RELATIONSHIP ADVICE Q&A (long distance, happiness, & our story)

Oh yo yo ho relax Jesus yo what's up guys – welcome welcome back to my youtube channel it's my channel it's PS Channel it's both of our channel anyway yo guys welcome back to another episode of time Pia said I mean this is our first video it don't matter y'all mad like this is our video okay so we asked you guys on our Instagram to ask us questions so I have like questions from my followers and he has questions from his scholars so it's funny actually you know what you know what everyone hold up before we get into these questions like this video always there we go there we go Wait Wait Wait yo guys hit that subscribe button it's right down here alright first first hundred subscribers we're giving away a prize it's gonna be a secret you guys gotta find out what it is Pia's pain oh yo guys so basically so the first question is actually we her are you from supposed to be where where are you from so I'm from I'm from South Jersey United States yeah are both from South Jersey all right best memory together best okay I'll see my best memory and you can see when I think of mine okay for my best memory I think was when we went I brought him out of the country for the first time that was fun he's never been out of the country doesn't even have a passport so I think my best memory um oh wow you really can't think of anything no I get thinking a whole bunches of I'm just thinking like it's not really interesting your best memory well my best memories are cruise alright no whoa whoa right so guys my best memory it's what she said is going out the country I mean I think when we had the Dominican Republic all those places to be wet anyway it was all bunch of fun I was like the first time I actually went out of the country was I want to go out of the country a lot more let's zoom to come stay tuned but anyway favorite place to eat bon Sean favorite favorite place to eat is definitely Bond Shan it's a chain restaurant and go check it out alright umm what's your guys favorite thing to do monopoly I think no not recently well it always changes I mean our favorite thing to do always changes yeah we always like a week ago it was monopoly this week it's like cards but the beach film I like to film a lot but I don't film enough but like I don't know I don't know just what's Tyler's favorite thing about me why do you ask yeah but I ask okay okay so next question what's Tyler's me favorite thing about you BIA favorite he's gonna roast me my favorite thing about about peers or big-ass bug eyes look at this so my favorite thing about Peeta is ambition is priceless I that goes a long way if you don't if you don't you know what if you if you know if you don't have dreams and you don't wanna you know if you don't want to be something in life I like I like people with ambition I like people that want to go above and beyond and that's one thing I admire you went to Portugal pull your jiggle you at you went to Portugal Portugal you went to Portugal question mark no and I go to Portugal but I do I didn't want to go there definitely one day I will be there I will be there mark my words I will be there it wise P is so hot I said I already said it's a favorite favorite thing to do together a favorite favorite thing to do with the prizes no gonna bow guys my favorite restaurant type of food to eat my favorite restaurant at the moment it always changes bond Shaun I've been craving that just because I was in Philly two days ago and I drove by Y P is so much funnier than Tyler that's why the dumbest question I've ever heard like favorite personality trait and physical trait about each other my favorite personality trait about ty is that I guess it's like though my favorite and worst personality trait is that you're I don't even know that I don't even know this is is that he's just childish like it's so entertaining to me and it's so funny and he always makes me laugh but like sometimes when I need him to like grow up he just doesn't know how yeah all the time can you just grow up Oh physical trait his eyes Oh y'all look like a girl right here my favorite personality trait is probably how she can play along with my stupid earnest stupidness stupid stupid in this house she can see how she's not serious I hate people that are serious all the time like that's no fun like like oh no like I like to joke around like that fun all the time so favorite person I type but how she can just have fun house eating this relax have fun and how she can be friends with anyone how she can talk to anyone how oh you guys are probably sick of your favorite physical trait you know you're gonna say gee you guys already know what I'm gonna say what am I going to say comment section below the answer is these things right here Hey look look look another camera actually and her eye her her hair I best advice to making a relationship work honestly GZA communicators are always gonna fight guys don't ever fight whoa that's no that's a bold statement from me statement learn how to listen learn how to listen I'm not the best listener when it comes to errata over here I mean I'm a mom's a better Filipino you know what that means I'm not the best listener listen and listener when it comes to PFI when he needs to grow up alright guys so that was all my questions I have like 20 more questions in hands all right the first question is high school sweetheart we started I don't even know what that means ty it means like high school sweethearts I mean guys were dating in high school wasn't you yeah yeah yeah how did you guys meet high school in high school um so basically guys what happened was we're at a party junior year summer oh wait no no actually well actually the first time I ever met her no I didn't meet her but like the first time I saw her she was in my class she's a math class but I mean we never really talked for like a year but we like never like I didn't I literally did not even notice that he was in my class like the entire year we didn't even the only reason the only reason I knew she was in my class is because she always had the answers I asked one of my other friends to get the answers from I see oh that's the only thing I knew about it I was like cool she price miles and you'll go get our number yeah but the first time we actually met so she came up to me so there's a story I don't know what you're gonna say I know I'm gonna say I'm gonna say what happened so so basically we were at a party like 30 minutes away in high school I don't know some house party but anyway like the cops came and everyone's out in the street and then she came up to me and she's like I remember you said somebody I like your eyes and I was like whoa yes you did she came up to me after a party got busted and so I remember I I took a snapshot of you I said hi Tyler and he said you were your eyes yo yes you did we did it she said something about my eyes and I say no I don't know why I'm from there guess where you started snapchat and then it just all had them from there yeah again okay um our favorite date we've been on favorite date the first time I went a few the first time I got a nice drop to my bed if every day P have changed I pee up James no it was the first time on a date way me that was not the first time he went on a date we went to Boca con that was that was my money yup and that was even a frenzy our first date was going again wah-wah coffee oh yeah Wow you remember that oh yeah you know oh yeah yeah your birthday that was the first time we hung out on his birthday oh yeah Wow good good yeah um the next question is how long have you guys been together four years right now three years and three months something like three years and three months this closure here we did like break up but in general putting it all together like have you put it all together three years and three months yeah what made you guys start a channel together why because we the best thing out there we gonna be the next channel we're gonna be the next channel out there follow this channel right now come on guys we're gonna be the best we will be the next thing honestly I'm not doing this for fame I'm not doing this for anything I'm doing this cuz it's fun who's the big spoon whoa always laying on me and you always complained oh my god always know who wears the pants in the relationship she's really wish I know she really wishes she did I do know you get so many compliments from other guys how does Tyler feel about that you ain't got nothing on me you ain't got nothing that's how you feel that's a lot for you do you go to the same school yeah we go to the same school we go to Rutgers yeah but basically I went a semester ahead and then he came a semester later that's when we weren't together because long-distance did not work so if you had a baby girl right now what would you name her I probably named her Isabel and that just literally came out of like literally just straight out that don't Isabella would be the new house honest Asia I love that name on a station Fairgrove or Isabella like Isabella now I think about Isabella or Maya I like mine soon I like the name mine I told you about Maya no I did and then you said no all right the next question is how did you make a relationship last so long the reason our relationship lasted so long is because working through things compromise if you don't make things work between the both of you it's not a one side of things on one side of relationship if one person doesn't like it then there's no relationship there next question is why do you like Thai um I mean I basically said it when we did this yeah why you like that even though he puts on this persona that he's just like whatever like when it really comes down to it like between me and him like he can act like he actually like cares a lot even though we joke around all the time like we really do joke around like all the time and we really say like stupid stuff all the time like I always just know that he'll like he'll always like love me and care about me so what do you want to do when you're older but I wanted all you're gonna answer first is I just want to like be able to like inspire other people and just like work for myself and just like do things for myself whether that's like building my own like brand like personal brand or just like I don't know I just want to be able to do like what I want to do it's like when I want to do it and then not have to worry about I don't know like someone else like telling me what to do so basically just kind of like working for myself and just like being able to build a platform where I could I don't know just have like a big enough platform where I can just like motivate others I don't know I just want to motivate other people especially girls especially girls I feel like yeah guys don't mean you're given or I'm this talking point right now anyways so yeah so I just want to be able to like inspire others and like build motivation for especially girls like in this age cuz like we have so much untapped potential and we just don't let ourselves you know build this brand or do this blah blah blah guys – yeah but as you said all you got viewers I'm just you can do whatever you I'm here for the lady whoa hey go ahead what do you want to do when you're older gosh what does cha want to do when he's older so what do I want to do when I'm older literally I really don't know but what I do know is that involves getting rich I'm talking billion I'm gonna keep this short because I can go on forever about all this but basically I'm gonna all right so I'm gonna tell you within a year of what I want to do so real estate business I want to grow that clothing line I want to start a clothing line about you guys be basically living life to your fullest extent your own social media a whole bunch basically starting a business through that I get another business through that basically does everything with businesses I mean going for days so basically I'm gonna be rich that's so I would be the next joining belfort but the legal way um what where do you see this channel in a year what I see this channel near well where it's gonna be is minimum hundred thousand subscribers minimum so basically we're gonna grow giant family it's gonna be minimal hundred thousand subscribers I'm not settling for Less basically in one year we gonna be the next big thing on YouTube that's it how long have you guys been together and relationship at place so we already said how long we were together relationship advice what's your biggest relationship advice time listening if you don't know if you don't know how to listen then it's literally like it's you're never gonna be you're never gonna be the smartest person around therefore you always want other people to talk and then if you really I don't want to be the smartest person in the room yeah if you realize you're if you realize you're the one talking the most and I'm not even talking about like your friends I'm talking about like growing like yourself if you realize you're the person talking the most you're in the wrong room you got to get out you gotta you gotta go somewhere else where people are above you you gotta learn from them you gotta you gotta lover yourself up because no one else is gonna level you alright guys so that's basically all the questions we got asked want to get this video out there for you guys and this is our first video all right guys so that is it for all the questions that we got asked thanks for stopping by this video you guys are basically watching the next big thing on YouTube it's gonna be me and her the time P is show anyway anyway guys thanks for watching our video smash that thumbs up button hey guys subscribe button and follow us for more videos

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  1. What's up, Ty and Pia! Ryan Little here. Just wanted to show love and say thank for using my music in your video. That's dope. Keep them coming!

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