Random Acts of Kindness 2017 – Bikers Helping on the Roads

oh what a day what a lovely night this would have been bad yeah I'm a what to discuss are you level polio rubella don't don't Marsha Leo Kamali consumer power game given Al Franken another few months ma my papa's potential family hey baby oh gosh are you brush is my fight motor on ooh they continue to be long local boxing quiet new YouTube we look at dark secret local look at Lucas do a sequence to lose like Ricky Oh nobody know this is a case Nora actually gusto anybody go so they asked you to wash down the boys are coconut for all of us today yes thank you for having me come no Toby s no Mekhi on YouTube now Oh you guys need any help we can we can push it into there and there's directions down there yeah we can go into there ah hi stop the car or you know thank you much good climate party sale oh yeah what is all for now what where we can go down there – who's gonna win this get it altered copy one on the coast you know and I gotta get out rope get it out the wrong is going on a block a lot no give me another place are you in their pocket no problem man nice you guys take care second I'm not getting nothing out of it I think not even the Jesus so imagine body yesterday oh you did I guess when I was going down here it gave welcome to though yeah we take it over here can we give it like a little push start to get it up and going I don't know how to keep pushing to give it yeah we could give it a go all right hey you running at a curb here well what you're getting juice it's just almost no juice on it um as you were pushing little bit tell me your omen neutral light was lighting up but but barely it with flickering on there we give it a try let's get it down this little yeah alright alright give it a go it's on there I miss ah there we go we just got it you oh look at that if it gets a little latch on the little beneath the cow there's a battery oh yeah that's that's what is it good better there you go thank you so much okay now don't worry about it of course of course man hey I'm John yeah you're like yeah man definitely Oh best of luck with that hi man you take it easy there we go are you okay can you move the carousel and if I give you a portion something if you front handbrake off for something helps have you a phone to call anyone and have you a for want to call anyone or anything you know with their crafting or was there a craft or something with their and about your diet is a sugar sorry yeah I don't have my bike doesn't happen like it let's enjoy yeah you need a car have you anyone to call or anything hard you win developer I said you okay so do you recognize no matter so good either he'll follow me ha it's empty I can bring you if you have a bottle we have a bottle so we can buy that I think a bottle and then we can go open it so but again you can buy a bead on inside well it's also good who is that yes you pick it up and you put it on the ground and just do it [Laughter] it starts so it's good have a nice day further yeah I'm going further I no problem sir prometo

21 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness 2017 – Bikers Helping on the Roads

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    [00:13] ➤ Zlurz – Biker Helps Police Officer – https://youtu.be/nJzbiVdd6Dw
    [00:49] ➤ LucasDuarte50 – Biker Helps Fallen Riders – https://youtu.be/i1L6nu4ie7A
    [03:22] ➤ MotoCrave – Random Act of Kindness – Biker Helps Old Man – https://youtu.be/J56_-_bZf2g
    [06:41] ➤ TheWarBeard John – Helping a Stranded Biker – https://youtu.be/XfkOx8j9hWw
    [09:37] ➤ Lucky Luke Rides – Biker Helps Car Stuck on Motorway – https://youtu.be/mDXH2cx5zTo
    [11:02] ➤ BikerOfAmsterdam – Biker Helps a Stranded German Who Ran Out of Gas – https://youtu.be/95xhD6N7dx4


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  2. Kind of ashamed of that last video, as a fellow dutchman you have to be able to speak at least a little bit german…dang

  3. I remember sitting on the side of the road and some bikers drove by throwing stuff at me. I was wearing full gear and i drove a suzuki m90. I've never known why they did that.

  4. If everyone looked to help others even a little there would be a lot more smiles in the World and a lot less violence. I help people when I can and it's such a great thing for two random strangers to share a positive experience for zero money.

  5. That girl just sittin on ground waiting for some1 to help her and guys started talking between each other and didnt even help her lol wtf thats funny asf

  6. maybe swap the flip-flops for proper shoes and wear a jacket or something and a minor crash won't hurt like that.

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