Reconcile For What??? (Relationship Thursday)

hello everyone sorry about that thank you for subscribing to my channel thank you so much for sharing like in and I'd like to hear some comments if you if you'd like to donate you can donate at Shilla ministries entertainment and associates P o box 1543 Wilmington Delaware one nine eight nine nine or if you'd like to call for prayer accountability services a listening ear non biased opinion or encouragement or a possible referral you can call two six seven four three seven seven seven nine zero as available 7:00 a.m. in the morning until 6:45 p.m. Sunday through Friday okay so I wanted to get on a talk I promise you that I would talk about reconciliation we talked about the merciful and unmerciful servant and I said okay I will talk about reconciliation and I already said in one text oh I forgot I'm sorry I'm Sheila Rollins I'm the founder of Shuler ministry entertainment and associates where we support people that's trying to overcome anything so it's overcomers Anonymous like in a Narcotics Anonymous or AAA alcohol alcohol Anonymous this is Oh a overcomers Anonymous where you can overcome anything so okay so I wanted to talk about reconciliation the Bible says that Jesus was in knew God was in Jesus reconciling the world to himself and so my mind goes back to a story where the scribes and some Pharisees brought in a woman to Jesus in the church taking an adultery saying that the law says because of her sin that she was caught in a very air and that she deserved to be stoned and so at this point Jesus Neal still on the ground and he begins to write on the ground kind of ignore it seemed like he was ignoring and not really paying attention so then finally he spoke and he said he that is without sin cast the first stone at her and one by one from the eldest to the youngest the scribes and the Pharisees begin to leave and then finally Jesus had a conversation with the lady and she was like he was like where's her accusers nobody told you she said no Lord not one and so basically I like this story because Jesus gives us an example of what he wants us to do and how he wants us to be the Bible says that Jesus came to save men's lives he did not come to destroy them and so as a result of forgiving this lady and her basically coming clean with him him about her life when he acts about you know her husband you know and basically she had to tell the truth she didn't had no husbands jesus said that you had he had a bunch of husband I think he she had like maybe I don't know maybe eight husbands I'm not really sure I can't remember now but anyhow the point is that Jesus instead of doing what describes in the Pharisees one of him to do in stoning her he reconciled her to his self with compassion and with love and as a result she really became a great mouthpiece for God because she went out through the community telling everybody where Christ had done for her as her is all he saved the soul and then she has a result became strong she threw down you know her her way of life that she once lived she was converted from that way of life and she began to live a life that was honorable before God and so when we reconcile people back to herself it gives them not just them a time to grow but ourselves a chance grow it showing compassion and showing herself as a human being you know we're not better than God we're not better than Christ and Christ forgave you know it wasn't this thing of you know forgiving us but you know dealing with us for a long-handled spoon you know Christ drew us to him you know in love and compassion and gave us an opportunity to repent to grow to develop and to learn and to be more of what he wanted us to be and so when we reconcile other people we give them those opportunities that Christ has given us so reconcile for what reconcile for growth reconcile for love reconcile for compassion reconcile for forgiveness just reconciled to be a good example reconciled to show godliness in you to show the gift of God an appreciation for God reconciling you to him god bless you hope this wasn't help to everybody now that's a hymn that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before his presence with exceeding joy to the only wise God Our Saviour be glory Majesty Dominion and power both now and ever amen so this had to do with our relationship Thursday our relationships they have to start with Christ if they don't start with Christ they're doomed and Christ will give us everything that we need and if we don't have a desire for he can even give us the desire for anything that is positive we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us and this will strengthen us reconcile have a good night

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