Rebecca Horowitz, ’13 – UChicago Law’s OutLaw Student Group

Outlaw is our LGBT group. And it’s definitely a
group that’s, I think, growing in size and
impact at the law school. And it’s pretty much– it’s
kind of, I think, threefold. It’s in some ways
a social group. In some ways, it’s
an educational group. And I think in some ways, we
do a lot of volunteer portions as well and mentoring
within Outlaw as well. And so there’s a certain
community service drive to the organization as well. So it’s obviously open
to all three years. And I was present this year. And we have a board that
we do the same things a normal group does. So we do programming. We actually had an LGBT
topic in the Law Week, which is like a symposium. Paul Weiss, who
argued Windsor, came. Professor Jeff Stone did a
history of LGBT discrimination in the United States. We have Justice
Albie Sachs here. And so that was kind of
a way to really raise awareness about LGBT
issues, not solely the LGBT marriage,
same-sex marriage cases, but also broader issues. Because there are a lot
of things beyond solely same-sex marriage. I think being
involved with Outlaw was really important
to me mainly because I wasn’t that involved
in LGBT rights before I got into the law. I had kind of a career
before I went to law school after college. And being involved
with this here, I’ve had some opportunities
to write briefs like I did over summer
for the Golinski case. And I learned a lot
about it, and take more of an ownership
role of something I think is very important to my life.

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