Responding to ethical dilemmas and issues – BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions

it's impossible to do this sort of work without encountering situations where it's not always clear what the right thing to do is and sometimes you find yourself choosing between two similarly good actions and sometimes the more challenging one is where there isn't an obvious good action and you trying to identify which is the least worst way to respond but the really important thing is to realize that it's okay not to know what to do for the best and recognizing that is so much better than blundering on regardless when we face these dilemmas and we all will this is where the opportunity to talk to trusted colleagues or to take the issue to supervision is so valuable with it crates just sometimes voicing it just as we know as clients or for a client sometimes putting things into words brings a bit of clarity but also it allows us to step back and to start to assess where the balance of the potential harms or the potential goods lies the ethics is very much up a discipline which helps us to solve these issues out sometimes we'll need a specialist advice from lawyers or from other specialists in the techniques that we're trying to use all the approach that we're using in our work there are also some very useful tests we can use to test whether we think we've got the best possible solution to our ethical dilemma and these are set out within the ethical framework one is there's a test universality would would be happy if someone else took the same approach as we're proposing to take would we recommend it to somebody else publicity would we be happy if it became known that this is what we were doing would would be happy seeing an account of it in a professional journal or in the local press for example and justice would we recommend this as an outcome for a client regardless of how rich or how poor they are or how powerful they are in their lives or in their relationship with us the ACP has developed a set of resources to support us in resolving ethical dilemmas and identifying what is good practice says as a good practice in action series which is available on the web to members of the ACP which covers many of the issues the deuce rower do throw up ethical dilemmas and issues

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