Rearming Iraq: The New Arms Race in the Middle East

how important is the Middle East to your business it’s a good question obviously but this is a kind of question which our press services prefer to answer directly we all know the answer but uh I don’t want to get in trouble because obviously the answer is obvious that yeah I’m just trying to think if I should just shut the up you American diplomacy in the Middle East is currently focused on nuclear weapons at the same time a conventional arms race is taking place the demand is largely filled by US weapons manufacturers though other countries like Russia are trying to increase their own exports the IBEX defense Expo is the largest in the Middle East it’s held biannually and in the last 20 years it’s grown to include more than 80 countries 1,200 exhibitors and this year they’re expecting 80,000 visitors the United States is the largest exporter of defense and weapons technology in the world it sends more exhibitors to idec’s than any other country so why is Boeing here at this show what’s the goal yeah so idec’s is a very important show for us here in the Middle East region it gives us an opportunity to meet with many of the country delegations that are here at the show it gives us an opportunity to showcase a number of our products and services for defence security and humanitarian efforts as far as foreign sales go what does the Middle East represent overall in the scheme of Boeing about 10 billion dollars a year we don’t break it down by region but you can imagine the Middle East region Southeast Asia are very important markets for us Oshkosh defense has been providing armored vehicles and other heavy equipment to the region for more than 20 years its clients include Iraq when Kalamata me dr. Phil motto surfing were estimate and what that infill Jannetty mohammed bin Saud to Riyadh how important is this region to your business it’s a very important region to our business and this event is important not just for the region but for our global business UAE is an important customer for us and there’s a reason Akash has established its headquarters here in Abu Dhabi to be forward presence and close to our customer and both here from the customer what their requirements in our and provide Akash products to meet those solutions I kind of couldn’t help but think the instability is good for business well we would certainly never wish for instability for any of our partners but we have to recognize that we do the in a world of challenges and we have challenges in the Western Hemisphere and they certainly have their share of challenges in this hemisphere Middle East has been a lucrative market for US defense companies since the 1970s but the last 10 years have been especially good in 2013 u.s. companies exported more than 6 billion dollars worth of defense equipment to the region that rose to more than 8 billion in 2014 as Saudi Arabia became the world’s largest importer of arms as the u.s. breaks records for its own arms sales to the Middle East Russia the world’s second largest weapons exporter is trying to grab larger market share this is the display for uralvagonzavod which makes a number of weapon systems that the Russian government exports to other countries in the last few years we’ve seen Russian arms exporters increase their exports so pradilla trainer mr. Marcel receive nourishes the destination stay human brothers erosion dictates you know politics is a classy Reznik ago kashmira the other most were considerable slogan at the NATO coalition he was talk at the most underrated Yogesh nausea severe a freak you what that’s not a nursery cocoa poisoning how important is the Middle East through your business it’s a good question obviously but this is the kind of question which our press services prefer to answer directly we all know the answer but uh I don’t want to get in trouble because obviously the answer is obvious you just do this region or everywhere everywhere everywhere we work in Russia and work in other regions oh that yeah I’m just trying to think if I should just shut the up sometimes US and Russian companies compete for clients in other cases political considerations give manufacturers an edge Kalashnikovs and Russian weapons exporters in general are making a new push to get into the region I do know there are a lot of open markets here that the State Department does not allow Coulter and American product to be sold into so there are certain regions within the north and African region Middle Eastern region that other Russian exporters can’t have access to versus an American exporter those markets include Iran and Syria and Libya the Russian government has been eager to court new clients like Egypt as questions over human rights abuses by the Egyptian government put US support on hold last year but Russia has an uphill battle if it wants to beat the u.s. in the arms trade the US government has been positioning American companies to dominate the market for years with concerns for human rights often trumped by business Peter Van Buren’s been 24 years working overseas for the State Department his final assignment was to aid in reconstruction efforts in Iraq in 2009 and 2010 he said that in the case of Iraq the groundwork was being laid for weapons exports even before the u.s. military withdrew at the end of 2011 foreign military sales were very much on everyone’s mind particularly the years that I was there 2009 and 2010 we saw the end of the war coming and one of the things the United States was doing to position itself for the end of the war was to set up the pipeline of arms sales into Iraq so that the money would continue to flow back and forth Beach our two countries but when we talk about doing things because of American interests foreign military sales are certainly high on that list of interests the government would define foreign military sales as a significant American interest they’ll brag about it this is a way we’re helping American business we’ve created X number of jobs in Seattle building this this aircraft we have kept a production line in Lima Ohio that makes the m1 tank and the Bradley open when it was going to close the American military said we can’t absorb any more tanks stop and we found a place to sell them and we preserve those jobs and kept that industry alive this is not something the government works very hard to hide we traveled from Abu Dhabi to Baghdad to visit Iraq’s defense Expo and to talk to people about the competition to arm Iraq and the rest of the region Iraq became Russia’s second largest client for weapons after the u.s. withdrew troops in 2011 and US government officials stalled weapons sales to the country because of concerns about how the weapons might be used most importantly Russia provided helicopters and fighter jets when the US wouldn’t as well as heavy ground to ground and ground to air missile systems it’s a little less flashy than the show in Abu Dhabi but Iraq is also having its own defense and weapons expo American companies are also represented here including Lockheed Martin an AM General which makes Humvees [Music] as a demonstration of how important American defense companies are to Iraq that’s a special serenade by an Iraqi military van for the company that makes Humvees [Music] how are you at the show we met Lockheed’s representative in Iraq Lockheed is set to deliver f-16s to the Iraqi Air Force but delays prompted the Iraqi government to purchase Russian fighter jets as well what kind of business does Lockheed do here in Iraq they have air defense and other subjects I mean they have a big footprint in the country and they have the transporters c-130 didn’t disappoint you a little bit when you saw so play is being delivered in my country I know I have no problem because there’s a big country and we require a lot of equipment and we need some of this equipment very soon so we can fight the terrorists that we have in Europe so what locking products that we see here being used by the Iraqi military the Hellfire and the hell fires have been integral in the defense and the fighting against the Islamic state I don’t call them Islamic state I gave us that the terrorists terrorists although we sever tremendously as a country from them the defense Expos painted a sanitized picture of what these weapons do so we traveled to the headquarters of the Iraqi Army’s 17th division to see if some of these weapons were in use and weather controls on arms exports we’re as tight as manufacturers claimed the 17th division is fighting on the front lines of on Barre province the first Iraqi province to fall largely under Islamic state control more than one year ago even as is is using captured Iraqi army equipment to fight the Iraqi government the US government has spent more to the country and manufacturers are hoping to replace what was captured US government support for the Iraqi army and militias that are fighting here is evident everywhere most of what we’ve seen have been Humvees the US government is continuing to send this kind of support despite the obvious presence of militiamen here the presence of militia amongst the Iraqi army has been another issue for US lawmakers opposed to weapons sales to Iraq the militiamen who call themselves the Hacha del shabby or popular mobilization I’ve been accused of war crimes including indiscriminate attacks and extrajudicial killings US officials who claimed that the militiamen have pulled back from the front lines we went to see ourselves if that was true [Applause] a bunch of animal shelter miss – it will it be a chili ambassador they’ll accept about Earth on the genome of the focus barrage Hawaii when did you become anywhere we traveled on the front lines it was readily apparent that the militia and Iraqi army were working together one of the militias commanders explained to us how his men coordinate with the Iraqi army and that weapons sent to the Iraqi government were also used by the militia what mr. lecoeur but could – would hide the shoddy I mean bill Messiah I didn’t really know him I doubt it I see our advocacy ratnamma I have a novela indigestion Rafi well for what Allah meeya Messiah they had the shoddy work here oh well I had there where they said a lot of the Iraqi army wasn’t trying to hide the militias presence on the front lines even if the US government claimed to be unaware of their role meanwhile the allegations against them haven’t stopped are there rules in place to prevent US companies from selling weapons to governments that might use them to engage in human rights violations there are rules and some sets of rules specifically prohibit the United States from selling weapons that could be used either by regimes that violate human rights or in fact would be useful for violating human rights who weighs around this sir Meerut one of course is simply to stipulate that country X is no longer violating human rights the most recent example of that is Egypt the United States supports each efforts to combat the threat of terrorism in the Sinai and throughout the country after the fall of the government following the Arab Spring the United States cut off arms sales to Egypt and we’ve only recently restarted those sales I’m not sure too much has changed in Egypt but America’s definition of who is and who is not abusing human rights is a fairly slippery one we asked similar questions at idec’s are there ever any concerns about sort of the end use of these weapons like a like I mentioned a lot of our products and services are used in multiple ways defense security humanitarian efforts and that’s we want to be able to provide value to our customers and provide a good sense of security for their needs is it worry you guys at all when you see some of the leakage in places like Iraq when you see weapons essentially and and wraps and other equipment being taken off the Iraqi army and well certainly war is a tough business I spent 29 years in uniform and so we understand it Oshkosh has many veterans who have been there and that’s one of the values we bring to our customers when we understand what they’re in it’s not reasonable to expect that they wouldn’t have some losses in some attrition if it’s a new customer we’ve contact US State Department to ensure that hey are we okay we’re doing business with this customer and the State Department anytime can give us an improved license to export at any time they could revoke that license how often does that happen very rarely in past three years I’ve only seen it once Russian manufacturers gave similar caveats some of these were sent to Iraq recently absolutely I’ve seen video it’s an impressive system from what I’ve seen in videos that it’s very effective I am agree is this very effective is there ever any concern about the way the weapons are used once they’re sold to other countries on a certain day you might tell us about an expert that’s called Cornelius its particular producer man uses frame technology to spear Perez water that time over pros can use have p.m. know what’s work that is the money anyway rosin born export is the state-owned company that facilitates Russian arms exports and decides which countries can be taken on as clients but Rozsival and export officials weren’t willing to speak to us the film because this is a closed presentation by rusev or an export US officials were more willing to discuss the process but still avoided questions of responsibility for how the weapons were used once sold maybe late night there’s no baseball here it is on the baseball field to see the dominance that’s the six step process the players on the field all those different groups and centers that we pull together to get a first class execution for you so wrong track this year I think we’re going to have about fifteen billion dollars worth of sales get over three billion we got about ten on offer and works or out and more importantly as a key leader engagement they get our countries together it up build those close relationships because it’s good for business it’s good for our coalition so it’s good for the security of our nation I’m wondering why we continue to ship weapons to countries such as Iran with demonstrated human rights issues and demonstrate leakage of weapons it’s a great question remember I told you how the process works and soldiers don’t make those decisions we go execute the policy our government has so in that process every weapon every cup of the cooler still it goes to our State Department and our State Department makes those decisions and that’s what they program is appropriate for speaking directly with some of the representatives of defense manufacturers when I ask them about whether they think about these human rights violations of the potential for government to misuse weaponry they all said that’s up to the State Department nobody wanted to address it and then when I requested comment from state they didn’t want to talk about it either why would that the primary movers behind the military sales are people in the Department of Defense particularly through the defense security cooperation agency which exists within the Pentagon for no other reason than to sell American weapons overseas in to enhance and sell weapons the State Department however lacks in many ways the details of these foreign military sales the military knows that stuff so the State Department looks at the military and says well they’re the ones who are really doing it we’re just the the good looking guy standing up front to make it look official the military people of course are happy to say well it’s the State Department’s job to look into human rights issues but internationally it’s an open market Iraq’s war against is his years from over expanding conflicts in Yemen in Syria will continue to drive arms imports in the Middle East whether Russia eclipses the US as the world’s top arms exporter in 2015 companies in both countries stand to make a killing [Music] you [Music]

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