Relationship & Animal Mating | Nomadic Tribes – Documentary

In humans, generations live in close contact
for many years, and the brain development of the child is based on psychological, social
and emotional stimuli from his or her peers. The Himbas are a matriarchal culture in Namibia.
Though they are nomads, their strong culture goes with them wherever they go. The young
Himbas observe and absorb their own identity as a people. These girls have the plaits which indicate
they are still immature. But today they have a dream. The village is celebrating the fact that one
of the girls has had her first period, and her plaits have finally been cut off. Not
one of these girls, however, but rather an elder sister. The two girls can hardly wait for the time
when they too will wear the decorations signifying womanhood, and everyone will dance in their
honour. The proud mother will continue to work until
her younger daughter celebrates that important day. Afterwards, the three will follow the
example of their grandmother, who has already churned the milk in so many camps, and knows
the importance of cultural identity for a Himba woman. On the other side of the world, in the Mongolian
taiga, the Tsaatan people are well aware of the effects forced acculturation can have
on people. They are called “the reindeer people”.
Their nomadic, independent life means they constantly move between Russia and Siberia.
With the arrival of socialism in the region, the state took their reindeer off them, banned
their religion, gave them a salary and appointed a commissary to impose fines for practicing
ancient customs. Vets came, and replaced the traditional ways of treating animals. Now,
the vets have gone, but the Tsaatan have forgotten their traditional medicine, and so the animals
die. From when they are young, the children must
learn the jobs necessary to survive in such a harsh climate. Here more than anywhere their
home is their castle. Inside the tipi, as in the case of the Himbas,
the youngest absorb the culture through contact with their elders. For humans, the grandparents
play an important role: it has been demonstrated that they offer a very different perspective
from the parents, and provide the children’s not yet fully-formed brains with examples
of serenity and calm. Often, the man and wife must invest considerable
efforts in obtaining the elements necessary for daily survival, such as this cradle of
birch, which the father is making for the new member of the clan. For this reason, it
is important they all remain together as long as possible. That is the key to human progress
– the family. Cultural defence of the family may also have
developed as a way of safeguarding its important biological function, to successfully raise
a new generation. Other types of bonds, as in the case of the
anemones and the clown fish, bring such total dependence that what began as an advantage
can turn into a problem. These fish no longer know how to live without the anemones. Other relations between species may become
as sinister as this. The gannets form breeding colonies here in the Galapagos Islands; but
there is an additional problem to the ones all parents encounter. Above them on the cliffs
live their worst enemies, who have come here precisely to feed on the meat of their young. The frigate birds coordinate their own breeding
with that of the gannets, with the sole aim of feeding their chicks with those of the
other species. From the time they lay their eggs, the gannet
couples live a life of constant stress. The black gargoyles above keep watch even as they
engage in courtship rituals, checking on the gannet colony which is their own personal
larder. With the future below and terror above, the
bond of life and the bond of death go hand in hand in this perverse relationship in which
can only be one winner.

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