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hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I am going to be giving some relationship advice personally I am NOT a very lovey-dovey romantic kind of person this topic isn't particularly very interesting to me but my producer forced me to do it and she insists that people will be very interested in my answers I actually went on my Instagram to ask whether you guys have any relationship advice that she would like to get from me and to my surprise cut a lot of people replied with their questions so today I'll be answering some of them actually had my first boyfriend when I was 12 years old I know I was amigas like I had my first kiss with him it was a French kiss so it's lucky 12 years older and I think we kissed on the double-decker bus as a mom if I see a 12 year old kissing and I'll chop your all out when smack hit but then nobody's like my Hitler so yeah I grew up to be a slut anyway now super pro that same dick for 14 years for you after that I dated a lot of guys but the dating life wasn't too kind to me because Chinese guys didn't really like me they were always complaining that I was too loud too much makeup wearing too slutty clothes for many years I always have girlfriends who are like much prettier than me I would feel very very bitter that how come none of the guys like appreciate my with the sense of humor or that you know I'm very straightforward and no truth of God today like how come they always like my friends and it just made me like feel very state law maybe that pushed me to go and do plastic surgery just to give you guys a little bit of a background on my own personal relationship my husband Mike actually American and I actually dropped about our love story of how we got together issues that we had as we better LDR and then how eventually we got married I've been married since 2010 after four years of marriage at the age of 29 I got my first child with it our kid is caught – all right so let's start what is my opinion on your boyfriend liking and following Instagram girls so I guess those lucky goes that you find on Instagram to me I do not accept it not really so much so of jealousy about my boyfriend following these girls it's more that it's very disrespectful to me that you're in a relationship with me and you are following these girls and it's my friends who follow you they can see who you are following they can see that you're liking these photos right of this big book classic girls on Instagram that is gonna be like asking me like why is your boyfriend like that it's just gonna be very very embarrassing for me and if you cannot respect that I need people around me to not question me about my boyfriend liking this big book slutty girls on Instagram and you are not even willing to compromise on such a small thing then I think that we should just not be together laughs especially for me I'm in this industry chances of meeting those girls actually really high it's not like you're following either bündchen all right hey Upton I feel like that's too acceptable because there's no trade possible that your wife ever ever meet these ghosts but the Singapore's lucky girls I think there's a chance that you won't actually meet them so it's logical and reasonable to ask him to unfollow these girls and start liking you just what is the form of cheating to you is it kissing texting or cheating have different degrees of severity any form of hiding something that you know that your partner is unhappy about when it comes to having a third party is considered a form of cheating to me you know that your panel wouldn't like it you still go ahead and do it that's considered cheating laughs personally for me I don't think it's that difficult to not cheat it's very easy to give off a vibe that you're unavailable and I feel that once you give up this fight to people people would not try to hit on you and if you don't reciprocate at all cheating will just naturally not occur and I think people should just be aware that you shouldn't even get into that stage where you are excited or one evil person because you've started something if somebody flirts with you you just end it right there because you know that maybe you cannot resist the temptation then you just simply one cheat and the world will be a better place or if you want to cheat why don't you just break up first and go ahead go into whatever you wanna would you forgive someone who cheated on you I think the most easily forgivable is got drunk my nightstand confess and apologize if it's something that's more serious like he's working in the office you met somebody there fell in love with her I feel it's a little bit more difficult to trust him unless a person died after death there's maybe going to institution for me that is something I personally cannot accept and some people have told me that they believe talking a prostitute is actually better than having a mistress I really disagree because I think that a guy who fucks prostitutes he has no moral qualms about it he doesn't find me undignified he doesn't find that that's any issue with doing it all men are very different from women they can separate sex from love and women find it a lot harder than guys to do that so in order for us to wonderful a guy we need to feel like we kind of like them at least but for guys they really can just fucking go and not see anything men in general feel that cheating is a lot less wrong because they think that it's just text and if you're not giving me sex why can't take it from someone else I still love you and only love you I don't like that go ahead oh so if you don't satisfy me I'll go get a prostitute to do it and you know I'm paying her for it laughs what this shows me is that if he feels that there's nothing wrong with doing that he feels that way about sex then he will continue to do it because in his heart he thinks that he did nothing wrong as a guy who is having a mistress if he genuinely feels guilty about it then maybe he wouldn't do it again but I do think that a guy sauce prostitutes will always do again if he believes that he will not get caught marry attached partnered cheating on the law with someone of the same sex I think it's worse if he's cheating with a girl because I would think that there's a chance of him wanting to leave me for her if he leaves me for a guide and he's just Gayle or you just be first thing I feel that's not possible kills me you know again same thing as the prostitute thing he probably feels that he wants that with a guy my wife can't over and therefore I will go and do that it has nothing to do with me loving her and he'll continuously keep doing it and the thought of that is just really like gross to me that he's fucking someone outside and some are like you know with gay guys it's like a lot more dangerous when it comes to STDs because when you have inner sex there's more friction and more likely you cuts and everything okay it's very scary for me like I'm not notifications at the end I'm not gonna believe that he would not find other guys outside because if he did it once I'm very sure he would do it again why is it like dating and I'm more firstly in the shower there won't be black hair on the drain because it's like brown or blonde have you seen blonde pubes before they're much nicer than bread cubes I'm not trying to be racist here but seriously black Petes are the worst okay I also have it but yeah no no no I don't have it that's Imola boy ambassador anyway also circumcised why only dick questions okay what else dating a young mom so the things are different like for example in Asian culture things like manners and all that are very different for our culture especially Americans they are very forward they are very about independence all about themselves around fights for their own rights but in Asian culture we are a lot more reserved for example if you're eating with your family you wouldn't take the last piece of like chicken drumstick because that is the file's a piece and a drumstick should be given to you know the elders you should ask us before you can eat it but to Americans when I try to explain this to my NSA you shouldn't grab the drumstick first because it's rude he simply cannot understand to him it's just like huh why firstly to hang more breast is the nice part you know the tongue is a gross part and then secondly is like you just say why you are not if you want it just take it for yourself if your parents want it why aren't they taking it for themselves and of course there are a lot of other small little differences here and there but off the top of my head that's why I can't think of how do I convince my girlfriend to try videos and with me well lucky for you I think that there's a very easy solution which is to get her to watch Fifty Shades of Grey and then say that sounds fun would you like to try thoughts on c8t yulian so I guess it really depends on the ghost age and what the age difference is if it's like what nine years the age difference is very very big and if the goal actually wants to settle down get married have a family I don't think she should be wasting her time with a void that much younger than her because there is just a lot more unlikely that he will actually marry you you probably want to try a few relationships before he actually gets married if he's like what 20 31 years oh and you're 37 you probably want to get married soon do really think that he's gonna get married at 20 23 24 it's a bit young for him laughs so unless you guys have spoken about this and come to a mutual understanding that eventually what the two of you want is the same then I was say fine go for it but don't go into it just because you're very in love you're just wasting your time to show or not to show my phone if he asked for it even if I have nothing to hide actually I don't see really a problem with letting my husband or boyfriend check my phone because really there's nothing for him to see I guess some people will say that if you have to check your phone tonight maybe it's a bit offensive he doesn't trust you but I think that like nobody should blindly trust each other like what have you done – so call on this trust you don't even let him check your phone maybe rain check a few times then you still continue want to check then you start being a bit like what the fuck you're a detective a million times there's nothing in it so why are you even suspecting me understandable but you never let me check from the start and then you don't let him check obviously will sour be suspicious why so I think you deserve it all it's getting back with your ex a good idea no I would think that if you guys had broke up in the first place that's a good reason for it unless that reason is completely not there anymore it's not valid anymore then that's fine but otherwise you will just keep breaking up for the same exact reason people don't understand that there is like how many billion people in this like whoa you can always find someone us no such thing as your fucking soul mate it's just levels of suitability and you can find somebody else laughs my boyfriend of three years said he wants to get married with me since two years ago but to now no proposal oh my god girl your boyfriend is being an asshole so you should set an ultimatum with him and actually go through with it I personally think that for girls if you want to get married you want to have a family it's very dangerous for girls to wait around for too long and it's always so easy for guys time is nothing to them they can get married at 45 they can get married at 41 42 whatever 50 60 doesn't matter because they can always find some younger girls but once girls hit like 31 or something your chances of starting a new relationship dramatically diminish us because guys will automatically assume that by this age if nobody wants you you are wanted good for something I know it sounds so cruel and it's not true that after that you cannot find a relationship but guys I just biased that way they're just wired to feel that way and I have had guy friends who told me that they are like 37 years old they want to date somebody who's 25 and younger because they believe that something is wrong with you life you're still not married by you know a certain age past 30 and of course once you hit 35 chances of having a dangerous pregnancy is a lot higher so I think naturally a lot of guys just would not want to marry or who's older nah I know it sounds really harsh but as a girl if you are still young you really have to choose the right partner to spend your time with don't waste your time on some toys I don't know how many girls think that they can change the subway and then have their you're wasting your time next thing you know you're 35 you're still single and your hopes of having a good wholesome family with a golden retriever is just gone so if your boyfriend is with you for three years I think it's time to give you an ultimatum and tell him that if he's not serious by marrying you by next year you're just going to leave him and go with someone who will start a family with you like how to not get jealous of your partner watching pond pond is just a very natural thing that all guys do whether they admit it or they don't unless they're like crazy religious and they really think that gods are watching them masturbate other than that I think most guys actually watch porn try to tell him to kind of watch it in front of you I think it's also very detrimental to see what kind of point he's watching because then you start to feel insecure that you are not the same as that town code that he like maybe he likes big boobs or maybe he was a schoolgirl yourself you owe or you feel like you know your own turns very flat try not think too much about it like I think that all guys have their own fantasies and kings just let them point it out and at the end of days better that he shoots off into the shower then into another car how to make a relationship last try the start of your relationship both of you should work on all the things that you can accept about each other like for example if you don't let your husband to go drinking and he doesn't agree that he should never drink again come up with an actual solution and both the parties should stick by the solution so for example now if the issue is drinking then maybe the wife says I allow you to drink twice a month nice to agree with that now other things that are kind of like new breakers for you at the very start of the relationship you should really work things out instead of always just pushing it at the back and thinking you know what we love each other we'll be able to work this out but if nobody comes up with actual solution this thing will just keep coming and coming and coming and you believe people change people and change they will just become worse so whatever you dislike now you are going to super dislike it later when you are married and whatever you think you like now you might actually start to dislike as well my personal belief is that after every fight there needs to be a talk on how things need to change moving forward otherwise the same issue will just keep popping up is it okay for girls to go after guys of course it's okay why would it not be okay it's not sexual harassment anything but girls I'm telling you guys do not respond well to ghosts going after them I think it's pretty simple all of us guys and girls we won someone whom we think is eligible to be with us we always assumed that if nobody else wants something then the product is defective versus if you see a lot of people queuing up for the chicken rice you think that as you guys confirm very good you won right because everybody else wants in the first place it's very rare for ghosts to go after guys and if you're a girl going after a guy you assume that nobody else is chasing you and therefore you are the unpopular chicken right store so for guys to one ago I think you always have to seem as if you have a lot of options there's a lot of guys going after you and I think that's the best life ever digit for a guy to think that I want to win this girl because that will prove to my ego that I'm better than those guys you know that's what I want but do I think about poly or open relationships for straight couples this is kind of difficult I think very few guys would be okay with their wives having guys outside that they're dating simply because another guy might important in your life right so it becomes very complicated likewise you're raising somebody else's child I wouldn't advise that a girl would allow your husband to get around outside simply because I have actually met girls who allowed it not because they're open-minded but because they love their husband so much and their husband's cheap and they know that it's a reality and not so much to just decide a state with the husbands and close one I eventually the husband's do left them and that is the motherfucking most asshole thing that husband can probably do because what more can you possibly want from your poor wife if you continue to let him date and the end date eventually you'll find somebody else he wants to marry more than you and you will leave EULA you'll just be like all these years you've suffered for nothing and remember time is very important for a woman so I don't think we should allow that however I do believe that for same-sex couples open relationship can actually work really well and I have known friends who are in long-term relationships who are in open relationships which means that you don't tell me I don't tell you I'm just gonna shut one eye but you can go screw around outside and as I said for men sex is very different they can do it without feeling like they're falling in love so I guess gay guys they can go ahead and do that I'm not trying to be judged here but if a straight couple feels that it works for them then that's great but for most people if you're not happy about it then that's not something you should compromise about my happy wouldn't let me see his phone he claims everyone should have personal space maybe have a thought with him on like why he will let you do that I don't accept the personal space reason if you are your persona face then don't fucking get married in the first place all the fucking personal space you want a lot a lot of space okay you get the whole bit if he just doesn't want to let you see spoon I guess there's nothing much you can do about it you just have to look like cool off sometimes I were asked to check my spoon and you always just say take it but then I don't really know how to navigate it cause it's like enjoy the interface is terrible and then yeah but so far I have found nothing his messages of a boring he has really any once or twice as to look at my phone and just say it again zero like because I'm really not talking to any guys so that's that I don't bother with the Casilla I just be that actually on me show me a for now that's what I do that can I do that all the time and I also always for one my husband occasionally I would just give tracks you know he's just doing nothing he's just watching TV sky and everything I did by the way we cheat on me I'll chop off your penis and I'll put it into the airfryer I know you're wondering why I fry alright because after that is chop ready right there he's like well and she's already cooking a fire then he tried to reattach it cannot because it's cooked already the doctor will tell him sorry very sorry for the loss of your penis but I can reattach this because it's crispy mmm yeah so don't you owe me mine and they occasionally we're looking here I'll just play just to make sure he knows that if he ever cheats you get me all right so I'm done answering some of your questions I hope you found my answers insightful and of course everything is from my own personal perspective and yeah take it with a pinch of salt I may not apply to you and it may not always be true I am of course not like some relationship guru who is always right I guess if you're going through a tough time with your relationship you know it's difficult but if both of you really want a relationship and you're sure that you want to be with each other then just what Chula and I'm sure things can work out if two people are truly enough so with that I've come to the end of my video and thank you for watching all the way till the end remember to subscribe and like and I'll see you guys next time right

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  1. I’m so glad I agree with xx on so many things! But sometimes I feel like because 我情商很高become like very hard to be in a relationship…. like I give great advices to friends (all my advice same as xx esp on the never accept back an ex) – my reason is it doesn’t work out the first time, what makes u think it will work out the 2nd or 3rd time???

    Thats why now still single for so long

  2. i really love wise advises from XiaXue. always so honest and straight to the point. " time is precious for girls" . I will keep that in mind.

  3. Big sis xiaxue, I've been a follower for over 13-14 years since your blogging days. As an only child, you were the one that taught me how to be realistic and to not compromise on my own personal views simply through your written words. I'm so glad that you're still around and doing well. Fan from Malaysia <3

    And fuck Dawn Dung. Kehkehkeh

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  5. "How do you ask before interrogating his phone?"

    Xiaxue: "I don't bother with the courtesy, I just ask him 'ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME? SHOW YOUR PHONE NOW!!" "


  6. ugh xiaxue youre the best !! you always know how to find a way to explain things in a proper manner yet so good at reasoning still

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  8. this was such a good video omg she has no constraints and everything she said is so true i love her advice hehe

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