Red Bull Culture Clash – Rebel Sound – Round 1 [HD]

46 thoughts on “Red Bull Culture Clash – Rebel Sound – Round 1 [HD]

  1. This (2014CC)was definitely so much better than ( 2016CC) Earls Court RIP venue was so much better than the O2, didn't get one in 2018 hopefully 2019 or 2020………

  2. It was clear right form the start who was going to win round one, FUCK! It's a shame there's load of kids in the crowd who won't appreciate the amount of dubplates in this set.

  3. the way they mix into bricks don't roll from Mr happy in this set is incredible, I remember seeing them DJ in fabric and they did that exact same mix, never seen a reaction like it

  4. Why can't white people enjoy this kind of music without pushing eachother like animals. If you want to mosh then go to a rock concert. If you went to a rebel sounds gig in Jamaica you wouldn't see people acting like this.

  5. i'd go, if it wasnt for all the 15 year ood school kids in the front row, come in from hertfordshire paid for by their parents, cunts know nothing about D&B or jungal….

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