Republicans REJECT Humanitarian Standards

>> The House of Representatives has just passed
legislation that would, in essence, force the Trump administration to improve conditions
in these migrant detention facilities. There was only one member of the GOP in the
house, one Republican in the house, who voted in favor of this. And just to give you a sense of what this
bill would do. I wanna go to this video of representative
Raul Ruiz, who was the author of this legislation, take a look. >> It ensures that every individual in CBP
custody receives a health screening to triage for acute conditions and high risk vulnerabilities
so people don't die under the responsibility of CBP. It ensures that an emergency care provider
is on call to pick up the phone and help make triage decisions for life threatening medical
emergencies, that's it. That's all we're asking for. My bill also prioritizes high risk populations,
the most vulnerable to severe illnesses and dying, to receive a health screening within
six hours including children, pregnant women, and the elderly. My bill requires very basic and necessary
things like toothbrushes and diapers. It includes nutrition standards to make sure
that infants have formula and babies have baby food. How hard is that? >> Apparently, it's extremely hard for Republican
lawmakers, because again, only one of them voted in favor of it. The House passed this Democrat led bill that
would require Customs and Border Protection or CBP to enact safety and hygiene standards
for migrants in their custody, and it was a 233-195 vote. Representative Don Young from Alaska was the
only Republican member of the House to vote in favor of this legislation. The name-
>> We should check to make sure that he's still a Republican. He might have been forced out of the party
since then. >> Yeah, and look, first of all, we have spineless
members of the Republican Party who are much more concerned about their own political careers,
as opposed to doing the right thing. Now, I might disagree with someone like Justin
Amash on pretty much anything. But Justin Amash was willing to do the right
thing, and take a principled approach, knowing that it was going to hurt him politically. And it has hurt him politically, so far. My point is, leaders, as I have said before,
lead, regardless of how difficult it is to put yourself in that position and do the right
thing at that moment, and Justin Amash, luckily, has done the right thing. Now, it is in a different context when it
comes to impeachment. In this case, you have a Republican, one Republican,
in the House who did the right thing. I don't know what kind of consequences he's
gonna face. But we talk about consequences because this
is what the Republican voters want. This is what they want. They like the inhumane treatment. And then you're supposed to pretend as if
they're worth sitting down and having a debate with. >> Yeah. >> I mean when have we lost our humanity? When have we decided, as a country, this type
of behavior is okay? Allowing children to die under our watch. Something that could easily be preventable,
is okay. >> So you've correctly identified the approach
of the many Republicans there. But then look at, like take a look at that
vote and think about what happened when we were talking about the funding bill. And the sometimes vocalized, but often just
the assumption that AOC and the others who voted against it are stupid. They're stupid, because they don't trust the
Republicans to just do what's right without any regulations. Okay, well, when we tried to get regulations,
they all said no. So do you think that they're going to do the
right thing without those regulations? >> The fact-
>> If they're so opposed to it? >> The fact that Democratic leadership viciously
went after freshman Democrats, because of their moral objections to handing the Trump
administration $4.6 billion in that appropriations bill, makes me sick. The fact that Nancy Pelosi felt the need to
sit down with Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, and attack freshman Democrats more
viciously than she's ever attacked Donald Trump makes me sick to my stomach. And it makes me embarrassed, honestly, to
have a D in my voter registration, to consider myself a Democrat. Because I don't wanna associate myself with
that kind of Democrat. I wanna associate myself with leaders and
I think that Pelosi should really think about the fact that freshmen Democrats, right now,
are acting as leaders. While she is essentially doing Donald Trump's
bidding, when it comes to handing over tax payer money for boarder patrol. Without safeguards for migrants. >> Well, we know what wing of the party we're
a part of, but before that wing really even had many elected representatives in it. So we certainly, yeah we understand that. >> Look, this is why they hate justice Democrats. This is why they hate, and they have already
taken punitive measures against anyone who considers primary democrats because we're
not alone, John, like we're not in a bubble when it comes to the Democratic Party. There are many people on the Left who are
frustrated with the lack of leadership here. And look, the House voting in favor of this
current legislation is great, but we know what's gonna happen. It's unlikely to even come up for a vote in
the Senate. McConnell is not gonna bring it up for a vote
in the Senate. And if he does, the Senate is dominated by
Republicans. >> Yeah, yeah, he wants to be labeled the
grim reaper, and the grim reaper needs dead things, and as well to ensure some. And really fast, it's so ridiculous when you
look at some of the votes, and I think this is a great example of it. That you would think, you would hope that
in the past, 20, 30, 50 years ago, there wasn't much information about what was going on in
DC. Now we're just swimming in it. And I actually think it's worse now, because
so much of that information is false or intentionally manipulative. You would think that there are certain things
that you just can't vote against because you'll get destroyed based on it. >> Right. >> So if you were the Republican senator who,
earlier today, blocked two election security measures, designed to stop foreign powers
from interfering in our election. She just blocked it and didn't say why. And when journalists reached out to her, her
staff to find out why, she just didn't comment because she doesn't have to, because it doesn't
matter. You can do whatever you want. You can vote to ensure that migrant children
die, that they swim in their own vomit and then they die on the floor of a prison cell. And it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. Make whatever ad you want, nothing gets through
anymore. Enough of the country is horrible that you
can be horrible and it will improve your chances of getting elected in certain parts of the
country. >> Trump has succeeded in dehumanizing innocent
people who do not deserve to be treated this way. We had a system in place, and when you hear
this is a manufactured crisis. And I've said this before, I'm gonna say it
again. It's not to say that there is not an influx
of migrants coming in. There is an influx of migrants coming in,
attempting to seek asylum. The way that Trump has handled it has turned
it into a crisis. The punitive measures he has taken, the fact
that he has decided to detain every single person rather than allow them to, just release
them and allow them to come back for their court date and see a judge. That is the way we used to do it. Over 80% of migrants would come back, see
a judge, judge would hear their case, make a decision about whether they get to stay
or whether they need to go. And he's intentionally doing this. The Trump administration thinks that this
type of behavior serves as a deterrent. But it has not served as a deterrent. Taking children away from their parents has
not served as a deterrent. It is not working, it is not leading to the
results that they want. And now the latest is the Trump administration
is threatening Guatemala with a travel ban if they don't help to stem the flow of migrants
coming into the country. People are desperately fleeing for their safety. They're leaving the country. What is Guatemala gonna do? You want them to prevent people from leaving
the country? I mean, that's happened in history before. >> But there's every reason to believe that
he thinks we share a border with Guatemala. I mean that seems to sound crazy, but he thinks
Al-Qaeda is spelled A-L-C-A-I-D-A. >> Yeah, this administration-
>> You can't put anything past him. >> Is trash, and anyone who continues to support
this type of behavior falls under that category. I'm sorry if that offends you but.

29 thoughts on “Republicans REJECT Humanitarian Standards

  1. I believe I may have a suspicion about the Republicans. I think that the Republicans had started to behave like a party of criminals ever since JFK was assassinated. And I also suspect that they maybe tied into that incident somehow.

  2. The one thing I'm still curious about is why we're keeping them in the country if they're unwanted. Like, just deport them.

  3. Things that help justify “conservative Christians” that it’s ok to lock up little children in cages.

    1. “Obama started it” yet they’ve done nothing to change it, even if he did.

    2. “The conditions aren’t bad” yet at least 6 children have been known to die.

    3. “They deserve it for coming to this country illegally “ yet the only native people on this land are Indians.

    These are the same people that say their pro-life conservative Christians. They continue twist the Bible to spill hate, evil and wear the mark of the beast of their foreheads (Make America Great Again Hats)

  4. I am so sick of this government.
    Days like these just make me remember
    “First we take manhattan.
    Then we take Berlin “
    (Leonard Cohen)

  5. The title should READ: The CORRUPTION of SOUTH AMERICAN Leaders are the CAUSE of our BORDER CRISES 
    — and we SHOULD SENT THEM THE BILL! I'm American I live here, why should I be taxed for ILLEGALS who SPIT ON OUR LAWS?  

  6. As I live in a republican held state and constantly and continually try to get it Democrat Socialist, I struggle with this, my Congressman is Representative Mark Walker of the 6th district in North Carolina and while he did originally vote for the Humanitarian Bill his last and final vote was against it. This from a self described minister! I have written and written and written to ask him just what the Hell religion he is a minister of, the church of satan!? With NO reply since I wrote to ask for his help in getting just 1 yes just 1 person asking for Asylum to be let in and then that I would use my extra bedroom to allow a decent transition to becoming a US Citizen. Well as I wait for a show of a type of Humanity that Jesus stood for, I hold out Hope. In the mean time I will do my best to vote in and stand with those who stand against the rich, the powerful, the elite who need a heathy wake up call. You know doing anything worthwhile only means something when it is done under all the pressure of everyone and everything against you, yet you stand for what is Right, in Love.

  7. Migration is only ONE of the many consequences of decades of US meddling in Central and South America. Remember the Contra guerilla? Remember El Salvador Civil War? Man, this even goes back as far as the 19th century, with the Mexican American war of 1847. Republicans conveniently forget this every time immigration is mentioned.

  8. Come on, TYT, you're totally wrong! It is working! These people have been dehumanized exactly the way the Republicans wanted. The only way it could work better in their eyes if more of the detained died.

  9. Awww another one Young Turds? Man the Democrats should pass immigration reform so we can Deport these illegals back safely before this happens again 🙂

  10. The Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration on Friday in lifting a freeze backed by a lower court that had halted plans to use $2.5 billion in Pentagon funds for border wall construction

  11. Moreen Dowd attacked Michelle Obama in 2008 because she wasn't a "stereotypical" senator's wife and attacked her femininity for maintaining a full time job during the campaign… The woman is scum.

  12. I personally think immigration into The United States of America from every country in the World should be immediately suspended. Until we get this immigration invasion under control, no one gets in. From anywhere!

  13. All of what he wants is already being done as fast as humanly possible. The only problem is the illegals are invading our borders faster than it can be done. This is an invasion designed to overwhelm our system.

  14. Nancy Pelosi makes my Skin crawl not because we don't know why its because she Enables Cuckservatives and Republicans to Steal babies from their mothers and then abuse them on concrete floors

  15. Cuckservatives are doing their best to become literal spawns of the devil. I mean they're short of just eating babies in front of their mothers

  16. Ana. I look forward to the day your bigoted ass and de-platformed. You spew nothing, but hate and have the integrity of a crook. This has nothing to do with you being a woman or a Liberal. It has everything to do with you being unbelievably biased, spread misinformation like The Flu and are trying to enrage millions with manufactured nonsense. You're the worst kind of person.

  17. You're not alone, Ana. The (D) next to my name simply enables me to vote in the primaries. I definitely don't consider myself a Democrat. Not with the "leadership" as it stands. It's an embarrassment.

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