Return to the MH17 Crash Site: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 87)

Nepos occupied a lead unleash those with some a little problem yeah process castle tour near from Detroit naturally to remediate Wagner who today my soul I was nine sectors bill who racket this is the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 which was shot out of the sky over eastern Ukraine four months ago killing all 298 people that were aboard it was the single greatest incident of loss of life over the course of the entire conflict in eastern Ukraine but it’s still not clear exactly who’s responsible for this tragedy they say that a Russian anti-aircraft system known as a book was brought here into eastern Ukraine and shot the plane out of the sky but the Russian authorities and the separatist forces here have put forward a number of different reasons for how the plane could have come down with solution Kuakini which we receive papa doctor’s bill noticing severe super-chill abyss rural area yes Joseph Brawley nicely is resident atonia tortured is negão terrestrial skull to show taquoia Nashik meteors immaturity multi-person Razia generously equipment even otherwise days ago village who cry from Manas Billy I receive every so say on his video crying say would not sell ivanova Cherokee with Leona Casas watch some injuries everyone on board mh17 was foreign none of them had anything to do with the conflict here in eastern Ukraine most of them were actually Dutch citizens which is why the Dutch Safety Board is the organization responsible for the official investigation into the causes of this crash but the Dutch investigation team has only issued one report back in September with preliminary findings that don’t point the finger at anyone all the report says is that some high-energy objects from outside the aircraft penetrated the fuselage bringing the plane down what that means is that they’re saying it wasn’t a fault in the aircraft itself and it was probably a projectile of some kind that shot it down the better of damage to the body of the aircraft and the cockpit is consistent with the damage that would be expected from a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft this is probably what led to the structural damage to the aircraft and would also explain the abrupt end to the data registration on the recorders whether the Dutch have found fragments of that projectile is not clear if they have they’re not telling anybody yet and that might be because in order for them to be able to continue their investigation here in this area which is controlled by the pro-russian separatists they can’t exactly be blaming the pro-russia separatists or Russia yet I think each episode can I ask what the purpose of today’s visit is the specific thing you’re investigating today somebody else can I will later oh really okay thank you taught us again to the jpg industry jnana song has written a show on prostate Piranesi looks like one of the locals found some personal documents from one of the victims of the crash Dutch documents and handed them over to a journalist here who’s now been taken over to the investigators to hand them in it’s amazing that incidents like that are still taking place that things are still being found here four months after the crash in a regular aircraft crash investigation this would have been cleared up months ago but it took weeks just for them to get the investigation off of the ground because this was an active conflict zone at the time another version of events that’s worth looking into is one of the theories that the pro-russia separatists have put forward which is that ukrainian military aircraft had used civilian aircraft as cover for their planes and followed in their trail and they may have been shooting at those military planes the rocket went off course and hit the Boeing one incident that lends credibility to this theory is an interview recorded nearly a month before the Malaysian passenger plane went down in which Yelena : kena a volunteer separatist fighter in separatist-held slaviansk accused the Ukrainian Air Force of hiding behind civilian aircraft on bomber runs passagers Kisame lude y bi was similar to christ army’s Cruces anyone Umaga please post Ilsa ski no boom when Azad Nagar on this is sneeze net where a reporter from The Associated Press saw a Buch anti-aircraft missile launcher on the morning of July 17th three hours before mh17 was shot down there were also two sightings that were documented with photographs of the same book anti-aircraft launcher in this city I spoken to G by Gil easiest ideal situation much gutted my uncle mr. Walia Escherichia is really Jim to resolution evolved from Malouda miss mulatto da da da boom was Brazilian she did is neither one devotional was the wall as Lani observe Wallace on July 11th Ukrainian aircraft bombed out this building and another of buildings around here it’s believed that the book was brought to this area to deal with that threat a few days later in the weeks preceding mh17 being shot down the separatist forces had actually shot down a number of Ukrainian military aircraft and on the morning of the 17th the same day the mh17 was shot down they claimed that they’d shot down a Ukrainian military transport craft and they actually boasted about it on social networks but took those posts down later that day when it became clear that it was a civilian aircraft that had been shot down until it is repaired a youtuber calculated and Rochester frensky transport Nick no Hobbit epistemology see our linear which on Jonah territory of Bremen machi de Jesus qo la misma when I when I vigil ear to sup with Zappos Couture us bow with our the vast telephone as one rocket Pravda believer we know prostitute amphetamine recovery recovery Chatham’s toes beat blue – sniffing – humble Coble’s bit used to Yahoo button psychical to Buddhist realization editor but a processor will have done toca toca toca somewhere else Billy nipples occupied a lead unleash those bit so many people yeah process cazzo to give in detail naturally to remediate wayne-o today my soul or what you should i with nine sectors bill who rakita knocked out this deal wins nice nobis calendar see when I probably did so much Lord Mahadeva Christmases not you’re not the lattices necessarily the vineyard meter lanthum love Tojo grandma Giada Cassata takatori yesterday was boo you do get proper Harrington Horgan Oh buzzer Etna Guevara khatam stowe at billy parisi sketch a ready state is not rocket no complex a book Kotaro both divisions territory racy oh no sure Vietnam stopwatch ela a telephone nurse Guevara Jerry stop evideo rocket or shot can cover its a toast oh I miss Billy at the same allot show video city what’s attached East Oahu Union at nine separate history that unstow crimes given this poor suit brush dance quiz Manute Prakrit see Cratchit says enemy yes Lee at NASA moon jelly practice that or exported sue crying skinny Vienna me to a jelly to cry Natasha prochaska moonshine you Banda sea chest purchase another booted broccoli chest off a common formats a moose Guevara stresses Catalina parasites of Poros key cannot operate ammo new diva techno stupidness Devlin Ezra Chatman Tom Savini bless Dione vittatus east of Union Avenue Matteo Patoka propaganda Nietzsche Western PCHS on our video to the brochure good effectiveness you

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  1. Why does it matter that the passengers of the plane were foreign and had nothing to do with the conflict? Are you trying to point out that's a "special" tragedy?

    Civilian casualties of this conflict are only involved in it because of their home location. They didnt choose if they wanted this, just like the plane passengers.

  2. Только конченному идиоту не понятно кто сбил самолёт. Украина сделала это для дискредитации и подставы России.

  3. Nice comments. Apparently it wasn't the Russians fault at all. You see, if a Russian hits you with his car, you are at fault for being in front of his transportation.
    Got to love the logic here.

  4. 8:00 Говорит что это Украина отдала расследование Нидерландам!))) Не смеши и не ври! Украина делать и расследовать сама ничего не имеет права (борт иностранный)! А решение было принято кока ополченцы передали черные ящики в Англию а они нарушая договорённости в ООН передали Нидерландам которые принести в жертву своих же граждан чтобы прикрыть Киевских хунтарей! Всё делается по указке Вашингтона и НАТО а Англия или Нидерланды для США наплевать – это страны сателлиты и музыку заказывает Америка! Вот и приказали чтобы затягивали расследование и прикрывали Порошенко усиливая санкции против России!

  5. Here we have the argument of, "Whoever allowed MH17 to fly over this part of Ukraine should be blamed" with counter arguments of "It doesn't matter, they still shot down a Civilian airliner and doesn't make them any less murderers".

    What I make of this is that, we westerners are always right. We can get away with anything because we're western, and Russia is always the enemy. We shot down a Russian civilian airliner in 2001 (Siberia Airlines Flight 1812) killing all 78, shot down an Iranian civilian airliner (Iran Air flight 655) in 1988 killing all 290. But you know what? It's ok because our news can simply make everyone forget that we did those things and just turn all the attention to Russia to make it look like we're saints.

  6. It's clear that they plane was shot down by mistake. Whoever shot it – doesn't matter. A terrible mistake to nobody's benefit. But what led to that was lack of care from central government of Ukraine that did not close its airspace due to war in the country. And that's also a very inconvenient truth for everybody. Just one big fail, this story.

  7. Having lost military planes to buk missiles prior to the MH17, why didn't the Ukrainian government take an action of closing that area to commercial flights?

  8. Dear Simon Ostrovsky,

    You are incredible! Are you really a numbnutty f***tard or are you just pretending to be stupid for some reason? Specialists from all sides and even (ex) US military weapons specialists have acknowledged the Russian point of view.

    MH17 was followed by a Ukrainian military jet, got damaged by an air-air missile, changed course for an emergency landing and was finished off by 30mm canon fire from at least one Ukrainian jet. The many holes around the cockpit area of MH17 speak for itself. The fact that Ukie controllers had MH17 change course to fly a route as close as possible to the hostilities is a clear giveaway.

    It's a shame that the establishment interferes with your job, that is, I'm assuming that that's the reason you keep playing dumb. You should be asking the Dutch why they decided to keep the lid on this case and why it's Ukraine that got the last word from them. The latter is the reason that we'll NEVER get the official cause of the crash.

  9. shooting down a civilian aircraft only brings bad press for a separatists group and it only helps the ukrainian goverment to take "counter terrorism" measurements, so it's pretty obvious who shoot the plane and who had something to gain of it.

  10. Americans should be aware that the whole world knows and can agree that they are the stupidest people and the most aggressive(politic) of all the others in this world, so SHUT THE FUK UP FOR ONCE already and no one more comment on something you do not know,PLEASE..Watch your own business,,learn bit of your own history(you dont have :/) and geography, as it can be seen that except your names you dont know anything… what a fukin moronic nation OMG S:S:

  11. evil ''Americans'' have no mercy when it comes to their goals ..9/11 was one sample.. they have no limits… how can american citizens can not understand that i don't get it.i feel sorry for them..  :/

  12. That journalist learns the hard way: the war is always starting and never ending. But war die in egg, it most be like… Thank you to understand that Idea. ;-O try to figure out why is the last covering video by that journalist… Somebody may stopped the paiement… I just guess!

  13. I'm sure that if US and their friends had any evidences to blame Russia of this tragic events, i would see that even toasters already roared about it

  14. Vice News. I'm from Russia, Togliatty, Samara Region. I want you to return to Ukraine. Ukraine in peace, I hope so. Your videos was very, very inteteresting. Pleace, continue to show us the point of view of both sides – Kiev and Donetsk. Thank you )

  15. После слов "Ракета……" и многозначительной улыбки в усы…….

  16. I've really enjoyed this series from vice I've followed it from last year, but why are there no more dispatches going up when there is more intense fighting and the fact that NATO forces are putting foreign fighters to back the Ukrainian government

  17. Dear Mr. Nikolay Kozitsyn, would you be smiling if your family was on that plane (check at 7:48)? Btw, how can anyone smile at civilians, and children getting shot down by AA missile fire?

    You will burn in hell, you cynical, murderer puppet.

  18. Nobody in their right mind wants to be in Russia's "sphere of influence". Get rid of corruption, decentralize government, support democracy and civil liberties, and then we'll talk. Nobody is interested in Soviet Union 2.0  you thick skulled morons.

  19. Cozak knows…What the point for Russia to shoot commercial airplane? An accident in a war zone? They was aiming on military plane and missed? Or, USA needed Europe to raise against Russia?

  20. The Blonde Witch Bitch at the end is a bloody evil cunning liar but she gives her lies away by squeezing her hands together has we can all see in this video at the end..
    Russian didn't have nothing to do with this at all it was SERCO who are a U.K Tory Government owned by TORY's and evil death dealing Insurance Con Men who are making Billions from Insurance claims that their family's no nothing about but this company called SERCO had something to do with this plane blowing up over the Ukrainian Conflict so to blame this crime on the Seperatist's who everyone thinks are bloody Russian military but everyone of them speak russian and the Ukrainian language and there are many more who speak many languages..Send the Blonde Traitor at the end to jail for lying to her own tax paying people who are paying her wages.. Witch with Blonde Hair = Propaganda bull shit she comes out with to cover all her evil bases.My Bull Dog has better brains than the Blonde Liar at the end of this boring video..Squeeze those lying hands blonde witch woman.. Blame it on the Seperatist's especially when they Ukrainian Military are mass murdering the old and the sick while they lie in their cold beds because they had to blow up the power station so innocent people freeze to death..
    God see's all and believe me Gods on the Seperatist's side" They are winning this War and their people are now feeling a little safer and many are saying sorry for not believing in them in the first place..Trust is key and Corruption is OUT and we all need this kind of justice to set us all free from BANKERS who are looting tax payers every bloody day.How many Billion did POROSHENKO Borrow from the Nazi run Zionist Banks of Europe so to wage this War on about 4.5 million hard working russian speaking Ukrainians who have paid for this evil Ukrainian military wages so they can kill them with their own tax's which paid for the very bomb's that are now bombing their towns villages and city's and all the time Bankers keeping lending this dictator POROSHENKO your hard earned tax's..Believe me he's getting well paid to turn the Ukraine into a huge dust bowl full of death and Destruction.The man is a demon and a fat lazy demon to.

  21. "the missile went of course and hit the airliner" is that even possible? aren't those rockets locked on by radar, or are they heat seeking? either way those jets would have been flying really fucking close if that's the case.

  22. That's so lies if it was a jets bomb it would of token out anything around the blast radius and that apartment wouldn't be their their would of been a bad seen over their if that happen that looks like a smaller bomb. about a size of a 5 year old child or a smaller  Motor bomb.

  23. fuck both of you guys. Rusky and Ukrainians ! that was our plane you shot down. it was just a commercial flight how could u attack it u fucking fucked up fucker. 

  24. The film played at 5,54 time? the English journalist deals with the Russian military who is lying on an air strike on a building of brick which was clearly getting out of the art system in the capture of Russian separatists city. Such false evidence noticeable in the behavior of the military Rusko and his clothing is a special color jacket.

  25. there is just 1 simple question, why have the Ukrainian authorities not released the contents of the black box? its a really basic thing, and extremely important, yet a whole bunch of other garbage is discussed

  26. Why not say the result of the investigation? A year has passed. West is not profitable to say that the blame for the Ukrainian side.

  27. Dont believe to that cossak – it is ataman Kositsyn and though he is on the rebel's side now – he is not loyal to Putin. He has his own game and it is important for him to show that he knows something. Putin's rebels will never give any important information to him

  28. You know till now that video that you embedded has been made PRIOR to the accident? Also, you should know, that the crew of Buk missile which, you say has been spotted (with ID 231 if I remember correctly), voiced them self publicly and said that it is actually Ukrainian system. I'm hopping that all journalist lying and re-lying other ones lies should be brought to the court of justice. This war is made by the help of media and it is pushed by the media. By that, there is a lot of blood on hands of journalists in this information society.

  29. "separatists shot down a number of Ukrainian aircraft in the days prior to mh17 tragrdy" is all anyone should need to hear to know with 99% accuracy who shot down mh17

  30. This old fat Cossack is sooooooooo dirty.  He knows EXACTLY who fired the BUK that brought down MH-17.  Obvious.

  31. This guy admits that it is his voice recorded during the communication between the rebels after the plane had been shot down. At first they thought it was a ukrainian supply plane and it turned out to be a passenger plane. Pretty clear.

  32. it's more likely that russian artillery is to blame, sadly I think it will be brushed under the rug like hillary and all associated with benghazi

  33. Российское телевидение оуроловское? 🙂 9:02
    Только сейчас это видео случайно попалось, да у нас в Украине телевидение не то что оуроловское, оно вообще телевидение ИЗ АДА, что эта курица вообще несла??!, это уму не постижимо!

  34. If I were the separatists I'd be screaming for the investigators to arrive as I couldn't wait to show the world that the Ukranians shot down the missile. However, the fact that investigators weren't allowed there immediately at the time and separatists aren't doing everything they can to raise this issue and maintain it as a point of interest, speaks volumes.

  35. clearly the separatists shot the airliner down. fucking civilians are always the ones to suffer first in these conflicts. none of these people deserve this suffering

  36. who had the most to gain from shooting down a passenger plane?….and in syria, who had the most to gain from the use of "chemical weapons"?

  37. "Ракета"… и сидит, мразина хуйловская, улыбается. Тварь. Ну вот просто тварь.

  38. the woman in the end obviously fucking lie you can see the way she holds her hands and the cameraman caught it well done vice news

  39. Its blamed the pilot who flyed the plane. If they know that place was warzone territory, they should avoid that place

  40. I'm starting to get the feeling that buying a ticket on Malaysian Airlines is basically extremely high stakes gambling. They should change their slogan to "Irresponsibly Cheap" if their going to keep flying planes into dangerous areas without telling anyone. At the very least they should hire as many ex-military pilots as they can, they'll need people who can handle a large aircraft in an extremely hazardous situation. Train the piolots to handle crash landings, evasive manuvers, and surrendering as a group of civilians in a couple languagess, it might save some lives.

  41. just wondering why do the cossacks support russia i would have thought after what stalin done to them they would be natural enemies of the russians

  42. So a missile shot down the plane, why woulf ukranians have anti air missiles in that territory even though the Seperatists dont have any aircrafts also only a few weeks prior 2 military aircrafts got shot down by them so its pretty clear who shot mh17 down

  43. There are many other reasons the plane could have come down. None of which are relevant due to the fact that rebels used weapons supplued by Russian forces to shoot down the plane and took the black boxes from the crash site which was in their own territory afterwards

  44. Ukraine wasn't using SAMs to shoot rebel/Russian planes out of the sky at that time. What more needs to be said? They (rebels) assumed it was Ukrainian military and shot it down…either that or they didn't care who it was and were just trigger happy wanting to see if they could down a plane that day

  45. 3:37 take it from a dutch person that that is not what our ID cards look like, our ID cars are Hard plastic cards, the same as a credit card. and pink in colour.

  46. Its likely that the seperatists shot down the plane but who was responsible for its safe passage? Who didnt change the route allthough the days preceding the disaster a Ukrainian military cargo plane was shot down at a great height not far away too?
    It loooks as if the Ukrainians and maybe also NATO sacrificed the plane for propaganda reasons as neither the Russians nor the Seperatists had a reason to.

  47. I'm not a fan of what Russia does but the Cossack Commander has more calls than the whole Russian federation combined. It's easier to forgive a mistake when one is a man about it and doesn't like.

  48. На что они надеялись когда пересекали зону боевых действий ? Так и я бы дал пуск ракеты , но лишь бы этот самолет не добрался до города ………. война идет и в процессе боевых действий сложно отличить кто или что летает .

  49. it seems pretty obvious the implications are its a tragedy of war to the highest degree, A massive loss of life for political strategy.

  50. Till this day , the ukranian flight tower controllers are missing, the american spy satellite photos are still secret to show

  51. Почему бы журналисту ни найти свидетелей, местных жителей, которые заявят, что видели ракету или шлейф от неё? В Сети много видео с рассказами, что ракеты не было. И нет ни одного, что ракету видели.

  52. Dutch team of investigators directed by the American CIA. The American CIA conducted the coup in Kiev in 2014 leading to the war in Ukraine during which 14000 people got killed already and MH17 was downed. Now planes get shot down in wars….. but this war was caused by the CIA coup in Kiev bringing to power pro-EU Nazi's.And this coup was supported by the Dutch MarkRurre Regime in The Hague……. So actually the Dutch regime killed its own citizen……..

  53. And today we know, the seperatist shot it down with an BUK Missile (confirmed by the dutch security council)
    Igor Girkin even celebrates it only 30 mins later with a post on VContacts (the russian Facebook), suddenly he deletes it and says this post was made up and a fake haha 😀
    the seperatist killed 300 innocent western civilians, and theres no consequences…. THIS is a message to Moscow they can do the f*** they want without any Action or consequence of the western world….. nice…. bloody Cowards….
    poor families 🙁

  54. Poor choice of words. " It took 4 months to get the investigation off the ground " . Really? I'm surprised that nobody asked him to re shoot that portion of the video……. Just Saying

  55. Not just an active conflict zome but also mainly the seperatist controlling the site and not letting anyone in, More than likely knew their side fucked up so bad, try to do the old school russian style cover up live Chernobyl, "problem? No problem"

  56. 5 years after,nobody cares about victims,families and ukrainians who received frozen mutilated corpses in their backyard

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