Rescued to Rescued: HSMO Transports 132 Dogs from Struggling Rescue Organization

We were contacted by the rescue Diana’s Grove in Cabool, Missouri, who was having a temporary issue with some overcrowding. They saw that they had an issue and they called upon us to to get these animals some homes. Our team of 10 we’re very cold today, we’re tired, but every one of us goes home with a sense of pride that we were able to help the animals. [Dr. Wright] “Tex” here has an old eye injury and it’s caused so much damage to his right eye that we’re going to have to remove that eye so that down the road it does not cause him problems and pain. Tex will have about a two week recovery from this procedure and then at that point you will be up for adoption. This is “Teddy.” Teddy has heartworms. Heartworms are very serious for the dog and they can cause damage to the heart and lungs, and treatment is going to take about 10 to 12 weeks for this guy. Healthy as Teddy looks on the outside, on the inside he still sick little guy. So we gotta try and our best getting him through this so that hopefully he can go on with the rest of his life without heartworms and live to a nice ripe old age. With your support, the Humane Society of Missouri will provide these dogs the help they need to heal, and help find them their forever homes. Thank you.

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