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there’s many roads you can take in life did a lot of horrible things in my life my goal was the same as hundreds of other IN/P’s down here in Miami and that was to eliminate level well with whoever’s willing to go out and I hell a blaze let’s do this we had ak-47s shotguns 44’s we had all kind of guns police say three gangs joined forces joined Arsenal’s together the TNS Latin Syndicate and Imperial gangsters allegedly sold weapons committed hundreds of crimes and dealt drugs True insane a** mother****** that dont give a **** bout your ***!!! my purpose in life was to kill Level, to eliminate him, for my dawgs, for my homies, for my gang but that was back then I’m about to take you on a journey in my life, in the real Dade County where most didn’t make it, i had over 300 soldiers on deck man but most of gone, dead or a prison you know this documentary is real life and the consequences of that gang life, ever since the juvenile I was in and outta jail man my life was hell, I almost died on many different occasions but for some reason I’m still here, i must be one of God’s chosen because I’m alive and free in loving memory of all my dead homies man and all the homies doing hard time i miss yall bruh… And this is how it all began most gang members join in early adolescence those young teenage years are traumatic for most kids it’s a time when they need discipline and structure in their lives to help them through something they don’t find at home and then look for elsewhere Started stealing cars at a very early age you know we just used to go joyriding. why do you think that gang members would break into homes or steal cars, to get money for drugs but they don’t they steal for the thrill of it or to get cash for clothes, shoes and fun I just thought he was a young man playing in the streets, I was unaware of the situation’s of what he was doing out. it was one night that we stole a Buick Regal I went to a party Hialeah and on our way back we got an I speed chase for Medley police I was 14 years old so we’re flying through red lights we just kept going fast we’re doing like 100 next thing you know guy tries to make a left turn and bam we hit him right on the driver door, the dude ended up dying on impact only reason we ain’t get charged with manslaughter because the dude was legally drunk, I don’t remember nothing after that after that moment, that impact it’s kind of like my whole life blacked out so we had to get air lifted and all I had a five percent chance of living. and I had a horrendous feeling that something had happened to Rene and 30 minutes later I received a call from Jackson Memorial Hospital saying that he might not survive that I needed to arrive as soon as possible, that day I faced the reality of what he was involved in I was in a coma for about three weeks when I woke up I was hanging by pins on my legs all my bones are broken and I was I was in pain my face was destroyed that’s how I got all these scars right here and he’s alive by the miracle of God and that day I thought I was gonna lose my son after he took the pins out of my legs I was in a full body cast from my chest down after the body cast I was in a wheelchair, I had to learn how to walk again, it was a real rough time in my life man, but you know I didn’t learn I did not learn from none of that, I got right back into the streets, I stole cars again got into gangs we started gangbanging Music playing Syndicate baby, all day IN/P killa, Disciple killa They tried to kill me and im still here, worst than ever, im going to your house, all you mutha********! I must have been like 15 when we broke into the house and I came up on that camcorder I use to like to record fools getting knocked out on camera, man that camera had a story and not a good one, and even though it seems like I caught a lot on camera it wasn’t even 5% of all we really did on these streets but I’m glad I caught some of these moments because if I didn’t, no one would’ve ever believed this in Miami the way the hoods are divided are by the streets and you don’t want to be on the wrong side, it’s not all palm trees and beaches like you see on TV, that’s the other side of the bridge. Miami is the place where I grew up it’s also the city that tore me apart and show me you can die so easy there are visible lines that divide many clicks out here and there’s a lot of blood on the streets. This city was built on murder and drug money look at Carol city also known as Miami Gardens or Murder Gardens, Overtown, Wynwood, Little Havana, Allapatah, Leisure city man we did a lot of dirt out there, Real Talk man it went down. Also Florida City, Perrine, Ghoulds Cutler Ridge, Kinloch Park, the Triangle, Hialeah, Opa-locka also known as Choppa-Locka ect. the streets are divided the cliques, streets where blood is shed where there are no apologies no sympathy no nothing The day Rene was born was an awesome day, he was born at 4:28 in the afternoon Jackson Memorial Hospital when Rene was small, he was a great kid however I worked a lot, mostly he grew up with his grandmother on his father’s side, she took care of him while I worked. By the time I was in my early 20s I owned my home the video stores flashy cars it was the 80s in Miami when Miami was going wild it was the time of the 80s of when the drugs were big in the street, money jewelry and that was the part of my life where instead of being with my son after work, joined the hip crowd I remember going to the mutany um, my priorities were wrong at the time, my priorities were about making money and partying In the 80s, Miami was the murder capital with a nation, it was full of Cuban Jack boys that came from the Mariel boat lift most of them was killers released from Castro’s prisons, then we had the Colombian drug lords the gangbangers and the thugs YLO More murders than last year in Miami Beach and Hialeah also contributed to Dade’s 619 killings so far, compared with 580 last year Im from Overtown, you know Towner 4 life T4L, you know, the hood behind me 90
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Overtown is a historical village, its historical home of the riots Neville Johnson, McDuffie, I remember being a little kid and seeing this on the news man and my mom paranoid man locking all the doors in the house checking all the windows man it was crazy man death toll now stands at 11 with more than 120 persons injured in the riots looting and fires of last night and today affected areas are still reporting sniper attacks and from almost any point in Dade County smoke from burning buildings can easily be seen Miami was on flames bruh, and there was no way to stop it, no way! all this violence and nothing got accomplished man just more dead bodies to pick up Neville Johnson got killed, houses was burnt down over here things that don’t exist no more got burnt to the ground but we building it back up a little bit more Overown soon turned into a battle zone between police and roaming gangs of teenagers 103
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Gunshots All this wilding only helped fuel more gangs, it was rampant, unstoppable the kids were creating their own cliques making the streets even more dangerous Oh first you got to prove yourself to the gang, them um you see you gotta walk the line South Miami police officer Dan Schultz was brutally stabbed four times by gang members, before he died officer Schultz told his partner that when one of the gang members went to stab him in the back and found that the knife would not penetrate the vest he searched until he found the area underneath Schultz’s arm where he was not protected they slapped me in the eye with a gun, you know they slapped my other partner, they they cracked one nose okay and then they commenced firing this arsenal of weapons was found on January 5th, it belonged to the 34th Street players and the 34th Street Boys also found were 20 PVC pipes, originally believed to be pipe bombs they were in fact filled with cocaine, the drugs and weapons go hand in hand this morning we want to talk about why Dade County has suddenly become the murder capital of the United States… when the 90s came to gangs grew, and it was still a lot of killing going on, man i remember one weekend when three of my homies got smoked on three different situations.. tonight’s violence erupted without a moment’s notice when an officer chasing a robbery suspect was shot in the back outside the housing projects Miami have four different episodes of rioting in the 80s then in 1990 six officers got found not guilty after beating Leonardo Mercado to death causing havoc in the Wynwood area, a little PuertoRican town right next to Overtown, you know people started breaking into cars there was rioting throwing Molotov cocktails at the police now currently there’s still a lot of gangs, there’s still a lot of killing, killings out of control making Miami the second most violent city in the nation the amount of ak-47s that are in this city in this region is just out of control my dad wasn’t there, my mom was doing her own thing, she was partying when Rene was a baby we were still together, and he was abusive, physically abusive he was never in my life, when I was small my mom says he used to slap me across the head and stuff I couldn’t take it anymore and I picked up Rene and I picked up his suitcase and I walked away my mom was there with a bunch of people and they were all sacrificing animals and they were doing like witchcraft and all they were doing santeria rituals this was the religion I was exposed to that I then exposed my son to so i remember being five years old and getting chased around the apartment and they stuck me in the bathtub and they cut a goats head off and they poured the blood all the way down my body man and that day that that happened to me, that’s the day when I started seeing demons man I remember he was very scared of the rituals that sometimes we would be a part of you know she was playing with the devil it was a very sick world them demons haunted me my whole life man, on top of that my mom was never home so what I did was I found family on the streets i think he was 11 or 12 years old, he started hanging around other kids from the neighborhood that were already into gangs and I had no no idea me and my mom, my mom lost everything, we ended up homeless so I was about 15 becoming 16 we were living in back of a video story you know I was so embarrassed that’s where we lived in the back of the video it was a video store. I never wanted to tell my homies you know they were like oh where do you live? I’d be like yeah I stay over there by Southwest 8 street but really I didn’t have no house Rene was out in the streets, doing his Gang banging i had to steal to eat i tried to take my life it was Rene who came and found that I was more gone than here I had written a letter to Jesus Christ saying you know I failed as a human being I failed as a mom and Rene called the ambulance, Rene had to live through the things that no child should have to live to through my Aunt was Christian and her and my mom hadn’t talked to him many many we had not spoken to each other for maybe a decade and she comes to knocking at the door and she says I don’t know why I’m here but I need to remove you from here Jesus Christ touched me and made me whole again, I did not think after the life I led in the eighties with the addictions that I had that there would be any piece of me left I dont really recall any happy childhood memories, straight up when you wanted to be down with the set, first he had to go put in work then you had to walk the line and many did it make me cuz a lot of people folded up and we wanted straight soldiers. One way in, no way out yeah this is the neighborhood where i grew up at this the Cemetery right here this where i first got walked into a gang. a brutal initiation ritual that buys you entry into the teenager underworld of South Florida street gangs hundreds of our teenagers from good families as well as troubled family have walked that line serve themselves up to rows of gang members who punch them and kick them and crush them in a savage rite of passage welcomed the South Florida’s teenage warzone not a place for tourists we in the Kinloch Park neighborhood Kinloch Park is where I went to school at, a lot of gangs, a lot of shootings in school, stabbings in school, gang fights outside… where a 16 year old boy was shot down in front of Kinlock junior high startling many parents who feel that this gang warfare is hitting too close to home for example they had the 56ave boys,12nation, LBB’s now the 12 nation I was cool with some of them so I remember one day they invited me to one of the meetings, I showed up I ended up walking in me and my other homie. the years that I did work, not only did i hear about it but we would do counter surveillance and at times even videotape them and see what these young kids both man and girls would get put through when they wanted to join one of these gangs thinking that it was the right choice and the minute you decide to become part of this you know thats when you start experiencing this you know terrible life you know like you mentioned out part of it the initiation be either walked in, raped in one thing about the 12-nation is like they didn’t really leave the neighborhood, me on the other hand I wanted to go put in work I wanted to go ride on our enemies, I wanted to go you know do some some criminal activities you know, go light some fools up, so what I did was I hit to grove, back in the days the grove was a real hot spot for gangs this is about teenagers shooting other teenagers, this is about teenagers brutally stabbing a police officer, this is about teenagers who don’t leave home without a weapon Miami was based off of two nations which was People’s and Folks in Dade County there are two so-called nations that originated in Chicago but are then subdivided into sub groups for example under the Folks nation are the Latin Force the Young Latin Organization and Disciples under the Peoples nation are the Latin Kings the Latin Bad Boys and Zulu nation those nations were collaborations of several gangs united under those two nations then there was a third branch which was against both of those nations they was outlaws, me I was cool with the Peoples in our Varrio man you go to war, you fight other people, people you hate people like Folks people we never liked so me i hit the Grove and and I linked up with the peoples over there and we used to beef with the folks which were mainly a lot of IN/Ps IN/Ps back then were Folks and they used to come and we use to fight in the grove, you can name it, everything happens from shootings, stabbings, people getting hit with bats right there in Coconut Grove, you can name it happened right there, it really happened, and there was a little group in Coconut Grove that I used to hang out with which was Hammer I ended up meeting Hammer in the Grove, and it was a group of us that were all part of Peoples Hammer, Frenzy which Frenzy was also a 12nation, Rez, 2Deff, Freek, you know and a couple of other cats that were around back in the day and one day we all had to talk amongst each other and we decided to form Latin Syndicate which was formed on Halloween night 1989 my name is Juan Carlos Vazquez full government name, family name but I go by the name of Hammer original leader of the Latin Syndicates, I’ve lived on the down-low for like over a decade and a half since I’ve been released, I was good at something besides pistol-whiping drug dealers and getting us some grocery money i was good at making bombs, I was a product of what i was brought up in, I was a natural I guess it fit me like a glove, Halloween night we really got into it with the International Posse, and it got really heavy with us it got to where we were doing drive-bys, we were doing gun battles in the middle of the street we just be in a busy section and we just start blasting like blam blam blam Level and I met randomly, it was just random, him and a couple of his homeboys just riding around looking all crazy and I was like okay who is this dude i was glad to not only be his big brother but his shield, he had that mentality man he was a leader I could see it in his eyes, I just see it, he was just cold man Money, another homeboy that died he died early Money got killed by some IN/Ps Level and my brother had a good relationship, they were always together That was like a mini Mike Tyson, you know I smile so i wont show the pain that I have, I lost my brother in 91 IN/Ps rolled up in the hood one day, Money ran up on the car he swung on one of em through the window punched the dude in his face, blew his eye up and I heard another fool came on the other side of the window and just started bom-bom-bom he was covered by the time I got there and he just died and died right there on 67th ave im still real tight with his brother MoneyJr. I got a lot of dead homies man you know, Paco, Big Silly, Derek, Big Twin, a bunch of homies are gone it’s too many to name, you know they got people dead as well because of us, you know what i mean? but that was one of the main gangs we use to go to war with 24-7 man, i couldnt even count how many rivals we had right here Dane, Syndicates in the house Syndicates started with seven we turned to 12 turn to 20 everybody wanted to be a Syndicate but you couldn’t miss Syndicate cause you just had to have something in you to be a Syndicate you gotta walk-in, you gotta get your a** kicked and you gotta fight back, if you folded up and couldnt take no more, poof! f*** that, we taking no more applications im in juvenile hall for all these crazy charges and i end up meeting Derek Derek at the time was a Zulu, but we became real tight in juvenile hall, so eventually I ended up going to a program for like six months and I got out and when I got out I called Derek’s number that he gave me and he was out, so we ended up linking up, he came to the triangle, you know he was telling me a little bit about Zulu you know Zulu was dying out, so I was like yo homie why don’t you join the clique? you know I’ll give you your own chapter in the beach, you open open your chapter in the beach and we keep growing from there, and he was with it so we were all in you know so the clique started growing bigger and bigger and you know now we had phase1 and Derek had phase2 and he was just like me, he had that military mind set South Beach Posse came to our school one day and they try to run up on everybody over there, Hammer hit one of them in the head with like a bat, dude ended up dying so Hammer went to prison, he did like 11 years in prison and once he got locked up, I became the leader this is where you got to give the credit where credit is due, then that’s where Level took it and he United the Savage City I changed the name from Latin Syndicates to Loc’ed out Syndicates because we was a mix of races, I was one of the first in Dade County to mix latinos with blacks I had another chapter in South Miami which was my dawg Buck, he was running it with Champ and it was Buck, Champ, Lee Big Silly, Corel they were about 25 deep over there so we had the South Miami chapter we had all we had 71 chapter which was 71 out of my out of Miami Beach then I ended up meeting Kilo, Kilo-G rest in peace me and Kilo-G met right by the Tropical Park boxing gym one day and we clicked this is like we’re like we was brothers already, I felt like I knew him all my life as soon as we met you know, I remember that same night we ended up linking up, we went out and we was cracking some heads already, so we was out there you know wilding out and I ended up walking Kilo in and then he started his own lil chapter Level was a name that was well known in the streets and at different times we were looking for either gang fights or as a possible subject in an incident or a crime his name will pop up all quite a few eventually I met Corey which was Kilos little brother and we ended up making him a Syndicate also at the time he was like 12 years old Its all about that Syndicate hit-squad, IN/P killa, SouthBeach Killa, YLO killa, everybody killa f*** N**** representing to the fullest I gad to be 13 going on 14, we had like two or three pistols on us a lot of people caught it boy, they caught hell man we at the Syndicate Pa rk right now, this where it started off me this where i got walked in at, I saw a lot of violations at this park a lot of walkouts at this park, there’s a lot of things done it this park there was alot of things done at this park, this park got a lot of history behind Syndicate Ive been a straight fool thats all day brah, and black and gray but it aint the Raiders that i play for when we talk about Syndicate, the black and the gray, it was blood in blood out man that 1219 wasnt nothing to be played with, i seen a lot of n***** die for it I’m a show you some of this Chronic we on, know what I’m saying? that true brain damage boa, that brain damage know what i’m saying? bag full, know what i’m saying? we on that chronic dropping f*** n***** like IN/P know what im saying, IN/P-K till the mutha******* day when i was 17 years old I moved to Leisure City which is up byHomestead, I ended up clicking up with the IG’s over there, from that moment on we formed an alliance we created a Savage City Gangstaz, before S.C.G. a lot of people don’t know this but we used to call each other relatives so we pretty much we said Imperial and Syndicate was the same gang, thats how tight we was and we always kept that bond so Savage City Gangstaz was originally Latin Syndicate and imperial Gangsters and the TNS came in there the LBB’s, Evil Nation, Zulu Nation and we became a real big nation, and we was out there getting everybody you know, we was getting money, was getting other other cliques and taking them out a lot of evil happened man a lot of evil happened, you know, a lot of people got shot, a lot of people died mutha****** had drugs we would take that s*** from them, we had more guns than the cops we had glocks 40 40, uzi’s 38’s, we had all type of s**** you know and mutha****** know who was out there, you know them Syndicates, my boy level recruited everybody he recruited me personally, when i was out there, you know i got deported back in 99 what they do? huh? yall know what it do baby boy, that’s what it do homie what they really know bout gangstaz, what they really know bout gangstaz? 1219 12 19 production at any given time being investigated by several of the agencies agencies at one time for home invasions they can target the wrong house, they can target your house you know thinking that because you have a nice car outside or you know because you live in a very nice neighborhood that you know, you have drugs in your house its a Saturday night too, no p**** n****s showed up yet or no h*** so we going to have to do what? bang some n****s up, search for some n****s, bang some n****s up and put a led in they head so they be laying in a puddle of red dead in a puddle of red true that and post up here every night and just kick it dawg, anybody came through this hood, got robbed, beat down if you wasn’t from around here, you cannot step in this hood click, clack boom! (gun shot) yeah n**** if you were an IN/P dawg you were hated, we despise you, we didn’t like you, and that’s it! grew up ruff, grew up having to fight on every corner, fight on every corner you know going to store for your parents sometimes you didn’t know if you were going to make it, try to find a homeboy to walk with you it was set against set, it’s a shame because you know you might not even be with it, but because of where you live you know you’d either have to or flight yeah, original IN/P International Posse member our rivals were IG’s, Latin Syndicates, YLO’s and TNS’s SouthBound, Latin Kings, Carol City, yup 47ave boys, Carol City Lynch Mob my name is Robert, im known on the streets as Nica Bobby and in the summer of 1988 as i was going to MacArthur South Senior High i met a new group of people and that when i joined IN/P whats up, that old school pimp, old school pimp from Cutler Ridge Cutler Ridge all day! Miami’s true dirty south i gotta give props to Homestead, old school, all my n****s 1986 and up, 1986 and up my name is Ruben Saldana my name in Miami down here use to be known as old school IN/P Master Splinter my goal was the same as hundreds of other IN/P’s down here in Miami and that was to eliminate Level my most rival enemy happen to be Level Level and I have several things in common from back in the days first thing being that we both became the leaders of homegrown Miami gangs I’m not talking about imported Chicago gangs, LA gangs, New York gangs, we did our thing here in Miami here in Miami and by him being the leader of the opposition and me vice versa being the leader of the opposition that made us number 1 enemies Savage City Gangsters was formed you know what im saying? we became a family, we united and where ever we went we had n****s running King killer Queen thriller baby so you know you can step to me when ever you feel too its only logic and knowledge that i step to you like this, know what im saying? im a true Insane mutha****** that dont give a s*** about your a*** that’s what I’m saying, whats your set? my set is Vice President, whats really happening? true Imperial Gangster Nation, whats up with that? Folks and the miracle that i found that Level did was some kind of way he United all three of those nations under him to fight us and it worked cause they rose, and if they rose he rose on top of what they rose on and we went down you shoot me, I shoot you. you kill me, I kill you, you know body counts was going up it was alot of drive-bys and shoot us and by us being kids, and I’m gonna make that clear we were a bunch of silly kids, we were kids, but it was a deadly game a lot of people lost their lives there’s people doing life in prison right now yeah we used to go through it with IN/P man, shoot outs and s*** whats your set dawg? my n**** aint nothing but this right here, true these guys come into this town and they want to start trouble, well they’re gonna have to start it with us cause it’s not gonna be tolerated, especially when they start shooting at police officers and this one night, them IN/Ps pulled up, so you know that’s the other side Level end up getting like a big brick or something and knocked the n****s window out so the n**** go around the corner, he smash off then the n**** come back and started busting at us, plo, plo, plo, plo, plo, plo it was like 7 or 8 people got shot, know what I’m saying? I still gotta bullet in my chest, one lodged in my leg right here shot through my knee, know what im saying? n**** still here, we lost a lot of homies on the way rest in peace Lil Von, Lil Snoop, Lil Jose you know anytime anything happened to one of us, retaliation was a must, it was necessary, we had to go back within that week and handle our business, it was part of our rules, it was on the book, book of Syndicate B.O.S. he was involved in a gang that was very active in Dade County they were frequent in the city of Miami in particular , the Coconut Grove area, Little Havana area and pretty much every time we heard that gang was in the area we would pretty much get ready to anticipate shootings, stabbings, fights, robberies, burglaries they were very active in the nineties, and caused a lot of problems know what im saying? Syndicate f*** n**** IN/P K till the mutha******* day i remember we got jumped one night, one of my boys even got stabbed up man but we came back and when we came back we came back for some blood that night it was back and forth homie i feel like the only one that was winning was the devil, cause more lives was lost and more people in prison the devil was having a field day if Level tell me to go kill you I’d go do it, if Level tell me tell me to go burn your mama house down I’d go do it, if Level tell me to just go ahead and walk through the funeral while somebody you know what i’m talking bout we got beef with and spray up the whole funeral up, I’d go do it here are kids who came out of families who went into a substitute family that is so strict and so harsh and does not tolerate very much deviation, the rules are much tougher than societies rules a violation is what we call a punishment for breaking a gang rules one thing that kept everyone’s actions in line, was the consequences of a violation discipline was an important factor and breaking the rules was not tolerated let me tell you something about Level this about Level my n**** this is about my brother for 20 years he wasn’t just a leader he was the godfather, strictest general, we had rules so many rules that violations were very common, violations are when two or three guys beat your *** for a minute or two depends on the seriousity of the violation and many times we responded to the hospital and the reason why that kid was there was because he tried to get out of the gang or even tried to join a gang and he got beat up so bad that he ended up in hospital, so yeah pretty brutal all I heard was Level, so I was like dang where this cat Level, you remember them Syndicates that moved Homestead, you know their leader got locked up for murder and now Level took over and he running everything bla bla bla bla Levels name was the one that was all over the streets the truth of what we used to say back in the days myself and our fellow gang members was how in the hell did this n**** come with three four cats in to our hood and we catching hell from these cats it was an ongoing war between the IN/P’s and the Syndicates and um back then on Level would fight but they were known for some artillery and they were given the biggest gang in Miami at that time which I was a member of all the hell we needed, in our chapter where we were founded at i got shot at up on the highway by some guys throwing up Latin Syndicate and about a month later I ran into them in our neighborhood and we got into this big shootout in the middle of the street, I jumped in this car cause the gun had jammed on me, and as we drove off they were shooting at us with high powered assault rifles, the car was just completely shot out, the windows were blown out, the tires were all flat, so we had to open the doors and jump out, we had to take off running, you know hiding behind houses and stuff if you ain’t claim Syndicate then you had to lay down or get down all i know is when i was out here growing up with Level, in the hood we was like the military out in this b**** we was out here regulating s***, n***** wasn’t running up talking about nothing we was trying to chase that money and we was getting it n**** he turned me on to a lot you know the crack game way back in the 90s Syndicate n****, look how them boys doing it look how these boys doing it, we don’t give a f*** right here in broad daylight dawg let off like 10 shots dawg, you serious? let off some mutha******* shots (gun shots) we had everything, we had guns, pipe bombs and we used to go put it work heavy, I did a lot of horrible things in my life I ended up catching attempted murder charges at the age of 16 you were ready to shoot, you were ready to fight daytime, nighttime it just didn’t matter that was just the lifestyle that we got adapted to everytime something happened to me I retaliated he would just knock the f*** out and after he’d knock you out them boys would just stomp the f*** out of you, rob you, shoot you, straight the f*** up that boy Level split a n**** so bad in the club, there was blood everywhere man you know what i mean and that was Level, he was calm but he ain’t give a f*** get that timing wrong that’s one thing about him yeah man i remember my n***** Level had a problem over here n**** shooting at him I took cover behind a big green dumpster and he was shooting at me and by the time I started shooting back I stuck my hand out the side to not get hit, I started dumping, I look and he’s running I started chasing him and I unloaded a whole clip, he hit the floor and he rolled on the floor I thought he was dead Level was the man, Level wasn’t the nice guy you all know they ended up snitching on me, I’m back in jail so Level came in and I remember him taking somebody off the bunk, cause that’s how it was, you know my homeboy my brother came in, you know you gotta hit the floor there was no arguing, Level got the bunk i remember the first time i met him I understood why his name was Level, I had previously represented him a long time ago in an aggravated assault with a firearm case, took some depositions and did some discovery, I ended up getting the case dismissed I think I had represented Level on a couple other cases after that, I remember having discussions talking about his life and police gangs and everything and I do remember him getting a little mad sometimes and all I can think of was I don’t want to be on the other end of that me and Corey became best friends to, know what I’m talking bout, we’ll cal Level up and Level would tell us y’all go to Coco walk, anybody y’all see who don’t claim Syndicate, beat they a**, so that’s what we’d do I think each one of us regret something in life, you know what i mean regret probably the wrong choices dawg you know what I mean, that put you in a bad predicament today you know what I mean, but as regret like that I think I put myself in that predicament doggy everything i did, i did it for a reason dawg well Jeff we’re talking about a dozen alleged gang members from three different gangs and police say what they were doing was banding together to go on these violent crime sprees, well local police and state and federal agents banded together themselves for their takedown and when they did that they say they came face to face with police impersonators and a very heavy arsenal, happier days from the photo albums ah but this nights pictures were mug shots a dozen alleged leadership types from three violent street gangs and an arsenal of firepower a 7.62 assault rifle let me go back to the begining, this f****** rat from our own gang, flipped the script brings ATF DEA gang unit to the hood, and those years man 97, 98 they we’re doing a task enforcement investigation around Miami, they were cleaning up anything that had to do with gangs dawg there was these cats that they wanted uh, they wanted us to go hit a house with like 50 kilos of cocaine, so I went in I met up with them cats and dude asked me I’ll never forget the dude asked me you ever killed anybody, and he ain’t even know me so automatically I’m like looking at him like what, like homie you don’t even know me why you asking me that and he was like because we got to know if you ready Level comes into picture because he was going to come with me to do that stick up they did a cold Donnie Brasco in my case, know what i mean i was working with a cop not knowing he was a cop and he almost infiltrated the whole gang i pulled him to the side and I’m like yo this dude a cop, and he’s like nah dude’s not a cop he snorted cocaine in front of me , this and that I said i don’t care dawg dude is the police the police, straight-up police bruh one thing led to another was selling guns and this and that and powder until he tried to set me up with doing a stick up with 50 kilos of cocaine, that was a deal and um Level was supposed to come with me I said I’m out homie, I don’t want nothing to do it, if I would have said I was in I would’ve been gone just like all of them a week later I see my homeboy on the news, dudes show up to hit the lick and they got raided like by 50 undercover federal agents they came out all over the news the day that i woke up, i thought i was going to get me some good money man took me straight down to the feds, plead out from go out of 15 i did 11 years 3 months and 12 days dawg and that was a plead the turn around in my heart came about looking at the death penalty in prison and either the death penalty or two life sentences for a couple of murder cases first-degree premeditated murders, I realized how many of these dudes at some of them had my back, some of them were wild on streets loud mouths bout it bout it, till it came at looking at life and death and the snitches prospered so I realized I was actually keeping it real to a lifestyle that was almost fictitious I had a bunch of other homies that went down for all the murders that were happening, all the shootings all the robberies that they were doing, selling drugs so a lot of people were gone like a lot of people died a lot of people went to prison so a lot of people was gone so by that time a bunch of new soldiers got recruited and it was a couple of old cats but it was a whole bunch of new faces i remember when i first got my AR-15, I called the AR-15, I called him Level Level he was the headman so you know I’d do anything for Level man I’d go kill a n**** and you know that basically, you know what I’m talking bout, we were terrorizing everything snatching pocketbooks and you know just acting buck f****** wild i remember back in the days, when i was jumping out the window trying to take my first hit on an IN/P or whoever no cry baby’s allowed, Syndicate boy, Syndicated related gangsters dawg I give Level all respect man, you feel me? to the bone bro it was like the real main reason of my success in me doing this music s*** he was the first one to put me in the studio, first one put me on camera you feel me? the first one to take me out the mutha******* hood, so my n**** i give all salute to my n**** Level that n**** there is a real n**** to the bone he took me away from this s*** here you feel me? he took me places that I never think I’d be able to go 542
00:44:53,760 –>00:45:00,920
most of his friends are dead some of his friends are in wheelchairs and the rest of them are in jail serving life sentences another soldier that’s gone is Derek, Derek had like nine lives we used to call him nine lives Derek because Derek had been shot multiple times and he would always live even got shot point-blank range a car rolled up on him he got shot three times in the chest by a leader of another gang Derek fell out his eyes were rolling back on the floor and bro Derek did not die he did not die he survived that he survived getting stabbed in the neck another time he got shot at his penis another time he got shot he got shot up again and lived it was crazy Derek ends up dying from an overdose if you’re ready to get into the gang and handle your business then accept what comes with that you’ll be seeing death prison or just this my brother kilo G died April 5th 2004 that’s how I became a Syndicate, through my brother my brother was nothing but the truth that was a real Syndicate man my brother just had an energy, my brother liked fighting that’s how he linked up with Level man he loved fighting, that was all his life, he woke up every day looking for a fight Kilo ended up getting killed by the Opa-locka police, I think the day before they had jumped out on him or something and dude was acting it was acting like he was a basehead and he was asking Kilo for some dope or whatever and then Kilo ended up dropping him, from what I heard they did the dude was our undercover cop then they came back the next day and they jumped out on him and they just smoked him dawg I’m dedicating this one to my n**** Level real n**** street n**** I met him from my cousin, my big cousin my big brother n**** Kilo! got killed in front of my door by them b**** a** crackers we relate to them as the crackers but that don’t necessarily mean any type of racism, crackers is just a uniform itself when they killed Kilo they took the piece of moon dawg, that was my brother we use to always post up in Opa-locka God bless the dead, my brother Kilo and Ruption i remember a lot of times going though gun play with different gangs this where Gus Rahming was murdered by Victor Gil i remember your name, I will never forget your name anybody who talk about Opa-locka gotta see this s*** right here boy seeing is believing, you gotta see it, you n***** lying on your f******* records I’ve never seen you in the hood boy, and im going to call names! mutha******* Rick Ross! Rick Ross you say you the boss of Dade County p**** n**** you dont even wanna come find me we are now in the APT’s n****, Afganistan n**** Choppa-Locka you underdig? rest in peace to my lil n**** Ruption, free Don Juan, rest in peace KIlo niggas no bout that block man, Syndicate n****, one thing niggaz know bout that Syndicate, that F.O.D. we the Opa-locka Syndicates my n**** real s*** you know how many b****** dun got shot right here boy? huh? do you know how many b****** got shot here? listen, i don’t even much f****** know, this where i first got off at my brother died here, my baby cousin died here, and I’ll them n***** sleep in peace and y’all know what? get that s*** ready for me, when i die, put 1000 bullets in my casket n**** we going to war, cause the devil ain’t going to win this s*** see the 1219, thats in my f****** blood rest in peace to Gusto, he gave me much love he died on these streets, i sacrifice any n**** wanna see me n**** I’ll take they life right at night and right at day and every time when you see me on the grind, specifically 5.9″ young n**** my lil cousin Rupt, ok my brother was the oldest Rupt was the youngest Rupt, Ruption was real smart and smooth and Rupt loved making money my little cousin had all kind of artillery man lil cuz was off the chain with it but he was real cool and collective man and um he passed in the same apartment building in Opa-locka my brother passed in he was gunned down i wasn’t there but from what i was told, couple of dudes, i don’t know, who ever they was, who ever they is one of the jits that use to be in his house got kidnapped when he went outside n***** kidnapped my lil homeboy, you feel me? and brung him to this door you can still see the imprints of the bullet holes you still see the imprints of bullet holes they brung him to this door and made my lil homeboy, he was about maybe 11 or 12 at the time they made him knock on the door, my brother opened the door cause you know he looked through the peep hole so he seen my lil homie you feel me? there was a peep hole right here, the one is covering it so he opened the door but as he opened the door he saw them AK’s on the side like coming up and he slammed the door shut and started shooting out so he just got off, plo, plo, plo, plo and when he started shooting out they shot right in, they shot right in and they had vests on, they were covered with ski masks, gloves they kicked in the door and they were just shooting they started shooting everybody n***** ran the house ripped the whole crib up the homie that ran out of bullets ran and dove in the bathtub they ripped the whole tub up, ripped the whole crib up, you feel me? Rupt got executed man, they stood over him and shot him twice through his body my other homie jumped out the window when he jumped through the window in the living room, they started shooting at him from across the street they hit him, boom, boom, boom these APT’s i been here for 20 years strong man and i’ve seen nothing but tragedy we real round chea, i dun seen everything that is everything from round here from dope selling to murders, from the police coming round here and killing my n***** to n***** that supposed to be so-called homeboys, and offed my dog my lil n**** sat up there and strapped me on his back like we was in Afghanistan! none of homeboys are left from back in the days none of them probably like 1 or 2 everybody’s gone, everybody, and that’s the life of a gangster man straight up ain’t no future in it Kool-Rock loved to stab people and he loved to pop-off on people, i remember Kool-Rock popped off on this dude that was with us just for taking a drink out of his quart Firecracker was so drunk they was actually walking him in the clique, it was wild man i remember that day i didn’t go to work that day I just got out of prison, when I left the barbershop um I usually went straight down the main ave and that day i didn’t, i don’t know why i went by the back street, and when I was getting closer to the main avenue again a car pulled up next to me and was like yo Kool-Rock check this out man whats up bro this and that and i pulled up next to them (bang, bang) you know he pulled out a gun and he shot me he shot twice boom, boom, he shot me here, it went in this one and came out right there then another one right here right here it came out through there, and im still walking, Syndicate n**** i been shot about four times since i was a jit till now, now four different times i ain’t tell nobody on nobody, I was on that you feel me? now a month later, the guy that supposedly shot me here, he got shot and he’s paralyzed now and he was telling the next day, after the next day he was in a machine just spinning around in circles, he got shot in the back of the head, that’s what the cops told me and he blamed it on me and Level and I hadn’t even Level for like two or three weeks saying that me Level chased him down, it was all fake stories I was going to work the next day and when they figured it was all bull**** they came back to the station and let me go after hours of being asked questions one thing fosr sure like I always say when we had a lot of tragedies and we just unfortunately had another tragedy, you know I’m saying, it’s crazy right now on how things go on and how life perceive itself and how people perceive they self you know what I’m talking bout? i wanna say my condolences to the families that have to go through this here you know what I’m talking bout? and the word of God says in Romans 8:28 he will make all things work for the good for those that love him and what happened so tragic is that this brother did not die in vain that what happened so tragic is penetrating the hearts of many people that people will start doing the inventory on their lives and see that life is not promised, we can go at any time we can go at any moment so we must cast down any idle, anything that exalts itself over the Word of God we must bind it and cast it down right now because this brother did not die in vain right now through this what happen so tragic will bring people closer to the cross will bring people to the ultimate source which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I believe that this brother is in heaven and I want y’all to hold on to your faith faith moves mountains, faith conquers giants faith is everything and if y’all have faith and y’all come into agreement right now that those brother is in heaven, I believe in a merciful God I believe in the grace of God, because I would not be here if he didn’t have amazing grace i keep on getting this image of him with his tears rolling down saying, I’m sorry mama, but im telling you today baby that i forgive you i forgive you for everything, your the love of my life and i want you to go straight to Heaven you have nothing to regret you made my life full and i love you always through the thick and thin may you rest in peace baby boy they hit the corner right now while we flipping and you’ll see 20, 30, 40, 50 of them things right now, this s*** goes down you heard me? and that’s G s*** you better mutha******* listen boy this s*** here is real once I roll this up and holla at my lil fool Level and them boys slide, im gone man y’all better do the same thing, y’all watching this and trying to play a fool while y’all watching this on on B.E.T or Discovery channel while I’m really living this s*** when my daughter was born, I saw the meaning of life, I told myself I had to really slow down cause I was really wilding out robbing, shooting, straight demonic stuff man so I opened up a barber shop to try to make a legit living to be a good father but at that time, I really didn’t know how to let that gang life go it was my normality man, I was so blind I didn’t realize that I could have been gone in the instant like many of my homies that passed away in that life that’s real talk man God had Amazing Grace on me, some years later I started bare knuckle fighting, it was the only way to make legit fast money man we was out here fighting with socks and ductape around the knuckles and if you didn’t fight you couldn’t come out your house you know what I mean when I say I seen him fight a lot of people, that mean they ain’t have a opportunity to fight back, that boy hit hard with the left and the right you want to get caught by nam one of them you feel me? what you got going on today Kimbo? whats your predictions buddy we letting them boys do they thing man you know how it is, everyday a n**** gotta eat, you feel me? another day another dollar man we use to fight in the hood for combat training, so my actual first bare-knuckle fight that was recorded I say was like in 2003 2004 which was with Kimbo Slice but before that i had hundreds of fights man, undefeated fought the karate man knocked him out of seven seconds and just kept fighting you know your a** outta there man, i dun seen him knock out a lot of people, put em to sleep, night night baby its over so it was true Kimbo, Kimbo your boy is alright huh? your boy Level is something else after that i went and hooked up with the homie Dada and started fighting in his yard and just kept fighting and fighting I did this one 27-minute fight, famous fight man hopefully I get that tape one day if they release it when he was fighting Silvio, i mean he hit Silvio about 100 times in 4 or 5 seconds that was nothing for me man that was like second nature because I’ve been in all kind of stuff ever since I was a jitterbug so right now we’re in Perrine, West Perrine home of the head-busters this is the backyard this right here is where it all goes down yeah i got into the rap game and started doing gangster music, I would feel like this presence of this of this demon over me man and I didn’t realize that that music had a lot of demonic influence, it was a lot of demonic like forces involved with the music i Level them out yeah i elevate i got them hands boy now watch me demonstrate he caught Jun, man i dont know what he caught Jun with but i know Jun’s collar bone was broke he broke his collar bone, Jun had to go to the hospital later on that night hes just a warrior you know, he got the perfect anthem, he come out and he get it done a lot of people talk about it but i can really say that Level is about it when I first seen Level fight I was like whoa this guy right here he’s special he’s of a different cloth, everybody else is sheets you know these guy is like a cover of quilt thicker material, you know I mean his motto is go hard or go home and he definitely go hard when you look at hand to hand combat these guys fought wars in this 12×12, if this ring could speak, how many individuals got knocked out you know you could stack at least 150 to 200 bodies on top of each other where we from you know it’s do or die you gotta get it by any means necessary you know im from Perrine rainbow, he used to come to the hood you know, him the clique everybody shout out Corey, everybody used to come, Jit you know the Syndicates everybody used to come, he’ll hit me up who you know down there that wanna bump? you know wanna fight like I’ll put some money up right now when you look at fighting this is something that we growed up doing right you had to be a fighter just to survive inside South Florida this is a side of Miami that they don’t talk about you know, the have-nots the individuals that got to go on without they got to make do they got to sit things aside until they can come back and when they’re in a better position you know financially you know it’s hard over here and when you can do better then you’ll understand you know that everything that you went through is don’t kill you you know it’s only gonna make you tougher Jeremy’s a tough guy but he took a beating inside that ring, you know cause a lot of people look at you know backyard guys as different individuals and they think that they don’t deserve to be here, but guess what every time we step in to the ring and he wins and at the end of the fight his hand is held, he proves them wrong and wrong and wrong and they’re gonna constantly come out to see you know I’m saying him lose but I don’t think it’s gonna happen no time soon we’re true warriors we’re the definition you know of warrior you know and this type of stuff here you don’t have to sell it you present it and it sells itself when he fights you know he just don’t fight you know this guy he makes statements inside the ring like it doesn’t matter you know whereI came from is about where I’m at and I’m gonna prove that I’m no different than none of the other guys who was raised up inside this from the ground up i went there and I saw his fights, was like a backyard fights and everything It wasn’t professional that’s okay but I went there and I saw that a lot of heart my partner said Cesar Carneiro he spoke to me there was a guy that was a backyard fighter that he wanted to join the team and he was very popular and he want to become a professional fighter Level strong as f*** man he’s quick, know what im saying? i gotta a lot of love for him he’s gonna do good he’s very strong natural strength even the guys his size he can surprise them with his strength, when he gets people against the cage against the wall and he locks his hands like this, man he’s very strong I’m telling because I train with him see coming from the streets you have no fear to fight anybody you know them saying? so when you learn mixed martial arts and already having a heart like Level have I mean he will do good as hell you know he’ll probably end up doing better than me so you know we all do support each other be from the same hood so you know we eating together we making money together down this is a guy who is absolutely brutal on his feet this is a guy to keep our eyes on we don’t know a lot about Bounmy Somchai other than he’s got definitely a couple of brass ones get in there with Rene, I’m telling you he has a record of 127 and 3 as an amateur in my first MMA fight man I remember I had straight tunnel vision and they say my opponent had 127 plus fights with three losses that was nothing for me though cuz I have 400 plus bare-knuckle fights on the streets man undefeated I been through some situations that you couldn’t even imagine so jumping in the cage that was nothing for me making his pro debut, he weighed in at 169 pounds fighting representing the MMA Masters of Miami, make some noise for your red corner Rene Level Martinez! I remember the first fight that Level fought professional and he had a hard time to make the weight man, he almost died in the sauna well most cancel the fight because every every professional fighter go through the same thing make weight as the first fight in every single professional fighter they think is gonna be easy until they go through that the crowd here at the Hard Rock Casino starting to chant the name Level about 6,000 strong shouting your name that’s gotta pump some adrenaline through you the raw talent on this kid is pretty clear that’s without question let me tell you something about Level right Level is straight from the streets he represents the heart Dade County he represents 305 to the fullest if you from Miami you know Level and you gotta respect him, a good dude good person and at the same time he knocks n***** out thing about Level is that that impresses me the most is that I’ve been around some of the biggest and the best athletes in the world when you talk about from basketball players to boxers to any kind of sport football player I’ve never seen nobody so dedicated to what they do like him, he eats like you know two slices of turkey a day he’s running up mountains like all year round It’s not just for a fight he’s doing that today he’s doing that ten months from now I think so for sure he’s gonna be a champion he got what he needs he got the people support a beautiful family that supports him all the time you know he got my support the rest T.S. K.A.R. you know we behind him 1000% and you know I think he got what it takes man I see nobody that could beat him yet my relationship with Level started in 2011 I already heard about him you know through the internet and I saw some of his street fights, he’s always been a hard worker since day one since he came in he put the work and I’ve seen tremendous improvement and he’s earned his brown belt which is one step away from the black belt level which is very hard into Jiu-jitsu it’s not like other you know ranking systems that you get maybe two three years and you got your black belt, it can take up to ten years or more of training to get your black book jiu-jitsu so he’s done a really excellent job you know he’s very focused and dedicated in getting better and he puts the he puts to work in but yeah you go in the cage he’s not gonna be a friendly guy he’s going in there to take your head off you know yeah he brings the intensity you know always Rene LevelMartinez definitely 305 across his chest cuz everyone knows even done here in South Florida but he is now getting prepared for a fight internationally and I’m talking about against boxer Ricardo Mayorga they stepped to my coach and they said that Ricardo Mayorga was calling me out or whatever cause he says I’m a street fighter from Miami so I’m like alright let’s do it let’s do it and see what’s up that street fighter description of you is no longer true you’re a professional fighter yeah there’s a lot of people underestimate me because they see me as a street fighter but they don’t know what I haven’t stopped training ever since I started and I’m a hard worker you know I grind everyday now by fighting Ricardo Mayorga do you think that you can pretty much stand for something saying listen don’t if you’re a boxer don’t try to make your way into MMA this is what MMA is about we’ve seen it in the past Randy Couture he fought a former boxer as well he taught him a lesson but what about you what are you gonna stand for when it comes to MMA fighting a boxer well I’m gonna teach him a lesson he won’t last more than a minute and a half he won’t he won’t go past the first round Level it’s gonna be an honor for you to represent us in Nicaragua, 305 is gonna be in Managua Nicaragua when i got to Nicaragua it was all love man the promotors asked me where do I want to go, so I said take me to the worst hoods man I wanna give back and show love, they thought I was crazy so I took a taxi with some homies from Miami that had been deported out there went to the hood you know I’m saying just spread love man, no matter what country or city or state wherever I’m at man I just love to go to the hood and show love thats just me, I came from the hood so I love to go back to the hood and show people that there is hope man, there’s a way out man I plan to go back to Nicaragua real soon man but this time for my new real mission in life to point them to the Father and build disciples of all nations in a mighty name of Jesus Christ I wish I would have known then what I know now but the Lord had an appointed time for me man and that time is now so I fought Mayorga and just as I predicted, it didn’t go past the first round homie it was a great victory, big name under my belt! money, fame I had all that man but I was empty inside and i was mad at the world man I felt like my body was possessed by a demon my whole life sometimes I would look in the mirror while I was shaving and I just started looking at myself and I wouldn’t even see myself It was like I was looking at a demon somethimes when he was so angry I remember I would look at his eyes he wasn’t looking at you it wasn’t to that night that I had that encounter with Jesus Christ man the same way I had resentment he had anger and that anger created the monster that he became ultimately then the leader of the Latin Syndicates in Miami Florida and it was backed up by the demon the satan sent I remember I was in the studio I was doing gangster music I remember I was writing lyrics and I was just like writing all kind of wickedness it was a demon speaking through me man that night I had an encounter with Jesus Christ man and he spoke to me man and he told me I spared you for such a time as this either you come to me now or I’m gonna take my hedge of protection off you and satan is gonna do what he got to do with you and right then and there I knew that all that I went through I knew that the reason I survived all that they have pointed a gun and shot at him and that bullet has gone straight to the side of him countless times I got shot at so much happen in my life I think this night was even worse than the first night because I had in my heart the need to surrender his life to Jesus Christ and I knew that he spared me for such a time as this and when I heard his voice that day i knew man it was time to surrender, I gave it all up right then and there I got on my knees and started crying out to God it’s like God started to work on me he started to shape and mold me probably like a few months down the line King Carter ends up getting killed he ends up getting killed in a drive-by man and it hurt me so much to see the way these kids be dying out here I’m come from New Orleans you heard me? i come out here to talk about what Jesus did in my life February 20th a gun fight in a drug soaked violence written apartment complex kills six-year-old King Carter jr. there’s a murderous spirit out here, demons a territorial, when that happened with that kid y’all gotta understand we not at war with flesh and blood we had a war with demonic pricipality Saturday the focus was not on the suspects but on a little boy whose life was cut short by violence too often seen in South Florida streets I was a Latin King you heard me, a ranking member I should be doing life right now but God so I dropped him off in the airport on Sunday I said bruh i ain’t got no like-minded soldiers to go put it work with me for the kingdom what I’m gonna do? man he started praying in the car that was on Sunday, Thursday I end up meeting my brother Alan Shepard on the beach man I was out there to feed the homeless because I was out there trying to do stuff you know I just wanted to go give back because God saved me from so much, man I was homeless I was robbing for food, I was eating outta dumpsters I said man baptize me right now man we went to the beach and he baptized me in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of my sins and I received a gift of the Holy Ghost now I’m on fire for the Lord man so now I go from prison to prison, project to project preaching repentance and remission of sins in the mighty name of Jesus Christ man flashing lights bullet holes and teddy bear memorials have become so common here in the Liberty Square housing project ask any neighbor and they’ll point out multiple spots around their homes where people were murdered its, going to be 20 and 65 street, we have two officers shot yo this your boy Level we out here in the Pork N Bean projects about to do some street ministry you know, go spread the word God is lining in his army up, you heard me there’s an army rising up in up and that’s the army of the Lord the pop marked walls of this section Liberty City’s complex known as the Pork and Beans project show that whoever opened fire here meant business Jesus Christ, i invite you into my heart, i will trample on serpents i come against generational curses by the blood of the living God, Jesus Christ, amen Hallelujah, Rene Level Martinez I used to be in these buildings a lot seen some good good friends of mines get killed in here here to give back and spread the love of Jesus Christ right now we in Choppa-Locka this APT’s man, Choppa-Locka, Afghanistan boy, this is all the time you hear gunfire so it’s nothing out of the ordinary dear Heavenly Father we thank you for another day Lord, thank you for your blood, thank you for your mercy, thank you for your grace Lord for we don’t deserve what you’ve done for us Lord I know you are watching this documentary man and my message is man repent man, repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ man I pray that he continues to use me man and that I may go forth and just continue to preach his word man I ask him to remove me and consume me and just use me and manifest through me and to fill me up with His Holy Ghost on fire so as I go from hood to hood that I could go and pull those out the pit the same way He pulled me out of the pit and it’s not me man, It’s all him he gets all the glory man Jesus Christ man I ain’t nothing man I know this God hit me today, like this could be your last day Rip that’s when I hollered at bruh and said im ready to get in that water Father Lord give each and every one of these brothers in this circle a personal encounter with you in the late night hours Heavenly Father speak to em give me dreams, give him visions Lord my dog Level was showing people in his yard and everything, showing people that we can make it out the hood manifest to us Lord, make our mouth a trumpet on these last days Heavenly Father my dawg Level showed us a lot love around here I now baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and the gift of the Holy-Ghost Hallelujah! (speaking in tongues) oh we speak upon you right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ man i called Loc up, i called Level man and told him what was going on this had to be like 2:00 in the morning, Level me said pack all your clothes up there and I’m coming to get you man you shall arise and be a minister, you shall arise and be a pastor he came and got me the Word of God shall shall ignite in you like fire, when you speak chains will be broken Level gave me the keys to his gym man, i will never forget this day the Lord spared you for such a time as this I was with you taking all kind of pictures thrown up the 1219 still repping and that’s when he told me man you gotta let it go man, it’s over my brother that’s that’s all the gang life leads to, either you gonna end up dead you gonna end up doing life in prison or you you’re gonna end up in a wheelchair man you know look at my homie little Tony man, learn from that bruh this Real Talk I was the worst of the worst man, I was the leader of one of the biggest gangs in Dade County man but now put that gang in a grave man it’s done it’s over with man about baptized my brother Corey man and that was like the last original Syndicate man and since that day on bruh it’s like we put syndicate in the grave man it’s done that L.S. was that lucifer and satan man right now we come against satan or any plans or plots that he has on anybody’s life in this circle, we come against those plans and plots right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I love him, you feel me? as a brother if and if he did this to me, he could do this for anybody man trust me man give us spiratual eyes and ears so we can see and hear you in Spirit and truth God just took control over my life thank you for sparing us Lord, even when we didn’t know we was being spared Lord, we’re grateful Lord man you seen the documentary man you seen all the homies that died man, half my homies are dead and the other half are doing life in prison we got a family round here, that’s all we got my mission in life is to keep going forth from hood to hood prison to prison project to project building back the walls a hope brick by brick line upon line showing everyone that if God did this for me, he could do this for anybody it don’t matter where you came from bruh, you are called to serve the Most High man Jesus Christ man you know I’m saying it’s such a privilege and such an honor man to be given the authority and the duty from God to build the temple of God in man when you come up out of here dawg the old you is gonna stay in this grave brother you gonna come out a new man i now baptize in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and the gift of the Holy-Ghost this is only beginning for me thank you Jesus, my friend knows that when i do something I’m gonna do it to the extreme thank you Jesus, this is only way, this is only way it took me 39 years to know that this is only way, thank you Lord that I found you before It was to late i wanna close this documentary out with a prayer for the world man dear Heavenly Father Lord I thank you for another day Lord thank you for your blood, thank you for your mercy, thank you for your grace for we don’t deserve what you’ve done for us Lord and I’m so grateful that you chose me when I was nothing but a gangster and a thug Lord, but your word says you chose the low things of the world father Lord I’m so grateful, I thank you for everything Lord thank you for my wife, for my family, thank you for everyone that has watched this documentary, I pray that if they’re going through a situation and they’re going through that fire that they can see all things are possible through you Jesus Lord how many of us know your word says that we will go through that fire to get refined and purified so I tell everyone watching this documentary to repent and be baptized in the mighty name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and I guarantee that the Lord will pull you out that dark place your in, Father Lord give em spiritual eyes and ears so that they may be able to see and hear you in Spirit and truth Lord, remove me and use me so that I may be able to continue to walk this walk as you guide me so that your light may shine through me and I may go forth to pull them out to pit the same way you pulled me out to pit, and it’s not me I all you Lord, you get all the glory Lord cause you manifest through me, you live in me, I pray the seed falls on fertile ground and produces good fruit, and right now I come against satan and all these evil demons any plans or plots that they might have to pluck out any seeds that are being planted right now, we cancel those plans right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we cast you coward devils out, we send you back to the pits of hell were you belong, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over everyone watching this documentary I claim victory over everyone listening to my voice right now, they say on the last days of trumpet will be sounded today my voice is that trumpet, the Lord says if you hear my voice harden not your heart don’t wait till this too late, I pray all this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil

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  27. 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.
    90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.
    85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
    80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)
    71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)

    AND THE KICKER!!!!!!
    70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988)
    85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)

    so where are the MEN!!!!

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  34. Matthew 7:21-23. Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?” And then I will declare to them, “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

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    Keep helping all those people and hopefully around the world..God be with you.. Saludos from Brownsville Texas..Im a Gulf Cartel Member but its enough for me..

  36. Great video ! What a story ! Hopefully a lot of us learn from this doc. Jesus is the only way !

    All men are under the power of sin (3.9-12). Worse, Paul goes on to explain that no one can redeem himself by means of righteous living (3.19-20). Fortunately, however, God has provided a means of escape: Jesus Christ has died for the sins of mankind, thereby satisfying the demands of God's justice and enabling reconciliation with God (3.21-6). By means of his atoning death salvation is made available as a gift to be received by faith.

  37. hey level, ive never been a gangbanger but im guilty as charged by God Almighty. Thank God he drew me to Jesus my saviour at ten years old. Im older now, and i dont really know what God has planned for my life but i know he watches over me wherever i go. see you in Heaven Bro Level. So happy you found the Lord. We are all guilty sinners, only Jesus blood cleanses us and frees us. God bless you and your ministry…ill b praying for you.

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    I wish you the best on your mission for God!

    I'm still in awe of your life story and testimony, beautifully made documentary.

    May our father continue to bless you all the days of your life…. !!!!

    "RICO SUAVE " …


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  44. Some of the gangs in the video originated in Chicago they were lame ass fuck over here and rarely seen over here in Chicago nowadays lame ass busters starting there sets in Miami straight bitches

  45. The Illuminati Invisible World Leaders(Luciferians)Love When inner City Latinos/Blacks Do this Shit Rite Here!!!

  46. This guy "level", he's a born true leader. The thing I like about him is that not only he works hard to reach his goal in life but he truly cares for his friends in the hood. He tries to save them from gang violence, stop them from doing crime themselves, teach them and leads them into the "light". That's what a good friend and true friend would do. Only fake friends would try to convince you to do something bad and get you in trouble. It's sad to see so many talented and smart people join gang life (ending up dying, prison, in the hospital). All of those talents go to waste for nothing. A lot of them would make a great Entrepreneur and would become a millionaire or even a billionaire if they focus their minds on doing legal businesses.

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    Inner city folks need to find morality. Adults have to teach and lead the youth that the senseless violence is not cool.
    If you're poor you hustle but it can be done without all the killing. People got to want it though.

  48. This is how these documentaries should be, not holding back on anything, showing it for what it really is on everything.

    God bless those who got out of the trenches, and God bless those who didn't, may their souls Rest In Peace, Salute!

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