Rad Comment of The Day July 22nd 2019 – "Socialized Healthcare"

oh it's time time to get radical your discretion is advised look it is here I think I found the Nintendo World card equivalent of Lawson gist look here look at this solid gold package it looks expensive doesn't it this is 41:22 a regular pack of halls is one like a buck or two this is 41:22 this is the Cadbury halls honey lemon 30 pieces 30 pieces meaning yet it's just 30 Lawson gist right yeah you know the worst part of this order is over $50 ship free it's like they're just insulting you this is under $40 like close its 41:22 so you're gonna wind up paying 45 bucks you don't get free shipping like what in the world is going on you know what in the world is going on so I'm probably gonna gonna buy this right here no I'm not it's a silly this is just silliness you know like it says their triple plated triple plated and honey well you know just get three regular honey lozenges you know and and I don't know melt them together or something yeah I was uh I was gonna take a take some time off about a year I was joking I was gonna take some time off because got a sore throat and doing this with a sore throat is not pleasant but we'll do it anyway the honorable mentions today come to us from our do 2025 day Lavin Gribble formerly known as Xbox 360 and Cappy twenty-two the bronze medal today comes to us from Plaza successful lifelong marriages require a mindset that is becoming more rare it is about the other person not you if both partners have this mindset then that's a great start however I think in this day and age such unselfish thinking is rare secondly it requires work and effort some people simply don't put anything into the relationship and are instead focused on what they can get out of the relationship well I disagree with that a little bit it is about the other person but it's also about you it's also about you the thing is you know you can't be completely unselfish because if you're completely unselfish you know you're not paying attention to your personal needs now everyone has their personal needs what they want out of life what they want out of a relationship the best thing to do is if you've been with somebody for you know a little while I see some people rush to Vegas and get married after a couple months you know that's very stupid if you've been with someone a minimum like 1 or 2 years then you start thinking about maybe getting engaged and then marriage because by that point you realized ok I can you know deal with this person I could deal with their issues their quirks their problems and it's ok you know I love them regardless alright love is not a thing that happens you know like that okay no such thing as love at first sight alright that's your pants typing alright love develops over time you know whether you know it's a person whether it's a friendship you know a good friendship great friendships develop over time these things don't start you know these are things are not instant all right so all that movie romantic crap that's just to sell you on on an idea it's love is not an instant thing it develops over time now no two people I think are gonna be perfect for each other and that's also another uncommon thing you know oh we just fit perfectly together well no two people are a hundred percent perfectly a match it just doesn't work you know there's gonna be little things about somebody that annoy you little things that bother you but you know to get into a marriage or something like that you talk and you talk to each other you work through things you have open lines of communication if you can't communicate then you shouldn't you know you shouldn't be together for a long period of time and consider marriage I think communication is the most important thing the things that you know draw you to somebody initially are not the things that going air is going to keep you both together you know long-term you're drug initially two people maybe women's to a man because he's successful has a certain all you know are about him he has a lot of money you know for a man he's drawn to a woman because well she's attractive highly attractive men are pretty simple usually that's all it is ladies it's just you're highly attractive so yeah as far as ante is dead brought up the I well Tuesday was talking about something and I took it into a different direction talking about I think basketball players and if they should be loyal to their team or you know go furthering or pasture somewhere else and I equated it to marriages and the relationships you know and someone else chimed in I forget who it was but said there's there's a good idea about how marriages should have Rios it's silly for it to be a endless contract and how it should be a real overtime it's just the idea that you get together and you stay your life together and that's cool if nothing changes but things change people change situations change your so many things can change I think it's silly for it to be a life long kind of thing with no but with no option of it but then again there is the option there is divorce and everything but that can get kind of messy so you know the idea that you know these things should have maybe five five-year reappoint s– it's not a completely silly idea but you're right you know successful lifelong marriages often take very unselfish attitudes you know I think there's a balance though you know there's a balance you know try to give them what they need but also you got to have what you need you know I'm saying thank you please yeah the silver medal today comes to us from the thing that Sherman's Sherman give the head of myself sorry the thing that drives me crazy about John Hancock is the fact that not not only he has lied and screwed people out of games but that he doesn't even offer anything for the games that he still needs he he claims he's found most of his collection himself which maybe he has but it seems to me now he wants the fans to pick the tap why doesn't he offer some sort of compensation or trade for that list of his is his ego that huge' he now thinks his fans should just hand over these holy grails these fans that give him these and these other youtubers stars free stuff expensive stuff remind me of those naive nerdy kids in school that gave the cool kids their money or games in hopes that the cool groups acknowledge and be friends now okay how sad is it that a lot of people will see John Hancock is one of the cool kids okay that's like how sad is that well that's going on there's a lot of people that look up to John it will look up the John Hancock I'm here to help those people okay I'm here to bring you all back to earth back to reality all right there's a lot of collectors out there's a lot of collectors out there on YouTube that don't want your Holy Grails they don't want your games maybe their channels don't you know they're not as fancy they don't have that dudududududududu that cool intro maybe they don't have that right maybe they don't have like slick actually he doesn't have sleek production value you know maybe they don't have all the bells and whistles but you know they don't want your games know show you their collection and they'll actually talk to you in the comment section they'll allow your comments that aren't you know sniffing their bum or whatever and they won't livestream and beg you for money in the live streams either okay so there's a lot of good channels out there get a lot of good retro game in channels out there there's one that's even a bigger channel you know he's a guy that's not gonna screw over Joel the last gamer okay I'm sure John will be really happy that I you know I told you all about that channel too because you know Joel and John mate they really get along very well the thing is as far as the list he has checked out the list and weirdly enough not a lot of sports games on that list huh not a lot cheap games so he's got a list of these very expensive games that he could probably get he could you know he's not gonna find him in a wild but these games he could go on something called eBay eBay he begs but he's not gonna go to eBay to buy these games he expects people to send them these games all right now if there was uh if there was a fair exchange for it maybe if he exchanged something that he had maybe two copies of that was a rare game that would be one thing you know he should update that list and say you know I will trade things for these games or there will be trades equal fair trades or you know buy them probably not gonna buy them because you know he is a humble teacher salaries who uh you know I can't afford to buy these things hey could not just be an angle maybe it's the truth maybe he does have a humble teacher salary but the man is rich in games he is rich in games people send them all kind of games you know people have told me they've seen of it places conventions where people just hand them games and he has a bag full of he has a bag foot he has a bag full of people just handling the games and he's like oh thank you and he just puts it in the bag how about maybe you know trading you know ten common games for an uncommon game you know are twenty uncommon games for a rare game alright how about he you know hook somebody up with like a part collection of something for a Holy Grail because you know the man's got multiple multiple copies of games that people probably just give him you know probably looks at the game is like oh I'll take it your stolen I'll throw it in the bag or whatever so yeah offer fair value that's anybody any of you youtubers listening offer fair value if someone has a Holy Grail or a hidden gem you know you know don't be a don't be a dick you know equivalent exchange we talked about this for you know equivalent exchange the gold medal comment today comes to us from Brad Wells healthcare is never free I pay five dollars per prescription fifteen dollars to go to my general practitioner the government pays the rest of it but where does the government get its money yup that's right taxes I'd rather live in a country where everyone can go to the doctor when they are sick we don't have people dying here because they can't afford to go to the doctor or get a script filled I don't mind paying higher taxes so my neighbor's kids can go to a decent school are so the old guy three doors down can get a new hip or a knee replacement America is the only Western country without some form of socialized healthcare you can't tell me the rest of the world is wrong I have a job I'm putting in far more now than I'm taking out but one day I'll be old and receive a generous retirement on the taxpayer or tomorrow I might get sick and might not be able to work again I love having that peace of mind with whatever happens I'll be okay that evil word socialism that's an evil word isn't it well what it applies to certain things I don't think socialism is a good path when it applies to let's say corporate welfare you know I I brought up how there's a lot of tax breaks a lot of people in Congress will actually give tax breaks to many of these huge companies so sometimes these huge companies that make profits out the wazoo they will not have to pay tax breaks so that's a form of welfare okay that's a form of you know you'd call that socialism it's a corporate socialism the thing is when it comes to health care a lot of people you know they are just genetically predisposed predisposed to you know get cancers to get things happen to them you know you can't be at fault a lot of time for what happens to your body okay now a lot of people maybe that are heavy drinkers heavy smokers yeah but you know a lot of people they eat right to exercise and you know they get a cancer or they get something that they're gonna need prescriptions are gonna need different kind of therapies they're gonna need all kind of stuff to get through now there's a couple people in Congress that brought up you know the idea of socialized health care and after thinking about it for a while I look at where it's worked where it's worked is Britain Canada they have fantastic health care systems and it seems like the people I mean chimein grown perspective chime in Canadian gamer it seems like a lot of those people aren't dead broke because they're paying all their for healthcare it seems like most people like from what I hear doing pretty good with that health care system but the thing is in America you know if you come up with that idea that we should have this kind of system that has been shown and proven to work in Canada and Britain you know even though those are our – two of our biggest allies we don't want to talk with them on maybe how to improve our healthcare system the thing is it's a for-profit system and I don't think America would ever have that kind of system because there's way too much money way too much money to me to be made with our for-profit health care system and this is something I looked at and this is this is insane okay and and we're on the we're still talking about how much taxpayer money is we're gonna talk about how much taxpayer money is going into this one thing and I think could be cut back on and the place it's going – agrees also yeah it should probably be cut back on this is an article from the Los Angeles Times March 1st 2018 after complaining for years that it was starved for cash the Pentagon now says it may have more money than it can possibly spend the windfall is due to a budget deal between Congress in the White House last month that promises an added 80 billion for defense this fiscal year including a requested 19 point six billion hike for operations and maintenance and all purpose Pentagon account used to fund troop training ammunition maintenance of Tanks war planes and ships and other daily needs defense secretary James in maddest for a sharp increase in the account this year arguing that for years that the budget wrangling had degraded the military's readiness to wage war Congress is still finalizing 2018 appropriations law for the Pentagon to delay that as generals Admirals worries about spending the promise cashed in five months remaining before the end of the year quote we have a year's worth of money and five months only five months to spend it Glenn Waters the citizen – commander of the Marine Corp said at a Senate Armed Services Committee budget hearing so there you go okay you you want to talk about waste spending there is these people are getting a year's worth of funding to only spend in five months so guess what that that equates to waste I read also that at one point they had an appropriations where they sent the money for Abrams tanks and you see this giant graveyard of Abrams tanks not graveyard but they're built they're made but you know it's like in times of war extreme war if you're going to war with a lot of people okay maybe I see it as necessary but you know there's there's not World War three now okay I understand all right the Pentagon needs money I understand the u.s. does a lot of great things military wise but it gets to a point where both parties you know Republicans and Democrats always agree on military spending except maybe I think there might have been a couple senators on both sides that didn't agree with this this one bill there's not there's never an amount of money that they won't agree to send to the freaking Pentagon but if you take a small fraction of that and invest that and come up with like a you know healthcare system for everybody I think that's a much much better use of the money you know if the money is going to be spent I mean there's never gonna be not there's never not gonna be taxes all right so you know just get that out of your head you're always gonna pay taxes taxes are always gonna be paid to the government you know but if you could redirect actually where it goes I just think the priorities are all messed up the priorities seem to be putting so much money like this article says years with the money for five months for people to spend when you know a lot a lot of that money could be spent on health care health care I think is the number one most important thing okay you know there was a time there was a time in the dark ages when there wasn't I mean not not really like dark ages but there was a time before Social Security and the idea once you got past working age and you start body started to break down that you know you'd be taken care of that you would be taken care of so you know is it a far stretch when you consider how much money is being wasted in America is it a far stretch to maybe just consider hey you know if you know people work hard maybe you know people go to work every day and work hard maybe you know they shouldn't have to worry about maybe a cancer they get or something that happens you know that's what I'm that's that's what I'm saying that's that's the idea that I'm bringing up that maybe socialized health care since it's proven to work in Canada and Britain why why is it seen as such like a crazy thing like a loony thing to be seen as here you know I'll tell you probably an answer which is the for-profit health care system you know and there's a lot of congressmen that are in the back pocket of a lot of these people you know in that field so yeah when you next time you think about how expensive your prescriptions are ya be thinking about how much better you would have it maybe in Canada or Britain so yeah people that live in Canada Britain you know stop by I want to know tell me exactly how you how you deal with your socialized health care system whew tell me how you deal with that and maybe some of you maybe some of you don't agree with it but you know I want to hear both sides from anyone that stops by that's currently in Britain or Canada come by let me know how your system is if you like it if you dislike it you know so let's have a little conversation chat about this thanks everybody you

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  1. The US military is used as pawns. The military only serves the rich, wealthy elites, corporate interests. US government has an out of control thirst for geopolitical power and resources. In my opinion the US hasn't fought for defensive reasons since WW2 and even that is questionable. American gov wants an empire, it wants to destroy the sovereignty of nations across the globe while killing millions of innocent peoples.Its a fucking shame that all those who have died under the wing of American Empire here at home and away.

  2. Show me one country with socialized healthcare where free care is given to millions of undocumented immigrants. The thing about Canada and Britain is they have citizens and that’s about it. Let London become an open port to all the third world and their healthcare system could no longer function. Not to mention their idea of a doctors visit might be showing your wounds to a webcam over Skype.

  3. Interesting bronze comment, in my experience, you can't always win in relationships no matter what you do, I've been in all kinds of relationships that didn't last, sometimes it was them, sometimes it was me, one time I was in a relationship that was perfect to me, we never argued once, had similar interests, had a LOT of fun in the bedroom lol I had a great time with her, to this day i still consider it one of the best times of my life, but out of nowhere she ghosts me and as it turns out, she left me for an older guy, just like that.

    Nowadays I intend to go into relationships with a laid back and relaxed approach of whatever happens happens, you do what you want, i'll do what I want, mutual respect is key for me, I learned that no matter what you do, whats out of your hands is out of your hands so why make problems for yourself or anybody else?, times have changed, ideals of old are still out there but you'll be hard pressed to find somebody who has those ideals themselves, that's just the reality of the modern world.

  4. Definitely agree it's impossible and probably stupid to be 100% unselfish in a relationship. Probably could have phrased it better but anyway… it brought a smile to my face when I got the bronze!

  5. Socialized healthcare…..you mean like in the rest of the industrialized world but the USA. Healthcare is a right get over it.

  6. Rick, although a tad pricey still, those Halls advertised as a 12 pack of 30 lozenges. Not sure if you took notice or I missed that in your commentary.

    Either way, have a great weekend!

  7. Ha ha ha! "Fancy" is not a word I'd use to describe Hancock's no edits, single camera angle production style. I mean, given his resources he'd be able to put together a killer retro channel. Instead we get him just talking for 10 minutes about the things he sees in a game. (Breaking the first rule of visual entertainment which is "Show, Don't Tell.")

    (Granted, I believe he works with disabled kids as a teacher, so I understand he probably has next to no time to make and "produce" his videos.)

  8. The treatment in Canada is a nightmare. My sister had her baby in a lawn chair. Fuck Canada! Get me out!!!

  9. The Game Chasers are no longer chasing games and are now selling them for this silly movie. All the generous discounts, gifts and kind donations are thrown away and RE-SOLD for there silly ridiculous movie. They are the "Game Re-sellers." Shady Jay – the panhandling con-man is trying to convince his viewers that 100,000 is not a lot of money to make a movie. They are clearly handling it poorly, and even trying to waste it on washed up celebrity cameos .. who knows what else

  10. The UNited States is the only developed nation ont he planet that will bankrupt their citizens when they get sick. And You all pay more per person by far than anyone else, and u al get far less than anywhere else. So dolar for dollar, u get worse. I am in Canada and our health care works pretty good. Notuing is perfect, but at least u can goto doctor for youyr yearly checkup and catch stuff early, and anything HUGE gets taken car of. If you want medicare for all, vote for Bernie Sanders. He will fight hard for it.

  11. About marriage, if I got marired, and all was well, but then the wife found god and got born again and ws prea hing, i could not deal with that, for example.

  12. You see ReviewTechUSA lately.. guy is live streaming for donations like 2-3 times a day now… that live ticker up on screen… man he must have fallen on some hard times financially…

  13. When it comes to health care it's a heavily cherry picked topic on both sides. You mention the UK & Canada & for small things like toothache & maybe a sprain it's a decent system. However, most cancer victims or people in need of immediate surgery I know personally not from here come from Canada & over seas. What's not mentioned is the long wait times for surgery & diagnosis. When people hear they need surgery & can afford to come to the states, they do. They'll come here pay the bill maybe not then go back home instead of waiting. On the flip side you have people here who don't get health insurance for ages then something comes up & complain the systems broke or perhaps they live pay check to pay check & simply can't afford to have health care but, I know certain places that all you need is $20 a month which for the people who complain online they have access to internet which on average is a $80 bill. So in short its the health care debate is heavily cherry picked and there really is not perfect system. Pay for immediate care or wait in line for months or years for diagnosis or potential surgery.

  14. We need to spend money on the military so we can continue to pick on smaller countries and make America feel tough.

  15. I’ll chime in with how it goes in Japan. Because actually I just got the bill last week and paid it yesterday (payday). Japan has forced nationalized hospitals, there is no private option. I paid 437,000 yen (4,040 US dollars!) for my annual hospital tax. If you’re sick on a national holiday, F off, hospital is closed. If you’re sick in the middle of the night, F off, the hospital is closed. If you do manage to get into a hospital when it’s open you STILL have to pay!!!!!
    If you work full time, defined as 30 hours a week or more, your employer pays part of this tax and does all the filing for you. They also pay part of your city taxes and some though not all give housing allowances as well as the annual bonus which equals 3-6 months salary. All very nice!! However this option is not given to everyone because it’s really expensive on the employer. I’m not about all “evil corporations being all you know corporation-y” but since the bubble burst in the 90s it’s just not possible to maintain it that way. So schlubs like me and millions more are put on part time, 29.5 hours a week and oh if you’re duties aren’t finished at the 29.5 hour mark, you have to punch out and stay till it’s done. For full timers, to get the value out of them, they can be asked to work nearly near infinity because full time doesn’t have an hours cap and its salaried. But if you’re part time, you make LESS money and have to pay the full amount. There is no escape. You can’t say take me out, I won’t go to the hospital, you can’t get private insurance beyond additional coverage. There’s no way around it. So I’ve put in at least 6 million yen ($55,000 us) and have never even used the hospital. That money has been wasted, burned, flushed down the 🚽!!! Imagine if I had that money, what I could have used it on and when put into the economy how it could have helped so many others! Ontop of the fact that the tax is creating two classes of full timers and part timers. If my employer had the yoke of government removed and weren’t forced to pay out part of this tax, they could give me more hours which would mean more money and I wouldn’t have to divide my attention between two jobs.

    So there’s no real winners here except for the group of people who are now 65-95 who never had to deal with the recession always had full time work, made bucket loads of money (Japan in the 70s and 80s was just insanely rich I can’t even explain) and now can just walk into a hospital and get whatever they want because they don’t put the burden on anybody over the age of 60.

    So instead of taking $4000 a year and saving it for a retirement which would be near 100k by the end it’s just thrown out the window. This is on top of the other taxes I have which equal about 500,000 yen a year as well. Oh and in October the sales tax goes up to 10% because all this government run utopia is underfunded!! As long I have my 2012 iMac, emulators and 3 sets of clothes though, what else do I need? It’s not like I can afford anything anymore anyway

  16. lmao I can't believe I just heard you jump onboard a healthcare system where USSR style panels decide whether you're worth treating or pulling the plug

  17. The nhs isn't perfect but its pretty much a supermodel of healthcare, just one that maybe has too many guccii bags at the moment

  18. Socialized heath care = corruption up to your eyeballs. Like u said "way to much money to be made" it's a delicate subject. But somethings gotta give our heath care is no doubt embarrassing. P.s. Those military grants 😆😆

  19. LMAO!!!!! People and socialized health care HA HA HA ! ! ! America has it. It's called the VA. Look at how that system is run. You think it is going to get better? Suuuuurrrrreeeee Go to the VA with me and suck in all that socialized health care. A doctor once told me "I wouldn't want my dog worked on here."

  20. These socialized cucks. Thats why in canada they are coming down here cause the wait to get health care is too long. Boy we got e-beggars on youtube, and e-cucks in real life that want to be totally owned and dominated by authority cause they are too stupid to think for themselves. Its a sickness, and being submissive to radical ideals is NEVER a solution.

  21. Heath care is free surgery is free but meds are not but it's honesty great I'm up here in canader I have no complaints my province is great anyway

  22. Gold response.

    I’m not in Canada or UK but I have researched the other side and it has its flaws and strengths as well. Taxes can be as high as 40% in some areas. Also too it doesn’t mean the healthcare is any better over there either. You still have doctors and nurses that don’t know what they are doing. Plus too the pay is erratic depending on the country and other certain factors so a doctor getting paid less by the government may not be motivated to do his job as well as one being paid more. If they are being paid all the same then that’s not fair either for obvious reasons. In the US many people freak out at the razing of taxes. I personally don’t get the big deal on having higher taxes for something that will bring health care costs down. I always set up my taxes in such a way that I get a refund back all the time. So for me, higher taxes don’t matter but I know it matters greatly to many others out there and it depends on their situation which I’m sure is different then mine. For the record the Obama Care thing where you are forced to have healthcare or else pay a penalty is a horrible thing, especially if you are out of work and have no money at all. But I do know come tax time there is a way to avoid the penalty if you choose the option that you just couldn’t afford it in your tax software. People need to be educated about that part if they have no money and don’t want the penalty. Sadly many people don’t know this.

  23. If they don't spend the appropriated money their budget for the following year gets cut. A big problem with socialized health care is that certain people abuse it and scam it. The biggest problem is the insurance companies. They are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, politicians, big medical groups who buy out doctors. They have the proverbial foot on the throats of everyone whether it be patients or doctors. If the insurance companies where punished, things would change. They set the prices and decide what a relatively healthy person can and cannot do Doctors are stuck paying outrageous malpractice insurance because first it is required and second the government allows for anyone to sue a doctor for the littlest thing whether it be true or not. In the end it is all about money, nothing more nothing less.

  24. I just hope this honey lemons aren't producted by a company that encourages Slave Labour at the very least for the amount of money they are asking.
    looks at the company online
    Nevermind, Mondelez Internationals, who get their cacao like every other big company which includes Nestle meaning they likely benefit from Child Labour. Or kill animals in indonesia for Palm Oil to make Oreos and other sweets.

    I try my best to not purchase anything with Palm Oil or from coorporations like Nestle. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid a product from a big coorporation since they even hid in No-Name products. Though avoiding Palm Oil is quiet easy. Sadly I can't guarantie that everything I buy is free of slavery, death or theft. Sometimes if I have enough money, I purchase stuff from local farmers, or from my dad's garden.

  25. I live in the UK, and we are known for our NHS (National Health Service). Don't get me wrong, it has many faults, but it's one of the things we pride ourselves on. I hate socialism, I think when it's applied to Enterprise, you're robbing businesses of money which could go to 1. More Jobs 2. Research and Development. 3. Infrastructure and 4. Expansion. Socialism applied to a nation's assets is not a good thing, but elements of it can be. Example: A national health service. In Scotland, we don't even pay for medication. You go to the pharmacy, you hand over your prescription, and no matter what drug it is, if you need it, you will be given it. Other parts of the UK charge for medication, but it is capped at £8, no matter what medication it is.

    Are waiting times long? Yes, they certainly are, especially for really good doctors. My doctor is really good, and I usually need to wait 2 and a half weeks before seeing him. However, if it's an emergency you will get an appointment for that day or the next with any doctor. I had an emergency appointment today with the doctor because I detected protein in my urine. I phoned this morning and got an appointment for 2:40pm. I was seen, and everything turned out ok. But it cost me nothing, and the medication I got was free. I walked straight out of the clinic and over to the pharmacy, and I didn't need my wallet.

    Parts of a society which really need help, like health, the one thing we need to keep us alive is vital. The US is such an amazing country, full of innovation, freedom. I'd love to visit it one day, as it really is one of the most beautiful and varied countries on the planet. However, the mentality of Americans when it comes to health is no fault of their own. You grow up in the US in an insurance-based system, and to you, it's normal. However, being denied healthcare or treatment because your insurance company won't cover it is wrong (my opinion). You can't put a price on health and survival, especially with our loved ones and friends.

    But a private system also has perks. It's very far ahead with medications and technology. It has a speedy system to get seen by a doctor or specialist. But it comes at a price. You either pay a fortune in insurance per month which gives you that peace of mind or you pay more taxes and know you have a safety net there when it comes to your health.

    The correct answer is: There is no correct answer. If people in the US are happy with an insurance-based system, then that's ok. People in the US have grown up under such a system, and to them, it's worth it. In the UK we pay more taxes and get free and cheap medication which would cost a lot of money or be denied on an insurance-based system. Both have their benefits, and at the end of the day, if you're happy, and your countrymen are happy, then sometimes leaving it be is the best solution until everyone is ready for a change.

  26. Well, hell. The Navy fleet certainly isn't seeing that money. Still severely under-manned. I don't know what the military is spending all that money on, but it certainly isn't to provide enough people to do the required jobs or the equipment to do it. People talk about the suicide and divorce rate for cops but it's worse in the military due to the strain put on each individual. There's always a lot of work to do but people are spread so thin and aren't given what they need to do what's asked of them.
    I don't want to get into specifics, but in general government spending is extremely wasteful. When an organization doesn't spend it's entire budget by the end of the fiscal year, their budget is cut for the next fiscal year. This leads to a race toward the end to piss whatever money may be left over just so there isn't a reduction the following year. And if you knew what was spent just on military "show of force" (just being somewhere to be there) you'd probably puke in disgust.

  27. In Michigan it’s hard to find a good job much less one that offers any decent healthcare coverage. We are dying over here for real 😵😵😱😱 it’s like people are so used to this bum deal we wouldn’t know how to consider a decent one

  28. They need to make health care affordable. Free health care means more taxes, more taxes means angry people. They need to open in the up the market and have company’s compete for your money. My wife works in the medical field and told me that if they socialized health care lots of doctors will quit.

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