Reality Check: Medicare For All?

3 thoughts on “Reality Check: Medicare For All?

  1. How misleading, of course we will give up private insurance to got to govt insurance healthcare that over 90% of doctors, clinics and hospitals will cover that is lower cost, covers dental, hearing, mental health, eye sight and caps prescription drugs to $200 a month. The media loves missinforming the public on the details.

  2. how can someone polling at 3% also be gaining traction in the polls? klobuchar’s core constituency seems to be media pundits because I see hardly anyone else that wants her to be president.

  3. why does yang want to give a 1000 a month to the rich,why do the senators and congressman need 1,000 a month,they make 175,000 a year and most are very wealthy,why does fox news,cnn news and msnbc news reporters who have million dollar salaries need a 1,000 a month,why do all the millionaires and billionaires need a 1,000 a month,why does everyone want to help the rich.why not double the 1,000 a month to 2,000 a month and only give it to people who make less than 100,000 per year,same with medicare for all,it should only be for people who make less than 100,000 a year.let those scum fox news,msnbc,cnn news and republicans keep their private health care plans,that they want to keep to protect the billionaire donors from paying taxes to maintain their million dollar salaries.yang wants to help the rich and screw are vets and retirees ,by not giving them a 1,000 a month,but thinks its more important giving it to the rich who dont need it.dont let yang screw us,vote for bernie sanders for president

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