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hey today we're continuing the conversation around video first marketing with one of the premier experts mr. Steve passin le for over 20 years I've dedicated my life to bringing you the very best selling marketing and business building strategies to keep your business thriving get ready to experience the success you've been searching for welcome to the tom ferry show everybody welcome to the tom ferry show super excited to talk to you today my good friend Steve personality from BAAAM BAAAM we are talking today about an 85 page report that you're getting for free here's the heads up you've heard me talk about an episode 132 that we are in a video first marketing environment what I didn't share with you is the back story my friends are at Bom Bom we have been working on it I'll give you some numbers you ready we watched 5,000 real estate agent videos over 500 agents were nominated by all these extraordinary agents that we know we have tens of millions of videos on the back end of Bom Bom are calm so we've got a lot of content that we had to go through and dissect and view we were to narrow this down to the top 50 most influential experts in the real estate game using video and my dear friend Steve is going to talk to you about everything that we learned so I'm going to encourage you to download the report as quickly as possible but on this show Steve who killed it at our summit this year ratings off the chart because we all know video first and he's really the expert of it so Steve first of all for you know the 50 people that don't know Bom Bom don't know you give them a little bit of your back story because you know you and I've been kind of in this space for a long time so yeah tell them just a little background on Steve passionately yeah so I got in the real estate technology industry right out of college got a job with top producers started learning about real debate and always had a passion for technology and found out I had a passion for teaching yes and that's really where its stemmed from so been in the industry in one way or another in the technology space yeah and just stayed there I love real estate I love the pho and and and that's why you've helped a lot of people I mean you know as a look I was really early on top producer you know 20 plus years ago but I think about people like Chris Smith yeah whoo you know when I see Chris a big shot to Chris and Jimmy and those guys every time I see him they're always like oh my oh my god see that's like like you're you're a mentor to these guys so I hired Chris that's hot producer which is which is funny and and he just I could see it I could see just magic yeah in Chris and he just took off it was awesome so you joined bom-bom a couple years ago yeah almost three years now and so you're out like on the tour you're out training it you're doing exactly what you're built to do train educate help develop people so so I gave him a little bit of it what's that what's the origin for this why is this is this another popularity list yeah is this one of those like ohoo special or is this like a tactical like rock star list so that's exactly what we didn't want to do we we did want to create a top 50 top 100 100 whatever it may be yeah list but we wanted to do it differently because everyone else creates a list and it's just to raise up the people you know that that one and that's yeah that's all well and great and that's fine but we want to do something where we not only rose those people up and gave them a little bit of notoriety and some props yeah but we wanted to pick their brains and we want to create a list because we know that these are the best people in the industry to doing it how can we pull knowledge and information from them and how can we help you easily find content out there because this guide is deep it's 85 pages long with the top people with links to their YouTube page us links to their Facebook page you don't have to search and find this here is the concept click here watch the video and then you guys all know I'm a huge fan of R&D yeah rip off and duplicate so that's what we're gonna do here yeah and that and and that's exactly what we provide not only do we show you their videos in the guide we tell you how you can see more and then we actually interview them yes and they're answering questions and we can get into those questions later but but we're talking about stuff like like how do you get over being nervous about shooting a video which is you know arguably the number one question I get like Tom does my hair look right you know what if I say the wrong thing well you know thank you right so you know and I and I say look I remind people like your friends know what you look like yeah and they how you speak so if you're totally perfect with authenticity is one of the things we talk about if you're totally perfect you're in a screw hole thing so there's a shiny authenticity inversion yeah a shinier that something is a lot of times the less authentic it feels because it's over rehearsed in your head yeah and and and this is why I think sometimes I do okay onstage because I'm just a hot mess in general I make mistakes and and and people like oh like hot and so you know the message comes from message comes from your heart yes it's it's a different it's a different approach and people feel in a different way 100% so it's okay to make those mistakes one of my favorite videos of all time is actually it's it's of my wife sending out her first bomb bomb video to a Remax agent funny thing is yeah and my wife she does a skincare so she had all these products and it was her first video I made her send it and she's talking into her computer laptop camera and she drops all the products and she goes out of frame and then she hops back up into the frame I'm and her face is bright red and she's embarrassing recording I'm in the kitchen and I'm telling ya thank you and she keeps recording yeah since she didn't want to send the video she sent it out she got a response yeah and the person Susan all she did was talk about she's like oh my god I'm so klutzy too that's so funny 15 minutes talk about being klutzy and at the end she was like odds by everything though it's the comedy time we've seen videos where we have clients that legitimately like are shooting a video and they fall in the pool in the backyard and they're like oh the backyard I'm like send it out yeah that's gold that's gold right yourselves we're talking about I mean we get excited right fifty-four thousand videos combined amongst the top eighty right there yeah the 50 of the of the top ten category are the top five five categories you know and then 30 obvious honorable mentions because there's a lot of people out there doing some amazing thing and I want to make something clear the honorable mentions are ballers – yeah like these people are are amazing it was so hard to narrow down to that that top ten if you're on this list you're doing something really really well okay well let's look so if you're on this list you have two hundred and fifty five thousand views on YouTube on average this group combined as twenty million four hundred thousand views of just that's the eighty right and some of these videos have seven views and some have thousands and thousands and thousands of videos there's actually a few no it's one I think that has a million yeah yeah which is ridiculous I mean it's it's that's worth mentioning so these these men and women have have embraced this new methodology certainly YouTube 2007 you looked through sort of the social aspect of how videos evolved certainly over the last five years from vine remember how much fun vine was trying to do a video in seven seconds yeah right yeah and now today with Facebook live so so let's get into the five categories and what I'd love for you to do is maybe share some insight some of the stuff you were sharing that summit that people were so excited about so this is gonna be for you very tactical so there's five different categories where we basically said here the best people in these groups they're doing these five things well neat you're five things that if you watched episode 132 you saw me talking about this stuff but let's get the experts opinion here you ready so number one let's actually talk about all all-around video what does that mean first of all all-around video that just means they have a very balanced approach to their video process because what's really great these days is if you were to ask someone five years ago or ten years ago tell me about real estate video the only thing that they are thinking about when you say real estate video our home tours yeah and that's it and so now there's so many more methods and so many more opportunities to use video in your business that it can be a home tour yes and they they're great we highly recommend home tours but community tours recorded videos live videos social email texting it's so varied and so we wanted to create one of the five categories it's just all around who has a very balanced approach who's doing a little bit of everything but doing it right and that was one of the the hardest categories to really put together so without saying any names give us just an example of an avatar someone that's doing it right like what are some of those tactical things that they're doing oh and avatar I was gonna yeah those guys they rhymes with miles yeah but so so in the all-around video category basically they're doing it and we were just talking about this before this Instagram for the show to Twitter live Facebook live are they doing videos and then creating you know clips like on Facebook and instead of that and like we're talk about execution most people they know what to do they they you know they hear what they should be doing and they just don't execute and and it's funny everyone that's on that top ten category not not everyone is doing perfect in each area but perfection is not a standard when you're doing video my friends perfection is not a standard absolutely but they have their hand in it and they're getting the most important thing is they're getting results right if you were in front of more people more often would you do more business yes and that answer is yes and so when time distance and technology keeps you apart and we can't be face-to-face and we can't talk I'm sending you a video if I'm talking about anything emotional yes if if I need to build trust or yes or the text on my screen isn't going to do that only sure will not do the right only your passion the passion that you bring in the tonality of your voice and everything so yeah it's that was a really fun category too you know because they're just really doing it all right so I think if you go back to a lot of my videos here to see right on my youtube channel we talked about all the different social strategy I'm trying to remember the show I'm looking at my VP of Marketing who hated that I actually did this show where we literally said here's our insta strategy here's our YouTube strategy here's exactly how we do it so you should search that as well wait wait wait connect can I rip off that plate in a second because you know you gave all away all of that information yeah thought about that too really 85-page guys is that gonna be it's gonna be too much is that too much content that's why we on for this group but that's why we broke it down into categories yes and that's why in the interviews with in the guide we asked them basic questions as well how do you choose the right video agra frank you getting started you don't need to read every page of this guide if you're really pumped about doing and we didn't get to the categories yet but if you're really pumped about doing community tours go right to the community tour section and look at those ten people and the honorable mentions right there and see what they're doing and listen to their interviews there's never been a top whatever god out there like this it's the first of its kind and we were just so pumped and I'm glad to do it no I mean it's a it's a great partnership because we're a video first coaching company I believe in this have been YouTube channel for since 2007 so so let's look at the other categories and what I want is like like a best practice so yeah so listing home tours have been around forever but like what's the thing that makes it stand out is it creative is it is it children you know in the hallways dancing like what's your experience the answer is yes mhm all of that yes because people have now yes they've listening tours been around forever move beyond I this is the bathroom right right that's full is that a hallway got it yeah and so now there's storylines but there doesn't have to be storyline yes there's people that that made the the listing tour who are not in their videos there's people that made a content who are in their videos and they're they're killing it in their own way so that's what's exciting you can be unique if you're great on camera if you're absolutely fantastic on camera and you have a passion for that be in your videos that's what you should do if you are so afraid then you should start with another style of video first before you get to those listing videos and that's okay too and hire the English woman for the voice oh yeah yeah or or that or they can were the young kids saying about the castle like yes that was a spectacular video or I mean remember the legendary video the the team down in Australia oh yeah they have several helicopters the guns the girls breaking I mean it was sexy and provocative and you're like wait a minute the sales for sale it looked like a movie so so one of the things that I want to talk about with the listing home tours so I've been a huge advocate of this with a lot of our clients for years so just a little hint for you it's very rare it's very rare that I get a phone call that says Tom I produced this killer video on this property and I directly sold the house from it now it happens right hey the client from out of the country watch the video six times and they made a decision on it I get that that happens but we're gonna the us that maybe that's maybe that's 1% the time of the 13% that are buying internationally maybe but what happens is they get to come with me calls they get the Wow Wow you made that who's that expect do that you will I will list my home with you if you do that yeah and I think that's that's the direction people need to go today it's it's the creative aspect that makes you stand out amongst the crowd so test test yeah and and it's funny that you say that one of the questions that we ask the finalists was about finding the right videographer yes what do they say and and it's it's really interesting they're a few people actually said the same thing which I didn't expect but a lot of them you know the videographer can come up with those creative elements that we were speaking of and and they have their own ideas you don't have to come with all of your ideas and they were hiring a lot of people hired wedding video interesting just so they would ping the the best they would check out the videos online and be like hey have you ever thought about doing because those wedding videographers tell a story right they tell a story of their whole day yeah and so I think Raj oh yeah right yeah Raj is on everybody know everybody knows so in he talked about that you know in depth in his interview yeah intra that's good I'm not good what about community tours like yeah like I'm a huge fan of Geographic farm be the hub be the local expert like be that person there Barry's like oh there's Steve he's the guy I see him all the time what what were some of the key distinctions you guys got from community tours it's it's still the best-kept secret right I know you're promoting it you promote it all the time but in terms of again in execution and people doing it that was a much harder category really yeah really yeah and I'm finding that you know the right the right people and so community tours it's an evergreen marketing piece yes it's it's something that that lasts forever and one of the benefits of doing those community tours of course is you get that that local restaurant owner if you're doing quick little messes with the with the restaurant you become the the local mayor the local market expert and you go around there sharing that content yes the people that are in the videos and so the community tours have been really in my opinion it's one of the most valuable and powerful video assets that that you can implement and so there's a wide variety to so it's it's small businesses in your town its communities in your town or its the parks the local schoolteachers the the best nightclubs its know your audience yes and help them understand what's going on and and there's so and again just like with listening tours there's such a wide variety because there's some people that are walking around with their iPhones or they have a little DJI Osmo and and they're making great b-roll clips for when they want to talk about that the community and then people again we'll get that wedding videographer to come out and it'll be a little bit more polished but yeah but both can still be good we've seen great videos videos that are a little bit more raw and organic that sometimes can connect on a deeper level and then that more polished piece depending on who your target audience is in your target market so you're not so funny for me I'm going back to like 2009 right so I have Gary Vaynerchuk speak at our summit there's you 2,000 people there christoph to you in the room eileen rivera tim smith like all these all these people that are now you know legendary rock stars on video and yeah gary golden i mean I can go on and on like these amazing agents and he was saying to us and be the mayor of your town yeah get Brett never never grab your flip video camera him he's yeah and shoot a video of you talking about how's the market here's what's going on in a long time ago and then I look at Ian watt right up in Vancouver right big shots in what ian was doing videos kind of same time as me early you know 2007 eight nine and and today he hasn't done a video in years but they're still on YouTube and I've used to you know you've research like Vancouver homes for sale you know Google and YouTube I this connection so those videos show up because I can't come with me calls and emails even today because most the videos he was producing we're about a burger here's what's going on in the marketplace here's what's happening our area new buildings are going up he is the local expert and he's not even involved in the game right now and it's so unbelievable so if you have limited funds yeah and and you're just starting out you'll get more bang for your buck spending that on a community tour as opposed to a home tour which has limited lifespan but yes I represent after that people didn't see it like we were talking about but the community tour last years and years so talk to us about recorded and I think actually it's all I actually want to go super specific with you okay we are talking off-camera about this study around when you're delivering bad news hey the deal fell apart hey it's time for you to reduce your price right you know the stuff that like we know we need to make that presentation we sometimes assume we should do it face to face to soften the blow we make it over the phone because we're hiding what have you guys discovered about video so what's interesting is bad news is more psychologically compelling than any other news that you can get so have you ever given someone bad news and they either sat there in silence mm-hmm and they didn't know what to say yeah or what's the opposite fight-or-flight I mean there's a reality where they bail they've said they're gonna be emotional they blow up and so science has studied that and the reason why is because the human brain needs time to process that bad news to fully understand the message so we found and a lot of in the recorded video categories something great that a lot of people did was they were delivering bad news which always happens eventually yeah in a video first to soften the blow just to allow that message to sink in and to say oh hey you know we need to talk about about your home looking at the stats in the area you can see the bow it might be time for a price enhancement you know delivering that in a video allowing them to really soak in the statistics and the numbers and the message and then say hey I'm in meetings this afternoon but I want to talk with you about this in person or over the phone tonight at 6:00 now what you just did is you open up the doors for them to fully accept your message when you talk to them at 6:00 in garrison bingo an hour gave them their time to you know go through that sort of emotional loop go through I literally was just think to myself someone is going to go honey our relationship is over so recorded videos are really like we're talking one-on-one but we're also what we're doing right here where you know we're gonna shoot this and then we're an edited we're gonna take some clips so we're gonna put it on Facebook and Instagram same concept yep yeah yeah yeah it's similar concept to as long as it doesn't fall into you know some of the other categories that we have here though I'm gonna give one little point right okay number one person on the list and I cannot say their name the number one person on the list what I know is this individual has follow-up video campaigns for every one of their lead source pre reported you know videos Bom Bom pre-recorded for every one of the lead sources its legendary like is there some of that stuff in the report yeah absolutely so this is pretty exciting because there's a lot of content information out there about home tours and community towards you can see that online right you can see as long as you go find it all that's what a great it yeah were you but it's there what people can't see online and what people can't learn unless they're following Bom Bom and people you know like you of course what they can't learn is the style of one-to-one recorded videos yes because Bill Smith isn't sending his lead response video to the real estate community for them to evaluate the messages yeah you know it just doesn't happen and so the exciting part are there for them to watch oh there's a I don't know in the recorded video category but we have about 30 29 to 30 videos from the top 50 finalists Rd Rd Rd Rd yeah I mean this is this is game-changer stuff alright let's do my favorite category like I asked people all the time when I'm doing seminars I'm like hey grab your phone really fast I want to show you if you want more referrals if you want to create more top-of-mind awareness if you want more people talking about you there's a there's this button on your Facebook app called live just live it and they all play held like oh ha really know it's live I go that's why did hi I remember getting the mentions app right that was the first version of it the beta and literally getting this app and thinking myself oh my goodness you mean I can hit this button and it's gonna broadcast live to every person I know on Facebook I'm this is gonna be insane at the beginning I was very mindful of it now I will tell you that if you were to do this right now and it asked you right now to let me go to your Facebook page go write down your own feed of all the content you're posting and I want you to do this how many likes and views did I get on a written text probably none how many likes and views did I get on a photo that I post probably a few especially if your family's gorgeous right um how many likes and views did I get if I took a listing and I posted it there with a link taking them off Facebook I bet Facebook is hiding that so you got nothing on it and you know this and then what happens when you go to a Facebook live it blows up and it gets in there based newsfeed well I only have a hundred forty thousand followers I've had five hundred thousand people see a Facebook live because once it's good they put it out to everybody well you should avoid that as I was won't know as I was walking over here yeah yeah it was a little while one mile walk from the hotel yes and as soon as I started walking and I figured to get some exercise as soon as I start walking my phone beeped I looked at it Oh Tom fairies live so I clicked on it so I got a push notification that you were live uh-huh and so yeah well yeah I want to see that click on it I'm following I get here I see you're still recording it like that's that's the power it's instant notification and and we have that category so they're gonna see everything from like hey I just took this listing to I got a buyer to hang with I mean so the opportunity here guys and I know like there's a there's a lot for you to think about right probably the biggest issue the vast majority people have is like what if I don't do video what happens what if I do video and it doesn't turn out well what happens I would ask you to just remember like your friends and your sphere and your past clients they know who you are they like you they know you they trust you they know what your hair looks like they know that you get blotchy they know that you sometimes you know say the letter are wrong like they know all that stuff so you should communicate to them anyway because they're all living on this yeah well so sounds you have a friend and or a friend yes in high school or junior high that before you grew into who you are that was sometimes mean to you that said mean things like everyone went went through with his time period were you like why am I even friends with this person yes and then what you do you kick that person to the curb right well that that friend is back yep in your head out there because they're telling you you're not good at video you don't look right you don't have this that friend is personified in your brain and you're hearing all the nasty things that they were saying in high school about who you are you need to do the same thing it's a self limiting belief just kick them to the curb but the live video category is is the most stressful right you know because you're honest it to start for sure you're on it live there's never yeah there's no editing everyone can see you so we ask that you know we asked a lot of questions about just being comfortable yeah on camera yeah drinking I would I would say to you to all of you I would actually go live first I would face my fear and go live first and it was interesting that ahead first right there a buddy of mine who who's on that live show with me we were just talking about it like the difference between filming this and the the thought that I'm speaking directly to a friend mm-hmm right like it really just alters my like and then I see oh hey look you know Jill Biggs is watching right now Marnie Hales watching right now and the moment I said I think about them exactly it loosens me up and I'm just thinking about sharing what I wanted to share with that person that already knows me likes being trust me etc well a couple episodes ago on the tom ferry show you were talking about being happy yeah and how important it is to to be happy yeah for your life and your day and your job in your and so that's actually one of the strategies before you get on camera whether you're gonna do a recorded video or a live video if you close your eyes and you think about something you're grateful for for 30 seconds yep your kids your family something they did and you just live in that moment and then you say when I'm gonna open my eyes I'm gonna click record your video so we've done these tests we've had agents record a video 30-second song to tell us why they love to do what they do why do you do what you do yeah and so they record it they send it to us in this class and we start watching them and then we say okay everybody sit 30 seconds be grateful recorded again and they said it's a night and day difference it's it's absolutely ancient amazing it's because they put themselves in the right mindset they became happy yep and then that shows through in the video I love it I love it look at the end of the day my friends were in a video first environment the opportunities for you to shoot videos to take that content and turn into multiple pieces of content to extend your brand and ultimately earn the kind of business you want to earn the come with me calls that we all desire this is the way so I'm telling you download it find the link do whatever you got to do you can read it cover-to-cover if that's how you roll I I struggle with it because it was like 85 pages I was like this is the stuff oh I want to talk more about LA yeah I want to know what everybody else is doing oh I want at the Home Tour I want to watch that one I want to see that one I'm gonna encourage you to do the same so do me a favor give us some comments let us know what you're thinking after you download the report whether it's on Tom very calm or here on youtube or on Facebook let us know what you're thinking but Steve it was an absolute honor to work with you guys and develop this I'm so proud of this I can't wait to get your feedback um shoot lots of videos shoot lots of videos so remember always just tragedy matters and now more than ever doing videos absolutely rules hey you're the kind of person like me who's always looking for great stuff new ideas innovation ways to improve my life in my business check out the link below at tom ferry comm ford slash agent – tools because i've got lots of great stuff for you there hey thanks so much for watching if you want more of this make sure you subscribe to our Channel you

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