Rachel Lester needs a holistic vocal coach – X factor YTP

worst audition was definitely that horror we saw in Wales rate just I mean I've gotten cochlear hours just by extremely good very hungry whatever you want me to I'll do it prints like Sheila E Kiley dad I probably could do Danny as well profession yeah of course I've just just feel my life all around the towns and everything okay do you think that you're capable of winning this car yeah do you think that you're capable of winning this contact cause at the end of the day I deserve it I just – god damn good massugu walls you I was good wasn't it let's face that no no you've got a really bad cough sweetheart everything I would want to eat heart you getting one please touch me this is the fourth year never in four years that we'll ever had anybody as ugly she is I mean she scared me surphanaka major attitude huge hockey didn't want to be told that good riddance [Applause] let's sort this out I am NOT a human being and who he taught who's been successful well Mike from Bullet For My Valentine my body there's a lot of things so I was a little bit term confused as to what sinkage little something all right you want to hear me talking to you for a sec silently scared of you anyway

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