Report: Mexico to help Honduras create 20,000 jobs

29 thoughts on “Report: Mexico to help Honduras create 20,000 jobs

  1. If we can increase trade with Canada & Mexico, it is logical that both of these countries will be empowered to help others create trade with them😇😄

  2. Honduras has way more natural resources than Costa Rica…I loved Roatan and the jungles of la Mosquitia, what a beautiful country with a lot of beautiful people and places to explore.

  3. So many ignorant comments in this section… Honduras was always a great place . Gob bless Honduras!

  4. I'm no economist but who says a country can't create jobs. Look at Ronald Reagan's administration in the 1980's.

  5. why can't we just let them in and spend billions on facilities for them EVERY YEAR, this teach a man to fish crap is ridiculous! haha

  6. So you believe what the mexican government says ? Ridiculous, mexico can't create jobs for its own people. How is it supposed to help Honduras ?

  7. So is the media now admitting that these people are mostly Economic Migrants and are in no danger in their home countries?

  8. Wow, what a difference it makes to have a President who cares about the country and the citizens. Thank you, Donald Trump!

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