R. Kelly Interview: members of the Savage family address interview with Gayle King

100 thoughts on “R. Kelly Interview: members of the Savage family address interview with Gayle King

  1. Lord..i pray for this family..in the end..that all will be well..and i pray for R kelly to be restored…please help us father..AMEN!

  2. It's so sad to see it first hand. Every single comment on here from the black community is negative. The Documentary was so right, that community does not respect or have the back of their peers. Sad. Whether this is true or false, Too many accounts are too similar and family is family. When you fight this hard for one person, it means something. Forget about the core of it all and focus on the substance. This is truly a mess in itself, but it's very sad how this community is against itself. (smh)

  3. Wait she was 19 in college when she meet Rkelly.. she is adult of legal age .. she was not a kid.. the media need to change their wording

  4. This is so heartbreaking, I cannot imagine not being able to speak to my child for a day never mind TWO YEARS!! This is a loving family begging for their own child. This little girls parents and beautiful little sisters have a right to have contact with her. My prayers are with this family and their daughter that is lost in a mess bigger than her.


  6. Can the daughter with the pink jacket see with them thick eyelashes? I don't trust this family and the little sister know she was coursed into saying what she said

  7. That’s a grown woman. R. Kelly ain’t gotta hold nobody against their will. If she wanted to be or talk to her family she would.

  8. Ppl worried about this family speaking out or even that the 2 sisters were on camera but not worried about a sadistic predator raping girls for over 30 years. Priorities are in the wrong place.

  9. She is 20 or else. Leave her alone. She is an adult, if she wants to be with an abusive man, it is her call, what does the middle sister have on the eyes? What a ridiculous people.

  10. I get the a fighting tooth and nail to get their daughter back but I don't like the theatrics employed in this press conference…who's idea was this? smh

  11. The perfect question regarding Joycelyn being susceptible to being controlled.

    Why does this family have a "YouTube channel"? Why hasnt tge dad gone to knock R.Kelly out. During his interview, he basically invited all the fathers to beat him up!

  12. These are adults now…this isnt even our business. Errbody lyin and i believe the money stopped cause those girls are legal now and are loyal to the man at this point. This is not even the issue at hand.

  13. Man ….lets just be honest here …i dont care what lawyer he has all these witnesses after past allegations …R Kelly is gonna fry big time

  14. I think what ppl are missing is, sure if these girls didnt want to speak to their parents bc of whatever, these girls still have other family members that they have been alienated from too

  15. When the dust settles what have we as a nation learned? We must understand that as a nation United we stand divided we fall. Their's a bigger picture to all of this. This all started when a little boy Robert Kelly got abused and it got ugly from there. People have been traumatized, hurt, lied to lied about this destructive behavior needs to stop. This is sickening to the core! America needs to heal!

  16. You people are sick. These comments are ridiculous. Any person with minimal intelligence that watch those two young ladies speaking in that CBS interview could tell there is something not right with those young ladies. The phone call the Savage girl made to the Lawyers office that was just sad. She was clearly being coach and controlled. Even Gayle King said R Kelly wasn't supposed to be present during their interview but showed up anyway and during the questions he would cough very loudly to make his presence known. That was also a method of control. You people are really crazy to blame the parents. What money are they trying to get? He has none! The state of our society is very sad.

  17. this couple look very dodgy to me the way the mother keeps saying hope my daughter is safe and sound of course she's f**** safe and Sound she just doesn't want to speak to you

  18. PLEASE! There is a difference. Keke Palmer and Lady Gaga didn't need R. Kelly. That's the difference between them and J. Savage.

  19. R.Kelly is coming off the rails on Gayle Kings interview because he knows he is going DOWN. The game is over. FACTS do not lie. You paid out shut up money to under aged victims that you had sex with. You married Alyiah when she was only 15 yrs old. That is a FACT.

  20. The parents are doing what parents are suppose to do. Love and protect their children to the best of their ability. It is not normal for young women to cut off all communications with their parents.

  21. those women are grown they are with R Kelly because they want to be w/ him.. & their family is upset because they’re not living luxurious like their daughter..

  22. This needed to be done. This family just wants her back. This is crazy and it's obvious she is being Brainwashed. This is what a family looks like when they love you and only care about your well being.

  23. Scrolling through the comment section and wow, these comments are cold, heartless and cruel. These parents granted made some very poor decisions, but I believe they truly care about their daughter and miss her in their lives. They say they received no money from R Kelly ever. Surely if they did R Kelly would be able to present a paper trail of this unless it's not so?

  24. The parents need to give up. Their daughter is grown and has chosen what she wants to do….as dumb as it is….she's not coming back. They can't control her decisions.

  25. Child Molesters average 2- 300 victims. When you marry a 15 year old does marriage make it OK.Why not 12 or 8. Guess what I still love one of My Child Molesters. Sure 1 have suffered a lifetime and I know she was wrong. But you still cant me ti say anything more than what I just did, 30 years of therapy and at 55 I just started thinking about looking for her!

  26. when the money stop the families want to do this#p.s the dad looks like he's lying i could b wrong #Pray kelly

  27. I'm rather curious about this match that Vince McMahon made between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair I'm rather curious about that I believe Linda McMahon Vince McMahon's wife needs to ask him if he is fooling around with Charlotte Flair I'm saying and rather suspicious about this match that he made instead of Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey WrestleMania I'm very suspicious about this give me some time to think about it Linda McMahon needs to talk 2 to her husband Vincent Kennedy McMahon she needs to talk to him this is something that just just doesn't feel right about this

  28. I believe this family esp. the older sister- She's providing a lot of clarity! Although, we may not never know all of the true facts involved in these decades of allegation, however, we do did witness his behavior that was displayed on national TV….and that was EPIC!


  30. The FACT that she was in college let's us KNOW that she was NOT underage. Also, what husband sends his wife and daughter to handle business with a man who is supposed to be " a predator"?

  31. They should've let the little girls out of this. Especially the youngest one. They sound so rehearsed and scripted.

  32. I need to know who is the lawyer's barber cuz he got a wholeee lot going on hereeee is that a middle part 🤔 what type of shape up is that, I decline, throw the whole lawyer away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷🤷🤷

  33. The sisters talking seems scripted and that's a suspicious move.

    If she was a 17 year old who was flying out to a concert…What parents allow that?

  34. ​ Hieros Gamos …and so she is 23 (from what I read) and has been living with him since she was 19. So. (shrug) Wud I be worried if my child was living with a questionable dork like R.Kelly? Ya. Probably. But the woman is an adult. The parents need to move on and leave her alone.

  35. They should have never introduced her to him… they should have encouraged her to go to college and make money the old fashioned way… This is exactly why the Bible says “ the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” and to “ be content with sustenance and covering “… they saw $$$$ dollar signs and it’s coming back to bite them….

  36. This girl is actually grown for a change, nothing these parents can do so there was no point of this press conference.

  37. I keep hearing everyone say things like, she grown, and if she wanted to communicate with her family she would. Guys, she is grown, and she may want to be with him, or she could really be under destress, confined and isolated. I don’t believe she has been kidnapped in the since we know type word to mean, but she surely has lost touch with the outside world. If I was in a relationship with a woman, and her family was on the news, I would advocate for her to speak with them. The fact that she hasn’t yet is a clear sign that she is with someone that does not love her in the purest form.

  38. And please stop bashing this family! These people have lost a family member. That’s how it feels when people you love disappear. They are broken hearted…

  39. What’s so sad is that while they are literally saying “we don’t want money, we want our daughter” 3/4s of the comments are all saying “they don’t want their daughter they just want money”

  40. Lie detector for these people is in order! It might not hold up in court but it’s well in order! His voice deflection, body rhythms all screams deception! These people are scorned!

  41. I’m not placing blame at all, but why didn’t the parents go as well if she was so young. I agree with clearing their name and wanting to make sure she is safe. I just would not have let her go to that concert alone at that age for any reason.

  42. So sad, her family loves her. Shame on r kelly… Taking these young women from their family. I hope he gets help, or jail. I feel for the entire savage family. Poor sisters don't even hear from their big sister, who would do that to someone they "love" ? Its tragic … Sad.

  43. But did y’all catch him admit that he met R Kelly then try to recant his statement saying it was the wife. In the beginning the lawyer said neither of them have actually met r Kelly but only communicated through the emails for the tickets…lmao smh I’m over it

  44. Wonky eyelash, harsh hairline, anorexic baby hairs. Hope this isnt hair from the mom's hair company that she promoted on Megyn Kelly.

  45. I'm so sick of these people maybe she doesn't want to return home if I was living with R. Kelly I would never come home.

  46. Take me back to ma city where the bankers told the cops on a phone that they should stop harassing the robbers and leave them alone hahahaha Stockholm city baby

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