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In this city full of lies, there exists only one truth. I wanted to give away everything I have for our love. I gave you a rose, a song and a dream of a united life, But you left for New York in pursuit of a better life. Akash! Nandini! What are you doing here? I should be the one asking this This is Nikhil’s place… Right? I came back after six long years ….Where else would I have gone? Right! Indeed, where else! So in this six long years exactly how many times did you bother to call him up? You know nothing Nandini And it’s way more complicated than you think Life is Akash! Therefore you’ll drop off the face of the earth? Won’t you even let me enter? Sit. I will get water. Could you get some cold water? Look in the fridge. Reminder: Night Show- Udta Punjab 😛 ? Anyway, you have not yet said What are you doing here? Have some patience Can I narrate all that has happened over six years so easily?! You tell me What are you upto? Completed Masters, Worked for quite some time, The place didn’t work out for me. So, gave up everything Back to India. You haven’t changed, you know an impulsive guy who also happens to be a “rich fucking brat” You have aged considerably Time to change, don’t you think? Impulsive, yes, I don’t know about the “rich fucking brat”, though So, What led you back to the “city of joy”? Longing I think, I am ready to face the reality now. I feel I have aged a lot. Gave up everything for love and returned to Kolkata?! What happened to you being a free bird all your life? No! Enough of freedom! Several years back.. I made a mistake I have regreted that every day, ever since. I think, I had enough. Six years down the line, You have returned to make amends for your mistakes. Dude! People have changed. People have moved on. Everyone has a new life. For you, things can’t change now. Nandini! You have no idea why I came back. And I couldn’t care less. All I know is When you left, You let us all down. So don’t come back only to mess up our lives. We have been friends for a long time. We have spend a lot of time together in college. Akash I am glad you are doing well, but I think You should leave now. I need to meet him once. Please Akash! Don’t destroy everything again after coming here such a long time. Nikhil and I have moved in. Our marriage is on the cards very soon. It has been really hot outside. You must be very tired Relax for some time. How is life! The way it is supposed to be. Finally. Look! I am sorry. Trust me, I have tried alot To contact you. Even after dialling your number, I have erased it myself. Why? Ego! Self-esteem! And now? Zilch? Nikhil, please. Six years have gone by So? You think, time will make me forget everything? You don’t know What I went through! Searched for you on every social media Went to your inn Called up your relatives The manager of your inn merely said You have cleared all debts and gone abroad I only wanted some time from you And didn’t I wait?! Nikhil, I have waited for THREE years. And you! You could never confess to your parents, to the society, to all I was unemployed Couldn’t get admission in any higher studies My Father is bedridden What would I have gone and said then? That I am Homosexual, Gay! And here is my Lover Akash You made your excuses then, And you are making them even today. Stop blaming circumstances I am not from a very forward minded family like you. How much ever he blabbers the names of Oscar Wilde and Virgina Woolf He will never be able to reconsile hiself to the idea of his own son being a homosexual Nikhil, I will stay outside tonight There’s food in the fridge Have your dinner. Akash It was good to see you after so many years Stay well. Here’s the key! Nikhil Listen for once! And Nandini! What about her? If you don’t want to come out of the closet, that’s fine But, why are you making her a party to your life long saga of pretence We are all so shallow, aren’t we? Morality! Idealism! Integrity, Pride! You think you’re the only one possessing them? Apparently, yes. I mean! How could you do this to her? Today, after ages of pretence, You have learnt to caress a woman, haven’t you? Self taught your body to play act? To survive in these times and this society, what else do I need to do, tell me And then you were in USA Why didn’t you find someone there? Because no one could ever kiss me like you did Who is going to correct my wrong lyrics like you did? You were the one person who corrected all my mistakes like no one ever did You are that one person who knew every single scar I ever had on my body Because… So after getting no one, you came back to me? But I knew you would come You know why? Because I know you better than you yourself ever did Then you could have just waited for me a bit more Who said that I didn’t? Look, what I couldn’t give you she has taught me that Since you have left, everything has changed But the heart! That just didn’t change But Nandini just went away saying that you guys are getting married next month She was just kidding with you After all You came back and screwed her life over and out Look Please can you open up and tell me what’s going on? I am just not getting jackshit of anything Leave it First learn How to love properly Otherwise You can’t understand these emotions. After so many days we are together We are your own but We will not get this moment back. Tell me something Anything Will you dance with me? Yes You failed to notice the sorrow in my eyes, You could just see the heap of complaints I had. Hence I’m letting you go While I sing a song about our failed love story. Got any news? Dada said he has a friend who will check the passenger list in that period Why are you doing this? My love for you is not going to increase by leaps and bounds even if you do this You will always remain the friend you are I know! Why are you getting annoyed with me? Do you like to sting the same spot everyday? You know he left And he won’t come back You understand everything Why do you say even then? Don’t be hurt You know he will come back He will not to be able to live without you really Can anyone who loves stay apart for long? Everyone wants to stay closer Nandini What is exactly my fault? Just that I loved someone who is like me? Just a Y chromosome ended up turn my love into a lie? It’s not your mistake I was suggesting if I could stay with you for a few days? All what you are doing, you are only going to end up killing yourself Again?! Let me stay with you until Akash comes back He is a friend of mine too Though we love the same man Still, I love you Why aren’t you understanding? I can’t make love to you I don’t care People might call me crazy But all these moments spent with you is, love, to me It’s against morality Fuck morality! Dont turn me down please I don’t know Even if you don’t know, I do I understand I love you, Nikhil I love you enough to let you go But only when the time comes O, the love from abroad, you are known to me. You stay far away across the ocean.

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