Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel

a fight is not to advance a fight is to wake up people and to make them think you believe strongly as they deserve will come to an end we have got on homicide when Stamford Hill a Jewish neighborhood in North London we’re here to meet the UK branch of the controversial ultra-orthodox Jews of the net reycarts these guys campaign against Zionists and for the immediate dismantle of the State of Israel many find their stance mind-boggling in the pretty unpopular especially among other Jewish people [Music] they’re often labeled as extremists for hanging out with Iran’s former President Ahmadinejad and far-right nationalists from Hungary strawberryk party I want to find out why the natura Carter are so driven by their convictions that they’re ready to be alienated by their own people so when one of their leaders in London invited me into the secretive community I jumped at the chance [Music] I think that’s in hi I’m Milan yes my name is Arabic how big is Senator Carter here in Stamford Hill the fighters against Zionism incentives are several but people what they are I’m designing thousands here in Stanford Oh Zionism is the belief that Jewish people should have their own nation the movement gathered support three early 20th century and the State of Israel was established in 1948 in Palestine right from the start her ad Jews known as ultra-orthodox voiced their opposition not only do they fear the rise of secularism they also believe Jewish people shouldn’t have their own state before the coming of the Messiah [Music] over time some ultra-orthodox groups soften their attitudes and they began to enjoy the benefits of Israel others have maintained their opposition and on the most radical end of the anti Zionist spectrum is the net ray Carter I will put in paper in the machine rabbi back is keen to get his message out he’s invited me to tag along on a flying mission around Stanford Hill so is this your friend who’s riding his protege rabbi blyer was coming along too you have a very nice motorbike thank you this is one flower this is mostly explain why we are against it you find it important to go around and distribute this so strong so obviously you have it we feel obliged did the opposite sorry if you can’t see inside he will seat here so I go at the very back yes I’m vada sorry okay that’s fine so how do you two know each other good teacher in school I was entitled to the same school Chinese do you deliver flyers like this to make more people aware of your existence not of my existence of the existence of the Torah we added a to work at the guardians of the city we try to guide people what what are the Hydra injuries like if a woman going dressed not so modest are there some shops or they sell things not in the Jewish style please stop it you’re not allowed here now sometimes they get angry but they understand that in the end of the day we are right if you don’t like it ok goes to other places nobody force him to media I feel it for my duty my life to teach people in the right way and what is the right way you want me to teach you Judaism in one minute can you thank you happy birthday everybody going to pack here [Music] rub my back I think you might have driven into the car behind us 12 inches away okay a Jew is not a Zionist that must be your synagogue yes sometimes hear people coming in the tie to take it down yes but then I bought one side I bought in the same time five because I know sometimes people get angry on us they hip it off and we have to put it again you can see also they put even the dog is tired of David we paint already down I never in my life thought I would see the inside of an Oprah Orthodox synagogue and something thank you you have a sign that site that says a Jew is not a Zionist and you’re in a very Jewish area here is that seeing as controversial what it means conservation something that makes people angry I can say that this synagogue came under attack a few times sometimes tone stones in the window and after it plays the window they don’t like what we say so the only thing what they can say oh this fnatic people this amazed how come so few people know about you guys how often did you see people like me people like me you can see in the captains but in the media don’t see people like me so how you expect people to know what is the views of this juice is it possible to see a bit of the synagogue okay it’s a small synagogue you’re heavy at least 40 50 types of books against Zionism in the State of Israel here’s the Holy Scriptures yeah what does it say hey just a count that means a count of the toga and he is just the beginning of each the 10 commandments does the State of Israel break any of the Ten Commandments a sixth don’t kill the eight don’t steal the basic of the Jewish religion is to test God if you got send us an exile stay in exile we have to wait for the coming of Messiah so is that why the natural Kardec believe that Israel is against God how much percent yes of course the Natura carta considered themselves defenders of the faith so I’m curious see here with another Jewish movement that is also critical of Israel make up them I’ve arranged to meet liberal Judaism’s rabbi charlie Baginski the network art that called themselves the true genes what does that mean that other Jewish people are in their eyes the Terracotta would define that they interpret scripture and in the right way and the rest of us have it wrong it’s very much their way or no way and so we wouldn’t be considered yesh my children wouldn’t be considered Church our rabbis are not recognized would you say that they’re like they have a fundamentalist view of the Torah sure once any interpretation becomes unquestioning it’s problematic so your movement is as you call it a critical friend of Israel’s the network Arthur is taking that a lot further what do you think about that there’s been a very large conversation within the Jewish community about when it’s legitimate and when it’s not legitimate to criticize Israel it’s natori cos view that the state of israel shouldn’t exist until the Messiah comes when they will do anything to ensure that that religious ideal is fulfilled while they wait for the Messiah the network artist seemed determined to get their voices heard I’m trying to find where rabbi back lives he’s invited us over because some of the guys from the net ray Carter are coming over to make banners for protests happening tinactin a mikvah means the disaster in arabic Nakba day is the day palestinians mourn their displacement when the State of Israel was created but this is also Israeli Independence Day when Israelis have a party to celebrate the creation of their country to be a demonstration against the State of Israel we participate these demonstrations to bring out our message to show off all the Jews and Zionists sued is imrat the State of Israel and condemns its atrocities the protest falls on a Saturday the Sabbath so there’s a bunch of restrictions Dimas tickity one being not to use public transport there’s a height back where do you think embassy located just here ok I was Inagaki located here this is gonna be such a long walk longer you know three and a half hours yes so we need to be prepared shambo’s we’re not allowed to touch an electric device I can’t speak into the mic and also lonely walking we need a non-jewish man going between us okay so everything will be okay as long as there’s a man standing between you and me and you cannot talk straight into the microphone and also Saturday we are not carrying nothing nothing nothing is not killing nothing this is one of the rules you’re going to walk across the entirety of London for three hours carrying signs no no no no no you forgot we are not allowed to carry Saturday rather take you can wear it on okay okay it’s not easy to be Jewish they’re gonna be a lot of Palestinians at present of the protest how will you be received oh very very welcome very welcome every coming time do you pro-israeli people come down and yes yes I feel very angry in the carrying ours but what can we say we bring out the right message I mean when you look who is the real jewel look of me in look on him he don’t look as a Jew at all he don’t keep the shamans he have no problem which I was like I have he don’t walk to the protester yeah I was just coming by the car parking inside and say oh I’m a religion Jews or did I clashes when the pro Israelis come down and they see you like wearing free Palestine yes because of that we have the police so does it get violent usually not the police watch if not the police tends get violent of course we ought to bring out our message for the wall – no you know the Zionists have the power on the media and the power and we haven’t got nothing we have only one thing we have got on our side getting quite long here it’s a lot of exercise these guys worked really fast I thought it was a good Walker but I’ve met my match they creating quite a lot of attention when they walk on the street constantly trying not to get run over because they’re wearing the protest banners under their coats they keep having to stop to like sort of tuck them back up when you walk around central London how do you feel when people start pointing fingers or saying things and it’s part of our religion to ignore it we have a callable disposal so this sounds very much that’s a section we’re almost by the Israeli embassy [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the Star of David tattooed on your face I’m 22 but she was like you know what do you make of the Arts or excuse I feel about every person who provides expressive sound you see the often toxic avenger coming home to explain their destruction of the State of Israel so there are ultra-orthodox Jews standing holding Palestinian Flags what do you make of that and that’s ray catcher which means there are an extreme or all told to go to his room the same with Isis they’re not considered amongst the Jews – BJ they take it there goes beyond the manatee I mean it may put they will strap on throughout Palestine is a Israel proof when I spoke to people on the other side of the street they were calling you guys extremist whatever the one everybody can see anybody these are extremists everybody can say that they compared it to people who would happily strap bombs on themselves which I thought was quite interesting nobody here nobody be distorted are coming out with support no we do what we need to do we know God loves the world and God has advised us what awaited army knows people lost people for nothing now why our love for not in our country that’s your country no we are not we’re not willing to die for a country which is forbidden according to Jewish people you’re unbelievable she’s not gonna come for you guys semi shakily come for you oh yeah you know what you do [Music] there is no reach effect tensions are high in the police move us on but I wanted quiz rabbi back about wider Natura Carta offer meet up with Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad they even attended is notorious 2006 Tehran conference questioning the Holocaust I read on the net trade Carter website that you believe that the Holocaust happened because it was God’s punishment for Jewish people not being religious enough is that correct yes yes it’s not this is what we say it may be the Holocaust was a punishment so for this to go away from God to rebellion against God what we have more to say on the Holocaust that the Zionists the Holocaust vote for their favorite from the beginning to the end they justify what they’re doing for the Palestinians with the Holocaust what’s happened to the Jewish people these are views that have also been stated by far-right parties and also by Holocaust deniers like Medina jawed as far as you know if you speak to him many times about the Holocaust if we didn’t see that they deny the Holocaust could be there some information what I didn’t know but as far as I know as far as we study it we didn’t find it you stand for a peaceful dismantlement of the State of Israel Barack Medina jawed has been quoted in the press saying that Israel should be wiped off the mark aren’t you worried that you’re legitimizing violence by consorting with these people any president clarify many times and he say that that Israel should be wiped up of a map he didn’t means that people of Israel should be wiped up he means that the regime should be wiped no matter where your sympathies lie in the israel-palestine conflict the MetroCard has ideas about the Holocaust are problematic and so is the fact that they associate themselves with violent political agendas there is a serious risk there that Network artists cause could be used as a propaganda tool two weeks later it’s the Jewish festival of la Poma commemorating the death of a famous rabbi Jewish people typically celebrate this festival by lighting bonfires but the net Erie Carter had chosen to add fuel to the flame the banning the Israeli flag today you’re going to make a celebration against Israel would it be possible to join this celebration only a man can come here only a man can come in okay so do you think it’s not possible for me no no really if you want just to see it I have a storage room and you can stay there if you want really okay [Music] okay I’m sorry it’s great [Music] it turned out there were lots of women in the storage cupboard I managed to get a decent view and got chatting to one of the wife’s usually making a fire demanding D Zeta flag and burning desire movement to show the State of Israel can’t speak in the name of Jewish people you can afford a MF limit I bet she’ll die knock-on effect I know no market there are people who do feel that you are legitimizing violence by burning flags and who will also really take offense it is violent only if his brings violent is only a symbol to show total opposition especially for our yote to show them this goes in deep deep into the heart if you are not enjoying fighting and of course we are not enjoying burning a flag but this is we do what we have to do we do what’s our duty the natura Carter talk about standing up against violence an ending Israeli occupation the were really motivates them is their uncompromising sense of religious duty sometimes the blind faith goes too far [Music] [Applause]

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  1. I get on with most people, but the ones that openly and provocatively display their religion outwardly I seem to steer away from , I’m not saying their bad or anything like that , but I just feel unsure about them , and I feel that about ALL religions including Christians who don’t usually make a big display of their faith in the street thank goodness…Sorry but it’s just me , it always seems so provocative.

  2. There were no problems before Israel was established all the problems can be traced back to Israel after strong arming their way with the British government with blackmail against the prime minister of the time

  3. I don't even trust vice to be honest these Orthodox Jews are right in what they say as far as the Torah there holy book says for the Jews to roam and scatter the earth I challenge even one Zionist to quote me anything from there Torah that says this is there promised land they can't because it's not they took Palestine by brute force and that's the real terrorised people the Palestine you see how the other Israeli Jews were shouting and screaming your traitors they are the real traitors to there own Torah

  4. "We bring out the right message of Judaism ".It is honestly obvious who cares about keeping their religion and those who chose political ideology over it.

  5. one thing is sure 100% is that the state of the Zionists -Israel – will be destroyed way way before the come of the Antichrist lol

    so they are just wasting their time. Tic Tac Tic Tac.

  6. If you're looking for a Christian perspective. The "ultra-orthodox jews" are actually the most real you can get in terms of following old testament scriptures… they are doing their best to live by the commandments given by God. They are trying to do everything as stated in the old testament. Sure there are a lot of strange rules, and God made it that way… but that was in order to set the jews apart from those who were not. If I were not a Christian I would probably be an "ultra-orthodox jew" too or maybe seeing how difficult it is I would not believe in anything. The reason I am a Christian and not "ultra-orthodox jew" is I believe that the Massiah has already come. That's also as a Christian why I believe the state of Israel has a right to exist. The coming of the Massiah brought and allowed for many changes… the Massiah is Jesus Christ and we have accounts of this by the apostles and witnesses from the different writers in the new testament. The coming of the Massiah opened the door for not just Jews to be with God but for all people who choose to believe. I also believe Palestine has a right to live in coexistence with Israel until the end.

  7. wait i know the story of Sabbath from Quran and what our prophet Muhammad PBUH told us about what happened on that day and what God did to the bad Jews. on that Day only the Good Jews were saved. the Muslims and Jews will know what i'm talking about. but is it still forbiden for them till now and even after that. they are still forbiden to farm and harvest and work on saturday ?

  8. These Jews are acting like muslims in Paris. Taking over neighborhoods and imposing their ways on everyone.

  9. I am a Muslim and I have a Jewish Ancestry but it's good to see my Jewish brothers fight against Zionism,I love them a lot.

  10. They wear 17th-century Polish clothing and speak a 10th-century Germanic language (Yiddish) and this makes them real Jews? UP ISRAEL!



  13. Lets first establish one thing-Palestine as a country NEVER existed and still does not-To placate the refugees and appear to be politically neutral a number of countries in the UN recognised the refugees as a "Palestinian" people-Which, as there has never been any such state is a myth. Now for those Nutrei Karta Jews- Somewhere in their bible they found a passage that they have interpreted as saying Israel will only be reborn when the real Messiah returns. Well every faith has its blinkered ideological uncompromising demigods And the Jews appear to have theirs too-And they are a minute percentage of the Hebrew faith/ And you antiIsraelis out there are always screaming that the Ashkinazi Jews are not real–Will find these Jews are all Ashkeniza So you cant have it both ways!

  14. the zionist jew seem to have adopted the same frame of mind as the germans that almost wiped them out ahh well at least there is symmetry .

  15. If he didn't want people taking his sign down then why not install it on the inside of the window…its a perfectly clear see through window…not as smart as he thinks he is

  16. Lol they call them traitors of jews bcuz they support a country that was well established a really long time before Israel came in and stole land. And also they ate dressed in regular clothes and cussing when these guys obviously follow Judaism so much more stricter. And I bet the supposed jews in regular clothes and cussing don't even follow the religion in any way. It's obvious who is right and who is wrong. The stupidity of people baffles me. WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE GONE???!!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  17. is amazing how religion (something totally made up) causes all this horrible shit in the world… people need to wake up..

  18. They seem like good people. They aren't cherry picking what benefits them, they believe in their religion and follow it as they should. They seem to follow their rules, and believe in the scriptures they have. I didn't see any hate coming from them, all the hate was coming from the Zionist side.

  19. You didn't mention how incredibly racist the Neturei Karta is and how despicably they treat their women. They are not representatitve of Judaism.

  20. Its really changed my mind that the Jews that I know all this time are actually called Zionists 🙁. I never knew there were Jews like them. They really look like angels. I was so touched that I cried.
    May الله give me the chance to meet them someday … aamiin

  21. If isreal is given to the Palestinians then it would become a corrupt terrorist state where gays will be stoned and women will be executed for being raped like every other Arab state

  22. The ultra-Orthodox Jews oppose Zionism because it is a transfer of a religious identity society or harmful to religious values ​​and institutions, towards identity, values ​​and secular institutions.

    Secularization of Western culture began in the 18th century, influenced by the values ​​of the Enlightenment era and the evolution of science and technology and did not really care about the Palestinians!

  23. Don't protect yourself until messiah comes. Dude, you'll be killed and fucked before he comes. Live in reality. Religion is non existent. Culture is the truth. Be it himduism or Christian or islam. It's all about culture or way of life. You're part of cosmic existence and nothing less or more.

  24. wait why are zionists burning the Israeli flag. AND THERE DANCING LIKE MANIACS? Wtf. Also the zionists didn't accept jesus and are waiting for a another messiah. And he will the Dajjal Anti Christ or Satan.

  25. This is not unbiased journalism! The reporter is judgemental, ignorant and does not even allow them to explain. Poor reporting VICE!

  26. Am I the only one who thinks that the Rabbis have a kind of glassy, fake look to their eyes and behave a bit robotically.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong but I fear for the minds of any children forced to grow up in that orbit.

  27. i couldn't have less horses in this race. literally the most unbiased view. im just a boring white guy from detroit. free palestine. enough already.

  28. They're not Rebels, Zionists are rebelling against our religion and culture. ONLY the Jewish Messiah can gather the Jews into 1 place, not Irgun terrorists and the Rothschilds.

  29. How anyone can fall for Israel's bullshit is unbelievable. They clearly do not know Israel's history, and the AMERICAN people DEFINITELY do not know what Israel has planned for THEM!

  30. Real Jews are great people and I support their use of compassion and reason. The reporter is a zionist idiot shill. I bet Vice is pissed about the strong support for the Neturi Karta.

  31. Salute to the REAL Jews of the world that realize the beauty of Judaism is not to confused with the evil Zionist agenda.

  32. …Whatever, Goddamn Fucking Degenerate, Dysfunctional, Diabolical, Disgraceful, and Disgruntled Fucking illiterate Derelict immigrants… Social Misfits, imbecile, foreign Peddlers of Commotion, and Chaos… Complete Assholes! Yeah…

  33. I believe that even this group of Jews is ultimately serving Zionism… Zionists follow Jewish Messianic prophecy. This prophecy involved the return of Jews to Israel, as well as it's destruction and re-birth. Their morality is plain to see, also… (Hits a car – "Oh, it's 12 inches away.") (((They))) can do no wrong. This is the mentality of a supremacist, who believes they will never be held accountable.

  34. Though I actually deplore Zionism I completely abhor the rabbi's belief that he should somehow be allowed to force shopkeepers out of Stamford Hill for selling things "in a non-Jewish way". His contention that he is "not forcing them to live here" is hugely arrogant.

  35. I always think to myself, would a God who created Heaven and Earth, all the creatures and plants, REALLY care ONE JOT whether a man wears his hair with curls down the side or a little hat or whether he shaves his beard or wears tassles or only black and white clothes, or any of the other silly little pretensions that religions perpetuate?
    If so, it's a very petty God and I'd not want to have much to do with him or her.

  36. There is not and never has been a country called Palestine! Do your homework before you start speaking. Your looking for a people that were called that from north Jordan.

  37. I watch David Attenborough documentaries and sometimes I come across something I never have seen B4 {new animal} and this is one of those things, Jews but not Jews, am so confused?

  38. We are ALL God's children… I just wish we'd wake up and realise the fact… can you imagine a world without religious strife or the male superiority complex? PARADISE!

  39. So many racists here. Israel has the right to exist, literally every nation that exists won its land through some sort of war. Yet all these radical left wing bigots have a problem with the one nation that happens to be the ONLY jewish nation.

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