Ramstein Air Bases Tech Expo 2016

This door to the future looks rather normal. But it leads to a room full of sophisticated electronics and state-of-the-art communications gear. You’ve arrived at the Ramstein Air Base Tech Expo. And what we try to do is we bring in industry partners that are interested in learning more about the USAFE/AFAFRICA missions. Learning and knowledge-sharing are a big part of this event. Our industry partners really want to help. They really want to help us solve the challenges that we have today to become more effective, so we can be more operational in the battle field. This event isn’t on the front line, but the cutting edge technology is ready for the modern servicemember who understand how these new gadgets fit into their mission. And they pretty much explained how our shop in general could possibly use that. The relationships is what’s important. When you put a face to the guy who’s putting that product in your hand, that’s going to eventually bring you back home, totally different, totally different. Keeping the doors between industry, and the U.S. military wide open guarantees freedom’s future will be won with less sweat and more sophistication. SSgt Ben Wocken, Ramstein, Germany.

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