what's good easy mr. Gurley possible no good and you walk ready she comes here with another toilet on Tuesdays and y'all ready to know what it is what it do is about you guys that email me some advice and basically i'ma give you guys my input so you can take it and run with it or you can take it and just do nothing but y'all already know your girls are eyelashes skin care products yall already know everything will be the solution box below so definitely check me out in description box below we bout to get to this video oh the first one first off let me congratulate join your eyes and success on YouTube and wish you the best in all you do for afro thank you I so I've been dating this chick for about a year now thanks on/off cool at first yeah we had ups and downs and shit cuz I thought she was talking to Helen niggas on the low from what my home is so cool sometimes you can't listen to what your homies be telling you because your homies probably probably want your girlfriend for a fro you never know but we got past that so recently if there's like shame and trying the more it should be giving these dead-ends replies that we don't talk police then should be hitting me up like it's nothing talking about she miss me it's been going on for months now what should I do I feel like stop making the effort with her but I don't want to be the bad guy you feel me I feel like she don't feel the same no more Sharlee for a long time I'm just overthinking the whole situation so coming from a girl's perspective I think I said that right um like I don't wanna talk to you no more cuz if she's being dead which you were not talking to you for weeks then it's obviously that she don't want you anymore I know when I don't like a guy no more and the guy constantly texted me I to show that I don't like him I gave on one-word responses or don't respond to him back at all so it's obvious that she don't want you no more but that's cool that's cool and also you're not the bad guy field flight planning no more effort to that cuz obviously she's not playing no effort into it so why should you put ever into it's more fishes in the sea and that's her claws if she don't wanna talk to you no more just take it then so the next one so while me and my ex were together there was a time when he blocked me on insta just so I wouldn't see what he posting about other girls and turns out I still had feelings for him which I know why if he was a haul ass cheater so what should I do now girl if he's a cheater then leave him alone cuz the cheetah always gonna be a cheater ain't nobody got time for no cheaters cuz you know what you just get eggs eventually or some type of STD eventually you'll want to catch that especially if y'all being sexually active I took you a little bit too far when I said that but that's the truth though but I'm pushing that first with him cuz you fall in love with him but it's just the fact that you don't want to have that constant heartbreak but that controlling try self-esteem and also virtue in the long run so I advisors just leave him alone and you better find someone that is worth your time and that could treat you like the quick mature because girl you would that bitch and keep that in mind okay leave his chin s alone you don't need his Chi and as he's not doing nothing for you baby all he is giving you a headache so leave him alone alright so the next one first off hey hey boo I love your channel thank you boo but anyway I need advice on something so I met this boy and we started talking to each other for a while and grew feelings for each other eventually we started dating but the only problem is that he moved to a city nearly a thousand miles away we began to grow apart it seemed likely had less time to talk he will always wake up late which was usual at about 3 o'clock then we would talk for about an hour and then he would just stop texting I was trying not to think much of it but over time I couldn't ignore it I asked him what was up and he would just say sorry I've been busy he told me that from now on he would tell me when he was doing something that one day he didn't text me at all I will text them but never got a response you even post up on his story he eventually will start texting me for days straight I didn't want to break up simply because I truly headphones for him I eventually did though because I didn't want to be in a relationship with someone I can't communicate with I know this was long and sorry but was I in the wrong should I have stayed but if you see this thank you by the way sis you bout to blow up thank you Oh to be honest I feel like London's relationships are hard because you're not there to actually give you a partner the affection that they need and also not even there to really learn as to what they're doing if he's not even sexy back weeks at a time and just basically blatantly ignoring you he's probably talked to another girl at his city in real life he probably drifting away from you and eventually that is going to happen when the relationship is long-distance but for a far you was right leave his s alone and let him let him come around eventually don't force it because communication is key and if he's not even gonna communicate in then don't even try to work that out so the next one Haggar reaching out because I really need your advice so I had a best friend and we did everything together it's like if you saw her you saw me but once it was time for us to go to high school it started to feel different our vibe was really off to make a long story short we stopped being friends because she started because she said I started getting close with other people so boom tell me why after we went our separate ways she decides to post a bunch of videos and stuff of another girl talking about happy birthday best friend so I decided to be Petty and comment under the post thank you that is pretty after all that I'm really stuck this all had been our freshman year of high school I'm now a junior and I really want another best friend bond with someone it's hard for me because I feel like my friendships won't be the same because I just don't have the trust I don't want to waste my time on another friendship for its affection I get having the best friend another try what should I do if you pick us for your video thanks for the advice by the way I love your videos keep doing your thing bow thank you to be honest having a best friend is cool but you can't look for a best friend like you can't do like imma look for a best friend cuz it's not gonna happen you're not gonna get a best friend just by looking for it like having a friend and actually have a genuine connection and you like you feel like y'all like this then eventually that can become your best friend like to the islands I met all my best friend's naturally like so and as I met them we was like this like I had that connection with them and I was like oh my god bitch with a st. person hey hold up we don't have to put a title on this because bitch we just like so yeah definitely build a connection with somebody build that trust with somebody for a fro don't force it let that shit come naturally and bitch you will have a best friend the next one hey totally fancy I need some advice so I want to become a singer I've been thinking about singing for a while now because I really like singing like I think a lot less fellow anyways I want to know it's starting to sing at the age of 13 is good how shall I become more confident and putting myself out there social media without worrying about what other people have to think or what they say I don't have any social medias as a right now but what things I should expect coming would this be a lot on my plate to start singing now I want to know basically I need some advices singing at a young age what do you think I love you so much Tony talk to you love YouTube videos by the way love you too cool and thank you so much to be honest I feel like you're really passionate about it and if you're really passionate about I feel like you should make an Instagram or a YouTube channel really showcasing your talent um of course you want to have negativity coming your way people gonna say you can't say if you're gonna say this and that about you but it's up to you to know that you is the bomb and sinking and that you is the shit okay from fossil like you being so young fo you should this able to come on Instagram and on YouTube if you really really really really really really really really really don't want to see any type of negativity there's negative people in the world and they is gonna try to talk down to you and you being so young I don't want you to be discouraged at such a young age definitely I should get older you can start to allow the comments if you feel like you're strong enough to take whatever it does gonna be thrown at you okay girl but yeah I wish you nothing but the best and just know you the bone okay that's all next period oh the next one hey Todd so I have a crush he knows I like him and he confirmed a he likes me back but we both said that we don't want to be in a relationship at the moment because we're focus on our studies anyways we used to see each other every day but I moved away but we still talk to each other I barely barely get to see him there was a time where I thought he was still talking to us and I convinced myself non-secure because we're not dating and I wasn't going to be a jealous bitch and stressing myself over a guy and then we stopped talking for a month couple weeks they finally hit me up and it became awkward because I said I don't know what you call this between us but the problem is I said my goal to have a boyfriend when I'm in college but I feel like I'm going to break it even my sister approves so I'm asking you if I should tell /ex him or should I continue focusing on my studies and wait to college by the way I love your face you only stay in stay fixed you know what just do uses be real while the others being fake period thank you sis so to be honest I feel I should focus on your studies instead of focus on having a boyfriend before you going to college because girl having a boy from before you going to college is like having a long-distance relationship like on a song umbrella shit I had friends that told me like I wish I was in a relationship before I came here because it's like it's so many men and so many women that's around campus even be like damn my darling me da really want to be in this relationship because frou-frou I can get one of these men or one of these women on campus and be with them on can't instead of worrying about my boyfriend back home but if you have boyfriend I'm gonna say same College breakup bye deuces deuces cuz girl College is gonna be alive you're not gonna be worrying about yet that little boyfriend you got a lot of stuff to worry about like getting up on time for class essays presentations assignments parties are basically trying to prioritize your time because you might wanna go to this party at night but you got a whole 8 o'clock class north it's too much there's too much and Plus friends and we'll stop having friends and drama like no and they don't talk that you got a little boyfriend back at home and he's probably no uh-uh it's all real be too much stress on you oh my vice CEO is leave that boy alone cut him off girl definitely email me if you want to be in the next one talks tuesdays and if i didn't reach yours again re forward your email and title a song it talks two days because ease for me to fiery mail and yet it will be right here toilet on CNG mode calm okay okay but now it's time for notification gang notifications shoutouts you fail me y'all i'm back and i'm bedroom i had to put down for a little bit get some water because it was something just there chillin on my throat the first shot out goes to famous leagues a row thank you so much broski the next one goes to its dialy a dot underscored thank you for having both for my notifications on girl like thank you thank you the next one goes the bed is great gay biatch thank you thank you girl and lastly goes to i don't know how to say your name and i'm not even gonna try to say but shout out to you thank you so much and boo so if you wanna be prom the kitchen gamification shoutouts you feel me send me on swish shots that should have my post notifications only and that your subscribe to my instagram but yeah light comes to scrub or they give you stuff you already know as you guys only talk to you and we owe this peace


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