Racism | East London | Asian community | Our People | 1978

28 thoughts on “Racism | East London | Asian community | Our People | 1978

  1. Well done all the anti-white creeps ! Ethnic cleansing has since occurred in East London so much so that all the 'cockneys' have had to move out to Essex. There's just a few 'yuppies' mooching about now, but they can afford to move and also have gated security.

  2. Asian grooming of white girls was even going on back then.
    "Diversity" has been forced on us by the elites who only care about raising GDP and spouting contrived moral rhetoric.
    Modern humans evolved into distinct racial groups for a reason.
    If diversity is so great then individually distinct groups would not have evolved.

  3. Most working class people were elequent and softly spoken back then, people who had the guts to stand to police officers who in the main right wing and closet racists.

  4. What is apparent in these testimonies with these Bangladeshis who are Muslims is the lack of Islam in the discourse. They are not using this discrimination as a religious struggle. That would come later in the future generations who started talk of jihads and burkas. The first generation were genuinely good people.

  5. Alot of crimes are also commited by "Muslims" and that's shameful.
    There's not alot of decent Pakistani muslim lads that are even nice. Can't even have a nice conversation with them, it's all crude and depraved and they are very very anti social wearing hoodies and being in gangs and acting like gangster with awful spoken English.

  6. Well done to the Bengali community 👏🏻 from an Irish man who’s grandfather suffered similar abuse in London in the 70s

  7. Exploited the world looted our countries India was a goldmine for them stupid inspector says they come here no u wankers this is all your design

  8. Asians don't seem as tough as the rest of the world. They seem like they are probably not that good at fighting. Even Chinese are nasty when it comes to fighting

  9. get in to a country they want to be in then demand what they want this was in 70 s not muc has changed they still have hand out and not do anything for it

  10. now bengalis, pakistanis, punjabis, blacks and whites in the area have resolved their differences by all turning to being drug dealers or drug users while their women cheat with every race.

  11. The very beginning of the Semi democratic Ethnic Cleansing of the Britons.

    Look at London now, occupied, colonised, Native Brits a minority.

    Not only London but now Leicester, Birmingham, Luton, Bradford.

    Saville town in Yorkshire has been completely colonised!

    Google Kalergi plan!

    You are being replaced.

  12. My question is why is there an Asian community? These people should never have been able to come to UK. I honestly can't see what contribution the asian community has made to Britain. The Brits were never asked. And just look how these people have learned to bully our weak governments/councils. In reality if the UK was/is so racist then why do they not return to their homelands?
    More muslims =more terrorism/racist gang rapes of little white girls/fgm/misogyny/violence/drugs/division….
    And before all you wankers shout wasist… As an Englishman it should have been my right to say if i wanted my country to become the 3rd world. Its a myth that we needed the workers.
    A question for all the people who will complain about my comments.
    1. How many muslims should come to UK before UK becomes muslim country?
    2. Name one majority muslim country you'd prefer to live in?
    3. Name a majority muslim countru where non muslims live in peace?
    Good luck.

  13. So the guy at 1:35 served for Britain in WW2 and was in a Japanese prisoner camp and teenagers attacked him after he protected them even though he wasn’t British

  14. The elite benefit from mass migration.

    1. Import cheap labour
    2. Import more consumers
    3. Fragmented societies cannot organize against the state
    4. The elites can always blame the "other group" while playing both sides

  15. Many British native people do not even know the difference between Bangladesh and Pakistan
    Culturally or Geographically.

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