Raghuram Rajan — India’s Economy: How Did We Get Here and What Can be Done?

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  1. @16:00 – so regarding lower inflation preventing debt from being inflated away, as I recall it was Rajan himself who preferred an exclusive focus on anti-inflationary policies during his tenure. When Modi and Jaitley first came into office, they were dropping strong hints directly to the media that they'd like to see more stimulus-oriented policy from RBI, but to no avail with Rajan. You can argue about whether that would be good for price stability for the poor, but the fact is that lowering rates for monetary stimulus has always been the main tool of central banks everywhere. Since a large component of market behaviour is psychological, and since changeover to a new govt carries a significant psychological impact, I'd argue that this is actually the best time for a central bank to use some of its limited "ammunition" for rate cut stimulus, because that's a time when it would bear more fruit and have greater psychological impact. To me, that's how you get "more bang for the buck/cut", and that's why Rajan should have cut rates when Modi came into office – just as Modi and Jaitley clearly wanted him to do.

  2. @24:25 – Regarding corruption scandals and their adverse impact on financial outlay, there's a notable difference between the number of such scandals during UPA vs the lack of them during NDA under Modi. Again, there is a clear connection with the dual center of power in UPA, with Manmohan being a weak figurehead while Sonia was the power behind the throne. The Indian constitution was never designed to operate this way. With Manmohan's PMO being a weak power centre, this naturally allowed any enterprising money-makers to fill that vacuum with their mischief. It was no less than Standard & Poor's which directly identified this problem in the UPA govt in one of its reports. So the very structure and composition of the UPA govt was aggravating to the corruption problem.

  3. History of modern India when written after several decades will judge Raghuram Rajan's 5 yr stint as economic advisor to Prime Minister, to Finance Minister and as Reserve Bank of India Governor very harshly because of monumental financial scams during his tenure. India's nominal GDP barely touched $1.85 tn (11th in the world) in 2014 during last 5 yrs of Economist-PM Manmohan Singh rule who along with Govt's economic advisor Raghuram Rajan & his FM P. Chidambaram opened Indian banks' treasury showering loans of Rs. 34 Lakh Crores (34 Trillion) without collateral & by telephonic orders to favored businessmen under the garb of trickle down effect. The stock markets danced but people remained without basic elementary facilities.

    PM Manmohan Singh's team in which Raghuram Rajan played imp. role can not escape the curse of millions of poor Indians who were denied elementary basics at the cost of enriching the rich. Despite demonetization, implementation of uniform Goods & Services Tax ( both betenoire of liberalists) & whopping NPAs of over 12 Lakh Crore (12 Trillion) the economy jumped to $3tn reaching 5th place in 2019 with millions of people getting access to toilets, cooking gas, electricity supply, bank accounts & micro-finance etc. Modi knew that investment in the people is the real economy because if you invest in the people, people in turn will invest in the country after all real purpose of the economy is to improve living standards of the people specially people at the base of the pyramid. Good politicians also know how to prioritize & sequentially implement economic reforms balancing financial & political constraints. Economic science is “Study of Choices” made by the economists but the impact & application of those “Choices” on the people & the country is political science (art) determined by politicians. There is difference between economy & Economics which politicians understand but not the economists.

  4. Economics is NOT an Exact Science(not a science of any sort anyways)… but given for Manmohan Singh(economist Prime Minister) and Raghuram Rajan when at the helm screwed the Indian economy royally… you would pardon the nation for discounting any views these folks dish out.
    Ultimately these folks have no skin in the game…
    We have a great govt lead by a great leader(Modi) who is fully committed to and vested in progress of India… ups and downs notwithstanding I am confident that India is on a great economic path.
    Western ideas are not suited for us…please don’t thrust them here… go apply them in Sweden where the entire socio-economic model is collapsing despite being a single ethnicity single religion, race, language country rich in Oil. Do you know why…because they don’t have civilizational and spiritual depth… Europe slowly exhausting the colonial loot will collapse and America built on slave labour and selling arms will also slowly become less relevant(it won’t collapse like Europe)…

  5. @1:01:55 – I don't understand what point he's making about toilets not being connected to sewage systems. He sounds like an urbanite who's never heard of septic tanks. Even in the developed world, not every toilet is connected to a sewage system, especially in rural areas obviously.

  6. Unemployment for a person who is good at only a single trick is such a curse that he can't do when time calls for but starts giving free advice when nobody wants to hear from him and he is still looking for same sort of employment coz he has no other attributes to change stream…… he he…… very unprofessional !

  7. @1:07:55 – Rajan asserts a conclusion that his preceding facts didn't lead up to. He says that the roots of the problem are due to the govt "centralizing power". Firstly, the phrasing of this comment seems conspicuous in being politically targeted rather than aimed at economics. He didn't say the govt is "centralizing economic power" – he said that the govt is "centralizing power". Given that his friend Chidambaram, whom he was appointed by, is currently languishing in prison on corruption charges, I can't help but feel that Mr Rajan's chosen wording was explicitly intended to be political. I don't feel that economists do themselves or their arguments any credit by veering into politics. Likewise, Manmohan Singh was better as a finance minister than as a prime minister.

  8. Modi as a ruler do not understand Economics . Because he is not educated enough to know the difference of macro and micro economics . Cheap politics and talking , image building through spending tax money etc are happening . Since people somehow runs the show no is cared or scared. All people will understand this malice when some serious collapse of banks happen and loose their money. Soon that can happen if we simply ignore the warnings.

  9. New Zimbabwe in the making under Modi Regime. The whole lecture points to one thing the more rulers control each and every thing (micro manage) the worse the economy reacts. Too much ambition is not good for Indian economy , you need a mixed , middle level approach .

  10. A word of advice to Dr. Rajan, Dr. Singh and other sensible people from real economic background and who have the credentials to support their ideas… DON'T EDUCATE FOOLS IN POWER. You have done what you could have. Let their foolishness drive this insanity to economic doom, and let people beg and come back to you for help. You deserve respect, so take it. Don't give it for free to these stupid idiots.

  11. Most people judging rajan here are either ill educated or not educated. I am sure barely one person here would have done PhD in economics or even ma. And on the basis of the lies that politicians from various parties propagate these faggots start judging someone, if left standing in front of him they wouldn't even be able to ask a question leave alone understanding his answer. Yes we have free Internet, we have unemployed uneducated intellectuals in every home.

  12. I don't understand why are they having political debates in the name of economics about India in America ? ( Both talking like B.J.P & Congress members )

    If they are really concerned about India then they should come to India and try to solve the problems here on ground . If they can't then better focused on their work in America rather than commenting about internal problems of India .

    Who will they help by making negative comments about India in America ? . It's just pointless .

  13. You are part of the reason why we got here. You allowed crony capitalists get money from bank basis phone calls. You are only good for teaching.

  14. Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…Raghuram Rajan you stooge of BIS WORD BANK 🏦 IMF and Bankers mafia of Europe go and eat their shit and don't give us your banking mafia agent sermon and lecture…

  15. It is dangerous to not to have a powerful opposition. The ruling party will do whatever it wants. Let's face it, the economy is in dire straits. Imagine sitharam with experience is running the finance ministry. Very sad.

  16. And our Present Finance Minister blames Raghuram Rajan and Manmohan Singh for the mess she and her marionettist created.

  17. Very few modi internet coolies on this comment section. I think many of them also lost job, and left over bhakts are busy floating there resumes.
    BJP days are numbered i guess. Indians are not used to autocracy .. especially the newgen

  18. Great Talks..
    arvind subramaniam asking for 2 more minutes, 2 more points was like party spokesperson fighting for time on tv debates..

  19. There is only political vision, no economic vision. Every issue is going to be brushed under the rug if the approach to the issues is going to be thought from the political perspective. One of the 5 Rs Arvind Subramanian talked about was Recognition. If the government itself is not ready to recognize the issues and stay in denial, you can't expect the other 4 Rs.

  20. The stammering theatrics of Arvind Subramaniam bear testament to the difficulty of defending this government's "monumental mismanagement" of the economy, regardless of the falling rate of growth before 2014.

  21. GDP is a function of consumption, investments, net exports and government spending. Wondering why the slide (9 min onwards) shows only the first three and ignores Gov. Spending trends to define growth?

  22. The talk is structured around growth, fiscal and credit. Wondering what the thought process was in defining this framework?

  23. our finance minister blame you and monmohan singh for downfall of GDP …….
    subramaniyam swami said that you have got zero knowge about econoy ……
    and most funny thing is indian people belive in bjp govt.

  24. We r against Modi not only because under his leadership his party (in planed manner)
    1. Weaken. RTI act
    2. No party audit so that no person can know who donated in party fund and most of time industrialist donate, even foreign fund come (govt. party sales wealth of people of country)
    3. Attack on secularism. ( Rafale was not just of hindu it belongs to India and if they did worship then they should do it acc. To all faiths hindu, muslim, Christian, Bahai,
     Buddhist ,Jain, ,Sikh, Zoroastrianism, Sanamahism etc. They r also our brothers and sisters. We love them and they love us and our country.
    3. Global hunger index. We r worst than pakistan, Bangladesh, nepal, Nigeria,oman. We r worst in South Asia in BRICS country we rank 16 from bottom in this index ,And yes there is no relationship between gdp and this index mind it.
    4. Demonstration with intentions of advertisement of BJP party . There were loophole do you know how
    A. Party can exchange as much amount as they want from bank without audit so all politician of there respective party submitted there fund in party and exchange it. Without facing any problems.
    B. Civil services (upsc) officers have inactive political party on the name of there wife. They arranged money from there. And helped
    Other offices.
    C. U were permitted to purchase gold upto ₹100000 ( 1,406.66 US $ ) without pancard .
    So u can purchase gold of ₹1cr. On many bill with different name. no one will be able to catch you.
    D. Even if u submit money in account of poor people u will take a blank check or the amount u submit. u will keep passbook ,atm, check book of that person (Rich r clever – they can not submit money without guarantee ,in case of money Don't believe on any one)
    E. Etc loophole.
    5. Super court is manipulated.
    6. Decrease in gdp now we 7th largest economy.
    7. Manipulation of data and definition of many index (do you know they count suger can farm as forest and say forest is increase) bloody bastards.
    Most imp.
    ****Politician can not make any POLICY which go against them. Under their umbrella officers take shade.
    Mind it.
    And keep on protecting religion.
    BB f*** off.
    Modi mere chacha nahi hai jo vote ki guarantee hai. M kishi ki bhakti nahi karti.
    Apna Kaam Banta Bhaad Mein Jaaye Janta.
    Politician ki ideology hai ye.
    Mind it.

    It may happen they send me in Jail. I don't believe in VD Savarkar I am follower of Bhagat Singh.
    I am just 21 yr old and I was well aware that demonetisation will be a blunder.

  25. Raghuram Rajan you served the interest of US, with US greencard and citizenship. How can we trust you, that you do not have conflict of interest? Its a shame that, even after using India while in India, only value you bring to your career outside India is by talking about India. You are an example of a typical Brown slave serving the White dominancy.

  26. He is a great economist & having credentials from reputed institutes like iit, iim.but a great supporter of congress.

  27. Eagerly Waiting to Watch… Finally I GOT it.


    I Always Appreciate Whoever Person With GREAT Amount of Talent, and I think that's the Way Forward too…

    Guys, don't DEGRADE any Personas Reputation Either U may agree wit him or NOT,
    Just think it Expeditiously/ Subconsciously & Act Accordingly.

    We MUST Respect Everyone's Right to Express himself, BASIC CARDINAL FOUNDING PRINCIPLE OF DEMOCRACY.

    OTHERWISE there will be Chaos.

    NOTE – I m NOT here to TAKE anyone's SIDE, What My Instincts Said me Just Expressed with u ALL, Especially#Youthquake.

    Bcz In OUR MARATHI "Bhakti Culture" We taught that THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE IS MY HOME , & ALL ARE HIS CHILDRENS ( हे विश्वचि माझे घर )


  28. Of all the persons u got this Asshole!!! V Bad, V Sad, V Unfortunate!!! Don't u know that Modiji is famous, v famous for picking up the right kind of people!!! The v fact that he allowed this idiot to leave MEANS THAT HE IS A GOOD FOR NOTHING KIND OF ASSHOLE FOR INDIAN ECONOMY!!!

  29. Maderchod haram ka hai ye jitna loan iss haram ke pille ne bata aur khud 🇺🇸 usa main kutte ki tarha bhonk reha hai

  30. The man who nearly killed the Indian economy with his ludicrously high interest rates is talking about the plight of Indian economy, what a joke.

  31. Demonetization was like an unguided bomb that hits people very hard specially in remote areas and small businesses. Modi government spent all the money on social welfare. so we going to run out of money. if the Government will spend all the money on social welfare. So forget about growth. so many public welfare has been launched at one time like free housing plan, health policies, and pension policies and doesn't know how many more. and foreign investments are also not doing well. it happens when we place a non-finanace person in the finance ministry. The best part of all of it that Indians don't give up their patience in such a crisis.

  32. Stupid Rajan communist socialist economics. No nation has developed without entrepreneurs and ambition. Even China provided no interest loans and then stake buy out to Alibaba etc. Rajan is nothing but a stooge of communist policies.You cannot move ahead with government control. Modi is the right man for India, he is focusing on increasing competition.

  33. $90 bn is import of india from china ; this is equal to 6.2 lac crores. That amount of production and the underlying ripple effects of that has gone from india to china. Interesting nobody has thought that it has an effect on the industry of india and resultant jobs and consumptions

  34. Summary :
    1. The economy of India due to reforms under NDA took off at around 2003-04 and the growth persisted until 2007-08
    2. The policy paralysis of UPA 1 and UPA 2 and corruption in UPA2 along with global recession played an important role and the economic growth has been going down from around 2007-08.
    3. Laws for bankruptcy etc works for some time and then people learned to circumvent them via courts where things get delayed indefinitely
    4. The global recession caused a collapse in FDI, Consumption and exports.
    5. Modi govt bought some good reforms like IBC, GST etc but the mediocre execution of GST and poor execution of Demonitization increased the stress of the economy.
    6. The recent decrease in corporate tax rate might help increase investments but the corporates are looking for stable and predictable laws which the Modi 2.0 is not doing a good job of.
    7. Bank mergers should have been delayed as these would divert their attention to the operations of merger instead of lending.
    8. Regulatory oversight under UPA2 and Modi 1 has led to the present NPA crisis
    9. Power and cell phone sectors has grown well but textiles have remained stagnant and Agriculture has been going down while still being the main source of occupation due to various issues and needs serious reforms.
    10. Due to huge recapitalization under UPA2 in response to the global recession and the indiscriminate lending by NBFC led to high inflations in that period and the Modi govt has brought inflation down but some of the processes that helped drive it down too much like poor implementation of demonitization and GST increased the stress of the indian economy
    11. Arvind subraniam believes that Modi 1 was hyperactivity with welfarism vision whereas UPA2 was policy paralysis. Raghuram Rajan belives the Indian union doesn't have a long term economic vision.
    12. India needs to wake up to the fact that India needs to work harder on its economy to achieve the 10% growth rate, it won't happen if India feels entitled to such growth and sits on its laurels without working on it.

  35. So privileged and grateful to have an access to the analysis and outlook of such insightful economists … thank you Brown University 😊

  36. Why someone branded international economist have to spend 98% of his time on India where he doesn't live? Even before his RBI governor tenure he was doing same. That's the survival mechanism of most of these academicians. What make things murkier is when academician toes a line of political ideology. That is all right in individual capacity but then you should expect backlash from other sections. I think entrepreneurs, scientists do well when they become grounded without any inclination. Most of young Indians admire American entrepreneurs and their story. Why? These people have relentlessly showed a positive picture ignoring all non relevant noises; in personal lives they have certain ideologies but it rarely got reflected in their work career. America has been built by people like Edison, Morgan to Lincoln. It doesn't matter whether they get prize or not. Their contribution influences billions around world still now!

  37. We have a natural urge to sway over by prizes and polished talks by academicians. The real world is built by executioners i.e. who works on ground. That may be politicians, entrepreneurs, users like you and me. America is built by executioners, still continue to be. Most of them work silently, don't make noises. Irony is people live in America 99% of their time and getting debated in India (nothing more than debate, rare execution of most of these experiments!) on executions related to India. Better we take cue out of China and work towards our own objective. The differences of ideology (political, religious, gender etc) is not going go away, better ignore. Of course every prize should be celebrated emotionally. Factually I rest the case.

  38. Raghuram is ex governor of RBi. But all time he is criticism indian government for his economic policy…… I am not agree for this type of statement

  39. No matter what the political parties say about you sir but we salute you from the core of our heart with respect to your economic acumen…..

  40. Thanks to both pandit …for not mentioning easy to doing upper class's business and exclusion of local market objective………….

    heaven maker save India's capabilities

  41. Hahahahaha. This man is responsible for the crisis that we are in today. Giving loans to defaulters,Balancesheet problems etc.

  42. Raghuram Ranjan should stay away from Indian Economy. The economy will grow very quickly. There will be no loot and creation of Bank NPAs.

  43. Whatever u talk and think by breaking your head nothing will happen in India unless we have honesty at all level including common citizens

  44. all together, indian AAAAA economy is AAAAA is in kind AAAA of slowdown trap. AAAAAA consumption was propping up AAAAA the growth, AAAAA but AAAAAAA it is slowing fast too… AAAAAAAA…?
    this vexed me so much that i was less concentrated on what is he want to articulate. Thou, i appreciate him too much, i'd suggest him to ameliorate this abeyance between a sentence. plz🙏

  45. This douchebag allowed banks like pnb, pmc etc to scam people out of money by illegally giving loans to fraudsters amounting billions of rupees

  46. No one mentions the extravagant lifestyles [Rolls Royces etc] of the borrowers who defaulted. THIS AGE OLD WISDOM OF LIVING BEYOND YOUR MEANS ON BORROWED MONEY, should have alerted the lenders.

  47. Very fine informations, elaborated by graphs & datas, side by side other, economists, also busy with all these important things, we hope, sure our economists shall reach to fine solutions.

  48. Arvind Sub seems to love taxing the poor via his GST which is VAT or Indirect Tax and help the Corporate by "reforming" the tax rate! He does not seem to understand WHY demonetization was done in such a hurry and what are the real achievement of such a drastic move (untaxed black money NOW is as large as it was before DeMon. No one was punished for hoarding cash w/o paying tax, as all the black money is in the form of Gold, Stocks & Real Estate). Over the years, the corruption at all levels of Govt has gone up starting from IAS, IPS Officers, Judges, Businessmen & the Public which reflects on the Non Performing Assets of Banks. Education quality is dramatically going down. Arvind does not know how many JOBS are in the Formal Sector and how many in the Informal Sector! He seems to love the Political shenanigans of Modi. He started Clean India: most of the latrines they built have no water connection in rural towns and villages. Most of the latrines are dirty & remain unused for a long time. None of the Mega Projects he started was taken to full completion. Arvind says "Make consumers happy IF that makes Farmers unhappy, don't worry about it!". A full 60% of India's Population lives in Rural Towns & villages where Agriculture is the only activity (contributing 40% of the GDP). Unless Modi cares TRULY about Agriculture & Land Reform and the Price Support for the Farmers, India's weakening economy will not come back to double digit growth of early 2000s. India deserves only a sub-par growth (comparing to China) bc our Politics is very dirty & Policies are very clumsy & rotten!

  49. If former CEA wants to be an apologist for Modi government then he should own it. Stop hedging. No one is simple enough to be tricked into confusing delusional thinking for some grand vision.

  50. I don't see the point in RBI targeting inflation. RBI should align it's monetary policy depending on the "overall" fiscal deficits the government is running, on and off balance sheet combined. The REAL function of the central bank is to reign in government spending by making it harder for a profligate government to borrow. So far, all the RBI governors have failed India in this regard, not to mention the politicians who are only concerned about looting the taxpayers.

  51. The basic to do list remains the same, government spending needs to go down, interest rates need to go up and private property laws, land acquisition laws should he liberalized. Labor laws need to be curtailed, our labor laws cost manufacturing companies a hefty chunk.
    Rajan is wrong about ayushman Bharat. These funds are going into the hospitals owned by BJP netas directly, and in any case, providing healthcare is not a job of any government.

  52. 29.54 https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/65-indian-businesses-witness-rise-in-online-fraud-119042301069_1.html

  53. Loan mela .It goes back to the 1990s when the congress was in power.Bank officials colluded with politicians to dish out small loans rs5000.Say 200 of these and the bank went into a loss 5 years down the line

  54. Respect our own Indian talant… Raghu did warned US of 2k8/9 recession. World made fun of his view… at present he saying demonize & GST very major step taken with no vision/ preparation.

  55. I'm not sure, Why will loan waiver hold the economy, It will help to reduce the NPA, We must remember that the NPA are assessed in the PSBs which are subject of Union, Thus, Union must encourage State sponsered loan waivers, By offering some 20 to 30% of waiver expenses, Anyway Union will get it's investment of 20 to 30% back consolidated in the form of PSB revenues …
    I feel this is the best remedy for the Agricultural sector rather than reforms, this will also force the State Governments to ensure the pretty profits in the agricultural trade, Agriculture in India is easy governable subject of state rather than Union …

  56. Indian Economic Slowdown & Measures 2019

    – Unplanned Previous Reforms – Demonetisation & GST
    – Bad Loans by Banking Sector – Rising NPA & NBFC Crunch
    – Bank Mergers takes a lot of time
    – High Government Mandates on Public Sector Banks
    – Focussed on World Bank Indicators for Ease of Doing Business in India instead of looking at Internal Indian Diaspora
    – Unstable Taxes & Tariffs
    – Not an Export Friendly State like in Textiles etc ( no logistics & others)
    – Collapse in Major Demand Indicators – Investments & Credit
    – Centralisation of Power disturbing the economic democracy
    – Lower Productivity in Agricultural Sector on which India is highly dependent
    – Inadequacy of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (Regulation Deficiency) both by RBI & Govt.
    – Weak Regulatory Standards & Recapitalisation to keep financial system alive
    – Intensification of Corporate Stress
    – No Proper Measurements of Informal Sector which is Sizable and affected by Demonitisation
    – Delays in Corporate Tax Reforms

    – Agricultural Reforms – Need of the Hour – Insurance & Others to increase productivity
    -Restructuring of Distribution Companies Needed in Power Sector
    – Need of Capable People Recruitment in Banking Sector
    – Need Significant Governance Norms on Banking Sector
    – Need Stability in Taxes & Tariffs to develop Trade & Exports
    – Need Regressive Valuation of Reforms Just Done
    – Health Care Programs need to be Reformed
    – Cooperative Federalism needed in different sectors and states to simplify the process and have lesser delays
    -Alternate Vision Reqd – land reforms, labour reforms, ease of doing business, improve state capacity etc etc.
    -Modi's New Welfarism could be fiscally sustained through Strong Growth (Politics & Economics go hand in hand – need to be discussed, do pilot study, understand the repercussions and then take actions)
    – Revamp GST Policy

  57. The problem with BJP is their political ideology overpowers everything even economic rationale. If they want to win election, they can do anything. This approach is hurting India BIG time.

  58. Mr. Rajan, do you remember you kept raising interest rates for 4 years? That made capital costs go up and that led to many SMEs being shut down. And here you are giving lecture on our economy. More than half of the problem of this economy has arised due to your idiotic policy making without getting ground knowledge on the economy. Rest of the problem is due to retarded colonial-era bureaucracy in our country.

  59. Delighted to listen such an insightful analysis by one of India's Internationally reputed Economist. This guy is an authority in economics & specially Indian Economics, as he has "been there, done that". Its very sad that the CENTRALIZED , ARROGANT top commands did not listen him seriously, when the whole world eagerly waits for his next WORDS OF WISODM. For all the Evils in the Indian Economy today, there is no better doctor than Dr. Rajan today. If at all we are very serious about the Indian Economic Growth & are sensible enough to sacrifice personal egos for the larger good, we must get him back in action in India. India can not have a better FINANCE MINISTER than DR. RAGHURAM RAJAN today. This is what P V Narsimha Rao did in 1991, getting a non-political professional in actions & giving him full political protection to do what is right for the economy & the world knows how well we emerged out of the crisis eve, thanks to Rao – Manmohan Duo. Modi – Rajan duo can achieve 2X or 4X more growth, We can rectify all the mistakes of last 15 years & achieve 2X more in next 5 years than what we did in last 15 years. Anyways until these day dreams come true, Dr. Rajan on behalf of common citizens of India, we request you to keep on bringing up the right debates constantly to let the whole country know what we are doing wrong & how to get it fixed. You are doing a great service to nation, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

  60. Being citizen of USA how he became RBI Governor?! Choor chidambaram played the game. So irresponsible to sanction loans to defaulters by phone! Manmohan says "huwato huwa" 🙊. Damaging economy and ruining banks giving advice. Since he is a USA citizen no body questions him?!

  61. Good comprehensive analysis by Raghuram Rajan. Modi is still doing a hundred times better than the corrupt Manmohan singh government.

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