Resources: Welcome to the Neighborhood – Crash Course Kids #2.1

[Intro] You’ve probably noticed by now — in your
years of being a human — that human beings need a lot of stuff to live: food, water,
shelter, YouTube. Well, maybe not that last one. So where does all of this stuff come from? Why, it comes from our very own Earth! We
live on a planet has all of the stuff we need to survive. There’s fresh water to drink,
fruit on trees, and wood to build our houses. Convenient, right? We call this “stuff” resources. Because humans need so many of these resources
to live, it’s easier for us to form communities — like cities or neighborhoods — where these
resources are plentiful, so we don’t have to travel long distances to find them on our
own. That’s why you don’t normally see big
cities in the middle of deserts –where there’s no water — or at the tops of freezing mountains
–where there’s no food. Think about your own town, and where it’s
located. If it’s close to things like water and agriculture, that was probably no accident. Humans, and other animals, tend to thrive
in places that are near the resources they need to survive. Of course, the stuff we need
to live doesn’t come ready-to-use right out of the Earth! Although I would personally love it if there
were, say, a lake full of pure hot fudge. But, in order for us to use the resources
around us, we have to transform them first. Because I’m kinda hungry right now, let’s
use food as an example. In fact, let’s make a cake! Think about all the ingredients that you need
to put together in order to bake one of these delicious treats. Let’s start with some
water. The water that comes out of your kitchen faucet
most likely came from the rivers and lakes around your town. But before the water is
safe to drink, it has to be cleaned and stored in places like reservoirs and water towers. K, what next? Flour, eggs, sugar and milk. These ingredients, and a lot of the other
foods that we eat, have to be cultivated — which means, grown on farms — before they can be
shipped to grocery stores. In order to do this, farms have to be where crops and livestock
can live and grow. Alright, now we need to mix these ingredients
all together. That means that our electric mixer needs power.
The energy we use to power all of our gizmos can come from a lot of different places. Sometimes
it comes from materials that we have to dig underground to find, like oil and natural
gas. Some houses get their energy from the sun,
or by wind. Some towns that are close to large dams can even get their energy from moving
water– but more on that later. Now, how do we bake this bad boy? The same kinds of energy that powered our
mixer also help do things like heat our homes and cook our food. So from start to finish, everything we used
to make our cake came from the transformation of the resources around us. The effect the natural world has on our lives
is immense, and something as simple as baking a cake shows that we wouldn’t be able to
live the way we do without the abundance of natural resources on our planet. And it doesn’t hurt that the end result
of those resources can be a cake!

100 thoughts on “Resources: Welcome to the Neighborhood – Crash Course Kids #2.1

  1. I am a fourth grade teacher who is personally addicted to crash course. I cannot tell you the number of times this month I've thought, "man I wish they'd make crash course for kids!" THANK YOU!

  2. Feedback time!!! I'm personally loving this series, and I think this kind of material is perfect for introducing topics to kids in elementary schools. I was waiting for this to come out, mostly because Crash Course is great and it needs to be watched in class more often. Also I'm loving the investigation bits too, very cute and effective!

    PS: NerdyAndQuirky is one of my favourite YouTubers. Great casting choice! You go Sabrina!

  3. Using this in my lesson on renewable and nonrenewable resources! These videos are AWESOME and I can't want to use them in the classroom!

  4. Loving your videos guys!!! They've been such a useful resource in my geography classes 😀 God bless you all, and keep making those super cool videos! A hug from Venezuela 😉

  5. Great job!! I've been searching for hours for an interesting and educational video on resources for second graders. Your efforts have saved my lesson plan!!!

  6. +Crash Course Kids should I be watching these videos I am 11 and in 6th grade, so I am bit confused I am homeschooled so crash course is the only way to really learn a lot please respond whenever you can, thank you.

  7. hahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahsaha
    hahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaha I am laughing so hard about when she said YOUTUBE :):):)):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. YES Sabrina, YouTube is a necessity for life to occur. Before I discovered the magical lands of online science and gaming, I was a sad little ball.

  9. Estas chinas xdxd jajaj bien fea y aparte parece hombre jsjsjsj no mames y tras del hecho es negra pinchi orangutan :V

  10. My son is homeschooled and the curriculum that we purchased had the worst dvd I've ever seen lol. I use these videos to supplement and he loves them! <3

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