good evening everyone TJ once again so today's videos are going to be based for relationship so I diamond kind of left so I wasn't able to get her in this video but I'm gonna talk about it from my perspective of what I see and what I know by experience and what I feel the females want what I feel that guy should do so based o of my experience first of all my longest relationship was two years I learned multiple things from that relationship which was females need attention never cheat on a female first of all because cheating gets you nowhere cheating only makes you lose trust so relationships as far as trust there shall always be trust in the relationship no matter what once you lose that trust that relationships done basically like there's no bringing that back multiple times when you argue that stuff whatever you cheated about whatever you lost trust for is always gonna come up with most arguments no matter what no matter if you say oh I dropped everything I dropped this I dropped that no you didn't because I was always gonna stick with you nothing's ever gonna leave you that happy new relationship you're gonna remember that and then that's the reason about today today everyone has trust issues nobody trusts nobody believes nobody does anything it's our relationship because in today's world it doesn't matter you're married taking whatever it may be you're it's just everybody cheats nowadays and that's not good but if you if you have someone loyal thing you're like you want to keep that don't don't lose their trust don't lose anything because once you lose that then it's gone and then another thing is once you have a kid is very very hard to have a relationship with that because vice versa guys and girls are so say a girl has the kid and it's not by you our guy that guy's not gonna the next guy you get isn't even gonna want to be a part of that why because they're gonna think that you're always going back to your baby daddy or you're always going back to your baby mama same thing that's why in today's world it's hard to find a girl but honestly everyone has kids now everyone's having kids and it's hard to find somebody that's gonna accept you and your kid rather it's your daughter or son it's hard to do that but it's just you have to work with it when you date a female or guy with the kid that doesn't mean you're playing stepmom role doesn't mean you're playing stepdad role it means that you're just being a person there that's a good influence on that kid you that person doesn't expect you to go out and above or to that kid to call you dad because me growing up I never wanted me I wasn't gonna call my dad whoever he was where I wasn't gonna call her that my mom or dad like I can't because that's not my mom well that's not my dad that's just my dad's wife or my mom's boyfriend I'm not gonna call him dad I'm gonna call them by their name because that's how it should be you only have one dad and you only have one mom and that's all there is to it so that's why I dating dating when somebody has a kid is very complicated due to the fact that they always think that you're going back to her baby daddy they always think that she wants it back to a baby mama but some people might belike or you could look at our text messages you could look at this you could look at that I'm done with him for real bla bla bla bla bla bla but honestly nobody believes that because you you have kids with them they're always gonna be a part of your life that's all there is to it but anyways that's the part about having kids and trying to get in relationship so let me tell you about how a female really wants a relationship so if you know really really really really wants attention they want to be showed off they want to be spoiled they want to have a healthy relationship they don't want to go through a bunch of bullshit they want to go out go have fun to go do things they want to check off things on their bucket list with you they want to they might want to grow old with you it all depends on what how they look at it I'm sorry but but mostly females want a guy that has a job that has their life together and stuff like that because if you find if you find somebody with that if a girl finds somebody with that then they're really gonna do really gonna want you but spending time spending time with them and making time for them is the number one thing you should try and to trust them of course but once you once you show them that you're trying and trying and trying that it helps at all because then they're gonna realize oh he really wants me he really wants to build me that goes for like if you're talking to a female if you if you want to talk to a female before getting a relationship do it but don't don't rush anything because rushing gets you know where when I say nowhere I get you know so that's pretty much how that works but I'm actually out working on and I'm trying to like think about this video as I'm working and processing things but I'm doing this just because I want to do it and I have nothing else to do at work but what else can I save a lot a lot of things in life is all about just trust that's all relationships are if and nowadays you can't find that like you can't everything like you cannot find that it's very hard to find somebody that you trust and somebody that you want to be with I mean if you if you feel like you could trust somebody in today's world glad for you because it's hard I tried it multiple times and I don't trust nobody I don't force myself to talk to nobody if you don't want to talk to me you don't want to talk to me I'm not gonna force you to talk to me it's period but uh I'm kind of getting off topic I'm sorry guys I'm just trying to think like it's hard to think and talk at the same time you got to think before you talk like I'm asked to start writing this stuff down anyways this is about relationships right okay so I'm trying to think of like of the stories that I have anyways you just released if you gotta learn from your mistakes don't do something in their previous relationship so a lot of people use their previous relationship as their new relationship so say you didn't trust this guy and then now you're with this guy or you didn't trust this girl now you're what this girl it's it's all a matter of what happened to your previous relationship like that's all everybody brings up all your acting like so-and-so you're acting like my ex you're doing this it's like no don't compare me to your ex because I'm not your eggs like all these females are talking about all guys are the same this and that Baba bah bah bah but actually not they're really not you guys think we're we're all like we think you guys are all alike because their stuff up females out there that are only looking for to be laid up in bed with somebody whenever you want there's guys that are looking for that there's guys that want to do one nice dance there's females I want to do one nice dance believe me you guys say guys on her stuff females are the same way there's females out there to act like guys period that are playing the same role of guys it's just that you can't compare us to something that you guys do to you guys are not as better than us we're not as better as you guys the only thing is females play the game better than guys guys don't know how to live females do know how to lie like that's the only thing we we could play the game but you guys playing better you guys play a way better 100 percent better than we do all right so this relationships a little iffy I don't know if I'm going to post but I might just post it just the post it but I hope everyone has a good night evening day whatever it may concern when you're watching this but I have a good one I'll post another video soon

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