what the pancreas does its enzymes for the process said one thing we do not need I’m going to put a simile or you remember the steam boilers that we had in home and this I remember that it was cooked with no porn com with coal and someone would think of instead of filling the right carbon destination for that gives more heat or that this cooks before I will get to the top that it happened that the train machines exploded we had a quantity of coal when I threw it is more the boiler exploded not I just did not walk anymore, it was worse for the human being the same thing happens and then apart from that almost all the available energy We are using it to metabolize food that we do not need and what happens with the waste now remove them and that sometimes does not it can accumulate, fortunately we have kilometers and kilometers of capillary network there is accumulating the entire walls and then atherosclerosis heart disease and everything or be convinced that as there less fire it is very cheap to eat less than really the cheap good another requirement the appetite the hunger thirst and hunger also gets used also you get used to the body to eat and the shirt will demand ts that makes you lower the blood glucose level and increase the gastric juices and you already have Stirring your stomach asking you but it’s a matter of habit if you eat – it is also customary to eat less and less and less it is curious that the psoe he’s used to me every time to eat less and sit down to eat I say and if is that I do not want to read presidio for me could not eat but you see but it arrives a moment that you put on because you do not spoil the food yes well then eat less another chapter moderate physical exercise moderate physical exercise double-edged sword it is healthy or terribly harmful to know what is your level of healthy physical exercise that does not cause suffering to which you are doing the ideal would be to continue a little more and if someone tells you you already have to finish and the economic thing was happening that is a good exercise that day because tomorrow and if tomorrow is not like that and if tomorrow the ten minutes is now that you can not see yourself from the gym or let hiking that day your body is telling you look today that is not beautiful today for you is third larissa out today and tomorrow you do the kilometers that is listen to your body well the physical exercise that exceeds the threshold of pleasure that reaches suffering to say I have to continue because someone fool has told me that the exercise is health does not always cause health causes the oxidative stress that is more harmful than not exercising then the bad exhaustion is not exercising is bad we find the medium term and equal exercise everyone has their hobby the dance is a good exercise the truth that the subject that is one with a usual thing in women to go to a winged dance school that gives us the win is a good way to exercise is that works the whole body practically the whole body and works the mind the concentration the agility of balance is a good exercise rings you know what I do martial art and it seems to me an absolutely perfect exercise too but hey I want to go hiking another one is also but exercise ok but without suffering well another requirement to be surrounded by a healthy environment and that is the healthy environment good part of what you say that the television antennas say the microwave anyway in these things of blaming technology on everything the bad thing that I put it on so that it does not give me a heart attack for any impact is not It’s good for me not to blame all the technology because humanity is typical in believing n when you know when I first came trains the steam horses that are going before people can throw them the dynamite the roads I did not want them took their lives says this is the work of demon this is hell a machine that put noise making smoke gave with what well that we go on horseback with the leadership happened to them with the time already that now we like the train especially at once we like a lot well wants say that all the technology initially rejected and is thought to go to bring evils the computers thought it was a comecocos and and now poor of the company or the governments as it does not have a scientific gazebo all they have to have a computer since they learn it By the way it has been shown that work with computers periodically streamlining the mind enormously to each and every one with what you like to do if you like to chat also also worth in a healthy environment in men and if they have put a high voltage tower 2 meters in percentage that’s not very healthy because they are burying you know that there is a tendency to bury it is the high tension well there are some limits yes but there is not much case of the currents as telluric only though those are tell me that are things that you have to expect the time and the scientists do not say clearly if they are bad microwaves or Potential microwaves do not have to be bad because because all he does is mobilize molecules and make the molecule collide with each other when hitting They produce heat and if you have the little screen on, you have not seen it touched. rubber does not have to come out and nine half sling anyway in any test of the x-ray tac me when a young lady says that she does not have a microwave because she is bad and then I know that once a year a mammogram is done because a incongruity seat apart from microwave because he thinks it’s bad worth what respect mammography nazis and that has been proven since this couple of doctors discovered and woman the two cancers that things so you have to be congruent a little bit of technology to ignore scientists to know a little more than we ask him today he thinks it’s bad this television at what distance by the way now the cathode rays are no longer use the led televisions you can stick and that will not happen nothing more than what you would spend listening to an alarm of what you hear come the bnos in the armpit the led the screens of television is much more harmful than in the old lcd screens on TV but not colored tubes we do not leave aside a medium source is in the intermediate because he explains what to the classmates and so why me because a female doctor from the unit at the Complutense university discovered a system for the protection of Argentina and its I do not know if our friend conrado is going to be right because now he is trying to sell glasses or filters for the laws because the damage is ocular although radiation is not what I I was referring to the eye, there are no radiations but the objective that the eyes are to see the light not to look at it and the led what it does is that you specifically a border this week very bought some glasses that took it glasses on these have no graduation it simply protects me has treatment to protect of the radiation of the area and the young what happens and the led bulbs by itself this is an honor to be here and there so if he was right he is right that does not emit dangerous radiation and undoubtedly but that of sight who wants to tell me about almeyda because the buyer has simply been for me same because although it has makes sense and that’s what we’re going to talk about that but It would be the same as being on the beach because, even if I have the eyes closed because the ultraviolet and infrared rays can destroy you the eye even if you have your eyes closed that’s why people get the beaches glasses is fine because being a photonic energy, it is right up the rebels a technology that has been implanted and that practically they appear all because it is far superior to what people are looking for an LCD screen and has not been able to find the stars but that program is still selling not plasma If I had still sold if you can buy them if the questions and if the English court safe if it does because one of my son to occupy some plasma and says do not prefer reflected in better definition and has another system of going to last longer I do not know good gave me an explanation good to take note to know the led and I have put the house full of led The truth is that they spend little if they spend little but we will keep in mind to depose lacava who has a contract with most are shared many optics of coslada san fernando and I do not see well 66 and well we keep telling what this is a good name x give a more biological sense walks a chromosome is worth and that in there that we have now you know it is not worth it is he has said that there were two theories I’m going to go to the last one we’ll touch it the first one from the 50s which is very interesting also about the aging process those were the three doctors in biology who won the Nobel Prize in the 95s 96 I do not know exactly if it was they who have been amazed that the human being died and above all find where why we died and because there were people that he aged very badly and would soon die apart from the purely casual a accident something like that does not say that you do not have to come to the conclusion after this no It’s a theory of mine this afternoon here the distal part sure you know what it is sure if I do not remember it this is a telomere are the telomeres are the extremes that there are in the chromosomes is like a kind of pod like the myelin sheath of the nerves and protect the chrome chromosome what protect their entirety and prevent it from deteriorating especially when there is mitosis we’re going to talk about it only now when there’s one thing that scientists here a cell mitosis occurs and two come out cells and some dialogue that corrects me I perfected myself when and of the two parts one is destroyed is appreciated that of the other that is identical to the street yes yes ethics because people age criteria does not have to age if identical has the same information the same characteristics and knows what must do because I started well it was discovered that in the process the the chromosome duplication deteriorated and lost the information part suppose that there is a thousand by of information here and in each publication it goes to lose 50 as it doubles continuously started to double to lose information there they found the reason why the human body that increasingly has more and more information every time he knows less how to repair himself because a seven-year-old without a barren organism is repaired with a precision and speed that amazes us a child has a fever 44 that dies and the next day is running down the street because if you do not have information yet enough organism does not know but the repair processes are amazing and that has happened in my body to which I am already 69 years old because I had more information than when I was a boy because my body does not know how to repair it, I should have learned how repair itself no no no and do not re it and do not know why to losing is losing information in these famous telomeres is losing information in such a way as you know the windows by force of year to erase and record erase and record is corrupting files no longer finds its counterpart and do not know and information has been lost our body is like information loss and if it does not have information the program of restoring the heart for example is clumsy lacks data and it does not repair it until it dies is what they found out it says good since we know that what happens the famous telomere is lost and the information is lost we already know why we grow old because we die and the question is yes now that in the question they did good to follow investigating and discovered an enzyme telomerase this should be in charge of when you see a deterioration repair it but that enzyme does not occur on many occasions and came a moment that does not occur at all then the telomere disappears that is the extreme and that is totally uncovered this is already a is a corrupted chromosome and only death remains as a resource then discovered telomerase says good we already know that to depend on all this and you know in what they stayed says well we know that telomerase and how we activate how we feed telomerase there he stayed and did not continue investigating but behind them and many people came about all those who came to laboratories pharmaceutical laboratories they said how we find out how to activate telomerase this yes that we lined up and they started and they were all and you will see what a sense has that all went to natural medicine to natural remedies I have a doctor for having her because I have to have and she said she had you have a little high told me I’m going to send you medically silva who gave you a reasoning I say look I’m not willing to take a medication all the life for a disease that will not cure me if you put something I have hypertension but you’ll have to do it I do not have to do what I say I’m going to demonstrate and the time the tension out take I have two and a half and by coming here it is optimal to look 12-13 single issue and I curve it with natural remedies and not has ignored good yes and that time then I left the cafeteria with friends 15 and you want then we went to ask the questions you want about medicine without any problem let’s go for the guys man that you We send the males to see for the man there are three plants for us ginkgo biloba for boys I did not grow up for girls not worth This does not mean that for women it is not worth it but it does not have the usefulness for us ginkgo biloba for us the nettle green nettle green not the white nettle green and an herb that is even more so the subway or in here is sold as a kid I repeat it ginkgo biloba nettle green except the metro that all life for us because we have some diseases inherent in the vases we the testosterone have a tendency to rant and when testosterone our rant we we propose aggressive only but the whole body sick and that I am saying is going to control our testosterone is not going to decrease it’s going to preventing a metal structure from forming is called dihydrotestosterone which is the one that produces scope to prevent them from forming and with cancer hormone-dependent we will allow our prostate to be in optimal conditions and that our reproductive system to hear us follow working ok it’s been said I know that all very well the ginkgo biloba artiga greens or palmetto well I’ll tell you the noi ginkgo biloba the soy have no have that be the extract extract the green nettle and the start-up and the neighborhood as if you go to the field and take stinging nettle and if it has stopped they do not sting anymore nettle is made so it is scaled in very hot water zafacones do with the octopus not I know what happens is a little broth and you can take it in the village salad wise they take the nettle but that it does not take it and without discussion yes yes and yes I think palmetto because the same thing is the tarpon you will find in pills an extract the other day I was in a botanist had Ávila el sopor me touches a plant a precious dwarf palm is also the one that more let’s take us see every day that there is more an amino acid that does not we can miss l arginine between 500 and 1,000 milligrams can not miss us stimulates us defensive system males hormonal system follow produced makes the states said you spermatophores keep having life has four we have until the day that we die not there they are better than they are revolutionizing that dreams that doing the arginine l stimulates the cognitive functions do not stop taking is worth and produces an increase in nitric oxide which is nitric oxide what It causes our arteries to dilate and if they dilate there are oxygen flu and personal as the body with legitimacy is essential for nitric oxide is produced in the general is an amino acid has no inconvenient is that today I tell you that it was not very decayed instead of 500 milligrams you pass to ameal or three same

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