Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right

Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory! Our lived experience is being a young white
person in 21st century America. Seeing your identity be demeaned. I’ve lived in this multicultural mess my
entire life, and I’m trying to get out of it. I hope you’re feeling alright, I know it is
early on a Saturday. I’ve just had a headache for a week. I don’t think it’s from having too much to
drink last night, it’s just the winning. It’s too much winning. We’ve crossed a Rubicon in terms of recognition. We aren’t quite the establishment, but let’s
start acting like it. We’re trying to break through the largest
taboo of our times: identity for people of European heritage. We need to make it permissible to think as
we want, and to not have double-standards and racial discrimination institutionally
against white people for example. This needs to go. Racist has basically come to mean anything
to the right of Karl Marx. Anyone who sort of cares for their people
or is not self-hating, self-abasing and thinks white people need to be exterminated. No Donald Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA! Who is meeting here? National Policy Institute. What is that? It sounds vague, right? It sounds boring. It could be anything. Well, that’s their plan. Everyone knows what the American Nazi party
is. Everyone knows what the Ku Klux Klan is. But National Policy Institute? It sounds like some boring office around here
somewhere. Actually, they are white nationalists. The alt-right, they take sometimes very direct
inspiration from the hate groups of old. This sub-culture has grown in message boards
specifically like 4chan and reddit. A younger generation of mostly white males
reinforce each others’ notions based upon a white identity politics, as well as an overall
reaction to what they call political correctness. They are trying to recruit youth for the long haul. Hello? Gotta run, bye. Uh, yeah. Everyone just wants a piece. Before the Trump campaign, I would get a media
request maybe every quarter or so. At this point, I get a media request effectively
every day. One philosophy is, “Oh, these guys hate you. They’re a bunch of shitlibs,” or whatever. My philosophy is, effectively, that there
is no such thing as bad publicity. I just want to go down a list of things, and
you tell me if they are okay or not okay: Graffiti that says “Make America White Again.” Look, graffiti is illegal. The slogan, Make American White Again. I don’t have a huge problem with that, people
are just expressing their opinion. The alt-right has existed long before Trump. We were doing a lot of thinking, but no one
was really paying attention. Maybe if you were less charitable you would
say we were engaging in intellectual masturbation. Trump definitely energized the alt-right. He was elected because of the immigration
issue, which is fundamentally an identity and race issue, let’s be honest. Because we have this connection with them,
we can inflect his policies. We are trying to change the world, and we’re
going to do that by changing consciousness and by changing how people see the world and
how they see themselves. It’s my great pleasure to welcome Millennial
Woes. Millennial Woes is just the kind of person
we want in the alt-right. Millennial Woes, you could kind of say that
about me too, we’re kind of the hipster whisperers. And so it’s my pleasure to welcome Millennial
Woes to NPI. I went to art college in London, coming from Edinburgh, in Scotland. Edinburgh was virtually 100% white. The halls of residence was extremely multi-racial
and multi-cultural, and I find that very dizzying and horrible. I didn’t like it. Two or three years ago, I finally came to
understand what is called the Jewish Question. That there are problems with the Jewish people. And that was difficult because I didn’t really
want to become an anti-Semite. The biggest right-wing cliche. I started my YouTube channel at the very start
of 2014. I was on welfare, I was very depressed, and
so on. I had a lot of questions about the world. I thought I would make 15 or 20 videos, no
one would watch them, and I would just stay on the dole forever, on welfare, being miserable. That’s what I thought. But, as it happened, it took off. By the standards of the alt-right, I would
say that it’s the biggest channel in Europe. Women shouldn’t have the vote, because if
you do give them the vote, they will mess up your psychological defenses and your legal
systems, your protocols, your culture, and make it vulnerable. Hi, I’m Adele Stan, with the American Prospect,
and I’m curious what you would like to see Trump do, first thing, right off, as soon
as he takes office. I guess I don’t need to answer that. I wanted to be a theater director, I wanted
to do all this avant-garde stuff. And that’s how I thought of myself. Experiencing the 9/11 era, I became very skeptical
of that whole flag-waving period, let’s all hold hands and get low-interest mortgages
and go shopping on credit card debt to save America. I knew that we had to get away from the conservative
movement. By mid-2008, I was using this term alternative-right,
or alt-right. And in 2010, I founded,
and I think I was more or less there. These are typical diversity images, I don’t
think these will be surprising to anyone. Essentially, diversity is going to be wonderful, it helps whites. You can have new friends. I also have big dreams. Reviving the Roman Empire, it would be an
empire that would be welcome to Italians, to Scots, to Russians, to white Americans,
to Finns, etc. To have a safe space for all Europeans around
the world. Yes, I actually have faced discrimination. I remember being at an all black community
in Louisiana one time, and I went to a McDonalds and ordered a coffee, and I was waiting for
10 minutes, no coffee. Well, multiple people came in, black and hispanic,
they would order coffee and get coffee, and I was like, “Whoa. This is what it feels like.” I’m not claiming that I am victim, I found
that kind of amusing, to be honest. These people have drawn blood from this man’s
face. These scum. To be white is to be a striver. A crusader. An explorer and a conqueror. We don’t exploit other groups. They need us and not the other way around. For us, as Europeans, it is only normal again
when we are great again. Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory! I don’t see myself as a marginal figure who
is going to be hated by society. I see myself as a mainstream figure. If you greeted someone in 1985 and said, “Oh,
all gays should marry,” you’d probably get you’d probably get a lot of laughs. Maybe in 10 years from there, you’d get fewer
laughs and maybe even a couple supporters. By 2015, gay marriage is popular. What is possible has shifted. That’s what the alt-right is doing. It’s thinking those political ideas that aren’t
possible yet, and imagining a reality in which they are.

100 thoughts on “Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right

  1. I personally believe this guy is a fucking made up idiot by some intelligence to give right wing people a bad name. No one in their right mind who is an American takes this guys seriously we all snicker and laugh at him as he is compared to retards from history’s past..

  2. I like how all whites come to america and kill and steal native americans land and then try to make them not native any more by beating them and then bullshit like this idiot richard

  3. I don't agree with with racial separatism but it makes the opposite side seem worse and radical and Spencers more reasonable when they are telling people to commit suicide and physically attacking people. Just saying. I don't like extremism but this makes the left seem much worse, ironically. I disagree overall with Spencer but all he is doing is speaking his controversial opinions. He isn't actually attacking anyone, or talking about extermination or something. The other side on the other hand is violent. Sorry but I think this will only make guys like Spencer more appealing.

  4. Is antifa and the rest of the left going to go to the Indian reservations and beat them people up and take over the reservation because the natives are racist who want their own space for their own people and culture? Will they go into Africa and do this to predominantly black countries of course not. diversity is only invasion of white countries and their prosperity. It's a bunch of parasites really

  5. It’s one thing to be proud of your white heritage. That’s perfectly fine, (even though I think being proud of something as arbitrary as race, gender, or sexuality is stupid as fuck considering it’s not an accomplishment and takes no effort) but if you use your pride as an excuse to be anti-semitic or racist, you can’t pretend to be a victim of anti-white racism if you’re being a racist yourself. Not to mention, you’re downplaying actual racism against white people when you claim to be a victim of racism when you were the one being the racist asshole.

  6. Richard Spencer is so obviously gay – no wonder he projects his self-hate externally. No amount of beating your wife will change your orientation, Spencey-boy.

  7. The editor in chief of The Atlantic was a former IDF prison guard XD XD XD, the Jews have their hand in everything lmao.

  8. It's so profound, most don't want to admit it: Christianity's been used as a weapon against white people (non-Jewish). Shame didn't exist before the Torah.

  9. wow. this is just disgusting…………I don't believe in censorship unless it is an invalid call to action, but just….wow.

  10. I have respect for the antifa showed in this video. Debating the extreme right has failed to stop them , it is time for voilent shutdown of their speeches.

  11. He needs many more punches to the face. Every time he speaks, someone should be there to beat the shit out of him and his Nazi compadres

  12. My sister is biracial. Her mother was black and our father is white. I am white because my mother and my father where as well. So because of personal reasons, I see movements like this distasteful. I'm not here to shout at you about how horrible you are or scream at you because of your personal opinion, but I do oppose you.

  13. Strange the way youtube happily elevates the far right but then bans moderates who are against globalism but not ethnonationalists. Like Milo etc.

  14. All you say Mr Spencer, is good. . The Jews want to destroy the white man ethnostate, However not all Jews are our enemies, there are good Jews as well, there are even anti-jews Jews. So it would be unfair to be against all Jews. The biggest problem are our own politicians who did allow Jews to dominate the media, to dominate the banking and also infiltrate schools and universities. In order to reverse this catastrophe that is happening to Europeans is to get politicians who will make a law forbidding people of Jewish origin to work in banks to work in media, politics and our schools. I realise this sound impossible what I am saying, but this was done before in many countries all over the world. Keep the Jews, they are good business people, they are not lazy and not violent, but prevent them to be in position of power and accomulate great wealth.

  15. Jesus fucking Christ, those antifa fucks make real white supremacists look like decent humans. At least these white nationalists aren’t going around beating ppl up like the antifa was. 🤣🤣🤣 not defending their stance btw, but rather their behavior

  16. See the only problem I have with white Americans is that sense of entitlement, I really dont get it. The country you call yours you've taken from its natives then decided to build the country on the backs of enslaved Africans, took their resources and claim you dont need them? White Americans sailed across the sea to other continents for what reason then to be claiming they dont need other races? Your justice system is already built to not benefit anyone that isnt white making millions of dollars a year by sending (mainly) minorities to prison and you feel like you're losing the country because you get more immigrants coming in? White supremacy is not nationalism if nationalism is what youbelieve in then you've got to accept that other races can benefit America which they have done historically and will continue to do. This entitlement you've got yh please explain it to me

  17. It's alway's the Socialist/Communist who claims the other side is filled with hate and racism. The truth is that the left creates hate and fear and feed's off of it.

  18. Think about it: The greatest enemy of the average typical white person is the elitist white person, and the greatest supporters of these powerful white people, the truly Supreme Whites if there are any at all, are the brown and black people. So, it has to be conceded that these White Supremacist ruling class Elitist Whites are too clever for the rest of us. Er, something.

  19. "A safe space for Europeans" and they call the Left snowflakes.
    His coffee order gets lost at a fast food joint and he thinks that's racism. Man, wait until he hears about people being killed, enslaved, beaten or denied housing / employment because of their race!

  20. It seems like they're a culture that is afraid of losing themselves in the melting pot that is the modern America. It seems like a fight or flight response. Many cultures experience the same response when they feel they're being white washed or brainwashed into the consumerist and materialistic culture that americans are known for. That being said they're..making a stance in a very controversial and hostile way. It seems to be a growing trend among conservatives and liberals, that being rude and violent towards different ideologies is the way to go.

    On all sides I see the fear of assimilation, a fear of loss of self and identity.. it's mind blowing..

    So uh… buckle up for this on coming civil war.. (a bit of dark humor)

  21. i don't understand their perspective. so your racist okay. well theres nothing you can do about how many races you have around you. even if you commit racist crime you will end up in jail again mixed with more races . just get a long to go along. racism is mental illness, seek help.

  22. At 8:25 he was discriminated because in LA they forgot his coffee!! Gasp!!!! They must have never ever seen a white person even though they’re like 70% of the pop. They said we’ll show this white man! No coffee for him!!! It couldn’t possibly be that they forgot but it had to be racial discrimination. But…black people should stop thinking racism at every corner.

  23. this government was set up by white men and the institutional racism was set up by laws to prevent the black slaves from having rights to own land, voting and every law was written to favor white people. The fact that the Euro white race is dwindling in size in not racism it is a fact of life. Stop the reverse racism against whites, that is just nonsense and you are barking up wrong tree in thinking you can keep the world white. try learning about another culture and their food, art and people. This video is fricking unbelievable.

  24. I wonder why in the video many of the people attending his events have their faces blurred out. They should be clearly pictureed and published – and outed.

  25. This is hysterical !!! A bunch of white people crying bc their parents were too lazy to take advantage of the privilege they were affording by their own people …..

  26. LOL….. blame your forefathers!!!!!!!!!! Not anyone else! It's not our faults they got lost in colored booty enforcing interracial breeding amongst everyone else because it's "OKAY" We love white people, All colors and creeds. But it's your forefathers that left your foundation behind, giving you NONE here in the America's. They didn't think about you!!! It' Not anyone's fault, but your ancestors.

  27. Whites Americans can't do agriculture works, they are fat and Lacy we latinos have even fucks their girls, some of they have to looking for neggas that fuck them

  28. The hall is full of uneducated racist and fascist retards! Over 95% of these retards have achieved next to nothing in their misserble lifes and they want to blame other racial groups for their failure in life, which is a typical traits of Retards!

  29. libs, dems, and antifa admittedly support socialist/socialism. They also hate trump and call him a Nazi🤔 🤦‍♂️
    Are they really that stupid.
    What does Nazi mean exactly.
    Fml thats right, it stands for the
    National SOCIALISTS party.
    You have an east Hollywood and a West Hollywood! Thats all folks.

  30. Miserably mother fucker, GO TO "HEIL" 🔥HELL 🔥 with your buddies Hitler, Trump & the DEVIL 😈 where you belong.

  31. Spencer: the only thing stopping him from going to "hail" is the mercy & grace of Christ.
    truly sad.
    No justification for hate, no matter who or how it's packaged.

  32. Racism only exists on earth & NOT in heaven. Have fun in hell, since you want it so much. Why give your short life to this ideology and turn your back to God when you can spend eternity with Jesus in paradise. You all get what you deserve on Judgment day. Don't get surprised.

  33. This man is only speeding up the extinction of white people. Because lets say hypothetically white people with the same ediollegy this guy believes actually gain this utopia superiority society.They will only exploit the world and breed themselves out just as they always have. Except at a much faster rate. If he had the power he wants. He only,abuse himself. He want stop his greed for more power. Eventually he will turn on himself.

  34. "I've lived in this multicultural mess my entire life, and I'm trying to get out of it." what? does this guy think he's not on stolen land right now?

  35. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!

  36. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓These white racist nationalist feel they are some sort of superior individuals who are ordained by Satan are whatever they believe in, to control, govern or destroy people they deem non white and unworthy. When these insecurity inferior rats feel threaten, as history has shown time and time again, they take their insanity out on people of color and marginalized people. These psychopath will be destroyed by their own hands and their off springs. 😤😤😤😤It is already happening. When you kill innocent people especially children you seal you and your off springs fate.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


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  38. I feel tempted to start something like this for asians (without the hate on blacks and hispanics) just a little group thats just asians

  39. Its hard to believe these people are sincerely decent people when they act like Nazis. They would do better to steer clear of anything Nazi related if they truly have good intentions. Which clearly they do not.

  40. how on earth could you survive a philosophy degree if you are a ethno-nationalist? How is that even possible?

  41. Well your bigot founding fathers kidnapped black people.That reverse racism is ole crap they been spewing generations.

  42. You doing think crazy left wing socialists and black separatists movements thought they could latch on to Obama's presidency? These people are such a tiny fraction of of a percentage they don't matter except that you hinge them air time. Stop giving them an audience. A few thousand people at most and you act like this is an army of crazy white men ready to overthrow the govt. I bet I could you've up the Mexican gang🇮🇹 down the street and be bigger than this guys group.

  43. This piece of shit isn't conservative. Never put those two words in the same sentence. Republicans don't want this trash can nor do we accept him. Fuck Richard Spencer.

  44. Trump is not alt right. There is no connection. Trump is not racist. This mistake of a human being is racist.

  45. He doesn’t like Trump and he is a socialist as he himself admitted in the interview with Dinesh Souza. White Supremacy was born with the left and it’s still of the left no matter what the media and the white supremacist themselves claim. Period.

  46. Gandhi was a nationalist, so was Nelson Mandela.

    Racist Left wing propaganda has brainwashed everything into thinking that it's ok for everyone to be a nationalist, except white people.

  47. The left and its tolerance – "Commit suicide assholes".

    And thats why SA and Freikorps had to take care of it.

  48. This guy and his followers are complete idiots, ignorant and pigs. The president Donald Trump have nothing to do with this group.

  49. White people do face discrimination and racism sadly. All races do. But most of the people in this video are hypocritical because they're also pretty racist.

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