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yo first one in hi Yaya yo Harvey M first good morning gamer high voltage I am first yo Harvey I am giving you details to my iconic No envy you giving him mechanic skin Harvey your mic on mute Oh guys I was talking for ages bro you know and we've our tech tips and Dominical everyone welcome to stream boys guys it's powerful now on the same you know if you actually give me a iconic like that even if I die up in December by appreciating streaming I'm annualizing your RV it's getting much out boys please nobody kill me I knew you liked on news on how we died together bro welcome guys a little all over K for Darwin ah I need to die crap honey it was the worst island in Bharani I was sorting out my shrimp wrap put no anyway I'm good boys got to like showed everyone welcome welcome to Xtreme boys let's go what the hell stream elements bought running elements okay scroll boys where I'm bumping up a bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum how was your mummy about ten people right now I mean squads if you've got white team I just keep reading them but doctor twenty minutes and um we've got the same lines on follow me let's go boys oh yeah but why did not comment come Freeman ha yo chick sure bro you got out like a modest real man like when new people join the stream I like to say you have to be to get relax guys when you people join the stream LOL yeah man say hello to my little friend it's good so she I could do for fucking when that does damage man my slut is fucking katomina yo like as in second person has mod yo guys make sure you like I used to energy happy tears yo I've ever seen subscribe if now already hey I wanna trade uh samaras but I'll let you start machine I've already got some money streaming I'm saying man I ain't trading my calm everyone always ask me like John a trade on my no really well if you're gonna trade at least to rumble I've spent so much money on this car wash it you know bro the amount – my miscount de Young il L trade you my reconyx throw that has the Wonder in our showroom in a customer picks but hey guys my hat's back – bro I'm sure you do that oh my god remember when I made you a hot ok ps4 and then we choose each other out right es LOL i am not joking now my ain't trying to shake cuz everyone says I chose you recon expert I'll trade you go through it comes to it and everyone's just like trying to scam her suitcase that's another scam Cobell your focus sucks but I don't either side especially the risk guys either way if you've got 400 K I'm still not gonna Spencer also with us against us yeah guys it's against the rules as well sir I am true sue me Rosie doesn't wanna start bugging him have any much to get down ten roll some on tried to scam me and then I said I didn't want to trace of the Communist camera not all my Schumer's just taking the piss out of him knew the min ago oh I had no I'm all after it GG boys I fought too real about random pump that I just found a flaw this is a b c d bi – drop Harvey he has one to 1k bucks so you could end up losing your account and getting nothing out of it I said come here dogs are fear career will be I got you go over Logan obsess today monster Harvey the kid has won 2-1 K Bukka Cooper boys from the downstairs me you know I tripled over gone you scared us downstairs just don t Harvey yeah I'm not gonna go gone good boy good boy City gone good boy good boy Lou shit no six people in this room everybody welcome guys guys I'm just doing some shows I'm gonna get rid of kindness in this stream guys because I've been doing too many customers real let's go boys what what am i someone in my touches to start with anything theater well seared a man my dogs called CID sir the SI d from ice age CID my dog is called Sid from I see she's origin oh oh oh Dominika you haven't been joining machinery soon man what my oppinion brother did you ever give truck seemed odd yeah I think so white wants I don't know West ma'am this guy's not even worth my uh mother look fuckers you got oh I swear my name is orange double shinies understand BCI we have different times obviously this retard will on them cause our each other on the moon in the nostril you bro for me you stream at like 3:00 in the morning learn em ago sigh ow well I'll see room okay cut the ice coming someone somebody killed me I need new weapons yeah kids are running it right or dude run again frickin Raider fucking renegade right fuck your money gay trader with no mats or no fucking gun ganja need rip guys match my sweat suit to the fucking board oh oh shit damn yo g GJ bro how many people fucking not David get notification Jesus Israel in the past like fucking day room I I do but my notifications are fucking come through an owl it's moldy can i play please sorry my point of anyone right now I'm just gonna do some selling some I get really bored I'm playing can you add me on your renegade Raider eggs I just comment your picture after SCTV da de da El Mirage remember like stream if not already my name fate itza then that as my pen yes in I'm on no guys I'm a lady PSN server cuz by somebody like a boot or fine by some top chick fuck kid bro can I get a shotgun breath I want a fucking shotgun I can get fucking shot me I be mad dude how many came to dust heap so with some weird smile thing what the fuck I want to get a fucking gun out well it's kind of dog are you talking to me are you talking to fucking mandamus I slept in that XML live TV legit on new shoes TV q ZX let's go boys I just um I am feeling you just killed me political ones out you look for key Oh My Mind's out you would have four K external your Niko Augusto marine welcome to stream boat us Maori sub-zero's go back let's go buddy give me some mats kid give me some mats I need some fucking mouths oh let's go boys get on out of here you toxic kid you're too good – yo yeah no mushrooms dead when I'm dreaming solo so don't bother me boys but honestly when I'm not zooming solos on I assume custom much making I get like sometimes 20 people watching me and then he said on average it's just regular ten people watching me so that's pretty good so fun kid and go sucking on yeah guys this is just gonna be a toxic stream when I'm gonna stop shipping so as well I almost say I can't that's been GTV sweaty nine zero less before where all the guns roll okay now I wrote you on keyboard and mouse okay finished MTV death so you sweat why are there so toxic people no I don't wanna talk to ya I'm just plain toxic well I just read I'll give a shit I are all tarnished a fucking shotgun and me and epic my name is Balu focus one blind doesn't share my own sensitive backing okay – guys it I've got used my corporate constantly like a lick account details no way but if you actually do your alleged month you if you actually give me your iconic account details bro I watch you love you bro your mama you know legend birthright she do that Instagram beneath human all right I'm going iconic you're one of my best moderators says they're gonna give me an account probably look to keep out even if it's not to keep that still sick even is to play with me no wonder the count yeah man I love this game I've got twice cancer well my since it is so high fuckin see guys Dunamis and severe for my airman after this how TF do you get people that give you like Oh Nick skin's fuck sakes cuz I'm your choice Harvey if you keep it or just use it don't wreck it's up to you I will still use it don't change anything yeah I'll just burn it I guess bro cuz you're alleging that new Iman why did the silver guy go there was another guy I promise you man did this guy get this guy fly into this fucking building and get killed this man's a dumbass gotcha dude I'm an accountant voltic whitey I bro yeah Baltic bro if you are and just commandeer commandeer instagram below so I can I do Instagram if you're gonna send me the details subdue though you know after you know my mom yeah guys everyone got September bro we won't have my Instagram I'm just messin me bro an hour I'd have to scare birds alright I find it to my ps4 you can just get it at any time I know honestly bro if you don't want to do it I completely understand my mom but you're a legend I knew it bro kids insane guys everyone just type in shot enemy voltages god bro he's not sure okay as long as I can walk back and I wanna see you play on it yeah mom it's out rings fault yeah Harvey why no views because I'm not doing custom matchmaking guys fight I've got five people watching the ps4 times gonna be on my people five is five people's pretty good to say I remember him service there guys five people's alright Sam only logic steaming so us yeah guys honestly five is bed and fall falls right on three please better to choose better than one one's better than zero cheers better than Monday's one of you did do customs you never get views and routine a few tears you'll send you right through my favorites dream a lot of love I fish it on my new legend you know T TV Jack Brougham go to my recent stream at one point I had 20 people watching me and then throughout the whole thing I had at least 10 people month so just them next time before you go into a stream and try be toxic at least know what you're gonna say bro always what you know what you can assess you Elise man and Revati guys he's an absolute legend yoandri bro shall I log on after this after this stream bro I log enough to stream bro and I'll show you mine eruption water leak on the ps4 logo and type details in yeah horrible blesses blessed after this game I wanna see your reaction I won't be able to now yeah I will be able to stream logging into it but I mean I could have my shame I'm going if you unleash up to you I couldn't machine my log into it while dudes I'm looking today if you count my collected ssed I'll make a spec ps4 government then you can start another stream I'm I'll do ask the streamer early yo and rewatchable you're an actual urgent man I actually I'm trying to chop this kid his supper look at them skills kid anything can joking chat check Instagram after this game yeah well I don't have anything to give lol what the hell rip nice cool guys everybody check Instagram ran out boys Joe I'm getting iconic and my friends giving me iconic Tabora well not to borrow just start to play on his little legend you want a bit one of my streams he's actually it's sick he's sick well he's not giving it me I'm just playing under my route bro it's not fake well I've been played of him with it before I have even change his username to get so Belcher Harvey York a haze bro alright man um guys I'm gonna have my stream I'm gonna log you in right now boys this is gonna be insane bro guys really mushroom so yeah

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