Raising a Family: Learning the Ropes Together – Happy Families

hello we're the loose family I'm Jay this is my wife Christie I'm Brett and I'm 16 I'm Melina and I'm 14 I'm Emily Medici and our son James is 19 and it's a missionary down in Mexico Cristi you know because it's something she grew up doing being a third-generation trick Roper she would sometimes walk around the house spinning a rope or she'd be out in the front yard practicing and next thing you know our little kids would be out there just swinging a rope not even spinning it just kind of swinging it and before long some of them self-taught and just from watching their mom show us a couple of tricks good in the dirt look at that keep going trick roping is really hard to do it takes a lot of practice it's a lot harder than it actually looks I like doing for roping with my family because giving us a better relationship and you know we didn't do it we probably won't be as close so it always brings us closer together an important thing when Jay and I were first married is we both knew that we wanted to be very involved in our children's lives and our business with the trick roping with events has been able to do that you know when some people say it's quality and not quantity to some degree it is quantity too so hopefully we're doing a decent job in bull all families can do fun things together many families might even do some of these but we really enjoy just going in the backyard and having a campfire bringing out the marshmallows smelling the smoke another fun thing that we've done living where we do is we have a trampoline and the kids really enjoy when we pull the sleeping bags out and everybody sleeps out on this trampoline so it actually has given us a chance to be out there in the quiet looking up at the stars listening for a coyote or two three or four or five there we go our kids do it until they no longer live here so if they're 25 and they're still living here they're part of the family camp trip okay we got a bunch of stuff from our last job that needs to be put away and puts on parties and events so after an event we have a lot of props and stuff to put away here's the deal we tell the kids if they get the place cleaned up which is a mess they get to have a party and they get to have all their friends over it's as simple as that so our parents bribe us that if we do all our work then we'll be able to have a party and luckily they're telling the truth we do different jobs around the house we work clean our rooms clean the family room so it works as a great incentive for them it keeps us a little bit more positive as we're doing work which I know can sometimes be a little stressful and we get to have an enjoyable experience at the end I like doing parties and events cuz um I help my family and that's it it's really fun and I get to go to the party sometimes but not a lot of time it's kind of weird [Applause] and we are a happy family

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  1. This is what I want to be: A wonderful mother who's children love her activities. But I have to wait until I finish college! This is the really long wait for me!

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