– My name is Chris Ramsay
and I have a confession. I’m a magician, and I
know most of you think that magicians are all
about sleight of hand and misdirection. There are some of you out there who believe that there’s more,
that we somehow have summoned spirits and used demonic
possessions in order to help us with our illusions. Well today, you’ll
finally have your answer. Because you’ve been right all along. Now, this stuff is very
very real, and very scary. And today I’m going to finally expose the real magic behind,
(record scratching) bullshit. (laughing) Obviously this is just trickery and sleight of hand. Obviously this isn’t real,
this isn’t real magic. I’m not summoning demons or
having little tiny spirits speak to me in my ear. We all know that that’s 100% bullshit. Or is it? (laughing) Yeah, still bullshit. What’s up guys? Chris Ramsay here! Welcome back. (laughing) Today’s a very special episode because today we’re gonna be looking
at the demonic magic videos that are online. A lot of these videos
have literally blown up. They got millions and millions of views. Which always really, like blows my mind that they don’t have an
outstanding number of dislikes. There’re actually people
out there who still believe that what we do is some
type of demonic thing. And on the last video I did
in which I talked about this and I addressed this, there
are people in the comments saying oh you’re in with
Satan and all this stuff. You’re wearing an Alistair Crowley shirt, you must be illuminati ’cause you can’t get this on Amazon. To be quite frank, a lot
of you have even said to me oh Chris, we know what
you do is sleight of hand. But there are some others
out there, no there’re not. OK, there aren’t, there
are none, that’s a fact. Absolutely no such thing as real magic. Coming from a magician,
I know you’re probably gonna be like well he’s in on it. He’s been trying to convince
us that magic is not a thing so that he can, (sighing) fuck. How can I possibly explain to you? I think ridicule is the
best form of enlightenment. If we look at something
and are able to laugh at it then we’re able to really comprehend that it’s not that meaningful after all. Without further ado, today we are reacting to demonic magic. (evil laughing) Let’s go. I haven’t watched this, by the way. This is the first. I saw a bit of it and
I was like all right, this is the one. We’ll see what happens. Spy Kitten Productions. That cat looks like a magician I know. (suspenseful music) I have a feeling this isn’t
her footage. (laughing) This looks completely,
Real Magicians Assisted by Demonic Forces. There’s Dynamo. OK. There’s Yif, Lane. OK. There’s some illuminati
shit going on. (laughing) – [Spy Kitten] Hello, hello,
hello, Spy Kitten here with another eye opening expose. In today’s video I will
be exposing the world’s most famous magicians and their
deep rooted ties to demons. – (laughing) See it says
demon assisted magic trick. I’ve never taken Alec Baldwin
for a demon, to be honest. Like I mean, I never thought
to label him as a demon. Starting off really well.
– The occult. So let’s get to it.
– Let’s do that. – ‘Cause there’s much to be exposed. – Oh is there? There is much, to be exposed. – See you can actually, you can actually see it. – You can actually see it yeah! ‘Cause it’s going
through his fucking hand! I know for a fact, OK,
for those of you skeptics who are watching this
right now, that’s a fact that that is going through his hand. That is something that he
has practiced for years and years and years. I mean, obviously built up
scar tissue and found a way to poke something through his hand. You don’t have to go looking too far. That being said, still incredible. Ugh! Look at that. – [Spy Kitten] The mystical
art form known as magic has long been exercised and revered by various secret societies and ancient schools of the mystery– – I’ve never seen a magician do that. I’ve never seen a
magician turn into a bird. – [Spy Kitten] Ligions. And it is still
– Is this Hogwarts? (laughing) – [Spy Kitten] To this very
day, the embodiment of magic, is in fact, very real,
and is very different from the conventional and commercial sleight of hand and stage magic that we’re all used to seeing today. – Yeah for one, no one wears white fricking gloves anymore
– To the bona fide magician, magic is defined as a science and an art that causes change to occur
in conformity with their will. – OK.
– Meaning, the sorcerer can in essence, transform
reality to his or her liking usually in accordance with
the laws of the universe. – Free Illusionists
shout out on this video. So, that’s Shade, who Illusionists
hired for the trailer of those decks which are the Infinity decks. OK. – [Spy Kitten] But many
magicians, specifically those who belong to secret societies
such as the illuminati, or the Golden Dawn often
seek to break these very laws of the universe by calling on demons and other diabolical
entities to assist them in this devious art form
known as black magic. – Black magic? – [Spy Kitten] Within this dark practice, there is a nefarious agenda
to discredit Jesus Christ. – (laughing) What? First I’m hearing of this. You know it’s funny ’cause
magic actually attracts loads of Christian magicians
and Muslim magicians, and all sorts of religions
from all around the world. So to say something
like, we have an agenda against Christianity is fucked up. Personally, myself, I’m not religious, but I do respect
religion, and I do respect different cultures. I see the good in it
and I see some bad in it just like there’s some
good and bad in everything. There’s a yin and a yang, right? – [Spy Kitten] It is in fact being pushed by some of the most recognized
and renowned magicians all over the world. Such as Dynamo, – Trying to clip right through the neck. (muttering) – Ah! Oh my God! (screaming)
(laughing) – Good reaction. – [Spy Kitten] David Blaine. – That’ll do the trick just.
– Yeah. – Was that it? David Blaine?
– David Blaine. (speaking foreign language) – What kind of demonic
magic is it when someone trains their gag reflex
not to make them throw up? I’m sure there are bulimic sorority girls all over the world
pledging their allegiance to Satan as we speak. (audience yelling) OK. (audience cheering) Clearly just swallowing a sword. Ooh I’ve seen this before. This is an incredible effect, you guys are going to enjoy this effect. I love how they put this
creepy undertone music to amplify the fact that their
bullshit isn’t standing up. But this effect is incredible. Now, there are things that happen
after the effect is done which are questionable which
make it good for TV but, I see how a lot of you
who are out there are like oh my God, this is sorcery. This is pretty insane. (intense music) Pretty dope. He’s like, you can drink it. I’d be like nope, no thanks. There we go. They aren’t over acting at all. (laughing) I love! (laughing) OK. The effect looked incredible. Whether or not it was CGI
remains a mystery, fooled me. But the fact that her first
instinct was to stir the coffee, that’s a magician thing. She was instructed by
a magician to be like, you have to prove it,
you have to prove that, that that was a normal cup. Any person in their right mind
would grab that coffee and pour it out until the
empty cup, straight out. Just sayin’. – Here
– This is – are just a few examples.
– Terrible acting. – I could not tell you, it’s confidential. – Oh come on, why not? – No I can’t. Anyway, how’s your sex life?
– Feeding hundreds from empty bucket. Which is, I think also another illusion. That’s a really great illusion. That’s also another
illusion that talks about, but that’s the thing, again, this is very questionable on camera. Yeah no he’s a demon, 100%. Oh this one’s a cool illusion as well. Are those the same spectators? See that? That looks like it’s changing behind his hand, that’s a nice touch. Love that. Water to sparkling wine,
I get it! (gasping) He’s the antichrist. Walking on water, see yeah. Like I mean, OK let me put this in a way
that people can understand it. You talk about these
things, these things are famous effects, like it or not, performed years ago and were said to have happened in the Bible, right? Obviously religion is a very
touchy subject, very taboo. It’s something people talk
about, right? Like politics. So when you throw those
type of things on TV and put into question people’s religion and their beliefs, it’s
gonna generate buzz. Exactly what a production company wants. When looking at these
things, take a look at them not from a standpoint of
someone trying to mock religion. But more as someone
trying to gain virality. Someone who, wants their videos to be seen. They wanna push this and
they’re going for the biggest most grandiose, most
taboo things available so that people will film it, share it, et cetera, et cetera. So that’s one of the main reasons they do these religion related effects. And I get that, I understand
it because they are things that we’re already familiar
with, we already have an image in our mind of
Jesus walking on water or producing fish or water to wine. So these are things that are
already innately within us, and if we can actually manifest
that without saying that oh, I’m the second coming of Christ, you’re automatically gonna
put two and two together especially if you’re
already super religious, and gonna be like oh my
God you’re an antichrist. So it’s kind of what they want. They kind of want you to talk about this. They kind of want you to create
these demon magic videos. Not because they’re demons,
but because they’re magicians who wanna get paid. Keep watching.
– Inspired by Biblical stories
– Is that Jeff McBride? – And are being executed
– Oh Bian Lian? – [Spy Kitten]
Subconsciously to the masses just to discredit Jesus
Christ as a mere magician. These are truly the false miracles – I don’t think they’re
trying to discredit Jesus Christ as a magician. I think they’re merely, like I said, they’re just trying to, that was dope! Look at that, look at this! Watch this, that’s an
incredible effect, look at this, how does he do that? Boom! Ugh, so good. Clearly a demon. – [Spy Kitten] Now the most
dangerous form of black magic is the scientific
perversion of occult power such as breaking the laws
of physics or biology for the gratification of personal desire. These men will bargain their eternal soul for temporary power through a
risky and a mysterious process known as a soul contract.
– Oh! That was split, by the way. I think that was created by French Guys, French Guys created that effect. This is a really, really cool effect. (speaking French) – I’ve had the privilege
to be asked by the most influential magician in the world, perform it on the TV special.
– John Archer, Dynamo. – So strong.
– Check it out. The reaction as well is pretty
amazing, look at this guy. (laughing) That guy!
– As a soul contract. In its various branches,
the black art embraces nearly all forms of ceremonial
magic such as necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, vampirism, kabbalah, and alchemy, and under
the same general heading, this also includes
mesmerism and hypnotism. – OK wait, you’re saying
hypnotism is also demonic? Jesus Christ, no pun intended. Like clearly she looks
like she’s in on it. I know I’m not supposed
to say that as a magician, and that might not even be true. This is just like one random
spectator sitting by herself who happens to have a
cigarette in this empty bottle. I mean come on. – There are some crucial factors. – This was great by the way, I love this. – Have truly mastered
– I think Ricky Gervais’ – [Spy Kitten] Theory and
practice of black magic. – Reaction to this.
– This is just mental! – Is so awesome.
– See how it really looks? – Sorry David, seriously. This isn’t a trick, you’re
just sticking a needle through your (bleep) arm. What are you doing?
– See how it looks? – That’s (bleep) horrible. – Pull it. – Oh (bleep) me! I don’t understand!
– Pull. Pull.
– Oh David! What have you done? Are you a maniac? This is real. Sorry, this is real. That’s real, that’s not a trick. – There’s no blood. That’s the one thing that
doesn’t make any sense. – Well I mean it doesn’t make
sense ’cause you’re thinking there should be blood. – First, the magician
– Hey! (laughing) It’s Daniel Madison, that’s my homie. Daniel you’re famous. (laughing) – [Spy Kitten] Visible
universe has an invisible counterpart meaning they truly believe in the habitation of good
and evil spirits in our realm and the next.
(scoffing) It is possible to contact
these invisible entities and gain their help in
some human undertaking. – I would love to know how
to contact these entities. I would totally contact
these entities right now. – [Spy Kitten] Whereby
the magician becomes for a stipulated time
– What? – [Spy Kitten] The master
of an elemental being, more commonly referred to
– Where do I download the PDF to this contract?
– Performed with the aid of a demonic spirit
who serves the sorcerer for the length of his early
life with the understanding that after death the magician
– Really? – [Spy Kitten] Shall become
the servant of his own demon. – That’s a fair trade. Previous clips included the breaking of the laws of the universe,
from physics to biology. Oh did they? I think the previous clips
included the illusion of the laws of physics being broken. And, or, your misinterpretation of the laws of physics and biology. Got ’em! – These inter-dimensional
demons can transcend the laws of the universe
while making magicians famous. OK hold on. You’re telling me that
these demons have the power to transcend time and space through the, through the vastness of
the infinite universe to make a magician famous? Obviously you owe them eternal gratitude. (scoffing) They have
sold their soul to Satan or other high ranking
demons for temporary power. What do you mean high ranking demons? There’s a hierarchy in demon rankings? Is it like the ranking in Overwatch? – [Spy Kitten] I hope you enjoyed this – Not really!
– Eye opening expose. Comment, like and subscribe
– I will not comment, like or subscribe. I will delete you from
the face of the Earth with my demon magic. All right guys, that
was a look at one of the demon magic videos, there
are plenty out there. I may do more of these in
the future but let’s take a little second, a little
PSA, you should be doing better things with your time
than watching videos where people claim that magicians
have demonic powers, OK? People like myself we
devote hours and hours of mental strain of physical practice, and all sorts of things
on the business end to a life that we love, a life that includes the passion that we love,
the art that we love, and being able to share
that with other people. Some people obviously
take a road which is more along the lines, in a
gray area where they try to convince you that they
actually have powers which I don’t find ethically or morally correct, but that’s not my call, that’s their call. But I can assure you,
a lot of these people are friends of mine or work with really close friends of mine. It’s practice, it’s theory, it’s ideas. It’s using things like the
camera perhaps, or people, or your perception,
training your body to do certain things over time, over years. And that’s really all it is. And if you think otherwise, I mean, you probably also think
reptilians live among us. Which I can’t deny. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this
video and I hope it was a little bit eye opening for some of you. And I hope to bring you more of these. I’ll be doing some more
reacting to magic in the future. Maybe you can leave me
your suggestions below of what other videos I
should react to and or, what your thoughts are about this whole demon magic thing, I would
love to hear your take on it whether or not you believe
in this crap or not. Actually that’s pretty biased. But whether or not you believe in this, I would love to hear your opinion. Guys thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you on the next video. Chris Ramsay out, peace. (mellow music)

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