Rescue Village – HR guidance for the Humane Society

(lively music) – Having conversations
and monthly phone calls with Ronnda has really helped me up my understanding more and more of HR, and that’s been impactful
for the organization. Bringing on Ronnda as
our HR liaison for me to be able to bounce things off of her for her to give me advice. She’s always super
excited, super optimistic, even if we’re dealing
with situation or an issue or just a question that
I don’t understand. She’s always willing to take the time to offer support. – They are so busy and, obviously, have a lotta things going on. Their sole job is not just
HR so that’s why they need us as HR professionals to
help simplify things. You need to listen to what
they’re saying, give them ideas of what they can do, and help them do it. – Making sure that I understand
proper policy and protocol, just ensuring that we’re
doing everything we can for employees and being
able to have someone that’s well-educated in Human Resources so that we can ensure that
we’re providing the best that we can for an
organization of this size. Ronnda helps with the hiring
process in so many ways. She’s helped me streamline to make the process online a lot easier. She’s also been really helping
me understand what types of questions we should be
asking in the interview process. And being able to train and
develop other managers and supervisors to also take over the reins of hiring trainable care attendants has also been very efficient for me. – Ronnda has been very
helpful in simplifying my job by teaching me how to use Paychex to gather information through reporting. – What’s nice is the staff here
truly care about their jobs and they wanta get better
so they are very interested in the training and
wanta develop themselves. – This is at least one time
a month that they all get to be together, have fun, laugh. – The staff and volunteers here come from so many different
backgrounds that her presence and her trainings have
allowed us to step back and remember that even though we’re all from different backgrounds,
we’re on a team together, and how to have each other’s back, and how important that is. (lively music) (whooshing)

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